Making Up For Lost Time Ch. 01

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There was a twinkling flash of recognition in her eyes, “I know you …”, Jeff thought to himself. It only took a fraction of a second to realise who she was, and his face broke into a smile – just as her lips broke into the cheeky grin he remembered so well. But the real smile was in her eyes.

He paid for his purchase at the checkout, hardly taking his eyes from her – almost as if she’d disappear if he did. He waited a few seconds for her to pay for whatever she’d bought and she walked the few feet to him, looking up still grinning. She still looked great – a few more lines on her face, and certainly a few extra pounds – but nothing to spoil those curves too much. Her hair was short and blonde – just like it used to be, though the cut was more elegant. But those laughing eyes were the real killer. For some reason he felt nervous about the brief peck on the cheek and hug that he gave her. They babbled to each other about how long it had been, but he broke her off.

“Look”, he said, “I’ve got to see my Bank Manager – it won’t take more than ten or fifteen minutes. Are you hanging around? I’ll buy you a coffee and we’ll catch up properly”. He hoped she couldn’t detect the nervousness in his voice, or the delight he felt when she agreed to meet him in Starbucks in half an hour.

He was through with his bank manager in no time, and was sipping his latte on one of the comfortable couches ten minutes before she was due. “Jenny Green”, he thought to himself. How long had it been? Nearly 25 years since he had reported for his first day at a new job. She was his boss’s PA and collected him from the HR department. Yes, she was thinner then he recalled, as he pictured her – pink blouse, grey skirt just above the knee, fantastic legs in sensible-ish shoes – just a small heel. He remembered following her, making small talk as they walked through the building that seemed to be a maze to him, which would be his working home for the next couple of years. He smiled to himself as he remembered wondering if she was wearing stockings or something less interesting? He smiled again as he realised it would take him the best part of six months to find out the answer.

At that time Jeff had been married for about 3 years, and he had been faithful to his wife. Their marriage had got past the frantic sex stage, and had settled down into regular, if not particularly adventurous lovemaking. Although they had discussed kids, his wife had a good career, and so the two brilliant children that were to come were a few years off.

Jeff remembered that job 25 years ago with great fondness. He had always found it easy to get on with people, especially women, having two sisters and no brothers saw to that. So over the first few months of his employment he had made many new friends, several of them women. The company was growing rapidly and so there were always new people to welcome, and promotions or inter departmental moves to celebrate. Hardly a week passed without there being some reason to go to the pub at lunchtime. Over that first few months he found himself increasingly in Jenny’s company at such events; not because he was plotting anything, and he was fairly sure she wasn’t either, it was just that they got on so well together. One of the reasons would be quite familiar to just about anyone nowadays, but in the mid 80’s this company was quite advanced. Every employee had e-mail.

It had started with Jenny sending him a mail one day, to ask him to mention to one of his colleagues that his flies were undone. It caused great amusement and knowing smiles, as they shared the private joke. The e-mails between them started from that day as a trickle, it soon became a stream and finally a river. Jeff was sure, looking back and thinking about it, that there had been some days when they had got hardly any work done – just a steady flow of e-mails. It was a good job they were both very good at their jobs and could get away with it. He recalled the day it had started. At about eleven an e-mail popped into his inbox, and Jenny announced she was starving – she had left home late that morning and missed breakfast. Almost without thinking he suggested they go for an early lunch – he said he’d take her to one of the pubs, away from the staff restaurant. The reply was rapid and affirmative, and at twelve on the dot they left together. It was approaching Christmas, and her blouses had given way to sweaters – today’s was red, with a high roll neck, but as was the style in the 80’s, it was quite tight fitting and accentuated her perfect breasts. Not too big and not too small he thought, a perfect handful. She also had on a fairly conservative grey skirt – perhaps a little shorter than she usually wore. The question of what she wore on her legs flashed through is mind again, as he was hoping for a glimpse and a clue in the next hour or so. But before his memories could progress any further, the 25 years older Jenny walked in.

