Married to a Bully Ch. 01

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He tossed around a few of her curly strands in between his fingers while his other hand stroked frantically up and down.

“I know you want this dick,” he mumbled, rubbing in the lotion.

His wide dick was now slick with the thick salve and he gazed over at her plump ass. Not consented to touch, he groaned low and closed his eyes, finding a favorable pace. He grunted out an occasional low curse toward the end, massaging out that built-up tension in the palm of his hand. Laying back on the pillow, he shook his head and chuckled to keep himself from crying at the dilemma he was currently in. He would soon be someone’s husband after praising himself as a professional bachelor.

It was all his family’s intentions, had Jeff had his way he would be on a tropical island with a harem of women who were willing and able to fulfill his needs. Had his stepmother been alive, he could have possibly persuaded her to give him his full inheritance and half of her real son’s portion as well. But she was dead, as was his father who was determined to conserve his legacy, even in the afterlife.

Jeff got up from the bed just as the alarm went off. He smashed the top of the clock that read, 5 am and he reached up and stretched his long arms. He kicked his towering legs out on the way to the bathroom, popping each knee bone. He wasn’t well rested but he had been up for a few hours, pondering his new lifestyle.

He washed the sticky semen off of his hand in the sink before dapping a bit of soap on his large palm. He then glanced back at the bed, at the small lump in the covers that was to be his future wife. She was 21 and legal, but she was 18 years younger than himself and a bit out of shape, nothing he would have deemed fit to even be his girlfriend a year prior. But there she was, the only woman in his life that disliked him, and the blessing was she would be a flexible spouse. Had she been smitten over him like all his other women, he wasn’t certain how he would feel. He wouldn’t have just jacked his dick at the sight of her round ass poking slightly out of the comforter, rather his dick would have been nestled deep in the wettest pussy he had ever had.

Anna had agreed to marry him with a pact made between them, Jeff was to help his young employee go to college and give her a quarter million from his four million dollar inheritance. After a few years, he would allow her to go on her way with her money and a new career.

He was entitled to one sex session with her a month. They agreed to it all one evening, her head on a silk pillow and his on another. He had rubbed her thigh that night and spent his one fuck a month then and there. He had not believed she would go that long without sex, and eventually fold. But it had been two weeks and even though he had his share of females, he didn’t think he could hold this sort of agreement.

Had he wanted her bad enough he could entice her with threats that had worked well in the past. He had always craved authority over a woman and her body. He wished Anna would give him that same luxury and she did to an extent but if he was honest with himself he was far too obsessed with her to have any true power. He found himself far too attracted to her even though she was a different kind of beauty than he was used to. It blew his mind how she had such an innocent face yet her body was what some strippers paid money to achieve.

The maze of curves started at her wide hips, a round ass bounced behind her when she walked, yet Jeff preferred her to spread eagle. Her fluffy thick thighs hid a plump mound that shielded a fresh pussy.

He enjoyed dipping the curve of his tongue in those wet folds especially after she had finished gushing her juices. His cock twitched as he envisioned her this way. Fuck an inheritance, he wanted the blessing of her creamy pussy unwrapped just for him. The thought sort of unnerved him and Jeff shook the feeling as he twisted on the shower and stepped in.

He pushed the thoughts of sexing his phony fiance to the side. While showering, he jacked his dick yet again, now with thoughts of his upcoming morning conquest. A brown-skinned woman with an enormous ass and a skillful tongue. His new ass fetish began when he moved here to Texas, he had always been a titty man, the larger the cups the better, but everything was bigger in Texas. The woman had once been a high school fling, the sassy woman was too flamboyant for his taste but he enjoyed her big mouth wrapped around his cock every morning.

All his women were beautiful in their own way, but Anna’s aunt was exactly his type. Blonde hair cascading down her slim waist and a pair of beautiful tits that the doctor excellently injected. Her face was plain but whenever he came over she highlighted her promising features and wore a desirable relaxed fit. He had stopped fucking her for a while, letting things cool off between him and his new fiancee but now it was time to tell her the truth and Jeff was eager to find out how it would all play out.

