Making A Queen Ch. 01

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The sharp clicking sound of Christian Louboutin heels hitting the marble floor was a single that Melissa Carson, The Queen, had arrived. She strode through the office like it was a runway, men and women alike turned their attention from their boring workloads to steal a glance of the striking woman as she strode by. They saw her quite often, but it didn’t make a difference, everything about her demanded attention. She was, after all, The Queen.

A legend amongst the one percent, a woman that owned her power, her sexuality, and built an empire on it. At thirty-six years old, Melissa had accumulated more money than some of the men who tried to buy her away from Jack. She didn’t spend all her time around business executives and not pick up some investing skills. It was finally time for her to retire, find her replacement, and make her own mark on the world. She was thinking of a real estate empire, maybe adopting a kid or two. But first, she was going to travel the world for a year. Eat, pray, and love her way across the globe. If that was, she could find someone to fulfill her duties.

Being Jack’s head caretaker was a well respected and coveted position, not only did Melissa manage Jack’s needs, she was a bit of a den mother to all of his current caretakers. She made sure the women showed up on time, looked the part, and performed their duties to Jack’s standards. Without Melissa, the whole system would crumble.

Jack wasn’t your ordinary CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He was THE CEO of the biggest empire in North America. He had his fingers in everything, but he absolutely dominated the real estate and tech markets. In this day and age, chances are that if you owned a computer, drove a car, had a smart phone, you’d help add to Jack’s extraordinarily fat bank account. He was a power-hungry, motivated, god-like force of a human. Money was power, and Jack was about to knock Bill Gates down a peg.

He wasn’t an altruistic man. Sure, he donated to charities, or, his accountant did. For the tax breaks and the publicity. But to him, people were replaceable gears in his well oiled money-making machine. He cared about efficiency and profit. Numbers. And those numbers better be going up. He’d often buy out companies, not batting an eye when the hundreds of employees of said company lost their jobs. It wasn’t his problem.

Jack was a complex, yet jarringly simple person to understand. It just took the right kind of person to see that. Melissa had been that kind of person. Jack’s wants and needs were simple, guttural, basic. He needed a small army of women to satisfy those needs, and of course, if they performed to his standards, the reward would be great. He wasn’t cruel, but women often complained he was cold or rough. Too distant, more interested in just getting off than anything else. Selfish. That was all true.

Melissa understood this need and helped him create a way to satisfy it. She curated everything, the women, the schedule, their living situation, their annoying drama. She handled all of it, and then some. She wasn’t just good at that, she was the best at taking care of Jack, too.

The rumors about Jack’s caretakers grew into something of a legend, the women often accompanying him to parties in pairs, or even as a whole group. No one else was allowed to touch, and it drove the competitive, ambitious CEO’s crazy. They’d tried to mimic, to copy, but they never managed to get such a flawless system in place. That’s because they were all missing the key. Melissa. This made her replacement a very, very big deal.

Melissa had a lot of difficult tasks in the last twelve years she spent working for Jack… Finding her replacement was by far the hardest. She went back through her catalog of girls, scouring through years of different women who’d held positions for Jack before. It took her months of narrowing the piles down, doing interviews. Some were married with children by now, some were junkies who’d squandered the opportunities Jack had given them. Eventually, Melissa had five very eager, very excited women. She was cautiously optimistic about the five girls she’d chose to fill her shoes.

The women were brought in three weeks ago, for a trial run, a reintroduction to Jack and this lifestyle. It was opulent, yes, but it was also demanding. The standards of taking care of yourself were extreme, the presentation, the way they acted in front of influential people. Integrity. Most importantly, loyalty. Melissa herself had been approached countless times by other men, trying to bribe and steal her from Jack, use her for his secrets. The business world was cutthroat, and if Melissa doubted their loyalty for even a second, they were fucking out of here.

Today marked the start of the final week, and the women were getting more and more desperate to win Jack over. Which meant that they were up Melissa’s ass. They all wanted more time with Jack, more moments to convince him that they were the ones who deserved the position, who could handle the work. They were all so eager, so desperate. acıbadem escort Demanding. Jack was a busy man, so Melissa had given the girls a speech about stealing moments when they could. Between meetings, while he was doing something else, making those little moments of downtime count. She hoped they’d take it to heart.

