Marie’s Mind Control

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My name is Pat aged, 30 and my wife, Marie and I had been married for a little over 10 years, having met, fallen in love, and married early, some would say prematurely, while we were still studying in university. Now 29 years old, she was still in exceptionally good shape, almost as trim and attractive as when I had first met her, not skinny but not fat; a size 10 with 34C bust. She has longish silky brunette hair that descended just past her shoulders. However as much as I had always wanted to and tried to get her to dress and behave more sexily, she always seemed to prefer to dress somewhat conservatively, a little too conservatively for my taste. She never dared to go without a bra and would always opt for comfortable but pretty bikini style, rather than sexy panties or thongs. Even if we went on holiday to Spain, she would opt for a sensible swimsuit or bikini and could never be cajoled into going topless, despite most of the women around us on the beach baring their breasts for all to enjoy.

Although our sex life had been quite active at 20, over the last few years it had dwindled away and had become much less frequent and more predictable. I’d sometimes tried to liven up our sex life and try to tempt her into being more adventurous, but basically, she would do her best to avoid anything outside of a simple fuck once or twice a month providing that I recognized the right moment, usually a few days before her period. Don’t ask me why, but the shortage of anything resembling a decent sex-life had taught me to observant and pay attention to the nuances and small indications that sex might be available to me if I played my cards right. Endeavors to arouse her at other times were usually rejected, with one of her regular excuses. Sex when it did happen was mostly in a passive missionary position. Even a blow job was something she felt extremely uncomfortable about and so I never pressed her for that and anal was totally out of the question. In my various efforts to reignite our love-life, I had even tried to get her interested in sharing a porn videos to liven up the relationship a bit, but her interest or willingness to watch those was either met with disdain or were short-lived. There was one video, however, where the unfolding story was of a wife who ended up having a brief encounter with a stranger. I remember this because it stood out in my mind at that time as she got much wetter than normal. Although not directly mentioning how aroused it had made her, I tried to push the boundaries on the rare occasions that we had sex and pursue the idea of her having sex involving another man, but this was swiftly dismissed as “pure fiction” and nothing that would ever be considered in real life.

She had always been a fairly light sleeper and sometimes would wake during the night, but more recently had even started to take a sleeping pill having been to the doctor about her sleep problems. Personally, I was never sure whether this was just to aid her excuses or whether she really had a problem, but they certainly seemed to knock her out cold and once asleep, nothing much would really wake her. I must confess that once I could be sure that she was asleep, I would use this time to masturbate and relieve the pent-up tension, mostly choosing to fantasize about spying on her with another man as he seduced her.

Thinking back to my years in university, around the time when I first started dating Marie, I had shared a flat with a guy named Paul. I was studying computer science and Paul had pursuing a joint degree in Psychology and Biochemistry, which, at that time, I thought was pretty weird. Now Paul was a great guy, a gentle bear of a man; genuine, extremely smart, with great sense of humor. We quickly became the best of friends. Unfortunately, somewhere along the lines his gene pool had let him down and he had ended up sharing more than a passing resemblance to Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, due in part to his bulky size and a condition known as alopecia universalis, which apparently had rendered him completely bald, without either eyebrows or eyelashes. He seemed to take a weird pleasure in frequently donning a long brown coat and adopting a creepy facial expression, making people stare as he did his best to convince them that he was indeed the real Uncle Fester. Sadly, these unfortunate characteristics meant that he never really managed to retain a “real” girlfriend. Sure, he had plenty of female friends, but most seemed unwilling to look past his outer appearance and go the extra step to become classed as his girlfriend. However, knowing him so well and the real person, he became a close friend to both me and Marie.

After graduation, Paul and I had gone our separate ways; I had become a programmer and Paul got a placement doing something that he described as “a research company”. He never was too specific about that nature of his work apart from labeling it as “various kinds of research”.

For the first couple of years after Paul and I graduated, Paul would drive over every few months or so and we’d all go out together for a few drinks and a meal. Marie had kind of adopted him in her own way, accepting him as a harmless but close friend, who she genuinely seemed to care about. She felt sorry for him and had even tried to tempt some of her female friends to look past his outer façade of creepiness and go out with him. Sadly, but predictably, these valiant efforts to hook him up with someone rarely survived past more than a semi-awkward first date.

Sometimes, on rare occasions I would notice Paul checking Marie out, giving her a glancing look that lingered just a little too long, as his eyes took in the profile and particularly her shapely breasts, especially if for some reason or other, Marie’s nipples (unknown to her) had started to become vaguely noticeable through her bra, but to his credit, he never overstepped the boundary and to be honest I never minded him looking; I always figured there was no harm in him looking and it kind of amused me. It was obvious to me that in some ways he fancied her too.

Anyway, leaving memories of university life behind and returning again to the current time, it had been more than a few years since we’d last seen Paul. Over time we’d basically gone our separate ways, having established our respective careers in different cities. However, out of the blue one night we got a phone call. Marie answered and appeared happy to inform me that it was a call from Paul. He was calling to say that he would be traveling to our town over the weekend for a work-related visit on Monday and suggested we go for a drink and a meal together like old times. Without hesitation we eagerly accepted, and both looked forward to catching up with him and freely offered our spare room instead of him having to stay at a hotel.

When Friday finally arrived, we were preparing to go out, Marie returned to the bedroom having taken a shower and washing her hair in a fairly plain white t-shirt bra and panties with a pink lacy front panel and trim. She never seemed to be comfortable being completely naked in front of me anymore, but that was life and I was becoming resigned to it. She pulled on a pair of dark stay-up stockings that had the elasticated tops and would stay up themselves without any form of suspenders. Being still winterish, she slipped her head and arms through a white ribbed turtle-neck sweater, pulling it down as it clung to her body, before stepping into a royal blue mid-length, A-line skirt that came to just above her knees and a short white half-slip underneath. Nothing really sexy there, but it went together well as an outfit and really, she looked good in it; the stretchy sweater clung to her complementing the silhouette of her breasts, her dark brunette hair cascading down over her shoulders in a way that contrasted nicely against the white sweater. This outfit had always been one of my personal favorites because I loved the way it accentuated her figure.

Right on time the doorbell chimed and there was Paul; like us, a few pounds heavier, but not so bad given his size and of course a few years older than the last time we’d seen him, but looking past that, he was the basically same great guy. Following on from the initial greetings and pleasantries, we headed out, calling a minicab to take us into town to a popular pub and restaurant. The evening was just like the old days and time slipped by easily. We obviously had a lot to catch up on and gossip about and both Marie and I wondered how his career was developing and in specific Marie was more interested in his social life or rather his dating life had developed since leaving university. Sadly, it seemed not to have changed so much, with no one notable relationship worth mentioning in his life. I was genuinely saddened and frustrated for him; he was a good guy and deserved better, despite his slightly unusual appearance. With not having to drive, the drinks flowed pretty steadily too. It was unusual for Marie to drink much these days, being usually good to go with just one Gin and Tonic, but on this particular night, Paul was clearly enjoying our renewed pub night and for some reason seemed to be enjoying trying to get Marie tipsy; Despite her half-hearted protestations, he would insist on keeping her glass refilled, returning from the bar with doubles whenever her glass neared empty. By 10:00pm all three of us were surprisingly well on the way to being more than a little inebriated but as no one had to drive we really didn’t care too much.

Soon thereafter, having had our fill of the pub, we called a cab to take us back to home. By the time we reached home it was around 11:30pm but although the night was still relatively young, our days of partying until breakfast next day as students were clearly well behind us; instead we opted to relax and watch a movie on the tv and of course to have another drink. Marie was in an unusually happy mood, mostly from the drink, and volunteered to put together some snacks together as I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and poured her another somewhat generous G&T.