He ventured naked to the kitchen to Denizli Escort make a cup of coffee. Jeff took a sip of bourbon, before adding it to his cup, sipping slowly, he celebrated the subtle burn in his gut

When he returned to the bathroom, he applied a cream to his eyes, to reduce the darkness around his lids. He smoothed out his dark bushy brows and started a detailed trim of his beard, giving the lengthy hair a comb. He then proceeded to apply deodorant to his armpits and hair gel to his messy wavy hair. The process to make him look as good as he felt took an hour, forty minutes if he was rushing.

Once dressed for success, he adjusted his tie and walked to his large bed. He gazed a while at Anna’s covered frame. At 4’10 she was rolled into a small orb, her soft round cheeks were draped in cotton leggings. He didn’t understand how anyone could sleep like that, clothed and balled up. But for the past 16 days, he had peered over at her, rolled in the fetal position, and fast asleep.

“Get up.”

Jeff moved her torso and swallowed his urge to pop her chubby ass better yet, bend her over and fuck her tight pussy. After aggressively popping her cherry not even a month ago, he had fucked her a few times but each time came with more difficulty from the defiant bitch. He was to blame, he was an asshole and he treated her like every other person he came across.

“Anna, wake your ass up,” he spoke louder, expressing his current sexual frustration.

Anna’s head shot up to gaze at him in confusion. She had found herself sleeping so peacefully the past few nights, she would often forget whose bed she was in.

“It’s 6:13, you are opening today,”

Jeff wasn’t shouting but his voice was naturally deep and robust.

Anna didn’t know if she would ever get used to this arrangement. She wasn’t particularly fond of him nor his deep soothing voice that melted the masses. She placed the pillow over her head to get a few more moments of peace.

Jeff still stood gazing at her ass, wishing he could shake his obsession.

Anna’s mother was Dominican and her late father was of German descent. To be so exotic looking, she wasn’t alluring. Other than false lashes donning her eyes occasionally, Jeff had never seen her wear much makeup. She also kept things a bit wild between her legs, a hairy pussy, and dull lingerie hid his obsession with what was underneath. Thickness around her lower body and middle had been a letdown for Jeff when he saw her working at his store. He had spanked her fat ass one night for stealing from his business. Since then, he had craved the way the extra flesh had jiggled around his hand and eventually his tongue. She was unlike any he had ever had, nevertheless, she was adorable, her voice was soft and her eyes were big and always full of distress, reminding him of a lost puppy. He finally reached out and yanked the comforter off.

“Ugh!” She glared at him.

Jeff grimaced and his large hands pulled at her legs, bringing them around toward the edge. It was not an easy task as short thick legs kicked out around his groin.

“Stop it.”

“Stop it,” he mimicked in a soft voice.

His hands felt around inside her t-shirt to palm her small breasts, bringing the brown buds stiff.

Anna’s nose turned up when his large palms spread her thick thighs wide open. “Jeff, don’t.”

“Jeff. Don’t,” he mocked, bending down to lick the fabric of her leggings.

The familiar smell of the body spray she used had been lingering on his pillow and had coaxed his early morning masturbation. Sniffing it so close, instantly caused his dick to spring back to life.

“Stop it, you promised!” Anna’s face held a hint of blush at the raunchy act.

“Stop, you promised,”

Jeff inched his licks up toward her soft stomach, kissing around her belly.

She gave a soft sigh that sent his cock to jump. “Uh…Seriously, you said-” she started whining.

“I know, once a month,” he shook his head in bitterness, giving her small gut one last wet kiss.

Anna still had sleep in her eyes and it was too early to be putting up with his sexual advances. But what did she expect, she agreed to marry his horny ass.

Jeff removed his hard grip and Anna scowled and closed her legs before lifting herself. He gave her a heavy push back onto the bed.

“Stop it!” The pop of her small hand against his jaw made him smile and brought his dick to a throb.

She glared up at him, she had not wanted to get violent but he was pissing her off. Her anger was something she had never let show until she met the one person, who drove her to violence.

“Just leave me alone,” she pleaded, her heart racing in preparation for his next move.

He bowed down onto her and grabbed her jaw, the pressure of his weight on her and the sudden motion sent goosebumps to her skin.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

He smirked, “If I wanted it, I could take it. I know you want it.”

She shook her head even as his hand clenched her cheeks. He licked Denizli Escort Bayan at her pouted tan lips and laughed, “You need to brush your teeth, girl.”

His mockery sent her fearful expression back to fury, she pushed his arm away to no avail. He was strong, and since he had never mentioned the gym, she figured his strength came from the various legs he had hoisted.