She knew they didn’t, however, when she heard the harsh clatter of heels approaching her from behind. Melissa’s stride was long, sensual like she was walking for an audience. The woman chasing after her sounded rushed and clumsy. It only made Melissa walk that much faster.

“Hey, Melissa, can I get a second?” The perky voice behind her calls out.

Melissa let out a long sigh, her green eyes locked on the double doors that lead into Jack’s office. She was so close. So so close. She wanted to make sure Jack was taken care of before she went out to get him his dinner. The poor man had a conference call with the team in Japan, and that meant a late night for him. Once she fed Jack, then she could eat and go home, too.

She pivoted on her heels, turning around to find herself staring down at the bubbly blonde, Layla. Layla was strikingly beautiful. The definition of American beauty standards. Suntanned skin, blonde hair, real double Ds. The only thing Layla didn’t have working for her was… Well, she was a pretty blonde stereotype down to her ditzy personality.

“You have one second, what do you need, Layla?” Melissa said, pursing her perfectly painted red lips.

Layla blinked her big blue eyes up at the intimidating woman. The Queen was beautiful, from the flowing red hair, porcelain skin, and the curves that the button up white shirt and pencil skirt covered, yet highlighted. She was immaculate.

“I, um,” Layla stammered, taking a second to get the words out. “I want to see Jack tonight! I know he’s working late, but I can get his dinner and bring it to him!” She finally managed to say, jutting out her chest and looking at The Queen with as much confidence as she could muster.

“If you give her time with Jack, I get time with him, too. It’s only fair,” Amanda said, stepping forward and shouldering Layla a little out of the way so that they were both standing there in front of Melissa.

Before Melissa could even tell the two women that Jack had a meeting that night, and that they were both shit out of luck, they started to bicker with each other.

“I asked first, Amanda. Just wait for your turn.”

“You’re just a dumb bimbo who’s going to bore him to sleep, he’d much rather have dinner with someone who can have an intellectual conversation with.”

“We’re not here to talk to him, stupid.”

Standing several feet away, at the door to Jack’s office, Emily watched Amanda and Layla argue with each other like children. They were some of the toughest competition, in her opinion. Layla looked like she could be on Baywatch, and Amanda looked like a long lost Kardashian, but they took this competition like it was the Bachelor. It wasn’t. This was an investment for the future. A really, really fun investment. But, an investment. Bickering with each other wasn’t going to do anything except to annoy the Queen, who had a whole lot of sway with Jack.

Emily wasn’t as traditionally beautiful as the other girls. She wasn’t ugly, more… Average. She had killer curves, her tits were the biggest out of all five of them. Of course, that meant she didn’t have a flat stomach or a thigh gap. None of the girls were skinny, but there was a difference between thicc and plus-sized. Emily was on the plus-sized end of that spectrum. It made the other women not take her seriously, but Emily knew men didn’t mind having a bit more to hold onto.

She took a deep breath, glancing at the doors to the office. While everyone was distracted by the bickering females, she decided to take the opportunity to use the time wisely. She pushed one of the doors open just enough for her to slip through it, doing her best to move quietly as she closed it behind her. When she looked up, she saw Jack sitting at his huge desk, his focus on his computer screen. Rubbing her full lips together, Emily makes the decision to just fucking go for it.

Wanting to surprise him, she lowers herself to the floor, shoving her chestnut-colored hair behind her ears and pushing her glasses up her nose as she starts to crawl across the room towards his desk. His office was huge and luxurious, his desk dead center in the room. She was pretty sure that his desk alone cost more than an average person’s car. Money wasn’t Emily’s only motivation for wanting this position, the biggest appeal was the respect. And, all of the really good sex didn’t hurt, either.

It took her a minute or two to crawl her way across the room, trying to be as quiet as she could. It would have been a bit embarrassing if Jack had caught sight of her before she reached him, or if one of his assistants barged in. Luckily, they didn’t. When she reached the akbatı escort desk, all she had to do was crawl another foot underneath it, and she’d be there, between his legs.