As I was pouring her drink, I noticed Marie take a glass of water and, out of habit I guess, popped one of her sleeping pills from the foil pack. It had become an almost ritual routine for her to do this each night around 11pm. I didn’t think too much about it, but with all the drinks we’d had I doubted that she would even need her medication. If she had been a little less drunk, she probably would have rationalized that, herself, but before I had time to say anything, she had already taken it. I did wonder whether it was wise and momentarily worried whether the alcohol would affect it.

Returning to the lounge, Paul had settled himself into an armchair almost directly opposite the sofa but angled towards the tv. I handed Paul his beer and took my place at the end on the sofa.

“… So, go on, tell me more about this mystery work that you’re always so secretive about”, I said, trying to wheedle more out of him. I guess the drink had made me brave enough to ask more directly and as luck would have it, also seemed to have lowered Paul’s reluctance to get drawn into conversation about it.

He hesitated for a few moments, debating in his mind whether to open up about his work to me.

“…well, I shouldn’t tell you, actually I could get fired and worse, I could even get sent to prison”. He paused for what seemed the longest time before continuing, but I’ve known you long enough to trust you like a brother, so I guess there’s no real harm, but you have got to keep what I tell you a secret”.

“Well, I have been working on the development of a new, or at least an enhanced version of a type of psychoactive drug, whose primary function is to rapidly induce a deep and receptive hypnotic state. It’s kinda hush hush and seems that let’s say “has uses that certain covert activities might find helpful”.

“LOL, you mean like a truth drug?” I chuckled openly as my mind played with the notion that Paul was caught up in some top-secret undercover kind of research.

“Actually…” he continued “… hallucinogenic plants have been used in tribal cultures for years to induce trance like states in rituals – that’s not really hypnosis, but so-called shamans have been using them for years even as far back as the romans”.

Paul adopted a more serious expression as he slipped into his role of educating me on the evolution of these drugs, to which I dutifully nodded at appropriate moments.

“You can think of it in a kind of way where something similar happens when you’re nodding off to sleep and reach that twilight state where you’re in between consciousness and sleep. Basically, there’s almost an infinite number of neural circuits and we’ve been researching and how to manipulate them… things that govern how the brain responds to states like fear, anxiety, terror and depression, etc.

“Some chemicals disrupt concentration and make it more difficult to perform high-functioning tasks. Telling a lie actually needs concentration so People need to concentrate more in order to think up a lie… when we disrupt their ability to think clearly it is harder for them to tell a lie. Other drugs such as Sodium pentothal such as were previously withdrawn because they triggered false memories, while drugs such as Scopolamine used to be widely used but it was withdrawn because it also wiped a subject’s memory clean so they knew nothing about what they said after waking up”.

“What we’ve done is basically re-engineered these chemicals to fine-tune and combine the side effects so that instead of false memories, when administered appropriately we can implant memories we want them to have and yet still be wipe them of any memory of this being done to them”.

He paused again

“so, what’s your role in all of this?” I asked as I gestured with an eager expression for him to continue.

“I’m leading a team that’s been genetically manipulating the plants that naturally produce these chemicals and now we’ve been able to engineer the chemicals into a more concentrated and actually more potent form that work more effectively and also in both directions”

“what do you mean… both directions?” I asked

“well, instead of just getting someone to be more truthful when they answer questions, we can deepen their hypnotic state and then manipulate the drug’s ability to trigger false memories to subconsciously implant information that they accept as truth, I mean like our own truths. In other words what we tell them becomes firmly but subconsciously ensconced in their own minds as the absolute truth.”

I sat there pondering what Paul had just revealed to me and all the possibilities that could arise from the misuse of a drug like that. I imagined all kinds of dangers from the wild possibilities like business executives being kidnapped and drugged to manipulate or interfere with business deals or political figures to interfere in elections; the list of possibilities seemed endless.

“if we can get deep enough into people’s minds, it’s even likely to be effective in counter-terrorism, such as being able to implant and build up alternate facts and ideologies, which the recipient of the drug will accept as truths, with the possibilities of turning even the most hardened terrorists against their own sides”. Paul continued…

At that moment both our attentions turned, and our conversation was interrupted as Marie returned from the kitchen, carrying a tray of snacks she’d done her best to put together.

“When kept you so long honey?” I asked, semi-jokingly.

“’sorry guys, lol I remembered that I had to take my meds” she responded, doing her best to steady herself as our night of drinking was obviously still affecting her far more than she imagined.

“do you think that’s wise hun, given that we’ve been drinking”? She knew she wasn’t supposed to take pre***********ion sleeping tablets with alcohol.

“idk, I guess it won’t hurt, just maybe make me fall asleep, but you guys will have to forgive me if I do that”, she said semi-rhetorically and smiled before kicking off her wedge shoes, straightening her skirt under her legs, and settling in next to me on the sofa, her legs and feet curled beside her.

Taking advantage of her somewhat inebriated but unexpectedly receptive mood, I tentatively put my arm around her and to my surprise she leaned against me and cuddled into me. I half smiled in reflex as my mind toyed with the idea that maybe I’d even be in luck tonight.

With my spare hand I grabbed the remote and started flicking through various movie channels on the tv, pausing momentarily on each to see what was playing, we agreed that as usual they weren’t overly stimulating and the choice was somewhat limited, finally settling for a rerun of “hangover”. Somehow, although it had already started, it seemed to be innocuous and mildly appropriate given our own increasing level of inebriation.

Time passed as we worked our way through our drinks, while Paul changed subjects and reverted back to chatting about less work related topics and bantered freely about our time at university, recounting various tales of him scaring children with his Uncle Fester antics, breaking off only to laugh from time-to-time at the unfolding series of events on the movie.

With her right shoulder pressed into me, my left arm extended across Marie’s shoulders, hanging over her left shoulder, her hair pooling over it. I started to trace my fingers around the back of her ear and neck, caressing her lightly in a way that she used to like in our early days of dating, and would never fail to give her goosebumps on her neck and arms. More usually these days, even I was lucky enough for her to be so romantically inclined to cuddle into me, she would brush my hand away and just complain that it tickled.

Anyway, on this occasion the flurry of goosebumps that I could feel under the tips of my fingers didn’t seem to bother her unduly. I realized that her breathing had changed and that in fact she had already fallen asleep, presumably from the exacerbating effects of alcohol on her sleeping pills; a fact that I found quite amusing.

Feeling both a little tipsy and somewhat emboldened I continued to softly caress her neck. I don’t know why but I found myself wondering whether I could stimulate an erotic dream in her sleep and hopefully might just improve my chances later when we went to bed. The soft touches and caressing of her neck were definitely resulting in goosebumps. I let my forearm and wrist relax so that my hand flopped down and came to rest with my fingers loosely resting on her breast. I could swear I felt her nipple had hardened below the sweater and lightly padded bra. Feeling encouraged, I tentatively encircled the outline of her nipple, brushing it gently with the nail of one finger.

Around that time, I glanced over to Paul to comment about her falling asleep when I noticed him watching her. I was about to speak when he caught himself and quickly returned his gaze to the tv clearly trying to avoid looking in our direction. I looked down and saw the reason for Paul’s stare; even though she was wearing a bra, her nipples were clearly distending the fabric of her bra and sweater.

“Haha, it’s ok Paul, I don’t mind you looking” I said almost altıparmak escort jokingly, “I know you’ve always had a thing for Marie”. Paul’s face was a picture, flushing red from cheek to ear. I’m pretty sure he was wished I hadn’t noticed him staring at Marie’s nipples and wanted the ground to kind of open up and swallow him right around that moment. He determined to avoid eye contact, instead fixing his gaze on the tv, while offering a string of apologies.

