Mark and Mary Ch. 02

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Mark felt elated, the last few days had made him feel alive. The rough sex with Gloria was just what he needed and thought he would go back to her periodically. Sex with his sister was great but he missed the violence of his old life.

During breakfast the next morning Mary asked Mark “if he thought her looks and body would have got a job at the house.”

Knowing that he should give his sister an honest answer he shook his head “No, sorry sis, I think you are stunning but, top end whoring requires a young exceptional woman.”

“Do you think I could earn a decent living, looking like I do?”

“Sure, not 2 grand a night, but punters would be queuing up, strange question to ask, what’s up?”

“Would you mind if I went back to escorting? Loved the money and miss the life.”

Looking at his sister, Mark could see she was nervous. Thinking that it had taken a lot for her to mention wanting to go back whoring, Mark thought carefully before answering.

“Why do you want to go back? You have plenty of money and all the time in the world to enjoy whatever you want.”

“It’s like a drug, it’s not the sex, you can give me more than I need, the money is secondary, just love it.”

Nodding in understanding, Mark reached across and held her hand “Can I be your pimp?”

Laughing Mary kissed him “God I love you, take me back to bed.”

Mark undressed quickly and got back into bed so he could watch his sister undress. Mary took her time undressing as she knew her brother loved to watch. As she peeled her jean’s off she turned away from Mark as she leaned forward to get them off her feet. Slowly sliding her panties over her hips, she allowed her shirt to fall back over her arse to tease him a little.

As she pulled her panties off she could see the crotch was stained and soaking wet as the scent of her sex wafted into the room. Turning back to face Mark she was pleased to see his cock was rock hard, the look of sexual hunger on his face filled her with confidence.

Mary started to undo her shirt, remembering her fleshy belly and heavy tits made her feel awkward and she stopped.

Mark was puzzled as the confident women disappeared and his sister stood looking awkward and uncomfortable.

“Wassup sis?”

As her tears started to flow, “I feel fat and old”

Mark was stunned, “You have to be fucking joking, I love your body”

“Yes, I know, I love being myself, suppose I had got used to having a 20-year olds body”

“Do trabzon escort you want me to find another young girl for you?”

No, I want to be me, just wish I had a flat muscular stomach and pert tits.”

Getting up Mark gently took her in his arms and kissed her tears away. Taking her shirt and bra off he looked at his beautiful sister, noticing that her nipples no longer jutted slightly upwards and her belly was a little wobbly. “Silly girl, you are stunning, 35 years old and near perfect.”

Seeing his sister looking so unhappy, Mark felt helpless, then he had an idea. Isabella had said that he had more powers than he realized. Reasoning that he could think one person into another or transport himself to the kingdom, he turned his full attention to Mary.

Trying to visualise his sister at 20 was useless as he had been in prison. An image appeared in his head, it was when she was about 18 on holiday in Cornwall. Remembering, admiring her immature but shapely body, his cock started to stir. A surprised yelp from his sister brought him back to reality.

Mary stood in the middle of the bedroom, legs slightly apart, moving her hands over her body. As her hands moved down she was amazed, her skin was so soft, she felt light and energised.

Rushing to the full-length mirror, she admired her pert tits, and flat firm stomach. Giggling as she noticed her pubes were neatly trimmed into a heart shape, it took her breath away when she saw her young unlined face and curly long Auburn hair.

“Oh my god I am 18 again!”

Mark was speechless, remembering how he had to keep sneaking off to wank himself silly as his sister had cavorted about in her tiny bikini on that holiday nearly 20 years ago.

As Mark watched, his sister’s hands further explored her body, she suddenly stopped and felt between her legs. Sliding her finger between her thick pussy lips and feeling resistance just inside her hole, she yelped and let out a squeal of delight. “Bloody hell, you really did it, I am a virgin again.”

Oh, hell Mark, I am 18, is this real?”

“Yes, well it looks real to me, god I really want to make love to you”

Surprised at her brother’s softness Mary started to go to him “Oh shit, we can’t I am a virgin, not on the pill or anything.”

Mark tried to re assure her that he would withdraw.

“That’s what my boyfriend said, he did, but I still ended up in an abortion clinic. It was horrible Mark, I gave tunceli escort birth to a little girl at 18 weeks.” As the tears ran down her face she added “After that I was unable to get pregnant.”