She started to make her way underneath the huge mahogany desk, only to pause, her eyes going wide at the sight before her. To her utter shock, Jack had his cock out and was stroking it up and down slowly. His fingers wrapped around the thick length of him as his fist pumped up and down his cock, twisting slightly when he reached that thick tip. It was so very pretty to look at, to watch him like a creep as he touched himself when he thought that no one was looking.

Jack’s sexual appetite was insatiable, which is why he hired women to help with it as much as they could. But the fact that despite all the women vying for his attention and lust, he was still sitting in his office, jerking himself off. It amazed her and turned her on in a way she couldn’t quite explain. While sitting here and watching the man get himself off had a serious appeal to Emily, that wasn’t what she was here for. It went against everything her job stood for. She crawled forward those last few inches, her hands sliding up Jack’s thighs, moving towards his cock.

Sucking in a deep breath, Jack’s attention flew away from the porn playing on the screen of his computer, his gaze dropping down the length of his body to find himself staring down at Emily, the curvaceous brunette had a smile playing across her luscious lips. He tugs his headphones out of his ears with a little jerk of the cord, his brows knitting together in confusion. “Emily, what-“

“Shh, Jack. Just put the headphones back in. Keep watching,” Emily said, her fingers gripping his thighs and tugging him, and the rolling chair that he sat upon, those last few inches closer to her.

She didn’t waste a whole lot of time, her lips wrapped around the head of his cock with a hard, wet suck. Jack muttered a curse and bucked his hips up towards her mouth, forcing his dick a bit deeper down her throat and making her gag. Those hot, rippled muscles of her throat squeezing down around his cock. Jack groaned, taking a second to breathe as the feeling of the girl’s mouth wrapped around his dick sent pleasure rolling through him.

“Oh, fuck, baby… How did you know I needed a fuck toy right now?” He asked through gritted teeth and held breath.

“Mmgh,” Emily moaned in response, the sound vibrating along his dick as she pulled her lips up off his cock with a long, hard suck at the tip of him. “I didn’t… I just really wanted your cum.” She breathed the words out against the wet head of Jack’s cock.

“Such a greedy little cum slut, fuck… Earn it, if you want it so bad.” Jack said and managed to gain a bit of his composure, well, just enough to put the headphones back in his ears. He was downright excited that Emily didn’t seem to demand his attention or get insulted that he was watching porn because she got right back to work. For the first time, with someone other than Melissa, a woman encouraged it.

Depicted on the screen before him was a new release by one of his favorite directors. The POV angles were done perfectly, the distance shots encompassing the scene as a whole at just the right time, the switch between the two was flawless and not at all distracting. Two women knelt on the floor in front of a man, his hard cock coated and dripping with their saliva. At the moment the two women were making out with each other around the head of the cock, their sloppy kiss and wiggling tongues visible as they moaned and stroked.

It was hot, and it was made even better by the mouth working up and down his own dick.

Emily’s gag reflex was basically non-existent. Sometimes, the head of his cock bumping against her tonsils would trigger her throat to constrict around his cock, but it wasn’t that gut-wrenching thing made to induce an unpleasant bodily function. It made sucking a cock as big as Jack’s a whole lot easier. The only thing she had to watch out for was her breathing as she started bobbing her head up and down on his lap.

She dragged her lips back and forth over every inch of that beautiful cock, sucking and slurping at him with messy, wet streaks of saliva getting everywhere. There was a bit of an issue as she moved her head up and down his cock. The desk. She’d hit her head against it every now and then, but she powered through it, wanting nothing more than to please Jack.

She bobbed her head up and down the thick length of him, using her lips, her tongue, her throat to fuck him while he watched the porn play out on the screen in front of him. He couldn’t even see her down there, under his desk. His hands were planted on the armrests of his leather office chair, his grip white knuckles as he lifts his hips up off the chair just a little, eager to be back inside that hot little throat.

Jack was engrossed in the scene playing out, the two women working over the man’s cock. He nearly lost it aksaray escort when the brunette started to deep throat him as the blonde slid down and started sucking on those heavy balls. He groaned and shoved his hips forward off the chair.