“Seriously, it’s fine Paul, really I don’t mind. I’m sure Marie might object if she knew my best friend was staring at her tits, but she seems to be into a deep sleep right now”.

Paul sheepishly looked over in our direction and mischievously I cupped her breast firmly and pinched her nipple through the fabric layers between thumb and forefinger.

“don’t make me use that truth serum on you” I said tauntingly, “admit it Paul, you’d fuck her given the chance”.

Paul laughed and almost choked at my directness.

“Seriously?” Paul offered, questioning what I had said somewhat apologetically, obviously wondering whether I was being serious or sarcastic to him.

“Seriously!” I affirmed, grinning and nodding my head; “I’ve known ever since university that you’ve had a thing for her tits, so go ahead, look all you want… admit it that you’d fuck her given half a chance”

Paul gave me a quizzical look, trying to decide whether it was safe to respond to my line of questioning. It took a moment or two, but eventually he relaxed and laughed. “Sure, of course I would, I know she’s your wife and I respect that, but Marie is still hot as hell”.

“Actually Paul, I don’t know why, but the thought of another man fucking Marie turns me on like crazy. I guess it’s just that she’s so unadventurous and conservative these days. I wish she’d loosen up, but it’s like she’s lost interest in sex”.

My mind by this point was starting to see other possibilities for the work that Paul had been doing but based on what I’d already read about hypnosis I was still skeptical about whether what Paul was telling me would work or not.

As I continued to play with Marie’s breast, squeezing her nipples harder, I tried to redirect the conversation back to this wonder drug he’d been talking about. “I always have read that things like hypnosis can only make people do what they naturally would do, not like make them do stuff that they didn’t believe in”. I countered with this nugget of public information.

“that’s just the thing”, Paul continued undeterred by my skepticism, “what I was working on is how to make the drug stronger and more effective, I mean really take the person to a whole other level where we can implant suggestions and replace even strong personal or socio-cultural barriers, religious beliefs, even question their own mother.”

“are you bullshitting me?” I was still skeptical

“Not at all!” reaffirmed Paul, “once a suggestion is implanted, it is so deeply seated in their subconscious that it basically supersedes any previously established certainties. The beauty is that they are totally unaware that it’s been done to them; we can even implant trigger phrases in their subconscious to trigger them into remembering our suggestions or wiping their memory of events and forgetting things”.

I looked on attentively as he outlined his work, my enthusiasm and curiosity getting the better of me, somewhat in awe at the work Paul had somehow managed to get himself involved with. “So why are you up in this part of the country, I didn’t know we had a ‘Q’ in the family.” I laughed as looked around as though expecting James Bond to appear at any moment and tell me that I was going to be imprisoned for life or worse, that he’d have to kill me, now that he’s revealed secret information.

“That doesn’t tell me why you’re up here on what you described as a business trip”… my mind was conjuring up the possibilities of some secret group operating covertly in my small town.

“Let’s just say I’m meeting with some important customers to demonstrate how the drug works and we’ll leave it at that”.

At that moment, albeit somewhat unsurprisingly reticent, Paul turned his attention from the movie and returned his gaze to the slow rhythmic rise and fall of Marie’s chest as she breathed.

Knowing that my best friend was staring at my overly reserved wife’s tits had the surprising effect on me; I was definitely getting a kick out of this. I adjusted the position of my hand and started to pinch the protruding nipple with the tip of my finger, to my delight it felt like it was swelling even further and becoming harder, clearly protruding. Paul’s face was a picture, his eyes riveted to the clear evidence of my wife’s nipples.

“Marie has always had great tits, hasn’t she Paul?” I volunteered, to which Paul nodded, “uhuh, yeah, I’ve never seen them, but I imagine they’re perfect” he responded, adding “always thought you were a lucky bastard”. A note of caution, still lingered in his voice, obviously uncertain of exactly how best to respond to openly discussing my wife’s tits.

His obvious enjoyment in what he saw was evident from the flush of color in his face, which was not be entirely attributable to the drink as well as the tent rising in his pants. I continued to tweak Marie’s nipples, enjoying not only their response, but also getting an immense kick out of Paul’s obvious enjoyment to being freely able to look at them and observe like a true voyeur.

I froze and quickly lifted my fingers slightly from directly touching Marie’s nipples as she briefly started to move and murmur, worried that she would wake and then I would have to face her wrath for touching her like that in front of Paul. I waited a moment, but she was just stirring naturally; her breathing confirming that she was still in a deep sleep, no doubt the result of her cocktail of alcohol and sleeping pill.

Feeling reassured that it seemed less likely that she was about to suddenly wake up and condemn me to a life of hell, and also feeling somewhat adventurous I decided to up the stakes of this little adult adventure a step further.

I continued to toy with and pinch her nipple but slid my free hand down over her thigh and gently slid between her knees, managing to part them just enough to give me more access, her knees falling to each side. Paul’s gaze immediately lowered to her legs, where it was obvious that he could see right up her open skirt, past her stay-up stockings, and all the way to her white and pink lacy panties. My own growing erection twitched involuntarily.

I pulled her knees further apart, making sure to give Paul a clearer view straight up Marie’s skirt.

“sooo”, I drew a breath and hesitated, still a little uneasy about continuing, but my hormones and imagination seemed to somehow find the courage. “…you have samples of that stuff with you?” I continued, almost in astonishment that such an amazing drug was here under my own roof and not secured in some bunker a hundred floors below ground.

“haha, actually yeah, I do, I brought several doses just in case one wasn’t enough during the demonstration… I think you could describe it as ‘an abundance of caution’ like the politicians keep over-using on the tv”, he smiled at his own humor, I guess as a way of deflecting from his feelings of uncertainty that were looming given the direction of our conversation.

As I continued to mesmerize him by playing with Marie’s tits, I went on to explain the ins and outs and shortcomings of our declining and somewhat sexless relationship and the tensions that had created.

“So, you want to try to make her more receptive towards you, to have sex more often with you?” Paul asked, reverting to a more professional tone as he tried to get to the bottom of exactly what I was wanting him to do.

“more than that I guess, I want to see how far I could take this, maybe even to control what she does and with who… like a controllable slut. Actually, that’s so far from who she is as a person, I kind of doubt that even the strongest drug could not achieve that”.

Paul raised an eyebrow as he looked directly at me. “I think you underestimate what it can do”

“Can it be triggered by me so I can control it without her knowing?” I asked, trying to understand the full scope of the possibilities that were unfolding before me.

“Yes, and we can implant false memories and even make it so that she forgets what she’s done when you command her to do so”.

“So” I said, mustering all the courage I had to get to the point that I was longing to make. “How would we do this?”

“well it’s not exactly just popping a pill into a glass and hey presto! She’s under your control… it’s more involved than that. Furthermore, she already seems to be out of it so knocking her out would not work”.

I thought for a moment and suddenly got an idea; gesturing to Paul to come over to where I was, I added “why don’t you swap places with me?”. He looked up at me, his eyes quizzical as if to have not heard correctly and hesitated to move. “Why don’t you come over and sit here, while I take the chair?” I repeated, nodding my head affirmatively. I looked him straight in the eye. He hesitated for a few moments, still very uncertain of how this was going, before he got up from the chair and came over. I did my best to stand up while still holding Marie’s shoulders, taking the weight of her torso as best I could.

Paul slide into place and raising his arm as I had previously, I carefully released her to lean against him and took his place in the armchair. Paul’s stretched out his arm and draped it across her shoulders in much the same way as I had been doing but held back, his fingers not daring to touching her. I gestured to him again, trying to reassure him it was ok and finally he lowered his hand to rest on her breast. The sight of him holding her and touching her breast turned me on greatly and I could feel the stiffness in my cock straining against my pants.

