Maria’s Visit Ch. 03

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This is my first work of fiction. It is fully fiction and any reference to real people and places are just coincidences. And everyone in the story is over 18.


The story picks up where a naked Maria is standing in my dorm room, with a massive amount of cum dripping into her eyes and onto her tits. It was up to Dave to take her to the showers to get cleaned up.

We were on a mixed sex dorm floor and the men’s showers were on the other end of the floor. I let Dave wrap his towel around his waist, but had him carry Maria’s. She tried to protest, but she also wanted the cum off her face. So she let Dave lead her toward the door.

Dave asked if this was his reward for winning. I said that, “Not only is this not your prize, Maria is not allowed to get you off in the shower. You can have a hard on when you get back, but no cumming before that.”

They both looked questioning at me, but I marched to the door and opened it for them to leave. I of course forgot I was topless and I exposed myself to a few guys in the hall. I didn’t expose myself as much as Maria was about to, but I live here. One of those guys was in my Physics class. That will be awkward.

Well speaking of awkward, there were a number of people in the hallway, and they all went silent. It was only 830 on a Friday night. A lot of students were still getting ready to go out for the evening. Everyone fell silent and stepped aside while Dave walked a naked Maria to the shower. Her eyes were closed and her face was covered by a massive amount of cum. Maria didn’t realize how many people were in the hall, and they just stepped aside for them.

I didn’t know the layout of the men’s shower, I assumed it was individual stalls like the ladies showers. It wasn’t. I think guys call it a “Meat Locker”. Basically a square room with showers along the perimeter, and a few in the middle. Entering the room Maria heard some showers, but also assumed they would be going into a private stall. When they walked in to the shower room, there were two other guys showering.

These guys just stood in awed silence. Dave started up the shower, and when it was warm, he guided Maria under it. She stood there for a minute letting the warm water cascade down her head and clean up her face and tits. Dave took his job seriously and soaped her body up fully to help her clean up. He enjoyed every second of it, and his cock started to harden. It was at that point when she turned around, realized they weren’t alone, and shrieked.

Dave, always the gentleman introduced Maria to the guys. He knew them from class. They played along and came over and shook her hand and introductions were made all around. The guys started getting hard. Of course they did. A beautiful nude woman just came into the shower. The guys were not embarrassed about their hardons, even after Dave pointed out the effect she was having on them. Once Maria noticed the hardon they got fully hard. Dave was also fully hard. Maria grabbed Dave’s dick, but then reminded him that I said he couldn’t cum. Dave pointed out that I never said others couldn’t cum and that the humane thing to do was to help these guys out of their predicament.

Maria pretended to be embarrassed, but she went over to them sidled up close and gave them both quick soapy hand jobs. They didn’t last long and when she was done she came back to me and said “Let’s get the hell out before other guys come in.” Too late as we got to where we hung our towels two more guys came in. They got a good eyeful of her, but that was it.

After they dried off Dave wrapped the towel around his waist. Many people walked back and forth from their dorm rooms to the shower wearing just a towel.

However Maria’s towel was not large enough to cover her ass, and tits. She was trying to decide what to do when Dave took her towel from her and said “Just own it. Put it over your shoulder and walk back proud. It isn’t like you know anyone here!”

So that’s what she did. The towel was over her right shoulder and partially obscured her right tit. But nothing else. When they got back to the hall, everyone was still there waiting for their return trip. There were actually more people in the hall, as the word spread of a pretty naked girl. This time they weren’t quiet. They started clapping and high fiving Dave. Even the women clapped, they were probably thinking Dave supplied all of the jisem and they were impressed.

Meanwhile back in the Dorm Room

Now, during the shower I was in the room with Pete and Joe. I was still topless and they were nude, but deflated. They started dressing, but I stopped them. I said “Oh no, the night is still young and there is more to come.” “Not only do I need you to stay naked, I am going to need you to get hard again, soon.”

Pete, always the cruder one, pointed out that she could help them to get hard again. She could start with stripping the rest of the way and maybe giving them a blow job. I didn’t want to blow them, but I did see their point. I slowly stripped off my pants trying to stall this a bit.

I then got close to the two of them and let them feel me up, while I started jerking their cocks. Pete got hard quickly while Joe was taking longer. When I started focusing on Joe, I had him sit on the bed and I got to my knees. I took my concentration off Pete for a second and he was behind me removing my thong. Joe now had his hands holding my head on his cock and Pete is starting to line up his dick to fuck me from behind.