Jeff chuckled and let her jaw go and Anna quickly leaped from the tall bed, “Why do you have to be an asshole in the morning?” she murmured.

She quickly headed toward the bathroom to go pee, she locked the door behind her. Once relieved she took a quick shower and brushed her teeth. She applied some deodorant spray before slipping into a brown collared shirt and walking out of the bathroom ready for the day. Anna shook her head and long brown curls fell around her shoulders. She was wrapping the small hairband back around her hair, into a ragged bun as she joined him in the kitchen.

Jeff looked picturesque standing at the counter in a light gray suit, pouring coffee into a thermos. Entirely too handsome to be such a slimeball, she thought. Regardless of how attractive he was, she would never fall for the douchebag.

“Good morning,” he grunted.

“You don’t have to wake me up. I have an alarm,” she murmured, opening the back door.

“Early bird gets the worm.” Jeff yanked at his bulge as he leaned against the counter. “Make sure you tell her today. Or I will tell both of them tonight,” he prompted her, giving her a sly grin.

The house dog Butler, wagged his tongue out when she opened the door. He rubbed up against her leg passing her to go into the house, she petted his shaggy coat. Anna filled his bowl with water before emptying two cups full of food into his bowl.

Jeff appreciated how helpful she was with his furry companion, if only she could assist him the same.

“Not too much, I don’t want him getting too big. I got you some pancakes,” he smirked, holding out the plate.

Anna turned her nose up, “What’s in it?” She looked at him skeptically.

“Why are you such a bitch in the morning?” he snapped and tossed the food in the trash. “I’ll feed you once a month.”

Anna simply shrugged and opened the door.

“Go tell her, I don’t want to be the one to break your aunt’s heart,” Jeff chuckled before taking a sip from his cup.

Anna rolled her eyes and shut the door behind her. She opened the gate to the side railing and went into the next yard, walking up to the backdoor. She let herself inside, there lived the only family she had residing outside of prison. Her aunt, Cindy, and her husband, Rod, along with their baby. The small family had once housed her, but after some heavy persuasion and bribery, she now dwelled next door with their neighbor and her boss. She had postponed telling her aunt that she was engaged, only because Cindy had once had a brief affair with her future husband. She was nervous about telling her but afraid for Jeff to blow them away with the news. “Morning,” she greeted radiantly, trying to cover her misery.

“Good morning, Anna,” Cindy greeted with a tight smile. “I’m surprised Jeff allowed you out of the house today.”

“I have to open,” Anna explained, grabbing the loaf of bread and almond butter from the counter.

“Should I ask Jeff about you picking your cousin up this afternoon?” Cindy asked.

“I can do it,” Anna smiled.

Cindy was bitter that her lover had claimed her niece and moved her into his house. Anna had been taking care of the chores around her house since moving in 10 months ago. Her son had grown accustomed to Anna and was always weeping around his mother. Since Anna had left, Cindy had rarely got a good night’s sleep.

“Rod has been so stressed at work, I have too. I mean, I could pick him up, but it will cost $30 for an Uber to town,” Cindy groaned dramatically.

“I’ll pick him up,” Anna assured, slapping the butter onto the bread.

If it wasn’t Jeff going out of his way to persuade her body, it was her aunt going out of her way to instruct her schedule.

“Jeff is determined to keep you away from your family, that should be a red flag,” Cindy warned.

Anna had only seen her father’s sister a handful of times before her life was turned upside down. Raised by her addicted mother, she was only 10 when her father passed away suddenly. Even before reaching adulthood, she had worked to keep a roof over her and her mother’s heads. Her mother’s incarceration led her to the one other family member she had left.

“And, I don’t understand why he is trying to put a wedge between you and your only cousin,” she frowned.

“He’s not,” Anna chuckled nervously.

Her aunt was right. Jeff was bad news but he had good money.

“I don’t see what the problem is, you could just stay here. I understand your interest in him but I think you would be more comfortable here. Me and Rod didn’t move in together until after college, I think you are going way too fast too soon,” Cindy advised.

Cindy Escort Denizli moaned inside thinking of him, she missed him and her tone turned aggressive instantly.

“Seriously Anna, What would your father have thought about you moving in with a man his age? You two aren’t having unprotected sex are you?”

