Married Man’s Night Out Ch. 2

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Thank you to everyone who read and voted on my story. Especially thank you to the people who took the time to respond to me. I appreciate it. I was asked by quite a few people to share the other time I went back down to Louisville while my wife was out, so here it is. I wish I could tell you it was as hot and exciting as the first time, but it wasn’t. It was hot and exciting, but the first night was better.

I went back down again a few days later. It was a Tuesday, not a weekend, but I had taken most of the day off for just that reason, to go back down and try again to duplicate my other nights experience. My wife was still out of town for a few days, and I had just talked with her the night before. I even managed to get through all the guilt feelings I had when we talked, and here I was again. I decided this time to skip the theater in Indiana, and go straight to Louisville. I had my list from the internet, and had even added a few spots to the list. I still had all my protection and such, and felt I was ready. I know my desires were on the upswing for the whole drive south.

When I arrived at the first bookstore in Louisville, it was around 12:30, lunch time there. I was hoping that would mean plenty of potential encounters. Walking in I noticed a different clerk, but that made sense, being a different time and everything. No one was standing in the hall area, and I figured maybe the clerk wasn’t friendly. I saw one of the booths I had been in was open, but the one next to it was occupied, so I stepped right in. Without dropping any money I just looked right in the glory hole and was rewarded by the site of two guys jacking each other while they kissed. I dropped some cash and proceeded to watch the show. I couldn’t see any facial details because they were kissing and going at it. They both were white, average cocks, both hard and stroking each other. As I watched one dropped down to his knees and proceeded to suck on the other. The guy getting sucked ran his hands around the others head, (I love that), and proceeded to guide his mouth all around his cock and balls. By now they knew I was watching, but just kept on going.

Finally, I saw the guy being sucked tense up and grab the other guys head. The guy sucking sped up and gave all he had and it appeared he was rewarded. I know he came in his mouth, the guy sucking swallowed it, or seemed to. I was hard as a rock then. I’ve always wanted to swallow, but never have because of safety issues. I guess I would need another married man like myself for that fantasy. After they finished, the guy on his knees stood up and they started kissing again. They looked like two lovers just engaged in some wonderful secret sex. I have always loved watching also, so this was just great with for me. They both left the booth and I flipped through the movies until my money ran out. Because no one had stepped into the adjoining booth, I walked out when my movie was over. The place seemed deserted, although lights were on in a few of the booths. I decided I had plenty of time, and went down the road to the second place I had such great luck.

This place was exactly like it was before. Seedy and dirty with a few men just standing in the hall. I became excited almost right away. I went into an open booth, and dropped a bill. Almost right away someone came into the next booth. I tried to look up to see who it was, but he was standing close to the wall, and I couldn’t see any of him except his lower body. He immediately pulled out his cock and started to stroke it to get hard. He was a white guy, and had an average size cock that swelled up nicely. I offered my mouth to the hole and he eagerly stepped up. He was clean, and I was thankful for that, however after sucking on him a few minutes, I pulled off to place a non-lubed condom over his cock. I then continued sucking him until he came.

With the condom in place I sucked him as greedily and as hard as he could take it. Finally, he had to withdraw, and did just that, I never was able to see what he looked like, not that I really wanted to, but sometimes I like to see their faces without them seeing mine. Nothing else happened in here for a bit, so I pulled out my list and decided to visit a new spot on the list. Just down the street was another theater. No booths, just two theaters. I paid my money and walked into the first one of the two. I was rewarded instantly by seeing two guys sucking together on a black cock. They didn’t even Ankara escort attempt to back away when I walked in the door. I figured this place had seen a lot of action. Watching, I almost was tempted to drop down and join them, but while I like watching, barging in on someone else’s action I was never into. (Unless invited). So in this case I just watched, along with about five other guys it turned out. As I watched, the black guy became week kneed and obviously shot off a load into their willing faces and mouth’s, it was quite hot to watch.

I decided to try the other theater after that. Walking in I didn’t see any aisle action, but I did see some sucking action going on in the rows of seats. I took an open seat in the rear and settled in to watch the action, thinking maybe something might arouse me enough to become involved. After about 20-30 minutes of watching the screen and the real action, the door swung open and a good looking guy, about my age walked in and stood next to my seat, allowing his eyes to adjust. After a few minutes, when I knew his eyes were just fine, I noticed he had not moved. If anything, he was a bit closer to me now than a few minutes ago. I looked over and he was rubbing his crotch through his pants. I became very intrigued. I wanted to see what he had to offer. He looked down at me and I decided to stand up beside him. Well we of course attracted some heads that turned our way. So giving them a few minutes to go back to the screen we just stood next to each other.

