Marie Ch. 02

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Marie preparing my bubble bath as I undress what a good little slut she has become. I slip into the hot bath laying my head back and closing my eyes. Marie begins by washing my body, arms, breast, stomach, leaning forward she scrubs my back. Lifting my legs she washes each one soaping them up then she shaves them smooth.

Pampering my every whim her hand disappears into the hot water finding a place between my legs. She rubs my clit gently a wonderful combination of feelings the hot bath, the clitoral stimulation, moaning softly my blue eyes closed. My slut pampering me her fingers entering me raising my legs on the sides of the tub.

Marie working my cunt with both hands sensory pleasures radiating thru my body. Legs trembling, body shaking, toes curling, just what I need after a long week. Stepping out of the tub Marie dries my body handing me my bath robe.

I walk to the bedroom laying in my king size bed I draw my legs up into a fetal position with my right leg slightly over my left. I raise the bottom of the robe and I felt fully exposed presenting my ass to Marie. eve gelen escort She raises my right cheek and gently she rubs slick lube on my anus. The wonderful sensations I feel are new and exciting, strangely erotic. a sensory explosion.

When Marie applies the nozzle tip my tight little asshole puckers tightly shut. She gently rotates the nozzle back and forth as she presses it forward and it slowly slips in inch by inch. I can feel every millimeter going in, oddly there is no pain, just a new weird sensory feeling. A little shiver sweeps through my entire body as I feel the nozzle slide in and lightly brush against my colon. To my surprise, I feel very good at the wonderful pleasure of this new sensation. Marie gently strokes the nozzle in and out while she rotates it back and forth. Looking in the mirror on the back of the bedroom door is so erotic to see my self like this, vulnerable, exposed Marie working the nozzle in my ass.

I have never felt anything like this in my life, all those little anal nerves coming to life, sensory istanbul eskort bayan overload. I let out a soft moan or maybe a grunt at this pleasing new sensation, Marie releases the clip, a sudden rush of warmth in my lower back and rectum filling my bowels. “relax and let the warmth spread through you,” Marie instructed. She continues the manipulation of the nozzle in my rectum. As I relax more I find myself enjoying the administration of my first proper enema.

Amazed that it only takes a few minutes for the one quart solution to enter my body. Marie clips off the tube, slowly removing the nozzle, laying there feeling full but still enjoying the strange erotic feeling. I roll over and Marie gently rubs my stomach and lower abdomen. The massage from her soft hands and fingers feels wonderful and helps work the solution deeper into my intestines. Before long I can feel the pressure building, trying to just breath and relax, holding as long as I can, before running to the toilet, where I sit forward on the seat and lean back slightly. this is the best technique rezidans escort for expelling the enema solution I read in the instructions which is just as important as how I had received it. I was to hold the solution until the pressure really built up and then just relax to let some out. Let the pressure build again and relax. Never try to force it out.

A moment later I couldn’t hold it any longer and, as instructed, I just relax and breath deeply. Not forcing it, letting my bowels move naturally, a torrent of sudsy warm water and feces burst out of my anus. The feeling was absolutely exquisite and I let out a little moan of pleasure as my body shudders and shakes. I had no idea anything could feel like this or smell like this.

The solution of warm water with non alkaline soap and lanolin. Alkaline soap will irritate the intestines and cause burning. When I had expelled the enema I sat there a minute feeling blissful before returning to the bedroom.

Bending over the bed as Marie drops to her knees to clean my ass with her long tongue. I feel her first licks of my dirty asshole a wonderful sensation her nose pressed between my cheeks.

Poking inside my dirty ass, probing my anus with that slut tongue, reaching her fingers up between my legs circling my clit. My pussy is so wet waves and waves of pleasure crashing into me like a tidal way of sensation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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