No skirt today though – the jeans showed she still had a great body. An expensive leather jacket, a white T shirt and a knotted red silk atakent escort scarf showed she still had great taste, and she looked elegant and casual at the same time. He bought her a cappuccino and they agreed to split a blueberry muffin. The next hour was effortless and a huge amount of fun – as they remembered life in the 80’s and caught up with where their old colleagues were. At one point she’d got up to take off her jacket, and he saw her boobs were definitely bigger – no doubt as a result of the two (now at university) children he learned she had. He thanked his lucky stars she didn’t have anything low cut on, because he knew that if she had, his conversation would have been with those fantastic breasts – they looked superb even if hidden in a T shirt and bra. As it was, her smiling, blue eyes were the focus of his attention (well, most of the time).

As they left the shop, he joked that nothing had changed, as she had eaten well over half the muffin. She smiled and said that next week, they’d have to buy two.

“Next week?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here next week – there’s no way I’m going to risk not seeing you for another 25 years, so you’d better be here too!”, she hugged him, gave him a kiss on the cheek, grinned and left him standing there as she walked over to her silver Audi A3. As he waved her off and walked towards his BMW, he couldn’t believe how alive he felt. His senses seemed so acute, as he recalled her touch, her smell, her giggle – Jenny Green seemed to have come back into his life with a bang.

“Where would it all end up?” he mused as he put his car into drive and moved off.

The next few days were fairly hectic for Jeff professionally, and so he didn’t have much time to think further about his Wednesday afternoon encounter, or indeed about next Wednesday. The weekend was typically hectic too, and it was Monday before he found himself with free time. His mind drifted back those 25 years to that lunch date he had been thinking about earlier in the week. As they left the building he remembered being surprised as she casually, as if it was a thing that happened everyday, linked his arm and walked close to him, as she continued the conversation. He remembered not having the faintest idea what she was talking about as all he could think of was her closeness, her intoxicating smell and the warmth of her hand, and the way his heart had changed gear! The butterflies in his stomach had strangely chosen that moment to wage war on his insides – and they were winning. He tried to calm himself down thinking it was just a meaningless gesture, but he knew otherwise as soon as he made eye contact with those laughing eyes that suddenly seemed to be smiling a bit more seductively. They ate and drank, talked and laughed, and it seemed the most natural gesture in the world when Jeff started stroking Jenny’s hand. When they left and got in his car, he couldn’t wait any longer, but put his arm round her shoulders and gently pulled her towards him and he kissed her very gently.

“I’ve been waiting months to do that”, he whispered.

“I know, and so have I – been waiting months for you to do that”, she grinned as she pulled his lips to hers again for a much deeper, and more sensual kiss. His right arm moved up and went round her back. He felt like a sixteen year old having his first snog – this was only the second woman he had kissed meaningfully since he had met his wife – his hand moved round and brushed her left breast. She moaned as he cupped it, and started to caress it, then he felt the nipple grow harder – even through her bra and sweater – as his thumb made little circles round it.

His hand slipped down until he felt the material change from the wool of her sweater to the material of her skirt. He started back then, but this time it was her warm, bare skin that his hand was running along, until he reached the material of her bra. “I wonder what colour it is?” he mused as his hand felt the perfect roundness, and her kissing intensified at his touch. As his hand slipped underneath it and lifted it over her breast she moaned again, then let out a small grunt of approval (he hoped it was approval at least) as his thumb flicked her nipple. He couldn’t believe how long it felt, and desperately wanted to suck and nip it with his mouth. Just as he was thinking about that there was a huge burst of laughter as a bunch of office workers fell out of the pub after a Christmas lunch. Looking back, Jeff remembered how he and Jenny sprang apart and looked very sheepish, though no-one even gave them a second look.

“I think we’d better get back”, she said adjusting her clothing. Although they held hands all the way back, they hardly exchanged a word, each of them deep in their own thoughts.

As they got back into work, they went their separate ways and because Jeff had back to back meetings, it was 5 o’clock before he got back to his desk. He looked across to Jenny, but the desk was empty and tidied up. He asked where she’d gone and someone said she’d ataköy escort gone home early because she was sick. All these years later he could still remember the sinking feeling – convinced he had blown it and lost a great friend for the sake of a quick grope.