Heat was building, I could feel it and I’m certain he could also. I decided to make the first move. I reached down to his pants and rubbed his hard cock. Then I decided I was going to just suck him, right there. I undid his zipper and pulled his cock out. It was nice, 6-7″ hard as a rock, with a slight upward curve. I looked him in the eye, smiled and dropped down to my knees and began sucking on his cock. I worked over his head, then ran my tongue along his shaft and then sucked him down into my mouth again. I knew he was getting close, and he pushed me away and turned and jacked off facing away from me. I stayed down and watched from my close up view. It really is an interesting site watching a man cum. I like ‘shooters’ better than guys that just ‘dribble’ it out. He was a shooter. I almost wished he would have turned and unloaded on my face. I didn’t get any more action in those theaters. I watched some, but nothing that caught my attention.

I then drove a few miles more to another site from my list. This one was a combination hotel and bookstore type place. Maybe some of you in the Louisville area know it. I had never seen anything like it before. I walked into the bookstore only to find two couples shopping and laughing, having a good time with themselves. I would loved to have joined them, as couple action was always on my most favorite things list. There was also a very old and fat troll hanging around. He winked at me and it was all I could to keep from laughing. That may seem cold hearted I know, but that’s not my inclinations. While I was watching the couples, a black guy walked in to the bookstore. He looked over the movies, and went into the booth by the end.

As we went in, he motioned for me to enter the one next to him. I didn’t need any more convincing. I dropped some bills and looked into the large glory hole in the wall. He was already stroking himself. He was about 5’8″ a bit overweight, but he had a nice cock. It was at least 9″ and pretty thick. I wanted it. He offered it right up to me. In it came and I eagerly sucked on it. Willing him to push everything he had through that hole in the wall. The texture was smooth and silky. Nice and hard, he liked to flex it while I was sucking on it. The angle kept me from taking all of him into my mouth at once, but I was sure trying hard. After about five minutes or so he pulled out and I thought he might ask me to suck mine, something I didn’t want yet. When it comes to sex with men, once I get off, I am sometimes ready to quit. With women, I love to keep going, but with men, I find myself ready to bail out if I get off, so no matter how hard or worked up I get, I try not to get off until I am good and ready. But he leaned in and told me he had a room here at the hotel.

I had to think about that for a few minutes, well maybe one minute, and said lead the way. We walked out of the bookstore, and into almost the first room. I don’t know if anyone saw us or Ankara escort bayan not, but I didn’t really care. As soon as we were through the door, I dropped to my knees and he walked right up to me pulling out his cock. Now in the confines of this hotel room I felt pretty secure and he must have to because he began to talk dirty and nasty to me. Exactly the thing I have always like to get me really worked up. I started working his cock over harder and faster, getting it all wet and ready for me to try to take him all the way down my throat.

I sucked him that way for a bit, but because of his thickness and curve, couldn’t swallow all of it. I made that my goal. I wanted it all the way in, down to the base. I kept sucking and he kept up a litany of profanity, calling me a sweet whore and cock slut. The more he talked, the more I found myself sucking him harder and faster, trying to swallow his cock. He suddenly pulled out and asked me to lead over the bed with my head over the edge. I knew I would be able to deep throat him that way, but I can’t go very long in that position. As I positioned myself, he opened the curtains about a quarter of the way. I didn’t bother to complain. As along with watching, being watched is a big turn on for me. He then stepped back to where I was lying down and pulled me to the edge of the bed. Stroking his cock again, he took up the dirty talk and called me a sweet little white cock sucker.

He then proceeded to try to run that tool down my throat. That’s the problem with this position, while I can suck down more cock that way, overcoming the curve, I loose some control, and this guy tried to run it right home. I need a few seconds to adjust and fought him. After a few seconds, and when he had finally worked it all the way in, I relaxed and allowed him to do as he pleased. He began to fuck my mouth and throat. And he didn’t want to go to easy. He started a rapid movement than I had trouble breathing with. Finally I gagged quite a bit and he pulled back allowing me to catch a breath, then he went right back at it. He held my head in his hands, supporting me and proceeded to just fuck away. Moving in and out and rotating his hips around while he was deep inside my mouth. I fought the gagging again, but sometimes still lost and couldn’t help but choke on him.

At about this time he said someone was watching us through the window, but I couldn’t turn to see anyone, so I don’t know if that’s true or not. But it did excite me to think someone may have been watching. By now I was getting a headache and started to move back on the bed, trying to get a better position. He backed off and told me he was close to cumming and wanted to shoot off on my face. I was a bit disappointed, hoping maybe we would fuck. I wanted to get fucked. But I dropped down to my knees and he jacked off a few times then let out a long throaty moan and shot off all over my face. I kept my eyes closed and felt shot after shot hitting my face. When he was done I reached out for his cock to stroke it but he pulled it away and backed away. I went into the bathroom to clean up and as I did so looked at my face covered in cum. I found it almost unbearably exciting. I was covered in it. I wished I had had a camera to be truthful. But I cleaned up and left. My jaw and throat were sore, but I was hoping I would not be finished just yet, hell it was still early.

