Marla’s Art Lesson

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Marla faced her mirror finishing applying the red lipstick, which she then sealed with her lip-gloss. She lightly tussled her brown curly hair with her free hand. Looking at her watch it was time that she left and made way to today’s lesson. Passing the full-length mirror in the hall she stopped and gave herself a once over.

She is a woman of a fuller figure but at 5’9” tall she was able to carry off the bigger build in a much sexier way than many could achieve. Today she had worn a very loose blouse and tight skirt. However, she would need to change for her lesson and had packed a holdall so that she could change. Anyone who knows her would say that her appearance is always immaculate and many of her husband’s friends always took long lingering looks at her. It was partly for this reason that she would change after she had arrived at the school.

Parking her car she was aware of a few of the children making their way home after the day’s studies. Locking her car she slung the holdall over her shoulder then took the short walk across the tarmac. This was more enjoyable due to the warm spring weather and very slight breeze. Entering the school she noticed the corridor was noticeably cooler than outside. It was still and silent, except for the clicking of her heels as she made her way to the art workshop. The door was open and her private tutor, Jay, spoke without looking round.

“Hello, Marla. I will be with you in just a moment.” She watched him as he finalised the clearing of the remnants of the day’s classes. He turned and saw her for the first time his mouth fell open. “I thought that today of all day’s you would not be so pristine in your attire.” Marla’s quizzical look must have thrown him. “It’s just I thought you had asked if we could do some work with clay this week?”

She laughed, “That’s why I have a change of clothes in the bag. I just didn’t want to put on my sloppy clothes until I got here and was sure the class was still on.”

“You pay for the one to one tuition so you to a degree dictate what we do. Do you want to change in the side room, its not the biggest room in the world but it will afford you a bit of privacy.” Marla nodded but felt like telling Jay that she would happily strip in front of him. Moving to the side room she took out the loose and baggy white t-shirt, her flowing black skirt and finally her trainers. Taking her blouse carefully off she folded it and placed it in the bag. Then she removed her white lacy bra freeing her 44DD breasts. Her nipples had started to stiffen in part due to the cooler air but also due to the anticipation of her one to one with Jay. She quickly pulled the baggy top over her head. Talking her black heels off she then slid down her tight skirt. These items were also put in the bag. Marla was now naked from the waist down as she rarely wore knickers even under her most reserved of outfits. Drawing the flowing dress up to her waist she was ready for her lesson. As she walked she was aware that her ample chest was jiggling around noticeably inside the t-shirt with her nipples sticking up and out of the fabric.

“What a transformation.” Jay announced as she came into the room. “Now, I hope you are aware that we may get a little dirty today.” Had she imagined a little suggestiveness in this comment?

“What are you saying?” She asked noticing that he went a little red.

“I meant that we wouldn’t be able to stop the clay from getting on you. Do you want an apron?” She certainly didn’t mind the possibility of getting her clothes a little wet or dirty but she was certainly not going to miss this chance of maybe flashing a little bit of flesh at Jay.

“No, its quite alright if these clothes get ruined.”

He smiled at her and motioned they move across the room to the potter’s wheel. Jay sat in the seat immediately in front of the wheel and started to press on the pedal, which rotates the wheel. Marla watched from the side with her attention split between Jay’s hands, the expert tuition and his fine male physique. From her first lesson she had been attracted to the blond handsome tutor. He is a little over six feet tall, well toned and muscular.

“Are you watching Marla, it will be your turn in a moment.” She smiled a little guiltily as his big hands began to shape the clay on the wheel. “As you can see it needs to be kept wet while you must make sure the clay is always under control.” His hands controlled the clay which rose in the basic form of the soon to be vase. Şanlıurfa Escort “Now at the top gently push a finger in.” Marla’s mind wandered as she wished that Jay were gently inserting his finger in another damp place. She disciplined herself to listen. “Now make the opening bigger but ensure that the opening is even, like so.” Before her eyes with an apparent lack of effort Jay had produced a vase. He slowed the wheel and with the wire cut the base of the vase from the wheel. “See how easy that was.” He smiled. “Well I don’t expect yours will go so well but are you ready to have a go?”

Marla nodded and they changed position. Her first effort saw the clay spin off the wheel very quickly. They both laughed, Marla felt at ease in Jay’s company he never made her feel belittled if her efforts did not produce the works of art she craved. She threw the clay back on to the wheel, yet again despite her attempts, she couldn’t get the hang of this art. She looked at Jay, “Tell me why do you stay so patient with me when I produce this type of work?”

“You should relax more. If you are too tense you can’t ‘feel’ the clay as well. Look let me help.” With that he moved behind Marla and placed his hands over hers. “Now gently with that pedal. That’s it keep it steady.” His large hands covered hers and she smelt his scent as she leaned softly back into him. It was going reasonably well until their concentration was disturbed. There was a tap at the door it was the department head.

