Mancunt Pt. 01

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His huge cock entered my hungry mancunt. That’s what he called it. It used to be my asshole. I wasn’t allowed to call it that anymore. Now, it was my mancunt, hungry for a real man to fill it. That’s what tonight was all about. My man (a few days ago that would’ve sounded weird to say) was going to fill my mancunt with his seed and make me his bitch. As soon as his seed entered me, I wouldn’t be a man anymore. I couldn’t even call myself a man anymore and my man would call me a “she”. I couldn’t wait.

A few days ago, my man and I met at a bar. We struck up a conversation. Soon, he managed to get to admit I wanted to be taken by a man. He took me to his place and popped my cherry. Oh, my clitty was rock hard that day but my man wouldn’t let me touch it. Instead, he made me cum from being pounded in the mancunt. It was amazing.

Unfortunately, my man didn’t get to fill my mancunt because he wore a condom. I wanted to be bred but he decided it was best gaziantep bayan eskort for a first time. I had wanted it so bad. That’s why today was so amazing.

My clitty, wrapped in a cage for the past few days, bounced as a real man’s cock pounded my mancunt. A few months ago, my clitty was in a woman’s pussy. Now, it was ridiculous to think my clitty could please a woman. All I needed was my mancunt and I could get waves of pleasure.

My man was pounding away. Just the other day, we were two guys who met in a bar. Now, he was making me his whore, something to take dick once or twice daily. It felt like heaven. I could tell he wanted to make me his woman soon. He’d probably fill me in the next five minutes at this rate. To feel his warm cum in my mancunt almost brought tears of joy to my eyes.

I couldn’t wait to be filled. Having a man claim me was a dream come true. I wanted to sit around and let him fuck me when he gets horny. Anytime. He could be horny at 3 am and need relief and he could just cum in my mancunt. I gave him complete ownership.

His cock pulsed in my mancunt. He wanted a whore soon. Like clockwork, my cunt started to twitch. My man told me that, after I become his bitch, he would train my mancunt. My clitty wouldn’t chub up anymore. From then on, my mancunt would twitch when I got turned on. He would then fuck it because it was his property.

Warm cum filled me. My manhood was gone. My straightness was gone. A real man had made me his bitch. I couldn’t masturbate anymore. All my pleasure came from his cock. I was to grow my hair out. Make it long and pretty like a woman’s. He once told me he might get me breast implants. Their sole purpose was for titfucking. And they wouldn’t be small either. They were going to be big like a porn star’s.

My man wasn’t done. I felt another warm liquid fill my mancunt. Piss. He was pissing in my mancunt. He whispered in my ear that I was his urinal. He’d piss in my mancunt and I would squirt it out in the toilet. It was disgusting but I loved it.

When he was done, he plugged me up. I could feel piss and cum sloshing inside my mancunt. He told me I would call him Daddy from now on. Even in public. “Yes, Daddy.” The words felt natural.

I turned around and cleaned Daddy’s cock with my mouth. It was to be cleaned after every fucking. My mancunt tasted great on that amazing cock of his. Afterwards, Daddy and I cuddled and went to sleep.

I woke up at midnight and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and pissed sitting down like a good girl. Daddy forbid me from standing up to piss. That would imply that I considered us equals. I looked inbetween my legs and saw my clitty, still caged. It was going to stay caged, taken out only for cleaning every once in awhile.

I got up, only to realize the plug was still in. Daddy’s piss and cum trickled out my gaped hole. After it was over, I cleaned up and put Daddy’s plug in. I went back to bed and cuddled up next to Daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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