Maria The Pissmop

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Readers Piss Fantasy In Print

Spoilt, rich kids amaze and intrigue me in equal measures. In my position as purveyor of pornography of ill repute, giving the public some of the dirtiest, nastiest, hardcore pornography legally available on the market I have come across all kinds of girls (literally in most cases!). From ghetto bitches looking for cash for crack, to desperate single mothers, to girls who think they’re going to be the next Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick, I’ve pretty much dealt with them all and it’s always the rich kids that strike me as most intriguing.

Honestly, you’d be surprised how many get into it, and it can only be for the dare, the risk and the buzz of living in the gutter (as it were), of ‘slumming’ it. It’s unfathomable to me but I don’t let it put me off, rather I enjoy the challenge of seeing if I can set them back onto the path of righteousness through what I put them through. I have a fair success rate too, with many an aspiring ‘actress’ suddenly realising this wasn’t the correct career option for them when they saw the script and what I was going to do with them, I’ve even had a few try to back out halfway through only to find my contracts pretty watertight and the news of their antics reaching their parents convincing them to finish the film, though maybe not as enthusiastically.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a real cracker comes through my door, a spoilt kid with no reason to be looking to do this other than pure sexual thrill or some bizarre fetish, a good looking girl willing to become a Pissmop for me. Maria was going to be one of those – I could just tell.

There was something about Maria. For one thing she was a hell of a good looking young woman. She was 21 and looked even younger and had the sweetest, most infectious smile you can imagine, which sat in the most perfect dusky face complementing her gorgeous long, dark hair and enticing, knowing dark eyes. All of which was great but even better was the fact the little bitch had a figure to die for. Slender and supple with curves in all the right places and from the outfit she wore to her interview with me she obviously enjoyed displaying as much of her cleavage as possible.

She proudly told me that she went to a Catholic university in South Florida and had been going to Catholic schools since she was eight and my mind raced with plots and scripts that I could play that fact into, the idea of having her play the role of a typical Catholic school girl, with a white-button down shirt and plaid skirt and cute white ankle socks in one of my productions was extremely arousing. She told me that her parents had bought her a lot of things and often loaned her money without her even asking. She positively revelled in being described as spoilt and it was clear from the outset that it was not desperation, money or ambition that had brought her into my office. Which left dare, blackmail or pure kinkiness as her reasoning and motivation. She sat across from me as relaxed as anyone I could think of had ever been so I thought she was one of those rare creatures that wanted to do this purely because she was a dirty bitch and wanted to test her limits and see exactly how kinky she could be. That was fine with me.

She claimed to have seen a number of my films and that she loved them and I was inclined to believe her as she began rattling off her favourite scenes to me. My muse Gwen seemed to be her favourite character and all the things I had done to her spilled enthusiastically from Maria’s tongue She waxed lyrical over scenes where I had pissed all over her, flushed her head in a stinking toilet and had her sister, Sarah, piss on her. She spoke with such zeal and admiration that it frankly took me aback – and it takes a lot to do that to me. As she told me of her dark fantasies of becoming one of my Pissmops, of acting the part of being made to drink piss on screen and being fucked hard by a variety of men and women and the various depraved sexual acts she wanted to do, I truly realised that I had struck gold here.

Kismet being what it is I had the perfect script lying in my in tray. It was as dirty and nasty as any that I had written and would satisfy nearly all of Maria’s kinky urges. Originally I had planned it for an older woman, Jessica, a bitch I had used before but she was a right stroppy cow and difficult to work with, never doing what she was told and to be blunt her looks paled in comparison to the fragrant, youthful, Maria. Giving her her place though she did have a cracking set of tits but, I thought as I mentally scratched her from my script, pissing on a beautiful face is so much more satisfying than pissing on a nice pair of tits.

I gave Maria the script to read over so she knew fully what she would be getting into and watched as her eyes got wider and wider as she read through it, here was surely her opportunity to back out if she wanted but rather she gushed enthusiastically.