Just then the door opened up and Maria and Dave entered. Thank God. It broke up our little moment and we all stood up and welcomed them back. Maria was confronted by two hardons, and Dave was confronted by me being fully nude. I took away his towel and realized he was hard. I said “It looks like you guys enjoyed the shower.”

Dave said “Not as much as the two guys from down the hall.”

I had the guys line up again next to each other and had Maria face them.

Round 2

At this point I reminded everyone that it was Maria’s 21st birthday and I wanted to help her fulfill her fantasy of having multiple guys. She jumped back in shock and asked what I meant? Did I actually want her to sleep with all three, one after another?

I said no. I wanted her to let them fuck her simultaneously. I wanted to make her airtight. One in the ass, one in the mouth, and of course one in her pussy. Triple penetration.

No one knew what to say. But no one said no. I started giving out instructions. “If you are in her pussy, you need a condom. I have a bowl filled with condoms. If you are in her ass you do not need a condom, but keep in mind you can’t use any other opening until you shower – so I suggest a condom. If you are in her mouth, anything goes, but no Ass to Mouth!”

I had Pete lay down on the floor. He had a bigger dick than Joe, so I wanted him in her pussy not her ass. I had Maria squat over him and let his cock fully enter her. That went well, Maria was more than wet enough to take his full member pretty quickly. Once she was stabilized, she just rested her hands on Pete’s chest.

Then I had her lean forward a bit, and had Joe line up to her ass. I supplied some lube, and had Joe start to work his way in. It took a few minutes. Maria was breathing hard with Pete’s dick up her pussy and Joe finally rocking back and forth to bottom out in her ass.

All this time Dave stood there keeping himself hard. I then said he was going to put his dick in Maria’s mouth. He looked surprised and asked “Is this my prize? Another blowjob?” I said not to worry, and that if he was patient he would get his prize.

Maria opened her mouth, and Dave’s dick slipped in. I told Joe to set the pace. He would stroke back and forth in her ass, while she would ride Pete’s dick. Maria looked like she was loving this. The only thing holding her loud moans was that Dave’s dick was in her mouth.

Maria seemed to have a problem handling Dave in her mouth. She couldn’t handle his big dick with no hands and had to moan and breathe.

I gave my last rule – I was going to photograph this for posterity. I told the guys not to worry, their faces wouldn’t be seen. No promise like this for Maria.

Everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves, with the possible exception of Dave. He wasn’t getting an expert blow job, but I would guess that even a bad BJ was pretty good.

I let this go for a few minutes and then I gently led Dave away from Maria’s mouth. Now he was confused. I whispered in his ear “Here is your prize.” And with that I laid down on my bed and spread my legs to allow him in.

Dave climbed on the bed, and got in between my legs. Before he entered me he asked “Is this because I won? If Pete won, would he be here?”

I said “absolutely not. I don’t sleep with someone as a prize. I was just hoping that we would only fuck each other. If you lost the contest, you still would have had the BJ position in the three way, and I would have led you away.”

Dave smiled, and pushed his dick balls deep into my pussy. Then I added “I hope you don’t mind me manipulating the results.” His smile and his earnest rhythm in pounding my pussy was all of the answer I needed.

Follow Up

Dave and I continued to go at it for about ten minutes. Both guys finished with Maria before that, but they did have a head start.

Dave and I switched from our original Missionary position, to a few minutes of Cow Girl, and then he flipped me on to all fours to finish up Doggy Style. The only awkward part of the doggy style, it that now I was facing Pete and Joe, who were sitting at the foot of the bed. They were still nude, and luckily they were flaccid, or they would have tried to turn this into a double team.

I was very interested in Dave. When we were done I pulled him aside for a quiet conversation to see if he had the same feelings.

I said “I am really glad we got to get together liked this, I have been interested in you for some time.”

He replied that he was disappointed to see Pete and Joe here, while there was only one other girl. He was initially hoping that we could pair up, and he hated seeing Joe and Pete put their dicks in my mouth. However, of course, he joked that he was cool having Maria blow him and taking a shower with her.

I said, “I have a feeling we are going to be naked here for a while, let’s just try to steer everything so that we hook up with each other, and don’t fuck them.” He agreed, but maybe I should have been more specific.

We rejoined the group as they were enjoying a few more beers and another joint. Everyone was still naked. Maria was glowing. She certainly enjoyed her birthday present.

We were all comfortable sitting around naked with each other by this point, but every once in a while one of those damn cocks would get hard. The guys said it was our responsibility to deal with it.

