Marion’s Turn Ch. 02

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I had my turn last month. Tonight was her turn. And she fucked me. Oh god, had she fucked me. She fucked me and I came. I came from being fucked in my ass. But it wasn’t my ass anymore, it was my pussy now. Her pussy. She was Mistress tonight and she owned me. Mistress had me shave all of my hair from the neck down. All of it. Everywhere. Then she dressed me in a garter belt, sheer stockings and bra, and fuck me pumps. The closed toe pointy kind, with no sides and ankle straps. And a pretty florescent blue pageboy wig. Then she fucked me. She fucked me with her strap-on and I came. The biggest come I’ve ever had. She didn’t even touch my clit. I came from her fucking my pussy.

I sat on the bed, blindfolded, sipping white wine. She gave me white wine because it was more girly, more feminine. God help me, I did feel so feminine. And fuckable. I wanted more from her. She had gone to answer the door. But she had touched up my lipstick and blindfolded me first. Carefully, with the strap running under my pretty blue hair. She said she wanted my pretty blue hair free to flow with my movements. I thought I might know what was coming. I was nervous, but I wanted it. I was scared because I wanted it. Of what it meant that I wanted it.

“I’m back, baby.” She trailed her fingers across me. Across my cock. “Mmm, you look so lovely sitting there in your classy lingerie and pretty blue hair, all made up, sipping your girly wine. So smooth and fuckable. You loved my cock, didn’t you, baby, couldn’t get enough. Moaning and begging me to fuck you harder. Fuck you faster. Fuck you deeper. I fucked your pussy and you came, baby, I made you a woman. You were a slut for my cock. Know what that makes you, baby? A cock slut. That’s you, isn’t it. My pretty little cock slut. Tell your Mistress who you are, baby. Go on, say it.”

“I’m your cock slut, Mistress.”

“That’s right, baby. And you have to do what I say, don’t you. Because it’s my turn. That’s the agreement, isn’t it. Say it. I want to hear you say it.”

“Tonight’s your turn and I’ll do what you say.” I was so hard.

“That’s a good girl. You know I love you, baby, and I wouldn’t give you anything you didn’t want. Anything you didn’t need. You need to face it, accept it and embrace it, don’t you, baby. And be a slut for me. You’ll be a slut for me, won’t you, baby. Tell me. Tell me what you’ll be for me.”

“I’ll be a slut for you.”

“Wonderful, baby. You won’t be disappointed little cock slut. Did you guess why the doorbell rang? That’s right, baby, I got some cock for you. I’m returning the favor you did for me last month. All that cock and pleasure. I know you want to, but you just need a little help to be brave enough. So I made you a woman, baby. I made you a woman and got some cock for you. That’s what you really want, isn’t it, deep down. Deep down inside of you. To take cock into your holes. I want to see you take cock, baby. And you have to do what I say. Isn’t that right. Say it, baby.”

I was anxious, Anadolu Yakası Escort yearning. She knew about my few fumbling bisexual experiences that amounted to barely more than mutual masturbation. I also told her how I got sucked off once in an adult bookstore once. We’d talked about our bisexual fantasies, a number of them. She loved the idea of a bisexual threesome and seeing me with another man. So all I had to do was accept my bisexuality. All I had to do was accept it and embrace it. God, she took me places. I took a deep breath.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress what, baby slut?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’ll do what you want.”

“And what do I want, little cock slut?”

“You want me to take cock for you.”

I wanted it, but still needed her push. “Say it, little cock slut. I want to hear you say it.”

I practically trembled with fear and desire. “Yes Mistress, I’ll take cock for you.”

“That’s my girl. You’re so hard, baby. Are you thinking about the cock I got for you? Are you wondering if I got you white cock or black cock? Mmm, I think I’d like to see your little white mouth around a big black cock, baby. I think I could come from seeing that. Are you wondering who the cock is? Maybe you know the cock, have you thought about that? Shall I warm it up for you? Would you like that? Would you like to sit in the chair with your blindfold on, rubbing your clit, hearing me moan and come on strange cock? Oooh, I saw your clit move. Yeah, baby, I got some cock for you.”

Someone took the wine glass from me. I felt lips around my cock and I moaned. More weight on the bed. Someone straddled me. By my side, in my ear. “Baby, this is sooo hot. I’m dripping. Are you surprised, baby? I got two cocks for you. One for each hole, just like you gave me last month.”

Warm flesh pressed my lips. My mouth opened and I took him in. I moaned. I pressed back against the headboard. The cock sawed gently in and out. In and out of my mouth. A cock. I made my mouth soft for him. So he could use my mouth. So he could fuck my mouth. My emotions swirled. Oh, god help me. I was so hard.

Softly. In my ear. “Mmm, you look beautiful, baby. With that cock in your mouth. My little cock sucking slut. Taking her first real cock in her hungry little mouth. I’m so proud of you. Do you feel the relief, baby? Finally taking the step you’ve been so afraid to take? You’re home now, baby. I’m with you.” I moaned around the cock.

“See what you’ve been missing, baby slut? All that soft hardness filling your mouth. My little cocksucker. With her stiff little clit. Her leaky little clit. You look so lovely in your classy lingerie, all made up, your pretty blue hair framing the cock in your mouth. The cock that’s fucking your mouth.”

The man’s mouth left my cock and I moaned. “I don’t want you to come yet, baby. You’re gonna come while they fuck you. That’s right baby, a man is gonna fuck you soon. A man is gonna fuck your pussy Pendik Escort with his cock.” I moaned.