“Oh my god! that is such a great part, I want to do all of those things and more! Uzun porno Can you have them treat me even rougher in the story, don’t hold anything back. I’d love it if there was a really rough blowjob involved and anal sex, especially ass-to-mouth. I’d like to be pissed on by as many men and women as you can get and I’d like to give a rimjob. I’m also turned on by being called names like slut, bitch, whore, cunt and being slapped around – love that!”

Jesus was this girl the best or what? She was even giving me ideas on how to make the film even dirtier! I couldn’t wait to get started!

I say script but in actual fact the film will be more of a gonzo style (as many of my Pissmop ones are) where a pretty girl is subjected to a variety of weird and bizarre scenarios where they are seemingly forced to either drink piss or be pissed on or something do similarly fetishistic acts. I guess some of my scenes can be pretty convincing, I can act and seem like a total asshole on film, like I am totally getting off on degrading them like this and partly, that is a piece of my own character but it is also an act for the cameras too. I figured (correctly) that a piece of fresh meat like Maria, with such a sweet, innocent look to her would pull off the damsel in distress roll to perfection, that she would be able to seem on camera like these were the most disgusting and despicable acts she had ever done.

She even turned up on the morning of the shoot in her old school outfit and her dark hair in cute pigtails. She looked so fucking sweet. It was almost a shame to start the camera’s running and give myself some screen time as when Maria was coyly introducing herself to the viewers I stormed forward and roughly hauled and ripped off that innocent outfit and ordered her on to her knees before me. Then, just as the opening credits rolled, I yanked down my zipper, whipped out my cock and pissed all over her beautiful face. It was thick and heavy and pungent and the yellow flow sprayed on her forehead and lips and tumbled down her lithe body, giving it a great shine until it puddled at her knees on the concrete pavement in the alleyway we were filming in – quite the start to our little adventure!

“Collar and lead time little bitch” I announced and produced a pretty mangy looking leather dog collar and wrapped it around her thin neck then attached a chain leash so I could walk her through to the next area in my little film.

We weren’t shooting in my usual studio, no, I had rented out an extra special location just for this feature. I walked her the length of the alley on her hands and knees then pushed open a grim, dark door at the end and entered into the subdued lighting of what would be many girls worst nightmare.


I was standing in a closed bar at 5am on Sunday morning.

At that moment, a door swung open and a tall, thick-set man entered, holding a dog lead in one of his huge fists. As he came further into the room, it became clear that the other end of the lead was attached to something. I smiled as Maria crawled through the doorway on her hands and knees. As per my instructions, she was naked apart from a collar which was affixed to the lead held by my associate.

“She’s gonna be a good girl, ain’t you bitch?” asked the hulking man. Maria looked up at him, acting perfectly terrified.

“Y-yes sir!” she stammered.

“Excellent.” I said.

He winked at me and passed me the end of Maria’s lead.

“Have fun!” he chuckled.

I took hold of the lead and yanked on it. Caught off balance, Maria sprawled forward, falling full-length on the floor.

“You know what you’re here for, cunt?” I asked.

“Yes s-sir.”

“Through that door,” I said, pointing across the room, “is the gents toilet. I arranged for it not to be cleaned for two days. Now…” I started walking towards the toilet door, “…as you might imagine, a Friday and a Saturday night in a pub toilet usually leave one hell of a mess.”

Feeling the tug on the lead as I moved, Maria scrambled to keep up. I stopped in front of the door.

I opened the door and immediately smelt the familiar stink of old urine. Maria obviously sensed it too, wrinkling her nose and swallowing hard.

“In you go, cunt.”

She scurried into the small, dank room.

I followed the crawling girl through and gazed appreciatively around. The toilet had been prepared exactly as per my instructions. Three urinals lined one wall, their cracked off-white porcelain spattered with piss, globules of spit, thick black pubes and discarded cigarette ends. It had obviously been a pretty good couple of nights for the landlord, because his drunken patrons had missed the urinals regularly; pools of reeking urine lay on the floor and yellowed stains were still glistening on the walls. Opposite the urinals lay a cubicle. Leaving Maria on her hands and knees in the filth, I inspected the cubicle, grinning to myself as I saw the state it was in.

I’d Öğrenci porno scripted for Maria to clean a gents toilet with her pretty little tongue.Walking back over to her, I took hold of the lead once more and pointed to the first urinal.