Anna shook her head, she was cool-headed even with the shady guidance her aunt was throwing her way.

“He’s only 39.”

She could hardly recall her father and he had left her money, that her mother had blown away on dope. Using Jeff’s privilege and fortune, she could improve her life. She sort of felt she had a new daddy to take care of her, even if he was an insensitive prick.

Cindy was staring at the back of her niece’s voluptuous body with a troubled expression, “He’s old and he’s not all that good-looking, Anna. Come on, plenty of guys your age around here. Hispanic guys and black guys, they love bigger women,” she smiled. “I don’t want you to settle for any old thing. Trust me, I’m married to an old white man,” Cindy giggled.

Anna tried not to laugh as she wrapped the plastic around the sandwich, because now she knew her aunt was embellishing. As far as old, Jeff was aged well, a few strands of gray dotting his full dark beard. His hair was for the most part neatly done. He spent more time getting himself dolled than she did. She would have considered him good-looking, had it not been for his vicious demeanor. Anna grabbed the baby, giving her attention to him instead of his dissatisfied mother.

“I’ve got the car seat in the back but you might have to adjust it. Rod put it in his car yesterday,” she explained.

Anna just nodded, shifting the baby playfully up and around. He giggled and smiled at the action, she had missed him. Jeff had tried to convince her that the child was not her responsibility and that her aunt was using her as a free nanny.

“Oh, and I’ll need you to pick up some formula on the way home. Actually, I have a list here and you can get everything while you’re out, and if you get off early you can stop by the pharmacy. They close at 5,” she said, placing the paper on the counter. “That is if Jeff will allow a pit stop,” Cindy added, rolling her eyes.

Anna ignored her comments as she spun with the baby around her waist, “Anna are you listening to me?”

“Yeah, formula,” Anna repeated. She fought the urge to snap at her aunt but the Jeff shade was annoying her.

“This is the list, if I think of anything else I’ll shoot you a text, Josh needs to be picked up by 6 and I am texting you his grandmother’s address right now.”

Anna put the baby on her hip, walking toward the front door with the diaper bag on her arm. She cringed at seeing Jeff’s large frame at the glass door.

“I thought you might need some help,” he said, grabbing the bag.

Cindy strolled over toward the door, noticing Jeff on the porch, “Jeff, could I speak to you for a moment.”

“No,” he replied, giving her a grim glance.

He walked with Anna over to her aunt’s car and together they strapped the boy into his seat.

“She should be helping you,” Jeff commented

“Get in there, little man,” he smiled at the baby, fastening the buckle.

Anna looked at Jeff oddly, she had never seen him be so gentle before and it warmed her to know maybe he was a good person.

“We will never have to do this.” He pointed toward the car seat. “I’ll get Marsha to clean up, so don’t speed,” he advised.

Marsha was Jeff’s daily quest and Anna’s coworker, the two fucked for hours each morning before the woman started any of her professional labor.

“Thanks for helping me,” Anna said, moving her aunt’s seat to accept her short legs.

“If I’m going to be your husband, I have to look after you, I guess. Did you tell her?” He asked.

Anna’s eyes told the truth and Jeff rolled his, “Dammit, girl, If I have to do it, I will-“

“No, just give me one more day, please, she was in a good mood today,” Anna lied.

Jeff shrugged it off, closing the car door before making his way toward his yard. He headed toward his house to grab his keys and when he retreated, Cindy stood at his door. Her facial expression made his eyes twirl, her luminous smile was a bit too bright. He knew exactly what she wanted.


“Could I come in and talk?” She asked, batting long eyelashes.

“I’m late,” he explained and moved past her slim body to close the door.

Cindy caressed the soft bulge on his suit pants and got his attention.

“You hardly come over anymore, I can’t help but think you don’t miss me,” she smiled.

Jeff wanted to laugh but instead, he opened the door back wider and allowed his future-in-law inside.

Cindy strolled in and took in everything she could, never being inside his house. She found it a bit more put together than she could have imagined.

“Is Anna doing a lot of housework here too?” She asked, taking a seat on the couch.

“She’s not my fucking maid she’s…” Jeff sneered, he didn’t have to explain what would be revealed later that night.

“It looks nice,” she smiled.

“What the fuck do you want Cindy? I can’t figure out how you have time to come over here and make me late for work but you can’t take your brat to daycare,” Jeff argued.

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