“Sorry to disturb your lesson Jay but I am calling it a night. Okay, you are the last people here so can you make sure everything is locked up when you have finished.” He closed the door and Marla’s heart skipped a beat, as here she was alone with Jay. Of all the times when she had dreamt of this in the shower as she undertook her daily pubic shave that would inevitably lead to her masturbating with the showerhead.

They returned to her work where the clay had now wilted. She decided to raise the stakes, as this may be her only chance. “Now, I am really not used to things wilting like that in my hands!” She laughed and was relieved that so did Jay. She wiggled her arse within the seat and made sure that by doing so rubbed all over his groin. She was certain that she felt that there was an unmistakable bulge forming. “Shall we have another go at this?” She asked while making sure she leant forward with her free hand ‘accidentally’ tugging the base of her t-shirt causing her fine 44DD to press against the white material. “Well, Jay what do you say, are we going to have another go? You seem a bit distracted, do we need to be going?”

“No, sorry it’s cool we can stay in here as long as you like. By all means lets have another try.”

Once more the clay was thrown into the centre of the wheel. Their hands massaged the clay until it was in a column. “Hang on Jay, let me do this bit on my own. I think I can do this.” Then very provocatively she ran her hands up and down the clay. She laughed, “See if I treat it like a cock I can cope! Can I make a dildo rather than a vase?”

She could feel a definite erection now sticking into her back. Jay laughed “Well it may not make a useable dildo but you can make a phallus. This is a historic type of art form that you are choosing. If you don’t mind me saying you have developed a very good method now.”

Without turning she responded, “This is over twenty years of providing hand relief actually.” Jay coughed, “I hope I haven’t shocked you?” She eased her foot from the pedal allowing the wheel to slow and then stop. Without turning she placed a hand behind her rear and felt Jay’s large erection. She rubbed his groin through his trousers before stopping.

Marla lifted herself out of the seat and turned to face Jay. His face was in line with her chest, he would have to be blind not to see the two prominent bumps in the material, as her rigid nipples strained against her top. “I know we are totally alone and are not going to be disturbed. We both appear to be more than a little turned on don’t we?” He nodded with his mouth open. “I hope that I am not going to regret this but shall we stop the lesson. I want to show you something that I am good at for a change.”

“I would love to see that Marla.”

“Why don’t you sit in that chair over there?” She gestured to a normal seat away from the pottery area. He sat with his legs apart and a visible tent in the material of his trousers. She knelt between his two knees, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan her hands resting on his lap, looked into his blue eyes. The room was silent but for Jay’s breathing which was getting deeper and deeper. This silence was then broken by the metallic sound of his zipper being opened by Marla. She had taken care to rinse her hands free of the clay to prevent dirtying his penis. She gently eased his stiffened dick out of his trousers before rubbing her hand up and down his shaft.

He shifted in his seat enjoying the expert attention of her hand. Her big brown eyes looked lustily up into his. “If you want to takes matters any further I must insist you wear a rubber, is that okay?” He nodded, she was certain that following her sensual handling he would agree, so she stopped. “I will just go to my bag then.” She placed three contraceptives on the table. “Shall we see if you can get through all of those?”

Tearing the foil packet she removed the contraceptive sheath from its wrapping. Her left hand held his shaft while she placed the rubber on the head of his penis. Using her right hand she gently unrolled the protection until he was completely covered. She jerked him slowly and smoothly while looking up at him. He was obviously enjoying the hand relief that she was giving him as his eyes closed and his head rolled back. Taking advantage of his inability to see her she lifted herself while continuing the hand job. Placing her head above his cock she looked at him and very slowly she encircled him with her mouth. Removing her hand she proceeded to slowly bob her head up and then down, then she flicked her tongue all over his head and the teat of the rubber. His head rocked forward as his eyes opened.

“Fuck me that feels good.” He said and his hands moved onto the back of her head. She felt his fingers snaking between her hairs and starting to close over the back of her head. She was then aware that his fingers had entwined at the back of her scalp. Then she felt him begin to pull down on the back of her head forcing him deeper and deeper into her mouth. When her husband does this to her she normally stops as it spoils her enjoyment but this time she felt the strength of Jay’s hands. She could smell his deodorant together with the unmistakable smell of his arousal and sex from his sweat. He continued to pull her face down on him as she swallowed him and his cock on a couple of occasions briefly hit the back of her throat.

She sucked hard his cock, while trying to stay relaxed, letting literally fuck her face. Her pussy was so wet as she got more and more turned on from being used purely for his sexual gratification. Looking up at him their eyes met and as Jay looked into her beautiful brown eyes his balls released his sperm into the teat of the condom. As he came she momentarily forgot he was covered and she suckled on him as she would with her husband fills her mouth with his seed.

“Thank you Marla.” He said as she let his shrivelling penis fall from her mouth.

“My turn?” She asked and he nodded. She stood, taking his hands, pulling him from the seat. Then she moved him and pulled him to his knees. Flicking her skirt over his head, she lifted her right leg placing her right foot on the chair, so that her open pussy was in front of his face.