Shocked, all Mark could say was “I am so sorry”

“Don’t be, you have given me another chance”

Noticing that his cock was still rock hard she reached out and slowly jacked him, it wasn’t long before his cock erupted several thick streams of spunk all over her chest.

After they had showered and dressed, Mary giggled as she realised that all her clothes were size 12 and she was now a size 8-10. Laughing they headed into town to buy her a new wardrobe.

As they drove into town, Mary was very quiet and thoughtful, eventually she said, “Can you do the same for yourself?”

“What make myself 18 again?”

“Well maybe 25 or so”

“Don’t know, will think about it”

“Does your mate, Fat Freddy still do I. D’s”

“Yes, he did a complete one for Susana”

“If we change my name etc, we could get married and have children after our trip”

Mark had never considered children, or marriage. Looking at the beautiful young women beside him he knew she was right.

“Guess we had better go to a jeweller in town and get you an engagement ring then.”

Parking the car, Mark went into the toilets with a picture Mary had given him of his 25th birthday party. Soon he was 25 again, apart from the near shaven haircut, he had to admire his slimmer, fitter body.

After shopping till they were exhausted they found a large jeweller shop. Picking out a nice ring with a large diamond and ruby surround, Mark slipped it on Mary’s finger and paid the £9,600 bill in cash. Looking at Marks appearance the assistant checked every note. Waiting until she had finished Mark handed her a £100 tip, ignoring her protests they left the shop arm in arm.

Getting back to the hotel Mary gave Mark a fashion show. She had felt guilty about the near £10,000 she had spent on new clothes, but Marks look of admiration made it all worthwhile.

The problem was that Marks cock was raging hard and Mary felt helpless that she couldn’t give her brother the pussy he craved. Explaining to Mark that it would be “at least 2 weeks before she was protected, and that she would like to set up an auction for her virginity.”

“Wow” was all Mark could say.

“Do you think I would raise 25 grand? I have decided not to go back to zonguldak escort it full time, just for a few select clients.”

Nodding in agreement Mark groaned as Mary grabbed his steel hard cock. “I know you have a huge appetite for sex and a wank is no replacement.” As his cock started to swell Mary took the tip in her mouth and fondled his heavy balls. Mary loved the taste of her brother’s spunk as he shot his heavy load down her throat. “Lovely, I think you should go find another woman to keep you happy until I am able to take care of you.”

Mark was stunned, but grateful. “That would be so good, what have you got planned for tomorrow?”

“I am going to the clinic, then to a photographer to get some pic’s done for the auction, would it be alright if I emailed a couple of my old clients?”

“If you think they will pay for an 18-year old’s cherry, I don’t see why not”

As the evening progressed Mary Wanked and sucked Mark off twice more, she was always surprised how much and how often Mark could cum.

After breakfast the next morning Mark dropped Mary off in the town and headed off for a day of fun. It surprised him a little as he found himself heading for Hartlepool. Parking outside Gloria’s apartment he caught sight of a familiar face. It was one of the men from the pub, Mark’s arm throbbed a little as he remembered the shattered cue being rammed into his fore arm.

Deciding that he needed sex more than he wanted to beat the hell out him, Mark rang the bell to Gloria’s apartment. In second’s Gloria answered and opened the door remotely, telling him to come up.

Arriving at her door he found it open and walked into the small apartment. Gloria was sitting on the sofa with 2 younger women.

“Hiya Hun, fancy a 4some?” Gloria said with a wicked smile.

“Hell yeah, bring it on”

“Do you remember the 3 men you beat the hell out of the other night? One of them is still in hospital, seems you broke him up pretty good, the other wanker has just left.”

“Yeah, I saw him, so what?”

“Well these 2 are their wives” she said as she dropped to her knees in front of Mark and unzipped his trousers. ” Mark meet Zoe and Claire, Zoe and, oh hell you get the idea.”

As Gloria’s cool, soft hand dragged Marks cock out of his trousers the 2 young women gasped as they watched him harden to his full very thick 10″ length. Grabbing a handful of hair Mark forced his cock deep into Gloria’s mouth and groaned with pleasure as she started to gag.

Wanting pussy, not a blowjob, Mark let go of the women’s head and lifted her up to bend her over the back of the chair. Skipping away from him Gloria explained that he had interrupted their day of girl fun and would have to wait a while.


More to follow, comments welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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