The next couple of days were agony. Each morning he felt sick with anticipation, but Jenny failed to return and Jeff was sure it was because of him. Looking back he smiled at how much easier things would be now – but 25 years ago there were no mobile phones, no text messaging, and no internet or e-mail. He had no idea of her address, and didn’t know her home phone number. He had no way to find out what was going on. Then late on Friday afternoon his phone rang and it was her – at least, the croaky voice announced itself as Jenny! He recalled being over the moon on two counts – firstly to hear from her, and secondly because she was obviously really unwell and not deliberately avoiding him. He instantly felt genuine guilt that he was pleased she was ill – it had another bonus though, and he told her straight away how sexy her new voice was.

She giggled, and then burst into a coughing fit, as he told her that he had been worried she was avoiding him. She croaked a laugh and told him what an idiot he was, and that the few minutes in the pub car park was all she’d thought about in the past 48 hours. His mind and stomach were doing somersaults as she’d described feeling almost disoriented, just like he did. She couldn’t talk long as her mum had decided to come and act as nurse while she was ill, but she did say the doctor had said she would probably be off for a while yet.

The next week dragged by. Wednesday was the Office Christmas Party, but he left early as all he could think about was what it would have been like if Jenny had been there. He would probably have left early then too – but not for the same reason! Friday was December 21st – so because Christmas Eve was on Monday (and everyone only worked half a day), this was the last day before the holidays for a lot of people, as they had decided it wouldn’t be worth coming in for half a day on the following Monday, and they would have a nice long holiday.

Jeff recalled that weekend before Christmas – his in-laws had come down and it was relaxed but busy. And because his wife’s parents were around, it was also a weekend with no sex. Karen, his wife was never relaxed when they were around and was always worried about being overheard in their small house. So it was a frustrated Jeff that rolled up for his last half day before the holidays on Monday morning. The frustration lasted a nano-second as the first person he saw when he walked in was Jenny. The butterflies re-started their battle with his stomach wall, and he didn’t know how he resisted the temptation to give her a huge hug. The morning flashed by in a flurry of e-mails between the two of them, on every topic under the sun. They never seemed to run out of things to talk about. Lunchtime came, everyone wished each other a Happy Christmas, and Jeff and Jenny grabbed a couple of sandwiches and drinks and set off in separate cars to a quiet spot in the countryside a couple of miles from the office.

Jenny skipped over and got into Jeff’s car and before he could even say anything she had grabbed his neck and kissed him eagerly. Her tongue drove into his mouth and he responded with almost frantic passion. Then she broke off as she realised he was trying not to laugh:

“What?” she asked. Jeff imagined the stupid ear to ear grin he must have had on his face.

“Well, if you’re still contagious I’m going to have a really fun Christmas and New Year!”

They hugged and the lunch never got eaten. Very soon they found themselves at the point where they had been two weeks earlier. Jeff’s right hand was gently caressing her smooth skin, and she moaned as her left nipple sprang up under his tender touch. She eased her back away from the car seat as he gently pulled her sweater up to allow him clear access to those perfect breasts. She closed her eyes and sighed as his left hand played with one nipple and he gently kissed and flicked the other with his tongue.

“You have the most sensational nipples I have ever seen”, he managed to say despite what his mouth was doing. She held his head tight, and said it was nothing to do with her, just what was being done to them. She started to undo his shirt buttons and slipped a hand inside and stroked his chest and back – as Jeff went from nipple to nipple to mouth in a series of wet, intense kisses. Jenny’s hand moved down his chest to his stomach, slowly stroking the area below his navel. He instinctively held in his stomach, causing a gap between his skin and his waistband – a gap that Jenny’s hand eased its way into. It was Jeff’s turn to grunt approval as she caressed the area, then withdrew her hand and fumbled for his belt.

At the same time his hand slipped down to where the hem of her skirt rested against her thigh – and slowly, with gentle, atalar escort circular, caressing movements his hand moved up to the point where his question from months ago was answered. Stockings! He stopped as he came to the bare flesh. He withdrew his lips from hers and looked at her twinkling eyes.

“I gather you approve”, she grinned, “because they are just for you. And this is for me!” she smiled as her hand reached inside his boxers and grasped his rapidly stiffening cock.