“You can start there” I said.

I jerked the lead and led Maria over to the first cracked, stained urinal bowl. She placed her hands on each side of it and I could almost see the internal struggle going on inside her. Finally, she overcame her disgust and she bent her head forward to lap weakly, as instructed at the piss. I demanded she get deeper in.

This time she leant forward, putting her head properly inside the bowl. I stood up slowly, smiling as I watched. She pressed her tongue against the filthy porcelain and began to lick. Maria worked her way down, her whole body shuddering as her pink, lapping tongue picked up thick, black pubic hairs, drops of piss and phlegm. With her lovely neck stretched out, I could see her swallowing frantically, trying not to let anything stay in her mouth too long.

I leaned back against the wall and lit a cigarette, watching Maria lick the piss-spattered urinal clean. She had a nice little body, not really voluptuous, but appealing nevertheless. After a few all-too- short minutes, Maria sat back on her haunches, breathing quickly but shallowly.

I bent down and inspected her work.

“Not bad, not bad at all.” I said. “Alright, now this one.”

I added, pulling on the lead once more. Maria crawled obediently to the next urinal and squatted in front of it. This urinal was in an even worse state than the first: several sodden cigarette butts lay in the bottom of the bowl and the drain was half-clogged with short, curly hairs.

Maria stared ahead for a second and then leant forward and began to lick. This bowl had obviously been more heavily used; there was more piss collected at the bottom and Maria had to slurp this up before she could get to the drain. This object presented her with something of a challenge. She considered for a moment and then started to work her tongue in and out of the metal grill, working the pubes loose and then licking them up. The piss made her job harder by sticking the errant hairs to the porcelain and I was delighted to see that Maria had to lick hard, using her whole tongue to get them up.

After a quick glance at the now-clean second bowl, I hauled Miss Maria over to the third and last. This one’s state put the others to shame. Some undetermined piece of crud had blocked the drain in this one and consequently the bowl was filled nearly to brimming with a dark pool of piss. The stink coming off the thing was rank to say the least. When I pulled on the lead and brought Maria’s face level with the bowl, the expression on her face was almost worth the money I’d paid, alone.

“Better get drinking, cunt.” I said, prodding her.

She took hold of the sides of the urinal. Bending forward, she tried to lap the piss up like a dog. I chuckled as it splashed everywhere, soaking her face and wetting her hair. Maria bent to her task again. This time she decided to slurp the large pool of piss into her mouth. It didn’t take too long for her to realise that this approach was much more successful, but that also it would take quite a time to complete.

I whiled away the minutes thoroughly enjoying the sight of one of the most beautiful most fuckable pieces of pussy, naked, down on her hands and knees in a men’s toilet, drinking two-day old piss from a urinal.

“Of course, if you chuck, then you’ll be eating that as well,” I said conversationally. I was gratified to see her stomach muscles spasm as she took in this information.

Maria was doing quite well by now; she was down to the last few fluid ounces of piss and her head was almost completely in the bowl. The lowered level of the liquid now revealed what had blocked the urinal in the first place: a very used-looking condom was wound around the drain hole. I knew this because I’d put it to be put there. I waited for Maria to discover just how full the condom was. She tugged at the rubber with her white teeth (affording me a good look at how many thick black pubes were stuck between them) and it came loose. For a moment Maria hesitated, then with a shudder that passed down the length of her naked body, she took the dripping condom into her mouth and tried to swallow it.

It didn’t take her long realise that it might be better to chew the thing to get it down. The condom leaked its sticky, white contents into her mouth. Unfortunately for Maria, the rubber of condoms is not so easily masticated and she was having a difficult time of it before I told her to remove the condom from her mouth, turn it inside out and just suck it clean.

“Look at me while you do it.” I commanded and Maria turned her face up towards mine. She held the twisted, sticky piece of rubber up and, keeping her eyes locked on mine, she tipped her head back and fed it into her mouth.

She dropped her gaze to the floor.

“Yes, filthy, isn’t it?” I said. It was almost impossible to tell the original colour of the tiled floor, so covered with muck and grime was it. Stagnant pools of urine glistened in the light, unknown and unknowable pieces of filth floating in them.