Gradually he allowed himself to touch and feel her breasts, playing with her extended nipples as they protruded through her bra and sweater in a similar way. Judging from the bulge in his pants, Paul already had a raging hard-on that was twitching to the point where I was pretty sure that he was likely to cum inside his pants. I gestured to him to lift her sweater, so after a moment or two his free hand went to the bottom of her sweater and gradually eased it up revealing the pale skin of her stomach but stopping short of raising it further. Once again, I gestured to him to lift it further and after another pause, he raised it above her sweater revealing her bra. Despite the way they were shielded by the slight padding, her nipples were clearly hard. I loved the idea that he was touching her breasts and especially as she had no real idea about it; my warped desires were definitely getting the better of me.

With one arm behind her neck and her hand resting on her breast, Paul continued fingering her nipple through her bra while his other hand cupped and massaged her other breast. He was starting to relax and soon becoming increasingly daring, slipping his hand in the top of her bra to massage her nipple directly. He looked over in my direction, smiling and tried to pull her tit out from the confines of her bra, her nipple popping over the top.

“why don’t you finger her too?” I suggested, encouraging him to take this adventure a step further.

I smiled as Paul slid his spare hand slowly up her thigh… her blue skirt and slip bunching against his forearm as he reached further up her leg to the softness of her exposed skin on her thighs. He stroked her skin softly getting closer and closer to her panties. Slid his hand further and pressed a finger through the fabric to her crotch, tracing the slit and searching for her clitoris, he started to apply pressure and rub gently. I swear I heard her moan. I watched mesmerized as he slid his fingers around the loosely elasticated leg of her panties, slipping his fingers inside and working them through the soft strands of her pubic hair before gently parting her pussy lips. In the light from the tv I could clearly see the glistening of wetness from her the inner folds they easily lubed his fingers. Paul continued fingering her and rubbing and pausing momentarily, he withdrew his hand and held up his fingers to show me. He slid his hand back into her panties and cupped his hand over her mound and slipped first one and then a second finger inside, reaching to massage her inside and out. She moaned softly again in her sleep, her body still responding to the physical contact despite her being almost comatose.

I don’t know why, maybe I am just plain kinky, but watching Paul molesting her sexually and watching her getting aroused was turning me on like crazy; I was rock hard and had to concentrate to not cum in my pants.

“fuck her Paul” I told him, seriously, “I know you want to”.

He looked at me open mouthed at my offer, “of course I want to, I’d be insane to say no, I can’t think of any guy who’d say no to an offer like that”… “it’s just that, idk, it just seems so wrong”, he retorted, but I could tell he wanted to too.

“then go for it… fuck her… I want to see you fuck her” I added more assertively; the idea of seeing her having another man’s cock in her pussy was beyond exciting for me, even though she was in no state to consent.

“OMG, Pat, that seems so wrong” Paul responded cagily “what if I get her pregnant?”. Paul clearly wasn’t so drunk that he would throw all caution to the wind.

“Really, I don’t care… it’s no problem to me, in fact the risk of that just makes it better”… “we’ve been planning a family so actually she’s not on the pill, but it hasn’t happened for us so far”, I continued. The drink and the moment had clearly made me lose all my senses and my ability to think rationally about future consequence but more than that, the mere idea of her getting pregnant to someone else really made me crazy. It was like the ultimate drug.

Paul maneuvered himself out from underneath, taking her head and shoulders and gently lowering her head to the cushions before taking her ankles and laying her legs out along the sofa, making sure to part them.

Paul, by now had his rock-hard cock and was slowly pumping it with one hand. His cock was characterized by quite a pronounced bulbus head, which in some ways even seemed disproportionate to the thickness of his shaft, which was far from slender and I assessed as slightly longer than my own. Clearly whatever his DNA lacked in regard to his alopecia, it had generously made up for in his physical attributes. Paul’s eyes locked on the vision of my wife laid out in front of him.

He stood over her, slowly wanking himself before grasping the waistband of her panties, tugging more to get them over her butt, and sliding them down her legs, lifting one foot out, leaving them dangling from the ankle of the other.

“Are you sure about this?” questioned Paul as he looked over at me.

“yes” I retorted emphatically.

Paul climbed onto the sofa between her legs, which he lifted one by one, placing her ankles over each shoulder and lined the head of his cock between the lips of her pussy. He looked back at me one more time before pushing forward into her. He moaned, enjoying the tight, warm, yet naturally lubricated pussy of my wife and started to ease deeper into her with each stroke. He could barely contain himself. Marie’s pussy wrapped around his cock, taking in his bulbus head and sealing tight around his shaft. She groaned clearly feeling him penetrate her but still not enough to rouse her from her sleep. He started to slowly and rhythmically fuck her.

Paul managed a passionate “OMG, her pussy feels so amazing”, as he bottomed out deep in Marie’s pussy… “I just wish she was awake and wanting to do this herself”. He grunted a few more times, each time getting more and more energetic in his thrusts.

“Are you sure you want me to cum in her? I’m really worried about doing that” he added, but still continued to fuck her.

“up to you buddy, I think it’s hot”

Paul thrust a few more times and then suddenly pushed in hard, groaning as jet after jet of cum spurted into her, He hadn’t lasted that long, but dam it was hot to watch.

“omg” said Paul breathlessly as he tried to regain his composure, “that was fucking amazing” he added pulling up from her, his cock still dripping the last vestiges of cum. He looked around for a tissue.

“Lol, I seem to have made a mess in her” he said as a trickle of cum started to seep out from her pussy.

Paul climbed off the sofa and standing over her head, squeezed out the last drops onto her partly opened mouth. “Waste not want not” he quipped, clearly more relaxed.

“dam Paul, you came so fast… move out the way Paul.. my turn”.

After pulling his pants back on, Paul took my place in the armchair and watched as I moved over to her and stood over her head, wanking furiously, only lasting moments before I shot my load all over her face and hair. Bra and sweater. I had no idea how I was going to clean her up, but at that moment that was the last thing on my mind. Ropes of cum exploded from me, shooting over her lips, eyes, into her hair, and over her chest. She looked like a total slut.

I looked at my innocent wife and the trail of cum that now had started seeping into her sweater and bra and was trickling in a little rivulet down the side of her face. She looked so sexy laying there.

“wow!” I exclaimed as I took in the sight of my cum-covered, sleeping wife, my legs feeling like every ounce of energy had been drained from them. She looked like a porn star but so much better.

“That was beyond amazing” I said.

“Sure was” said Paul, who had joined me in admiring the mess we had made. “It feels fantastic to fuck her… you are one lucky bastard”. “I just wish she’d do that when she was awake”.

“I have an idea… maybe we could program her to fuck you,”

I was about to continue when Paul interrupted me.

“Hold on a moment, one thing at a time, this isn’t click your fingers or flick a switch and suddenly Marie turns into a nymphomaniac”

Paul gave me one of his professional faces again, making sure I was paying sufficient attention to the seriousness of his explanation before elaborating his plan.

“First off, I will have to give her a stimulant to overcome the effects of the drink and the sleeping pill she took”. “She’s going to wake up, not totally, but I can’t be sure that she won’t get hysterical when she realizes what we’ve just done to her”.

“Then we need to administer a small injection that will act like a truth serum. We’ll use the effects of that to uncover her feelings, thoughts, and belief basis or morals, so that we know what we have to work with and overcome”.

“The final step will then require another injection to deepen her state and open her mind to replace those thoughts with the ones we want her to have and the memories we want to implant, including any phrases you want to use to re-invoke the deep receptive state that she would be in whenever you feel necessary”.

