Mary, The Damsel in Distress Pt. 01

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I got out of the meeting and walked through the door to the outside world. The heat was heavy as the warmth rose off the concrete and tarmac of the busy city streets. I loosened my tie. Squinting up at the sun, I took a deep breath, stepped out onto the street and thought back on the events of the last hour.

My business partner and I had a presentation with some potential investors, and even though it had been a success, I simply wasn’t cut out for this type of endeavor. I was the artistic, creative side of this relationship, so felt stifled by talk of numbers and profit, and started to drift. From now on, I would leave that boring stuff up to Jimmy and just be fully absorbed in being an artist.

It felt good to be outside and I closed my eyes as a cool breeze swept across me. The city was alive and I felt free, so I walked around a little before heading back to my car. I had nowhere to be, no one waiting for me, so I just wandered. I walked past restaurants, a park and a strip mall then headed down a side street that I’d never been down before.

The vibe changed. I was in a seedy part of town all of a sudden and noticed I was walking past porno theaters, strip clubs and strange little hole-in-the-wall places selling sexual paraphernalia. I didn’t think places like this still existed, but here they were.

Then, there were a few streetwalkers out and while I looked them up and down, I didn’t partake. I started feeling a little twitchy, however, and a pretty girl to fuck sounded pretty good right about then. I hadn’t ever been to a prostitute before, but had thought about it on occasion. It was a fantasy I’d often had but the right opportunity had never arisen. Fuck it, if the right girl came along now, I would see where it went. I deserved a celebratory treat.

I took a detour, not wanting to go home just yet. This part of the city was too interesting to just rush through, anyway. A few blocks up, I noticed a guy leaning against a wall. He looked at me, nodded, then said “Hey.” He was wearing a shirt and shorts and didn’t look like a drug dealer or a Scientologist. He didn’t look like a pimp either, but I slowed down and looked at him quizzically. He gestured with his head for me to go over to him and for some reason I did.

“You looking for a girl, man?” he said to me. Maybe I was. He must have read my mind, or maybe everyone in this part of town was looking for something.

“Why, what’s up?” I asked him.

“She’s young and hot. You wanna come meet her?”

Was he for real? Was this a trap? Was he gonna take me in the alley and try and rob me? I was a pretty tough guy and bigger than him so I figured I could stay out of trouble. Plus, I was feeling weirdly dangerous, like a beast liberated after being held captive. I’d had a drink and was feeling loose. I kinda wanted to see where this was going.

“Yeah, maybe. What’s the deal?” I was actually thinking about this.

“She’s really cute. She can suck your dick or you can fuck her.”

“Well, I…” I started to feel uncomfortable now, out of my zone, so I just shrugged.

“Whatever, man. You wanna fuck a teenage girl or what?”

I stood there with the sun beating down on my head, weighing up the pros and cons of the situation. I wasn’t particularly worried about my personal safety, but more the moral implications of paying a young woman for sex, and then her paying a pimp. It felt dirty, but then I realized that was what I was looking for, something dirty, something extreme. I was bored and needed inspiration.

He walked down the alley and then turned to me. “Come on,” he said and I followed him, keeping alert. I found myself in this little courtyard area between a couple of buildings and this dude was standing by a young girl. She was super cute and not looking like she’d been doing this long. She didn’t have the jaded, hardened appearance normally associated with the profession and I immediately felt for her.

“Well, what do you think, man? You wanna fuck her?”

I was now faced with a dilemma. She was hot as hell and I could afford it, so it wasn’t a matter of money or desire. If she had been some older chick, or someone who looked like they might be a seasoned professional, I probably would have gone for it. But this girl looked sweet and innocent, like some of the younger girls I saw in my neighborhood. I felt bad for her and wondered what was going on.

I shook my head and turned to leave. I heard her voice calling to me, “Please sir,” she said pathetically and I turned around. Her voice chilled my heart and I wondered why she had asked me back. I looked at her and saw pain in her eyes. What the fuck was going on? Now I felt like I couldn’t leave her, so I walked over.

“OK, how much?” I asked her, trying to be gentle.

“Hey dude,” her pimp said. “You negotiate with me.”


“She’ll suck you off right here in this alley for 80 bucks. Or there’s a room through that door with a bed and you can fuck her for Şanlıurfa Escort 200.”

I didn’t exactly know what I was going to do once I got in that room, if I was going to fuck her or just ask her what was going on, but I wasn’t going to leave. I looked in my wallet. I had 150 bucks. “I have 150. But I want it all,” I tell the guy. I wanted to get her alone now.