“Well?” I asked the naked girl. “The floor won’t clean itself, will it?”

Maria looked about, taking in the size of the floor and obviously calculating how long it would take to clean when one was using only a small, pink girl’s tongue. I dragged the slut over to one corner.

“Do it in rows. Start here, go up to the end and then work your way back down.”.

Dutifully, Maria put her face to the floor and started licking it. She worked diligently, lapping every inch of every tile, moving her head back and forth, using her small tongue like a mop. In those places where the piss had collected into a puddle, Maria slurped and licked thoroughly, taking up all the urine and anything floating in it.

I walked beside her, for all the world like a man taking his dog to the park on a Sunday morning. I kept the lead firmly in hand and enjoyed the sight of Maria’s arse thrust up into the air as she licked the floor. She had quite a sweet little arse, the small cuntlips poking out delightfully beneath the tiny, brown ring of her anus, which winked up at me invitingly.

At one point, Maria had some difficulty removing a particularly sticky piece of detritus from the floor. It was impossible to tell what the mess was, but it refused to budge, despite Maria’s best efforts. As I’d had a few drinks earlier, I decided to be kind and help Maria out. Unzipping my trousers, I took my cock in hand and began spraying the floor with fresh piss. As I sighed with relief, I directed the stream over Maria’s pretty face.

“Open your mouth, whore.” I told her.

I explained that she should swallow as much as possible now and get the rest later off the floor. She closed her eyes as I directed the stream over the whole of her face. It was immensely satisfying to watch my piss cascade over Maria ‘s face.

Another twenty minutes or so brought Maria to the end of her task and I told her to show me her face. It was an absolute picture; dirt of many different kinds was smeared and ground into her features. Her eyes were red-rimmed and her pretty little mouth was covered in a mixture of piss, cum, grime and dirt.

Maria had been so engrossed in her work that she’d failed to notice where her movements had brought her. I kicked open the door of the cubicle and motioned her inside. Still crawling, Maria entered the fetid little room. The smell was much stronger here and I could see her stomach cramping again.

Maria was trying very hard not to look into the toilet bowl, but I pulled on the lead and told her to get her face right over it. The water inside was low and dark; numerous thick turds poked above the surface and smaller shit stains were smeared over the sides of the bowl.

I’ve got to say that Maria was doing an exemplary job here, she was playing the role of reluctant Pissmop to absolute perfection. She had mastered the wide, puppy dog eye look and by this stage even I was thinking that she was regretting doing this. It was possible, I’d seen even the most adamant strong girls suddenly crack under circumstance like this, especially as I was cranking the heat up with my current antics. As she knelt and comprehended that vile sight I entered the cubicle beside her and very matter-of-factly pulled my trousers down and sat on the bowl myself. I had been needing a shit for the past half hour but had somehow managed to hold it off while I filmed in sequence (the things I do for my craft!).

Maria knelt there in silence, like a faithful dog awaiting her Master, while I took great pleasure from my shit and the fine splash it made in the water. Then I began rolling at the toilet paper holder and to my mock dismay found it was empty! Oh no! What was I to do? My expression conveyed all this then a cunning, sly look came across my face and I looked down at Maria. Words were not needed but I snapped them anyway as I turned my back to her and bent over, presenting her with my ass.

“Get licking bitch, I reckon your tongue will make fine toilet paper!”

This would be a real test for her, despite the extreme stuff she had already done. Maria was very obviously a piss hound. She got off on piss in whatever form it took, old piss, new piss, men’s piss, women’s piss, whatever. But I was not so sure she would be OK with this. I don’t tend to do much in the way of scat in my films, I don’t really get off on it too much myself and it’s hard to get anybody other than the skankiest most desperate bitches in the business to do it. But the instant I felt Maria’s well used tongue on my ass and lickign at it for all she was worth I knew there was no problem. This Pissmop was born to lick asses clean as well!

When she was done I patted her head and congratulated her.

“Well done bitch, you licked my asshole clean. But look at you, all that floor cleaning and urinal licking has got you in a right mess. You need to wash that hair. Go on use the bowl!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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