After about 45 minutes, Joe was the first to pop a boner I looked at Maria and she got the message to take care of it. I figured Miss BJ Queen would go over and swallow his cock, but she surprised me. She laid him down on his back, on the floor between the beds, where the three of us were sitting and climbed on.

The site of Maria sitting upright riding Joe’s dick was too much for Pete to take. Just watching her huge tits bounce like that was getting me horny. I really didn’t want to fuck Pete, out of the three of them he would have been last on my list. But he took my hand and led me to the unoccupied bed. I was trying not to make a scene, and finagle myself to a point where I could blow him, but he wasn’t catching on and kept trying to mount me in any position that he could.

Luckily Maria’s sex show was enough to get Dave hard, and he came to my rescue. He didn’t stop Pete, as much as he took charge. Dave climbed on the bed and grabbed my hips from behind and said “Pete, let’s do an Eiffel Tower.”

I had never heard this term, but pretty quickly I had Pete deep in my mouth and Dave filling up my pussy. I finally got the vision of the Eiffel Tower when I saw them in the mirror High Fiving one another. Pete was hard to handle in my mouth, he was just too big. But I soldiered on to get him off so he didn’t fuck me. A few times I heard him ask Dave to switch, but Dave kept on going and I would re-double my efforts. Finally Dave came inside me, and Pete was not done. .

I was very appreciative that Dave did not admit or show that he came, and even though he lost his hard on, he kept pretending until Pete erupted directly in my mouth with no warning. I wasn’t wild about that, but you can’t complain about everything.

After this I was done. I retreated to my bed, and Dave followed. We got under the covers and snuggled until we both fell asleep. Pete and Joe hung with Maria for a while, and then the three of them climbed into the other bed and passed out. Dave and I woke up early in the morning and had a gentle calm fucking session which seemed more like making love than putting on a show. Unfortunately we weren’t quiet enough and Joe and Pete woke up to watch us.

I thought Dave and I would sleep a bit more, but he got up and got dressed. It was then that he told me he had to work this morning. I was upset about this, but more upset that he was leaving me naked in a room with Pete and Joe, who were now horny.

I laid down and pretended to go back to sleep, and Joe and Pete followed suit. Eventually I fell asleep for another couple of hours. When I awoke, Pete and Joe were still there, and Maria was nowhere to be seen.

They told me she went to take a shower. They had erections and was hoping I could handle them one more time. I tried to defer and got up to get dressed. They got up to follow me across the room. I really couldn’t blame them for expecting to have sex, they have had every erection taken care of for the last 14 hours.

What they weren’t understanding is how I guided only Dave to fuck me, and I did as little with them as possible. I started out saying “we should wait for Maria” which they had no patience for.

Then “So let’s do a blow job.” But they seemed to have enough of that. Each of these guys fucked Maria a few times and now they wanted my long legs wrapped around them.

Finally Joe said, “I haven’t been to Paris, but I hear the Eiffel Tower is nice.’ Pete agreed, but said he wanted the back end this time. In no time I was on all fours on my bed with Joe’s decent sized cock in my mouth and Pete’s monster in my pussy. I have never been filled up this much. I really enjoyed Dave’s cock, but I have never such a huge dick in me. It was pretty incredible.

However, Pete was so forceful with his rhythm I could barely give Joe a blow job that would get him off. After a few minutes Joe asked to switch. Pete said no, and then Joe said, how about we DP her like we did Maria?

At this point Joe took his cock out of my mouth and he slipped underneath me to line up with my pussy. This is where I put my foot down. “We can do this, but Pete’s monster cock is not going up my ass!” “Joe, yours may be too big to fit, but we can give it a try!”

As it turns out you can get guys to agree with you if you point out how big their cocks are. Who knew? In a flash Pete was on his back and lowering me in position, and after reaching for the lube, Joe was lining up at my back door. I rocked forward a bit and Joe worked his way in. This was my first anal. It hurt at first, but once he got in, I slowly got into it. It is hard to how much you may like the anal, when you are overcome with Pete’s cock in your pussy. That makes everything feel good.

All of a sudden the door opened. I thought it would be Dave, and I would be busted for doing exactly what we agreed not to do. But it was Maria. I was hoping she would take one of these cocks from me and handle it herself, but she had other ideas.

She got on the bed and said “let’s see if we can get Vicky airtight.” and she attempted to shove one of her tits right into my mouth. Well this got the guys more interested and I realized we had a long day ahead of us.

At this point I am just hoping I can get these cocks removed from my room, and my body, before Dave gets off of work. I hope to start dating Dave, but I may look into having Pete and Joe come by every once in a while…

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