The girl just stood there, trying to smile and look pretty. He scowled. “Fine. Just gimme the fucking money. It’s through there. You have 30 minutes,” he said and pointed to a door. I gave the the guy the cash. The girl took me by the hand and walked me over, then opened the door and I looked inside. It was a small, dimly lit room with a mattress on the floor; pretty grim. There was a sheet on the mattress, but I assumed it wasn’t clean.

I don’t know how many times this poor little thing had been fucked in this horrible room, but I couldn’t imagine she’d been doing it very long. “What your name, sweetie?” I asked her, trying to be kind. I still didn’t know what I was going to do, but I closed the door behind me.

“Tiffany,” she said, moving towards me. She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me, then started stroking my tie. I touched her waist and was transported by her presence. She reached down and unzipped my fly. She got on her knees, took out my cock and started toying with it with her tongue. She looked up at me and took it in her mouth. She had been instructed well. I stroked her hair and all the ideas I had about not fucking her vanished completely. I justified in my mind by telling myself I was being gentle with her.

She took my cock out of her mouth, and she was out of breath. “Come on,” she said and led me to the mattress. She sat me down and slipped he dress over her head. She had deliciously budding little apples and I couldn’t resist touching her. She lay down and opened her legs for me and morally, I was a lost cause. I kissed her blooming rose and she reacted a little to my kiss. She arched her back as I worked on her clit with my tongue. I don’t suppose any guy had ever really done this to her, because I assumed that before she started doing this, she had been a virgin and was treated badly since.

She let out some sighs and moans and I could tell she wasn’t faking it. I wanted to make her come so I kept going, lapping at her rosebud as her pulse quickened and juices flowed. “Oh! Oh….wow…you…uh…” is all she could say as her climax hit. She lifted her legs in the air and let out some lovely squeaks and squeals of pleasure. “Damn…” she said and looked at me. “No guy ever…um…”

“Made you come?” I said. I felt a little better about taking advantage of her bad situation. She nodded sweetly, looked embarrassed and then I felt really sorry for her. She was a real sweetheart and shouldn’t have been doing this job.

“You wanna fuck me now?” she said, then looked down by the side of the mattress.

She handed me a rubber and I slipped my trousers and boxers off. She stroked my cock a little to get me ready and I put the condom on. I lay down. She sat astride me and pressed herself down on my cock.

“Oh!” she said again, involuntarily. I was a big guy and she was tight and tiny. I held her around the waist and eased her down on my cock, slowly. She made a face that told me it hurt a little, so I asked if she was OK. She smiled and then started grinding on me. “I’m fine, thank you, Sweetie,” she said and although I was too far into this to change my mind, I felt horribly guilty again.

I sat up and kissed her. She put her legs around me and it actually felt like we were making love, not fucking. I caressed her tiny titties as her ass moved up and down on my shaft. “That feels good, baby,” she said. I didn’t think she was lying, although obviously she’d been instructed by her pimp to call her clients “Baby” and “Sweetie.”

“You are beautiful,” I said, and she cuddled up to me. I held her close as I felt my orgasm rise. I told her I was gonna come and she sped up, and started really grinding on me. We were both moaning, groaning and sweating and she giggled as I nibbled on her ear. I played with her titties some more as I exploded into the rubber. I would have liked to have filled her with my cum, but it was better this way. She kissed me again, and smiled sweetly.

I pulled out and she lay down, stretched out. She was out of breath and looked at me, appearing a little less vulnerable than before. “What’s your name, Sir?” she asked me.


“Thank you, Richard. You’re much nicer to me than the others.” I felt bad for her again and I could see her mind was racing. “Richard, You…wanna…um…see me again?” she asked shyly, but with wide eyes.

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Well, I…um…” She was afraid, I could tell. She was trembling a little bit and her face was white. “You were nice and kind to me but those other men, they…” It looked like she was going to cry and I Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan felt horrible.

“They what?” I asked her as gently as I could.

“They hurt me,” she said softly and looked away. I was speechless. She looked at me again, “Will you come and see me again?” she said with desperation in her voice. What was she really asking me here? She was obviously miserable, with good reason, and wanted out of this. Now that I’d had my disgusting way with her, my moral indignation returned.

“Listen, Is that guy forcing you to…?”

“Well, he…never mind. Yeah. He needs money. And…”

“And you’re his ticket?” I wanted to go out there and punch this guy, although I wasn’t much better. “Can you get away, Tiffany?”

“My name is Mary.”

My mind started racing. I lived alone. I had some money. I could take her in for a while, I could save her, be a decent person, not some creep. I felt for her and wanted to come to her rescue. But I didn’t trust her of course. Was she hustling me? Was this some plan they had hatched together? “You got an ID, Mary?” I asked her.

She looked puzzled, but reached into her purse and handed it to me. She was too young to be doing this, but she hadn’t lied. Her name was Mary. “Mary, you wanna get away from this?”