I left the room, looking around to see if anyone seemed to be paying attention to me. I didn’t see anyone and went back into the bookstore. The couples were gone, and in fact, I soon realized that the place was empty except for the clerks. I got back on the road and headed back north. The attendant at the theater said as long as I kept my ticket, I could get back in all day long. When I reentered the theater I was once again rewarded by some action going on in the back of the room. Two older guys were jacking each other off. I moved to the side were I could watch both them and the screen as my eyes adjusted. Eventually one of them bent over and sucked the other off.

After that show, I drifted back into the other theater. Again, nothing was really going on. When I was in college, I didn’t really hit theaters. First of all, there were really only a few around that I knew of, and those were back in my hometown. Not an overly interesting proposition. So I really didn’t have any experience with what to anticipate. I got that from reading the stories on line. So now Escort Ankara I knew the truth. On a slow Tuesday afternoon, there’s just not much going on! The movie seemed to be a blowjob special, so I hung around for a while to watch.

After about an hour I left the theater and stopped in to a strip club right across the street. Figured I’d kill some time watching pretty girls until office hours closed. Maybe get some action then. Well, I killed time, not to mention about $50 bucks!!!

At around 5:30 I headed back to the bookstore up the road, on of the sites that had proven so hot on my last trip. When I walked in, I could tell things were picking up. The place was crowded. At least five guys hanging around in the halls, and most of the booths seemed occupied. After a few minutes I went into a booth that as it turned out, didn’t have a glory hole. But it was covered in mirrors. No kidding. Walls and ceiling, something new again… I left the door ajar so I could watch the people moving around.

After a few minutes, a white guy, maybe my age, not bad looking at all, walked right up to the door, and opened it and walked in. I stepped back to make room for him. I noticed right away he had on a wedding band. I had intentionally left mine at home. He put some cash in the machine and turned toward me and said “hello”. Well, I wasn’t really interested in talking. I answered him and asked him if he was married. He replied yes and I asked if it was to a woman. He laughed a little and said yes again. He said he wanted his dick sucked. I reached down and began rubbing his pants. As his cock hardened up I could tell he was nicely hung. I slid down to my knees and unzipped his pants. As he moved to help me I grabbed his arms and said “no, let me do it”.

I proceeded pulled his pants down, and I began to suck his cock through his briefs. I could tell he was enjoying himself. I worked him over pretty good this way. Then after a few minutes of this I took the waistband in my teeth and pulled his briefs down. As I did this I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I had totally forgotten about them. What a shock, and a site. I had never watched myself with a man before. It was really quite a site and unbelievably hot. Looking right into MY eyes, I sucked his cock up into my mouth in one big attack. I attempted to suck him all the way down while never taking my eyes off myself. I worked him over, sucking him as hard and as fast as I could, then slowing down to enjoy his cock. I was completely enjoying myself.

So was he. He ran his hands around my head and was quite noisy in his enjoyment. I began to consider what I wanted when he came. My fantasy was to swallow, but in today’s world, I just wasn’t sure. He said he was married, but I was still nervous. I kept up my oral worship of his cock. I wanted to get fucked, but I was still considering how I might just swallow my first load of cum, ever. I could tell he was about to get off, and he even gave me a warning. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my mouth and throat. As I felt him tense up, and begin to unload, I pulled off him and took it on my face. Still didn’t have the guts to make that swallowing fantasy come true…

After he finished cumming, I sucked him back into my mouth and worked him over gently for a few seconds more until he pulled away. He pulled his pants up and stepped out and walked right out the door to the parking lot. I finished cleaning up, and looking at myself in the mirror, fought a huge wave of guilt. When I finished I too left the bookstore. As I headed north, I passed the other location I had had the success at the other night. I stopped in to check this place out one more time. The place seemed semi crowded, and I stopped to look over the display of what was showing in the booths. While I was standing there, a uniformed police officer walked in to the bookstore, and proceeded to walk through the booth area. This was a cop. Not a security officer, but the real thing. Well, hell, I figured I was finished anyway. I left, headed back to Indiana, and didn’t return.

It’s been a few weeks now since all this transpired. My wife and kids returned. Our life is normal, and everything is excellent. I still remember those two days, especially the first one. I also occasionally read the story I posted. I have considered sharing it with my wife. Not as a ‘hey that’s me’ thing, but as a ‘look at this story!’ Just to see what would happen. I ended up writing another story just for her. Something more along the lines of something she’d like. And she did. I posted it here also. I should have changed the screen name I used for that one, but I didn’t. I guess I do still do some dumb shit…

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