From under the skirt she heard him exclaim. “You have a beautiful pussy Marla. I love the feel of a smooth shaven mound.” Then she almost jumped as he started to tongue and lap at her. He gave her oral in a very rough and manly way, lapping, sucking her outer lips before thrusting his tongue into her rapidly stiffening clitoris. It felt fantastic and she savoured his attention. She must be so wet as she could hear him slurping and slobbering over her sex. His sheer exuberance and rough passion was making her clit begin to throb lightly.

Sensing that her orgasm was imminent she gently leant on Jay’s shoulders. “Can I sit on your face while you lie down?”

“Mm yes…. Of course.” Jay replied.

As they moved Marla noticed a large mirror in the room. “Can I ask a favour?” She asked breathlessly.

“Sure.” Jay replied. Before she could reply he saw what she was looking at and grinned. “Very kinky, I’ll leave it propped against the back of the chair so you can see yourself.” As he went to get it she quickly stripped off her skirt. He turned and propped the mirror up and turned to see Marla pulling her top up and overhead. One of her full heavy tits Escort Şanlıurfa then the other fell out into the open. Jay approached her and clamped a nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard on her which was painful yet also pleasurable.

“Lie down!” Marla demanded and as he lay down she straddled his face slowly dropping her glistening pussy onto his expectant mouth. Rocking backwards and forwards he kept his head motionless with his tongue sticking out as far forward as he could. Looking in the mirror she felt waves of pleasure pulsing through her groin, she loved watching reflections of herself while she fucked or played. Her bust jiggled as she moved backwards and forwards over Jay. Her pussy brushed backwards and forwards over his face then he grabbed her hips. She was shocked as she felt his tongue start to circle around her arsehole before he pushed the tip of his tongue into her anus. This felt amazing then she began feel the onset of her orgasm.

Moving her hips back she thrust her pussy down on Jay’s face forcing him to run his mouth all over her moist lips. Then the first muscular contractions started as she started to cum. Looking in the mirror she saw her body covered with a sheen of perspiration from her exertions. Her ample breasts were swaying as her chest coloured red together with her neck and face as she came.

“Oohhhhhhh my god that’s so fucking good.” She screamed as she lifted her self from Jay’s face. As she moved she could feel her juices running from her pussy into her inner thigh like a slow bead of sweat. “That was really nice. Are you in a position to fuck me yet Jay, or do you need something to perk you up?”

“To get me hard can I fuck your magnificent boobs?” He asked. She nodded laying flat on her back. He stripped his clothes so that they were both stark naked. His cock swayed sexily as he walked towards her. He took is prick in his hand and started to pump his hand backwards and forwards to bring himself to life. Then placing his semi hard member between her tits she pushed her hands at the sides of her tits so that he was completely covered. She felt his cock stiffen as she clamped her breast all over him. He started to push forwards and before long he was fucking her chest with her sweat acting like a lubricant.

“Now you are ready, slip another condom on.” She then positioned herself kneeling on all fours in front of the mirror. She closed her eyes while she teased her right nipple with her hand. She heard the rustle and tear as Jay opened up another rubber. This was followed buy the sound of the rubber as he rolled it down his erection. Keeping her eyes shut she was quivering with anticipation as she waited for the moment she had imagined since she had first seen Jay. At first she sensed his heat behind her then a hand on the top of her right hip. Then the tip of his penis touched her entrance then very gently he slide forward filling her soaking pussy with his manhood.

Opening her eyes she saw him behind her with both hands pulling on her rear cheeks while driving in and out of her. She moved her legs so that whilst she was still on all fours she had closed her legs with Jay inside her. This tightened her cunt on him while he fucked her. Then he shocked her by at first gently spanking her bottom but the striking got a bit harder.

“You are a great fuck Marla. But I am punishing you for you unfaithfulness.” The smacks felt so good and with every stroke her boobs swayed forwards. She was getting such seeing to from Jay that she felt she was going to cum. Jay pulled too far back and popped out of her and before she had chance to say anything jay had forced himself back inside her. This hurt her but the despite the pain she started to orgasm. The ripples passed through her vagina so that Jay felt it, which spurred him on to increase his thrusts. By now he was getting carried away and this was getting too much for Marla who could barely stay upright so she lay face down on the floor. Jay took her wrists and held them together above her head. Her breasts were squashed down on the cold wooden floor of the classroom.

Jay pulled his cock almost all the way out then totally in. This continued for what seemed like minutes, looking forward Marla could see Jay’s face contort as her ejaculated. She could feel his cock twitch then he withdrew from her. She rolled round and pulled his hand. “Wait a moment.” She said as she reached down and removed the sheath from his penis. “I want to feel your spunk.” Taken the condom she lay back and then poured the hot sperm onto her breasts. “MMmmmm that feels lovely and warm. So tell me what did you make of my skills tonight?”

“Very good Marla, clearly there is nothing you can be taught sexually.” We tidied ourselves up before dressing and locking up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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