Mammary Mansion Ch. 01

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This is the first part of a project I have been working on. Enjoy.

The sensation of being smothered wouldn’t go away. I forced my heavy eye lids open and rapidly realised that my face was pressed into soft, fragrant flesh. As consciousness returned, I was startled to feel a heavy weight over my stomach. An arm was behind the back of my head pressing it into the flesh on my face. Another was across my chest and around my back. I could feel something wiry rubbing up and down over my hip and could hear a gasping noise somewhere above my head. Realisation dawned – I was being smothered in somebody’s fleshy breasts!

I reached up and found a shoulder and pushed back allowing me to breathe. As my face became free I looked into the cornflower blue eyes of an old woman. Her eyes were glazed and she was panting. She focused on me and said, “Oh good, you’re awake. Now I can really enjoy myself.” The big thigh across my stomach tightened and the hunching of her pudenda against my hip increased.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked, my mouth feeling as if it was full of cotton wool. My head was still fuzzy but despite a feeling of listlessness, I could feel my cock unfurling and lengthening.

Her eyes twinkled and she smiled. “We’re going to fuck, that’s what’s going on.” I looked at her in amazement. Shit, she had to be in her sixties, all white hair and crows feet. She was behaving like a young girl. “You’re not going to disappoint an old lady, are you Michael?” She knew my name but I was positive I had never met her before. She reached down and grabbed my turgid dick. “Oh goody,” she said, “at least your friend wants to play.” For an old woman, she sure moved fast. Before I knew what was happening, she sat up right and plugged my boner right up her hairy cunt. It was wet and slimy but still a tight fit and she only got a couple of inches in. Frowning with concentration, she knelt up a bit and rubbed my cockhead up and down her oozing slit and then plugged it back in. She forced herself all the way down until her pubes mingled with mine. “So big, so hard,” she gaziantep evi olan escort bayan sighed. She started to post gently up and down, her eyes screwed shut with concentration.

I was still too muzzy in the head to fully comprehend what was going on. I looked around to see where I was. Clearly I was in a luxurious bedroom with the morning sun beaming through windows. I looked back at her and took stock. She was big, big all over. She had extremely large breasts with dark thick nipples, and would have drooped somewhat if they hadn’t been held up and together by her arms, creating a deep cleavage. Her hands were resting on my stomach as she rose and fell on my traitorous cock. A strong pair of thighs was clasped to my torso. My arms were akimbo and I lay there still seemingly unable to move a muscle. Except for the bastard muscle enjoying itself up her cunt! And it was certainly enjoying itself. On the down stroke, she gripped it with her vaginal muscles as if determined to make it spit. Occasionally, she rolled around on it, dragging the sensitive cock head across a number of interesting bumps and hollows high in her pussy. She moaned and panted.

If hadn’t have been so preoccupied with working out how I came to be in this odd but interesting situation, I would have shot my bolt shortly after she had slotted me home. I tried to remember what I had been doing the night before, and how I could have ended up being screwed by some old broad. Even is she wasn’t too unattractive, she was not my type. Why then did my dick spring so willingly into action?

As she rode up and down, maintaining a steady pace, I recalled I had gone out to a club near my lodgings. I vaguely remember a number of girls buying me drinks, but the rest was a complete blank. On the bedside table was a glass of water. I leaned up and drank the lot and that helped to clear a lot of gunk from my throat.

Suddenly, the big old lady changed positions, leaning forward to put her hands on my shoulders, her massive tits gaziantep fetiş escort bayan swaying and bouncing against my chest as she picked up the pace. She was hunching back and forth, really going for it. I felt her pussy clench my cock and then felt a spurt of warmth as she came, letting out little shrieks and moans as she slumped forward, crushing her melons against my chest. I could still feeling the pulsing of her twat as she murmured against my neck. “So good, so bloody good. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a young dick up me.”

I felt too weak to shift her large body off mine, so I lay there gently caressing her back, my dick still rigid and buried in her hot cunt.

“You didn’t cum yet?” she whispered. I shook my head. “Oh goody, let me suck you off!” She lifted off me and scooted down the bed, nudging my legs apart and grabbed my steaming cock in one hand, slotted the head into her mouth and began to suck avidly. Her huge tits nudged my turgid balls and, as she got more of my dick into her mouth, they surrounded them. It was very pleasant. I couldn’t stop – I blew a load into her suctioning mouth and grimaced in painful ecstasy as she slurped and swallowed.

Still gently sucking, she looked up at me. “I haven’t had a load like that since I was a girl. It was wonderful.”

“Look lady, I don’t know who you are or what the hell I’m doing here, but I will tell you it was a hell of fuck, even if you are an old broad.”

“Thank you,” she said, blushing prettily. “Monica will be along shortly and she will explain all. I hope you will understand. I’ll just go and shower while you just lie back and relax.” She got off the bed and the last I saw of her was her big firm arse disappearing through an adjacent door, followed by the hissing noise of a shower.

I looked around. The room was big and airy with plenty of room for a sitting area. I got up and still feeling rubbery in the legs, went to look out one of the floor to ceiling windows. All I could see was several acres bayan gaziantep escort of well maintained gardens followed by a forest. I was three stories up. I was in a bloody mansion!

Just then, a door opened and a woman in her mid twenties came into the room. I was never one to be bothered about nudity so I faced her hands on hips. “Well, perhaps you can tell me what the bloody hell is going on here,” I demanded.

She was shortish, with silky blonde hair down to her shoulders. She was not slim but the business outfit did little to disguise an hour glass figure. She had twinkling blue eyes similar to the old chick who had just ravished me. She walked over and extended her hand, maintaining eye contact all the way. “Hi, I’m Monica. I had one of your model girlfriends slip you some rophenal last night and I abducted you with help of my chauffeur. I’m happy to say you have passed the first test.” She continued to hold onto my hand in the handshake position. I had not realised that I had shook hers, mesmerised by those eyes. “You see, the few young men I’ve brought home have run screaming out of the place once they wake up with Grandma. You didn’t, and, according to her, gave her a lovely fuck.” She let go my hand.

“So it was some sort of test that I seem to have passed.”

“Yes.” She took a couple of steps back and looked at me. Over six feet with a tanned, hard muscled body, I knew I was attractive to women. Heaps of them had fallen into bed with me over the years. I had bedroom eyes apparently and a decently sized cock. “And you will do very well here, I’m sure. Although you can leave at any time you feel uncomfortable. But stay for the day or so and see how you feel. You’ll find your clothes over on that chair but they need washing. This is a spare dressing gown. Put it on and I’ll take you down to breakfast. You must be starving.” So saying, she gave me a beautiful smile and a dressing gown that just got below my balls when I got it on. She turned and I followed, intrigued and even a bit amused. I watched her curvy arse roll as I followed it to a door. It concealed a lift that descended to the ground floor and opened into a massive country style kitchen that had been outfitted with little regard to expense.

Leaning back against the table was a giant black woman wearing an apron and a huge smile. “So we have a stayer and maybe a player,” she said in a Jamaican accent. “Oh goody, goody.”

See what Molly can do. Meet the rest of the family in Part 2.

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