“Are you absolutely sure bursa anal yapan escort you want to go through with this?”. Paul looked at me with all seriousness.

By now my heart was pounding with all the possibilities that my perverted imagination was capable of coming up with. “Totally sure Paul, absolutely, go for it”.

“There’s no turning back once we start down this road, Pat”, Paul cautioned, “you’ve got to be ready for the consequences, good or bad”… “are you totally sure about this?”. He looked over making direct eye contact with me.

“yes!”, I replied insistently.

With that, Paul nodded and heading up to our guest room, returning a few minutes later with a small grey plastic box. As Marie lay there on the sofa, he opened the box to reveal several syringes and small vials.

“Now, this first shot will just lift her out of her sleep-state, just enough for her to be responsive, although she will probably be confused. Moments later, I will give her a shot of the first drug to make her more responsive to questioning and ensure her responses are truthful”.

“I’m going to ask you again, are you sure?”

“Of course I’m sure”, I retorted, nodding, my voice clearly a little frustrated with what I considered to be Paul being over cautious. I knew he was also unsure about what we were planning to do, but we’d been friends long enough to trust each other explicitly.

He leaned over and inserted a short, fine needle into her neck and carefully emptied the contents of the syringe into her blood stream.

“This will be like a dream state for her, physically unable to move, but conscious enough to understand and answer questions”.

Within seconds Marie started to stir, stretching and rubbing her eyes. She was clearly starting to wake as the back of her hand rubbed cum across her face. She stared at it, clearly confused about its wet slimy texture.

Just as she was about to question her situation, Paul administered the second shot and almost instantly she drifted into a somewhat dazed state, no longer paying attention to what she had found or her state of undress.

Paul waited a few moments, signaling me to remain quiet.

“Marie, are you awake, can you hear me?” Paul asked her. He repeated the question again.

“yes”. Her answer was short, but clearly, no longer fully lucid.

“what’s your name?” … “it’s important that we establish some anchor point, some reality for her to hold on to”

“lol you know my name Paul, I’m Marie”

“That’s right, your friends call you Marie, only people who call you Marie are your friends, other people call you Mrs Templeton”

“Yes, that’s right”

“So, you trust your friends Marie?”

“Mostly, yes, of course I trust them”

“Good, it’s important to be able to trust your friends”

“Your husband Pat is your friend, isn’t he?”


“and I am your friend too, aren’t I?”

“Yes, you’re a very good friend”

“and where are you right now Marie?”

“I’m home”

“That’s right, we went out together didn’t we?”

“Yes, we were out, but now we came home”

“Home is a safe place to be, nothing bad happens to you here does it Marie?”

“Yes, I love my home, home is a safe place to be”

“So you’re in a safe place, surrounded by good friends, so you feel perfectly safe don’t you Marie?”


“Tell me how you feel”

“I feel perfectly safe because I am at home with my husband and a good friend”

“So, you don’t mind answering a few questions, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind”

“How do you feel right now Marie?”

With that Marie’s face flushed and she giggled softly to herself before answering

“I feel a little horny”

“Do you like that feeling Marie?”


“Do you often feel horny Marie?”


“How often?”

Marie paused, obviously thinking, but it seemed like an eternity before she answered. Paul gave me a reassuring look and gestured for me to remain patient and silent.

“Maybe two or three times a month, maybe even every week”

“and what do you do when you feel horny?”

Again, Marie paused as if struggling with the intimidating intimacy of answering the question.

“I masturbate”

“Do you like to masturbate?”


“do you have fantasies?”


“when you masturbate, what do you fantasize about?”

Marie paused again

“secret sex”

“you mean having sex in secret so no one else knows?”


“who don’t you want to know?”

“My husband”

“why do you not want your husband to know?”

“I don’t want to hurt him”

“does the idea of having sex in secret excite you?”


“so, where do you masturbate?”

“In the bath”

“Why do you masturbate in the bath?”

“Because its private, I don’t want Pat to know that I masturbate”

I looked quizzically at Paul as I tried to swallow my pride yet remained infinitely curious about the unfolding insights into my wife’s sexual habits.

“Why don’t you want Pat to know that you masturbate?”

Again, Marie paused, contemplating her response, struggling with the truth, yet unable to formulate a lie.

“Because he might want sex”

“Don’t you enjoy when Pat wants sex?”


“I get tired, I get pressures at work and home and just can’t be bothered with it”.

“Is that why you dress more conservatively? So as not to turn your husband on?”


“are you on birth control Marie?”


“Why are you not on birth control, Marie?”

“because we might be lucky and start a family?”

“do you want to get pregnant?”

Marie hesitated for what seemed like the longest time

“It’s not that I want to, but if it happens it happens”

“does the risk of getting pregnant scare you?”


“do you like taking risks”


“why do you like taking risks?”


“would having unprotected sex be a risk?”


“would having unprotected sex with someone be exciting?”


“have you ever sucked a guy’s cock other than your husband’s Marie?”


I was shocked by this revelation, my mind rapidly racing through the possibilities of who my wife had given blow jobs to.

“when was that?”

“when I was in high school”

“Did you like to suck his cock Marie?”

“No!” the no was somewhat emphatic

“why do you not like to suck his cock?”

“it made me gag”

“did he cum in your mouth?”


“did you like the taste of cum in your mouth?”


“so if a guy cums in your mouth, you spit it out?”


“now, since you’ve been married have you ever had sex with anyone else, an affair?”

Marie paused again

“no, not really”

“what does not really mean, Marie?”

Marie was clearly struggling between revealing her darkest secrets only known to her, which were safely locked away in the most private parts of her mind and the powerful effects that this drug was clearly having on her.

“In a way, yes”

“Did you have secret sex with someone?”

She hesitated again…


“When was that Marie?”

“Last year”

I looked on, stunned that she had actually had a sexual affair with someone, yet also confused about how I had not known about it. I loved Marie, I just wanted her to lighten up a bit and be a bit adventurous with sex, not go and run off with some creep and end up divorcing from me.

“Who was the affair with?”


“and who is Robert?”

“a guy at work”

I pondered over the times that Marie had been glued to her phone, I had presumed she had been messaging about work, but I was obviously wrong.

“Did you find it exciting?”


“did you send pictures of yourself to Robert?”


“were you dressed in these pictures?”


“So, he saw you naked in the pictures?


“how did that make you feel?”


“did you like the idea of turning him on?”


I was both shocked and turned on… was this really my Marie, my always conservative wife?.

I gestured Paul to go on.

“did you have sex with him?”


“why didn’t you have sex with Robert?”

“I felt guilty”

“Because of Pat?”


“why did you feel guilty?”

“I don’t want to hurt Pat”

“Do you love Pat?”


“Were you thinking of leaving Pat?”

“No, never”

“So are you still talking to Robert?”


“Why did you stop talking to Robert?”

“Because I didn’t want to hurt Pat”

“So it’s over now?”


I realized that I had been holding my breath through these revelations and finally breathed yet another sigh of relief.

“Do you like Paul?”

Paul spoke to her almost as a third person, a detached voice even though strangely, he was talking about himself.

“Yes, Paul is our friend”

“Do you think Paul is sexy?”

Marie giggled

“Not really, he’s kinda scary, but he’s really nice once you get to know him”

Paul smiled and winked at me

“Paul is a trusted friend, isn’t he?”

“Yes, I trust Paul”

“what would you feel if you saw Paul looking at your breasts?”

“I would feel awkward”

“Why would you feel awkward?”

“because he’s a friend”

“Do you like guys to look at your breasts?”

“not really”

“do you think you have good breasts?”

“they are ok”

“What size are your breasts Marie?”