The movement pushed Emily’s head upwards, his cock driving right down her throat, forcing her head up against the top of his desk and pinning her there. He slides his cock out, but only for a second before thrusting up onto her mouth again. And again, and again.

Jack fucked his cock up into Emily’s drooling mouth, shoving every inch of himself inside of her. The way her throat constricted down around his cock making him curse under his breath and grip the arms of his chair. She moaned around his cock, he could feel the vibrations across his skin and it just made him fuck her harder and harder.

He held on, he held on as hard as he could to his orgasm while he watched the girls on the screen open their mouths and stick out their tongues, looking up and fucking begging for that hot fucking load. He didn’t cum until the dick on the screenshot that hot load across both of the women’s faces. Jack’s cum, salty and vaguely metallic, shot right down Emily’s throat, forcing her to take every fucking drop as Jack’s hips pressed up into her face, holding her head pinned against the bottom of his desk.

“Fuck, god..” Jack groaned, slowly thrusting his dick in and out of Emily’s throat, getting every last drop of cum out of him as he watched the two girls on the screen start to make out, the cum sliding between their mouths.

The pleasure of Emily sucking at his dick became too much to bear and he slowly slid his dick from her mouth, rolling back his chair just enough to look down at the curvy brunette while he tucked his cock back into his suit pants, the look on his face one of satisfaction and amusement. “Well, hi there,” Jack said, his voice holding the sexy edge of a growl.

“Hi, yourself,” Emily replied, pushing her glasses higher up her nose with a pink-tipped index finger.

“Now that’s how you show initiative,” The Queen said, startling Emily so badly she hit her head on the top of the desk.


Jack ended up working the rest of that night, not returning to his sprawling estate until around eleven that evening. He ‘d had a series of very stressful meetings and phone calls, all of which seemed to go wrong in one way or another. He was extremely stressed out and overworked, which is why The Queen had arranged a little surprise for Jack when he got home. Plus, it’d hopefully teach Amanda and Layla how to get along.

Jack strode into his bedroom, he’d already discarded his suit jacket and undone the cuff links on his shirt, his fingers were pulling at the tie around his neck when he finally noticed the two women sitting on their knees in the middle of the room. It made him hesitate mid-step as he took in the scene before him, the contrast between the blonde and the brunette giving him flashbacks to that porn he’d been watching earlier. His shoulders relaxed and his cock started to harden in his pants.

This is why Melissa was The Queen and had held her status for so many years. He needed this, he wanted this, and he hadn’t even fucking realize it. Layla, the blonde with those perfect features, was wearing black lingerie, the lacy outfit didn’t cover her tits at all, just shoved them up and out. Amanda’s get-up was the same, but in a stark white color that complemented her dusky skin tone and dark hair beautifully. The contrast provided one hell of a visual.

He took several steps further into the room, his fingers tugging that tie until it hung loosely around his neck by the time he reached the two beautiful women waiting to service him like the king he was. When he came to a stop in front of them, the women moved in unison, hands sliding up his legs, reaching for him, rubbing against him as they rose higher up onto their knees. Amanda’s fingers rubbed across his growing bulge while Layla’s manicured fingers nimbly undid his belt and slid the leather free.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Amanda purred, her fingers finding that thick ridge of his cock and rubbing against it skillfully, making him jerk and throb against the material keeping him contained.

“We both need your cum so badly, Jack… I hope you don’t mind if we share,” Layla said, her fingers pushing the button of his pants free, the material sagging as hands start tugging and pushing it down.

The expensive trousers hit the ground, and both women push their fingers into the waistline of Jack’s Calvin Klein’s, pushing and greedy to free what the material barely kept contained. His cock sprung free, the head of it slapping against Amanda’s cheek and making Layla give a husky little laugh before she leaned in and started dragging her tongue along the length of it.

“Fuck, yes,” Jack cursed, watching enraptured as Layla’s pretty pink tongue slid along his cock, Amanda’s soon sliding out to join it.

They each took a side, Amanda on the left, Layla on the right. They ducked the sides of his cock between their lips, working their mouths back and forth along the length of him, their tongues lavishing every inch of his dick with attention. He couldn’t help but thrust his hips forward, eager for the hot brush of those wet, sucking lips as the women in front of him gave their all to get him off.

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