Mark Made Me a Bottom Ch. 02

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by Keith Hernandez

Chapter 2

I avoided Mark like the plague after the blow job. I was haunted by it for days and weeks and worried about people finding out, but nothing changed at all. I got more comfortable with it. I knew I wasn’t gay, I just chalked it up to a one time thing. I tried anyway.

The thing was, I still liked Mark–he was still cool. I couldn’t avoid him at work forever, and when we did hang out, up at the cash register or at the ticket stand, things were fine. If anything, he treated me better, treated me more as an equal, which boosted my teenage self-esteem.

A couple times he did ask if I wanted to hang out, but I didn’t want to have to to suck his dick again. So I made up an excuse and said no. But mentally, I began to hedge a bit. Maybe we could just hang out, and nothing else, I would think to myself.

Of course, the problem was that I was only 18 and still very shy. I lacked the self-confidence to assert myself or set boundaries. Before too long, I caved in.

I ended up hanging out with him one more time and just hoping that I didn’t have to suck his dick. But of course, the first time we got together again he managed to get me alone, and it was instantly obvious he had designs on me. He touched my neck and cheek and got super close and kind of pulled me aside in his garage (we met after work with some other co-workers).

Soon the crowd thinned Pendik escort out and I wanted to leave but he coaxed me into his house and suddenly, we were alone. He acted casual when I asked where everyone else went. 

“They must have gone home,” Mark said. “I think a bunch went over to Brian’s place, his folks are gone. You want to go there?”

I did, but I didn’t want to get back in his car. So I tried to leave but he had some new music we had talked about, and I went with him into the living room to find it. We ended up down in his bedroom to play it.

Oh boy. Now I was alone with him in his room. And he rubbed my shoulders and had me sit on the bed. And then, of course, he pulled me to him and started kissing me.

It was, in my opinion, grosser than when I sucked him off. I hated his lips and the stubble and his tongue in my mouth. I pulled away as much as I could but he was pretty strong and he kind of just kissed me and frenched me whether I wanted it or not. I struggled, but not so much as to make a scene. Mark didn’t say anything, he just kind of slid me off the side of the bed so I was on my knees in between his legs. 

For some reason, I didn’t run or say anything as he slid his zipper down and produced his large, stiffening cock. It curved up out of his pants, and in the better light of his bedroom I could see his big cock-head and the big vein running down Beykoz escort bayan the side. It was right below my chin, the penis that I had sucked in the front seat of his car. Mark pushed his pants down further, which I don’t know how he managed, since he was holding me in place at the same time.

Now I had a decision to make. I looked at his face and he was staring down at me while he pulled the thick cock up and rubbed it gently on my face. He ran it across my nose and lips and I could feel the heat. Was I going to do this again? Why? I honestly don’t know, except there was a part of me that must have liked something about it. 

Mark finally said something about how good I was at it last time and my mouth kind of reflexively parted and took the tip in.

I closed my eyes and held his shaft as I slid the whole head into my mouth and held it there. I couldn’t believe it was happening again, but part of me said, “what the hell?” I did it once and it seemed like no one knew, so maybe just one more time.

I sat up a little on my knees to get comfortable and I started to suck his cock. Back and forth, with my mouth wetting his cock, I sucked. I would glance up and see him watching me…his hand on the back of my head…little moans and sighs escaping Mark.

“Mmmmmmm-mmm,” I groaned myself. I felt under the big penis and took hold of his balls, pulling on them Escort Cevizli and drawing a deeper moan from him. He didn’t take very long. I suppose I was down there five minutes at most. 

My jaw was a little sore and I gagged a couple times, but mostly I just tried to keep good suction and good speed and get him off. And boy did he get off. When he tensed and his cock throbbed, it fired a very large, very hot jet of sperm into my inexperienced mouth.

I must admit it…I kind of liked it when he came. I knew it was over and I knew I did a good job. I barely stroked him. I just sucked hard and fast and didn’t stop until his cock quit spurting. My mouth was so full of cum and saliva you could hear when I gulped it down.

I didn’t think that much about swallowing. I was too naive to know whether I should swallow or spit. I just did what came natural and swallowed his load.

There was no going back now. I had pretty much willingly sucked off Mark a second time, and swallowed his cum to boot. And I didn’t hate it. In fact, I had a raging hard on, which surprised me.

When I cleaned up we talked a little bit and he started feeling my rear end, like I was a girl. But he ignored the bulge in my pants, which eventually went down, and I was happy to get out of there.

I had feelings all over the place. He was definitely a forceful guy. And I was a shy, insecure kid, five years his junior. He was taking advantage of me and getting me to suck his dick, I knew this. But I wasn’t fighting it hard at all. I was totally confused and wondered when it would happen again.

To be continued…


Copyright Keith Hernandez

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