“Mmm, you’ll beg for more though, won’t you, little cock slut? I know you’ll enjoy these cocks, baby slut. They’ll start off gentle, but you’ll be begging them to pound you before long. Like you begged me, baby. Like you begged me to fuck you as hard as I could.” I shivered and moaned.

I was pulled away from the headboard. They swung me around. I gasped. They were strong. My head was over the edge of the bed. My legs flew up and out. I pointed my toes for her. Like a classy little slut. I felt warm flesh at my opening. At my pussy. I moaned as he slid in. He was longer, slimmer than Mistress. He was gentle. Fucking me slowly. Letting me get used to him. I sighed. Thought, “Ohhhhh, yeah. Fuck me, baby. Feels so good. Your cock feels so good in me, baby.”

A cock wanted in my mouth. I moaned and took it in. Another long, slender one. He started gently, but after a bit he wanted in deeper. I wanted him deeper. I reached around him and pulled him in. My red fingernails gripping his ass. He moaned and that pleased me. Making the cock moan. He fucked my face. Cocks in my holes. Deep in my holes. My mouth and my pussy. Fucking me. I moaned constantly. I couldn’t help it.

The cocks fucked me and I wanted the cocks to fuck me. I wanted the cocks in me. They weren’t gentle now and I begged them to use me. They put me on all fours and fucked me front and back. My pretty blue hair snapping with each thrust as they fucked me. My hard cock slapping against my stomach as they fucked me. As they used me. I was grunting and moaning around the cock. I begged for more. Harder. Faster. My world shrank. Only my holes and the cocks existed. The fullness and the emptiness. Don’t leave me. Ohhhh, please give it back put it back in. On my back. Half off the bed, arms stretched to the floor. Kneeling on the floor at the edge of the bed. Sitting on cock at the edge of the bed. The cocks fucked my holes. The hard cocks fucked me.

I was astride the man, his cock inside me. The cock in my mouth left and I chased it. The man below me pulled me to him. My pretty blue hair cascaded down, shielding our faces as his tongue entered my mouth. Oh, god. I moaned and he kissed me with a hungry tongue. He fucked me and we kissed as the other cock got behind me. We kissed with hungry tongues as the other cock pushed into my pussy. I moaned into his mouth. Oh, god. Both cocks in my pussy. They fucked me and that pressure built. I dropped my head to his shoulder and they fucked my pussy while that pressure built. Oh, god. I rose up onto my arms and that pressure built while they fucked me. Head down, my pretty blue hair flicking with the thrusts. I grunted with the thrusts. They fucked my pussy and that pressure soared and I couldn’t take it anymore, I couldn’t hold it off. From deep inside me joy sparked and waves of bliss expanded at the speed of light. My head snapped up, my back arched. Kurtköy Escort Oh, god. I came so hard. I came from the cocks fucking my ass.

They were gone. They had eased out of me, kissed me gently, and were gone now. Mistress came back in the bedroom, took off her corset and lay down next to me, still wearing her strap-on.

She took off my blindfold and caressed me. “Oh, baby, that was spectacular. They used you a long, long time, didn’t they. My little cock slut got used sooo good. Was it like you thought it would be, baby? Was it like you dreamed it would be? Getting doubled teamed, getting a DP? God, that was so hot. I loved it when they came in your mouth, baby. You were a thirsty girl, weren’t you. I’ll bet you’ll want some more real soon, won’t you, baby. My little cum slut. I’m so proud of you, baby. You were so beautiful moving and moaning and begging just like a woman. And you came like a woman, didn’t you? From getting fucked.”

Mistress kissed me. She played with my clit. She pinched my nipples. She rolled onto me, my legs lifted and I spread wide for her, pointed my toes for her. I took her cock in my hand and guided her into me. I was so hard. God, she filled me up. I moaned into her mouth. She made love to me. Long, slow, deep strokes. Almost all the way out, then back in, all the way. She lay on me as she fucked me. I held her against me. My nails raked lightly down her back to her ass. I held her to me and moved my hips in little circles, grinding against her.

Her soft voice in my ear as she fucked me, “Mmm, that’s my baby, work it. You love this, don’t you. You enjoy being a woman, don’t you, baby. To take cock inside your body. So deep inside of you. I know you do, baby, I was there. I saw you it. You’re a cocksucker now baby. A cum eating. Assfucking. Cocksucker. Forever.” I moaned.

She gave me long, deep, sweet strokes. “I love you, baby. I’ll always love my little cock slut. Don’t you worry, I’ll fuck you, baby. I’ll get more cock for you. More cock to fuck you, baby. That’s what you want, isn’t it. Sure you do. No going back now, baby.” I moaned and held her tighter.

She fucked me a little harder. “Mmm, baby I love seeing you in all your pretty, sexy things. Your womanly things. We’ll get you some more womanly things, baby. Would you like that? Trying them on together. Being girls together. Getting fucked together. I think so, baby. Get you a green wig, maybe a red one. Or would you rather grow out your own hair? How much of a woman do you want to be, baby?” I moaned and fucked her back.

Oh, god, she fucked me so good. “Yeah, that’s it. Work your hips, baby. Fuck me back like a woman. Mmm, your pussy feels sooo good around my cock. My cock in your pussy. Fucking your pussy so good.” I was grunting. I was close. “That’s it, baby, give me your cum. Give it to me. Come for me now, baby.” I moaned louder and ecstasy seared through my essence with the heat of a thousand suns. I came. Oh, god. Help me. I came from her fucking my ass. I held her so tight.

Later, as I was falling asleep, with Marion spooning against my back, I wondered how she had she known it was time. I wondered if we would explore it further, it felt like we would. Either way, Marion sure had given me a turn tonight. Quite a turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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