Marc , Chelle

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Chelle was lying on the bed. Her hands above her head, tied to the headboard. She was blindfolded and gagged. Her legs, spread, were bound, as well. She couldn’t see, she couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move. All she could do was hear and feel and smell.

Chelle heard footsteps in the room, then, she felt the touch of a hand, a soft caress on her bare leg all the way to her inner thigh. The touch sent a surge through her body. Not being able to see or speak or even move, she had to use her other senses and it was driving her wild.

She smelled her lover’s cologne. She knew it must be Marc, her lover, he taught her about freeing herself, being able to let go, and to enjoy all sexual endeavors.

Chelle could feel his touch. He was so close to her. She felt his kisses on her bare breasts going down her body until he reached her most sensitive area.

“You are so wet, my Chelle.” Marc whispered as he teased her mound with his tongue. Darting in and out of his mouth.

Chelle wanted to move, to help, but couldn’t.

Marc thumbed her clit with a circular motion, round and round, he knew she loved this and that it would drive her crazy. He licked her again. Marc saw the goosebumps on Chelle’s body, she was excited, stimulated. He inserted a finger in her cave, then another. She was so wet and wanting.

Marc sat up, looking at Chelle, her lovely body, helpless. How he loved to be in control, dominating such beauty.

His cock was throbbing wanting to dive deep into her moistness. He had to control himself. Marc collected himself and got comfortable between Chelle’s ataşehir escort spread legs and burried his tongue deep inside her. Licking, sucking, and fucking her pussy with his tongue. He moved to her ass, licking her there and spreading her ass apart, inserting a finger……mmmmmmmmm she was hot and he knew it.

Marc continued fingering her ass, licking her pussy and then her ass, then up to her clit, sucking it, fingering her, licking her. Marc knew she was close.

Chelle was trying hard to move but Marc forced her down. Chelle was dripping and Marc was lapping it up, she had came and it had tasted so good.

Marc sat up once again and looked at Chelle. He moved up a little and rubbed his cock on her tummy.

“Feel how hard I am for you, I’m going to fuck you hard, fuck you rough and you will like it Chelle.” He said as he thrust himself deep within her.

Pulling her hips to his thrusts, the rope being tugged, the pain, the pleasure, Chelle was in ecstasy as Marc fucked her harder and faster.

He was so close to cumming. Marc pulled out. He went to her, removed the gag from her mouth and forced her to take his cock. Chelle sucked his shaft. Deep so deep, he loved that she could do that. He fucked her mouth and came.

Marc got up, leaving Chelle tied to the bed. He walked out of the room. Chelle could hear his footsteps, and then, she was startled. There were two there now.

Chelle heard voices but couldn’t make out what they were saying. She wasn’t afraid. Marc wouldn’t do anything avcılar escort to hurt her or make her feel uncomfortable. He knew his limits with her, which basically, wasn’t much.

Chelle could tell it was another male. The door opened. She knew the other male could see her. She felt him close to her. She could smell him. Hear his breathing.

Laying there, tied, she couldn’t do anything. Not being able to see, she had no idea who the man was that was touching her.

He sucked on each of her erect nipples. She felt a tongue on her clit. She knew it had to be Marc, he loved going down on her alot.

She moaned. The gag had been removed earlier. The man noticed her open mouth and he obliged her with his hard cock. She sucked him. It felt good inside her mouth and deep in her throat.

Chelle felt a cock in her pussy. She was so wet and so turned on.

At once, both cocks were gone and Chelle was being untied. Marc whispered that he wanted her on all fours. The blindfold would remain, however, she would no longer be bound up.

Marc crept behind Chelle, stretched her ass apart and licked her hole, penetrating her with his tongue, Chelle was moaning. Marc knew she loved anal and was going to give it to her.

As Marc was rimming her ass, she felt another tongue on her clit. She was all about to scream with delight. Marc rammed his cock in her ass, grabbing her hair, pulling her to him. She lay back on him. He, fucking her ass, holding her legs apart as the other guy entered her pussy. Double penetration. avrupa yakası escort

They rammed her, fucked her, bit her, sucked on her. Marc played with her clit as he fucked her ass. The other guy, engulfed in her moist pussy, both going hard and fast on her until Chelle couldn’t take it, the pressure building inside her, the sensation, she let go and both men were wet with her ejaculation. Marc was so excited that he exploded in her ass. The other continued and pulled out and came on her stomach.

Marc removed the blindfold and Chelle was surprised to see that it was Marc’s best friend that had helped bring her to a place of bliss. She lay against Marc, exhausted. She felt his every breath as she lay against his chest, wrapped in his arms. The friend lay on the bed next to them smiling and enjoying the sweetness of Chelle.

It was morning, the friend gone, and Marc had arisen before Chelle. He had taken a shower and was refreshed. Marc filled the bathtub with warm water and rose petals and then went to wake Chelle. She got up and Marc carried her to the bathroom and put her in the tub.

The sweet smell of roses filled Chelle’s nose. It was beautiful. She lay in the tub relaxed while Marc washed her. He was falling for her and Chelle didn’t mind because she was falling for him.

He got her out of the tub and dried her off.

“I don’t want you dressed. I want you naked all day in my presence. I want to take in your beauty, your essence.” Marc said as he kissed her.

Chelle wrapped her arms around Marc’s neck and kissed him more. Playing with the curls of his in the back and feeling his strength.

He placed her on the counter top and spread her legs. He eased his cock into her moistness while staring into her brown eyes. She had her arms around his neck and held him there while he made love to her. Marc rubbed her clit, he was close, and he wanted her to cum with him. She did so, screaming out his name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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