“and do you always wear a bra?”


“and why don’t you not wear a bra?”

“because guys would stare”

“and how would that make you feel?”


“why does it make you feel uncomfortable?”

“because my nipples get hard”

“do you mean that turns you on?”


“would that be wrong?”


“How would you feel if Paul saw you not wearing a bra?”


That was my conservative Marie

“why would you not want Paul to see you without a bra?”

“Because he might get turned on”

Paul seemed to be content with that answer and gestured to me that it was time to pass him the next syringe.

“So, you feel safe with Paul and Pat?”


“You know they won’t hurt you?”


“Now you are going to feel a little prick, but you will understand that you are perfectly safe”

“Ok” she responded without even questioning why she would feel a prick

Paul took the second syringe and deftly gave a shot into her neck, massaging the spot with his thumb. He waited a moment as Marie stopped talking and she visibly slumped into the cushions with a glazed look.

“Can you hear me Marie?” Paul asked in a steady assertive tone.

“yes” she responded, her voice barely discernible, her eyes closed.

Paul lifted each eyelid in turn and took her pulse.

After a moment or two, satisfied that the second drug was now working he continued.

“Now this is important, everything I tell you is going to be true to you, you are going to remember what I tell you as if it is fact”

“no response”

“do you hear me Marie?”

“yes”, her voice responded somewhat weakly.

“You’re in a dark place, but you feel relaxed, comfortable, and dreamlike place, you feel safe because you’re with friends”

“Whenever you hear Pat or Paul’s voice when you’re in this dark, relaxing and comfortable place it will make you feel safe”


“Whenever you hear Pat or Paul speak the words ‘Marie, sleepytime’ you are going to immediately return to this dark place. This dark, comfortable, relaxing and safe place and your mind will be open to everything the voice tells you”.

“Do you understand?”

Marie nodded, uttering an almost innaudible “yes”

“When you are in this state, you are going to accept everything your husband or Paul tell you as truth and this will replace any memories you already have about this… do you understand?”


“and when your husband uses the words ‘Marie reboot’ you will forget everything that has happened from before those words and your previous memories from before tonight will return… other memories will seem like just a distant dream, fleeting and unreal, just your imagination playing tricks on you… do you understand?”

Marie remained silent for a few moments


“and when your husband or I tell you “Marie, wake up!”, your mind will climb out of its deep sleep and feel as if you just dozed off a few minutes”.

“Now listen to my voice carefully Marie, I am going to tell you some important things that you need to remember”


“Now you will forget Robert, this Robert guy never even existed, he was just a momentary fantasy and will not return to your memories”


“Instead you will remember that you have been exchanging emails with Paul and chatting to him online.”

“What have you been doing?”

“I have been chatting with our friend Paul online”

“Your conversations with Paul have become more sexual and you can remember enjoying Paul’s emails”

“You feel excited that Paul is being sexual with you”

“how would it make you feel to send naked pictures to Paul?”


Marie flushed a little red.

I saw Paul had his hand once again up her skirt and was gently rubbing her clitoris, giving her a physical stimulation to reinforce the way Paul had her feeling.

“You will start to find yourself feeling more and more horny whenever you are around Paul”

“How will you start to feel Marie, when you are around Paul?”

“more and more horny” she mumbled, her face distinctly flushing

“You haven’t yet had sex with Paul, but you want to have sex with him”


“How do you feel about Paul?”

“I want to have sex with him”

“Does that idea excite you?”


“you can’t wait to feel his cock inside you”


Marie started to squirm a little as she was being held, obviously she was getting turned on even in this deep hypnotic state.

I leaned closer to Paul, my own erection was throbbing with what he was suggesting to her. “I want her to let you cum in her”.

Paul looked at me shocked, his eyes quizzing me for signs of uncertainty from me.

“Are you sure?” he mouthed to me? I nodded reveling in the hormones triggered by the heightened risk that we’d be taking, but the idea of Paul knocking her up was itself another major turn on for me.

“Marie, you are going to enjoy sex with Paul”

Marie’s face looked hesitant, so Paul reaffirmed the command.

“Marie, you want him to cum inside you don’t you?”

“but I might get pregnant” Marie said, managing some small remnant of resistance

“Marie, you know that you might get pregnant but in fact, the risk of getting pregnant increases your excitement and makes you even more horny”

“How does the idea of getting pregnant make you feel?”

“excited” she mumbled

“you want Paul to cum inside you and not pull out don’t you Marie”


“when Paul cums in you, how will it make you feel”

“a bit scared”

“how does taking the risk of getting pregnant make you feel?”


“when Paul cums in you, you will also orgasm, the strongest orgasm you’ve ever felt”

“you will be hungry for that type of orgasm, in fact you will find that you love feeling horny and that you feel horny almost all of the time”

“You love your husband”


“you don’t want him to feel bad, do you?”


“You want him to enjoy your renewed feelings of being horny”


“so you are going to masturbate every day because you will feel horny every day”

“how often will you masturbate Marie?”

“Every day”

“that’s right… and future you will not hide the times when you masturbate, in fact you will masturbate more openly, and only when your husband is in bed next to you”

“where will you masturbate Marie?”

“when I’m in bed next to Pat”

“and when you go to bed you will no longer be shy or reserved about being naked around your husband. You will feel comfortable sleeping naked”

“How will you feel about being naked around your husband?”

“I will feel fine about it”

“will you enjoy him admiring your body?”


“and as he is your husband, he can have sex with you any time he wants to”

Marie paused for a moment, hesitating briefly over the new command, finally mumbling


“You will always enjoy having sex with your husband, but being so horny you will always want sex”


“And you will start to enjoy giving blow-jobs, in fact you want to be good at giving blow jobs and will want to practice every day”


“What will you want to practice every day?”

“to give blowjobs”

I grinned at that suggestion and at her willing yet almost inaudible response

“and when someone comes in your mouth you will find that you enjoy the taste, and let it linger on your tongue before swallowing it”

Paul looked up in my direction

“Anything else?” Paul mouthed to me, his expression letting me know that we have more or less done enough for now and seeking my permission to finish the reprogramming.

I was about to shake my head when I thought of something and gestured with my hands around her tits.. “bra” I mouthed to him.

Paul grinned and continued with his final set of commands for the day.

“from now on you will feel uncomfortable wearing a bra, you prefer a more natural feeling. You enjoy the attention of guys looking at your breasts and no longer feel shy or reserved about it”

“how do you feel about wearing a bra?”


“and when you don’t wear a bra, your nipples will become naturally more sensitive and you will enjoy that they add to your sensation of feeling horny”

“how will you feel when men look at your breasts?”


“Now tonight when you go to bed you will not wear any clothes to bed, you enjoy sleeping naked”

“Yes, I enjoy it”

“now when you go to bed tonight, you will be feeling horny and want to have sex”

“and how will you feel when you go to bed?”


“you will find a new confidence and will want to be adventurous”

“How will you feel Marie?”


“you will realize that now is your chance to have sex with Paul

“and will feel so excited about it”

“what will you feel Marie?”

“excited about sex with Paul”

“it will feel natural to have Pat and Paul make love to you”

“the idea of making love with 2 men will excite you?”


“you will find that the first thing be that you want to do for Paul is give him a blow job”

“A blow job”, Marie giggled a little

“and how will that make you feel”


“and bursa bayan escort when you have sex with Paul, how will that make you feel?”


“and you will want Paul to cum inside you”


“and you will want more and more sex with Paul”


“you want to feel both cocks inside you at the same time”


“do you like anal sex Marie?”


“why not?”

“that seems nasty”

“Marie, in future you will find you like anal sex, in fact you will find it exciting”

“how will anal sex make you feel?”