“Oh … my …God, it feels even bigger than I had imagined!” she mumbled as she pulled his lips to hers and slowly started to move her hand. At the same time his hand moved further up her leg until it came to some silky French knickers.

“Can life get any better?” Jeff thought, as his fingers kept moving up inside the loose silk underwear. He became rock hard as he felt her legs part, and she wriggled her bottom to give him easier access. His thumb brushed over her pubic hair as his index finger danced along her slit and against her clit. Jenny moaned her approval, and started to push her pelvis forward to force his finger into her. Jeff could not believe how wet she felt and how easily his fingers slipped into her. At the same time, Jenny’s breathing got more rapid and uneven as she started to wank his cock harder. Then it happened again.

This time it wasn’t revellers coming out of the pub, but a Renault Espace that came into the small, secluded car park. Jeff could still feel the panic 25 years later that they would be seen, or that it would be someone they knew. They got away with it on both counts, and looked almost respectable by the time mum, dad, three kids and two dogs got noisily out of the car opposite and headed down one of the paths into the leafless, winter woodland.

“I guess we should be going” she announced unenthusiastically, “my mum and dad, and Kev and his parents will be wondering where I’ve got to.” As Jeff sank into her eyes and told her he was really going to miss her over the next week, he held her tight, kissed her gently and stroked her cheek. The sick feeling in the pit of his stomach, and the tightness in his chest intensified as he watched her get into her car, turn and smile, and blow him a kiss.

Jeff drove home with his mind all over everywhere – as he turned into his drive and parked next to his in-laws’ car, he wondered how he had got home, because the last thing he had been thinking about was driving. He went in and with the briefest acknowledgement of their greetings, he dashed into the bathroom. He dived into the shower to remove any hint of Jenny’s presence. The smell of her juices on his right hand was incredibly strong, and he felt a kind of regret as he thoroughly cleaned his fingers. Even after that and a putting on fresh clothes he was sure that Karen or her parents would find some trace of Jenny or her perfume, but his guilt was undiscovered.

Christmas was fun and relaxing. He had always got on with Karen’s parents, and in the excitement of the holiday season no-one seemed to notice Jeff was quiet for the first couple of days. As the holiday went on he began to feel more and more that what had happened with Jenny was somehow not quite real.

He recalled that final few days before his return to work after the New Year celebrations. Karen’s parents had been replaced by his parents, who left early on New Year’s Day. Jeff had been hoping to spend the rest of the day in bed with Karen, making up for lost time. But her period had started, and that made sex a definite “No No” as far as Karen was concerned. If Jeff had been frustrated when he got to work the previous week, then he was in a very bad way now as he went into the building. The pent up sexual energy was compounded by the feeling of anxiety and anticipation and he couldn’t wait to see Jenny again. As soon as he saw her, Jeff picked up the vibes – something was wrong. Something was very wrong! Something had happened over the holiday, and things had changed.

Jeff’s memories from all those years ago were rudely interrupted by the chirping of his mobile phone. In a funny sort of way he was relieved, because the next part of the story saddened him a little, even after all this time.

The call was handled easily enough but he started to busy himself with his company accounts, and the situation from over 20 years ago was cleaned out from his mind. Tuesday passed slowly and he found he couldn’t get to sleep that night, his stomach churning at the prospect of seeing Jenny again tomorrow. Lying awake, with Karen quietly breathing beside him, his thoughts returned to his old workplace over two decades ago, and that disastrous start to the New Year.

“Jenny’s going to Switzerland!” announced Stephie, one of Jeff’s colleagues.

“What, on a skiing holiday?” he asked.

“No, you idiot, to LIVE – isn’t that brilliant?”

Jeff could vaguely recall congratulating her, whilst trying to cover up his mixture of shock, horror and disappointment. In return, her eyes were saying “sorry” to him, and she whispered that they’d have to talk later. During the course of the morning it emerged that Kev had been offered a brilliant job in a lab in Geneva, and they would be gone by the end of the month. But his thoughts that they’d have a last month together were dashed when he found out she was taking the leave she was owed and would be gone at the end of the next week.

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