“you will find anal sex particularly stimulating and start to want it more”


Paul seemed satisfied with the result of his programming and grinned at me. “we can build on this later at any time” he whispered to me.

“now Marie, after I count down from 3, you will drift into a deeper sleep, but in a few minutes or so you will wake up, and when you wake up you will remember nothing except that you fell asleep while cuddling with your husband. Everything we did with you will be forgotten, and everything else that I have told you will be your new reality”.

“You won’t notice the cum you see you on your face, or on your clothes or feel anything except you had a deep sleep”


“and when you wake up, you will feel relaxed and exceptionally horny”

“how will you feel when you wake up Marie?”

“really horny”

“and you will want to have sex with Paul and Pat”


“and you will find that making love with Paul and Pat to be the best sex you’ve ever had”

“yes, the best”

“now I am going to count down from 3 and a few moments later you will start to wake up”

Paul counted down slowly


With that, Marie slumped into a deep sleep.

Paul withdrew his hand from her panties and held them up for me to see; they were sopping wet through with her juices. All that time she’d been “awake”, and she’d never even noticed his hand in her panties working her clit. He put her breast back inside her bra and pulled the sweater back down.

“That was amazing” I said to Paul, somewhat in awe of what he had just done to Marie.

I grinned at the wet fingers he was still holding up “I hope you’re sure about this” responded Paul, still somewhat edgy about what we’d just unleashed in her. “Don’t worry though, I’ve programmed her so that we can undo everything tomorrow and start afresh without even using the drugs”.

“I’m absolutely sure” I said, grinning ear to ear imagining all the possibilities we’d just unleashed.

Paul and I switched places again and I replaced my arm around her in more or less the same position as when she had fallen asleep.

Shortly thereafter, Marie’s eyes started to blink open and focus on where she was.

“sorry, omg I think I fell asleep, I was dreaming”

“oh? What about?” I asked, nervous that she remembered what Paul had been saying to her.

Marie flushed and laughed, “for the life of me, I don’t remember, dreams are so weird like that, so real yet so easy to forget”. Clearly Marie remembered, but my shy and conservative wife would never normally speak so openly.

Marie turned her head to me and whispered in my ear “I’m so horny… would you think I‘m bad if I wanted to make love to both you and Paul?”

“no honey, of course not, Paul’s our friend”

With that she kissed me deeply on the mouth, her tongue searching for mine as her hand went straight to my crotch, rubbing my already hard erection pressing inside my pants.

She broke the kiss and turning to look at Paul with a flirty expression, she patted the sofa on the other side of her.

“Paul, why are sitting over there in that armchair?”, “come join us”, she said, eyes almost pleading to him.

Paul grinned and easing himself out of the armchair, he swiftly joined us on the sofa. Marie immediately turned to him and kissed him full-on, on the lips, kissing him passionately, like a couple of highschoolers. Paul clearly reveling in the moment, kissed her back, their tongues visibly playing with each other. Her other hand went to Paul’s crotch, rubbing him.

Almost simultaneously, Paul and I reached for her sweater pulling it up over her breasts, Marie breaking their kiss momentarily as she raised her arms to let us pull it up over her head, her long dark hair cascading back over her shoulders. This was definitely not the demure Marie I had spent the last 10 years married to.

She turned back towards me and kissed me with equal vigor, pressing her tongue into my mouth as her hand again went for my crotch.

Paul quickly unhooked her bra, sliding the shoulder straps off and letting it fall from her, before working on the zipper to her skirt. Completely topless, she again turned to Paul, resuming her kissing as his hands immediately went to her breasts, squeezing and pinching her already erect nipples.

With her own two hands, tucking her thumbs into the loosened waistband, she grasped her skirt and slip, sliding them down her legs before kicking them off to the floor, leaving herself in her pink lacy panties and stay-up stockings. She looked so dam sexy in that moment.

Feeling emboldened I reached with both hands for her panties and forcibly ripped them apart, the fine lace panel tearing easily. With an extra tug, the gusset of her panties tore away, leaving her pussy fully exposed, her wetness clearly evident. This seemed to enflame her even more as Marie’s fingers fumbled with Paul’s pants, unfastening them, lowering his zipper and reaching inside to release his already stiff cock. Marie dove down onto it, engulfing it between her lips as she sucked it deep into her mouth, slurping and bobbing her head rhythmically, each time plunging deeper. Marie was gagging occasionally but it didn’t stop her. Paul closed his eyes, occasionally moaning, his hand caressing her head and hair.

I reached between Marie’s legs, parting them more and slid my hand up her leg to her pussy, sliding first my index finger inside and then two others; she was sopping wet. Releasing herself from Paul’s cock, she turned to me and kissed me deeply, her face flushed with passion. She reached down and similarly tugged my cock free of my pants before engulfing it with her mouth, sucking and licking it like a total pro.

Paul, now fully engaged manipulated her position so that she was kneeling along the sofa with her backside to him, her mouth not leaving my cock even for an instant. I felt like I would explode at any moment.

Lining himself up with her from behind, Paul pushed the head of his cock inside her and with one stroke, pushed deep inside her. I thought Marie was going to bite my cock off as she clenched her mouth around it. Marie was moaning and gurgling as if in total extasy as Paul started to thrust enthusiastically in and out of her, each time driving back hard into her. As he continued, Marie got more and more carried away, her moans now much louder I could feel the vibration of her throat on my cock, intensifying the sensations, her breasts swinging beneath her with each thrust. Paul too was clearly in a very excited state, pushing harder and deeper each time. Moments later he stiffened and grunted as he unloaded deep into her fertile depths and what almost simultaneously, Maria groaned, and her body shuddered vigorously as she too came hard. With the sight of Paul cumming inside her coupled with her moans and pulsating body was too much for me and I erupted spontaneously into the back of her throat. Marie gulped and swallowed as jet after jet of cum shot into her mouth.

We stayed in our respective positions for several moments, breathing hard, waiting for the aftershocks to calm and a sense of reasonable normality to return. Ange turned over, facing up and lay down almost naked with her head in my lap and her legs stretched along the sofa across Paul’s legs, her breasts still heaving as she breathed, a blissful expression on her face as though she was no longer shy of laying naked in the sight of two men, sweat on her brow making some of her hair stick to her face, the rest tumbled to either side.

Paul reached out and started to very gently massage Marie’s clit and finger her, making her squirm.

“nooo, too sensitive, no no no” she exclaimed, so Paul eased off and we just continued there on the sofa, contented, with my naked wife laying across us. That had to be the wildest sex that either of us had ever experienced.

A short while later, once we had recovered more, Marie got up off the sofa,

By that time, it was already past 3:00am, and we were all satiated, enjoying the afterglow of what to me had been a truly exciting experience. We had lost track of time.

“I’m tired… let’s get some sleep” suggested Marie as she yawned and stretched unabashed by her nudity in front of us.

Paul and I nodded in agreement and we all headed up the stairs to bed, Marie slightly ahead of us, I noticed a trickle of cum seeping down her inner thigh. She looked so damned sexy.

Paul winked at me “I told you it was powerful”… we just grinned at each other about the unspoken possibilities of what we now had.

I shed my clothes hopped into bed, while Paul headed into the guest room, which happened to be opposite the room to our door. Marie climbed into bed alongside me, still naked. She flicked off her bedside light and with eyes closed. Her body brushed against my arm as she snuggled into me. “Good night honey” she whispered almost affectionately as we both quickly drifted into sleep.

The next morning, I started to wake up and focus my eyes through the sunlight that was now streaming in through the curtains. I was alone in bed. I hauled myself out of bed and grabbing my robe, snuck out of the room towards the guest room door. I heard muffled sounds coming from downstairs so as quietly as I could, made my way down the stairs and carefully headed towards the kitchen.

Just before I entered, I caught a glimpse of Marie and Paul. Marie was dressed in a light silky robe that she had for some time but never wore. The robe came down to her thighs and the silky fabric clung to her accentuating her curves, her skin glowing with that freshly showered look.

Marie was bent face down over the kitchen table, rocking back and forth as Paul pounded her from behind, doggy style. She was moaning and cried out “omg Paul, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and with that started to spasm as a powerful orgasm rocked through her body, her juices squelching as Paul grunted and pushed hard into her with a final thrust as he began pumping his seed into her vulnerable pussy. They stayed locked together for a few moments before Paul pulled out from her.

Marie’s face was a mix of love and lust as she pulled him to her and kissed him deeply.

I crept back to the stairs and made a point of making my steps more audible.

When I entered the kitchen, you would never have known that she had just been fucked. Her robe was pulled loosely around her, clinging in places to her curves. I mused that she presumably had cum leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs. Again, I felt myself harden.

Marie turned, handing Paul a cup of coffee.

“good morning sleepy, I made coffee for us all” she said trying her best to sound normal but attempting to cover up the fact that she had just been fucked.

With Marie’s back to me I glanced at Paul and he glanced back winking and silently mouthing “tell you later” to me. Marie turned and handed me a cup of coffee with a smile of innocence that had I not known anything would have convinced me that all the events of the night had been in my imagination.

Placing the coffee on the table, I pulled Marie to me and kissed her deeply on the lips, immediately pressing my tongue into her mouth. She responded instantly, kissing me back hungrily. She was still horny, and I loved it. I slid the robe off her shoulders, and it slid down her body to the ground. She was completely naked.

Grasping her assertively by the hand, I ushered her out of the kitchen and indicating Paul to follow, led her back up the stairs to our room. Normally Marie would have forcefully resisted such a move, but she didn’t even protest for one moment and obligingly went along with me. I pulled her onto the bed with me and rolled onto my back telling her to straddle me and face the bottom of the bed towards Paul. She squatted over me ready for me to penetrate her, but I slipped my fingers inside lubricating them well with the mix of juices that glistened over my fingers and smeared it liberally over her virgin asshole, my index finger pushing inside. Pulling her down onto my raging hard-on, I slipped easily inside her pussy while my fingers continued to work on her ass, sliding in one and then 2 fingers as I slowly stretched her.

Marie started to instinctively bounce up and down on my cock, increasingly moaning with each stroke. I lubed both my thumbs on her juices and pushed them inside her ass opening it still further. She felt incredibly tight, but it seemed that her bodily fluids were all I needed to lubricate her sphincter. Marie leaned forward and as Paul approached the end of the bed, she took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him. He soon started to get hard again. Marie continued to fuck and suck for several minutes, gasping for breath every now and again and increasingly was fucking my cock with my thumbs still working their way into her innards. Not wanting to cum just yet, I stopped her and pulled out of her pussy, maneuvering her to a more upright squatting position, I lowered her down aiming her rosebud right over my cock. I pressed into her and she flinched, letting out a little yelp as the head of my cock forced open her ass, but she never tried to stop me. Instead, she willingly pushed downwards onto it… another first for Marie.

As I pushed deeper into her ass, I grasped her shoulders and pulled her back onto my chest, forcing myself deeper, so that she was laying, face up along my torso, my cock buried deep in her bowels. The sensation was unreal, so tight and soft, I had never been able to persuade Marie to let me anywhere near her ass before, even the slightest touch of my fingers would freak her out, often triggering the end of lovemaking for the night. This new experience had me almost ready to explode in moments but fortunately I was still able to hold back. Marie was moaning and relishing in this new experience, mewing and moaning. I could almost feel her body experiencing a succession of tiny orgasms with each push into her.

I guess Paul already knew where this was heading as he moved forward without encouragement, massaging his already hard cock in his hand, and maneuvered between our legs, lifting and separating Marie’s ankles before pressing into her. Given that my cock was already tightly wedged up her ass, she was much tighter and even though she was sopping wet, he literally had to push hard to get his cock inside her. The sensation of feeling another man’s cock separated only by a thin membrane was weird at first but at the same time it excited me beyond words to think that Marie was now taking 2 cocks for the first time ever.

“OMG so big… so full, don’t stop, don’t stop” she was muttering over and over as we found our rhythm and started to really fuck her. As she was laying stretched out on top of me, I could feel every muscle and every tremor of her body. It was amazing to see Marie so turned on, so enjoying sex, it was everything I had ever wanted. I reached around in front of her and started to massage her tits, pinching her nipples and holding them up for Paul, who bent forward and started sucking on them. Marie was gibbering away “OMG OMG” before suddenly letting out an ear-piercing scream as a massive orgasm ripped through her shuddering body. The intensity was too much for Paul and he erupted inside her, causing Marie to orgasm hard a further time, sweat pouring from her, juices flowing out and down both her and my thighs. Feeling Marie’s spasming and Paul’s cock pulsing and twitching inside her, I could not hold back any longer and erupted rope after rope of cum deep into her bowels.

We collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed, our cocks slipped out of her as she rolled off me, still panting, a dazed look in her eyes, her naked body still trembling. She turned to me and first kissed me deeply before turning to Paul. This was so far from the Marie that had been my demure, conservative wife I had been married to for the past 10 years, she was a sex goddess and I intended to enjoy every moment of it.

Over the course of the day, Paul and I fucked Marie at various times, sometimes together and sometimes individually, as soon as either of us felt recovered enough. By the end of the day, my balls felt completely drained and I’m pretty sure Paul felt the same. It was as if Marie was constantly horny and always willing. She had even collected several hickies on her breasts. We had even sent Marie into her dark place and instructed her to remain naked and not shower, consequently she spent much of the day with crusty streaks of cum down her thighs. She even spent the night sleeping with Paul.

Eventually, Monday morning came around and we all had work to go to. Time to change her programming once again. We were sitting around the table in our robes, savoring our first cup of coffee of the day, when Paul adopted his assertive voice, “Marie, sleepytime”, which instantly sent her into her dark place.

“Marie, you will forget that you’ve had sex with Paul, he’s just your friend… who is Paul?”

“my friend”

“good girl”

“You enjoy feeling sexy, but you will only be interested in your husband”


“after the count of 3 you will wake up and feel refreshed, you will take a shower and get ready for work”


Paul counted down and Marie came back to the present, continuing our general morning chat, as if nothing had happened.

As the coffee finished, Marie excused herself and went up to get ready. Fortunately, my commute was far shorter, and I still had time.

“that’s been an amazing weekend Paul” I said to him as soon as I felt sure that Marie was out of earshot. We’ll have to do that again next time you’re up this way.

“Definitely” replied Paul with a big grin.

“Just be careful what you wish for. You have the power to make Marie tell you anything, believe anything, and do anything that you want her to”.

I laughed, “seems like there’s endless possibilities Paul, and there’s a few things that I’d love to see her get into, so I might well try them out on her”.

“just be careful, ok?” Paul reminded me in all seriousness but given that I had the ability to change things, I felt pretty safe.

I rustled up some breakfast for us all, which passed smoothly, Marie more or less back to her normal self, polite, conservative, but noticeably a little more affectionate with me. She had changed out of her robe and came back into the kitchen wearing her work outfit; a dark, knee length skirt and sweater but she clearly had no bra on, which immediately gave me an erection. I could only imagine the look on the faces of her male colleagues.

Finally, we said our goodbyes and went off to start work. It was going to be an interesting future.

Feel free to comment, especially if you have suggestions of how to take this story to the next level

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