“Oh god, yes. Yes, please. I can’t do this. I should be in school. I…”

She started to cry. I handed her her dress and tried to comfort her.

“You wanna call me sometime? Maybe I…”

“No, no! Take me with you now. That guy…he’s my Dad. He’s in serious debt. He told me there are bad people after him…please…he’ll force me to…” she went on and on, with wild eyes. She was shaking and I believed every word she said. It was worse than I thought, and now I felt even more awful about misusing her. “I can see you’re a kind man, Richard. Just get me away from here, please.”

“But how, I…”

“There’s another way out.” She pointed to a second door. I sat there thinking. I felt all kinds of shitty. I felt shitty for her awful situation and even shittier that I had just fucked her. My guilt turned to righteousness and I decided to help her, but I hadn’t thought out how or why yet.

“You sure? You don’t even know me, Mary.”

“Listen, Richard. I…I can’t do this for another day. I’ll die.” She started crying again. “Please help me,” she said and held her head in her hands pitifully.

“Come on then,” I said, standing up. I shouldn’t have made her beg. I was such an asshole. We got dressed and went out the other door. She started jogging down a corridor and then through a door and onto the street. She looked around. I felt that heat again. “Are you parked somewhere, Richard?” she said, and looked at me with searching eyes.

“Yeah, this way.” There was a sense of urgency and we walked quickly down some side streets towards my car. We got in and she immediately put her head down to hide.

“Please drive,” she begged me. I drove off and got away from there as quickly as I could. I wasn’t really thinking, I only knew I couldn’t leave her in that room. If she had tricked me, then she was a really great actress. She checked her phone, then turned it off. She sat up in the car, and as we got further away, appeared to relax a little though she kept checking the mirrors. I wasn’t sure I wanted to head straight to my apartment, so I took her to an out of the way café first to talk.

“You feel safe enough to hang out here for a while, Mary?” I asked her. She nodded. “Are you hungry?” She nodded again. We went in and I let her order whatever she wanted. I had a coffee and looked at her. She was younger than I realized at first. She looked innocent and I felt horribly guilty about everything. “Mary, I’m so sorry that I…”

“That you rescued me?” she interrupted, eating furiously. Poor thing was half starved. I let her eat in peace for a while.

“Y’know…I’m no hero but I’m not a bad guy. I don’t normally, um…” I went on awkwardly, after a few minutes.

“Fuck teenage prostitutes?” she whispered. There was no laughter in her voice.

“No. No, I don’t. I’m sorry.”

“I could tell you were different, Richard. Is that really your name?” she asked and I nodded. It was.

“Eat your food and relax, Mary.” She ate like she hadn’t eaten in a day and then smiled at me a little. There was a beautiful, bright spark in her eye and I knew I had done the right thing, eventually. When she had eaten enough to sate her hunger, she told me everything. She let loose about how her parents were drugs users and how her father had got into debt and then fallen in with these loan guys. She had been forced by him into that room to get enough funds to pay them back. It had been every day for 8 or 9 days. 10 guys a day.

She said they had all hurt her and been cruel but I had been different. I felt awful, truly awful, but I was glad to have helped her. It appeared as if she didn’t hate me, even though Escort Şanlıurfa I thought I was was as in essence as bad as all those others. “Do you go to school, Mary?” I asked her. She did. She said she couldn’t go back there now, though. I asked her if she wanted to go to the police, but she wasn’t sure. I asked her if I could drop her off somewhere, at a friend or a relative and she looked horrified.

“You wanna stay with me for a while and we can figure out what to do?” She nodded. I needed to redeem myself for the stupid, evil thing I’d done, and it was worth the risk.

“Please. I have nowhere else to go, I…” She started crying again and I tried to be of comfort, but didn’t want to touch her again. I sat back and thought about what I was going to do. I ran through all this stuff in my mind, although it wasn’t too clear yet. I called my business partner and told him I needed a week or so off. I could work from home, being an artist and everything.

Mary was very apologetic but I reassured her that I wanted to help. So, with some trepidation, I took her back to my apartment. I lived in a 2-story, beige-colored complex in a decent part of town, but it wasn’t fancy. There were 8 apartments in this one building all with doors directly to the street, although I was on the second floor so it had to be reached via some stairs and a balcony. The front windows looked out over and main drag, with the courtyard and communal swimming pool visible from the rear.

We went in and Mary sat down on the couch as I tried to help her relax and feel comfortable. “Let’s just cool out for a bit and we can figure out what we’re gonna do with you,” I said, trying to act like a responsible grown up. She nodded. She wasn’t old enough to drink, so I got her a soda out of the fridge and sat down in a chair opposite her.

She lay down and went to sleep and I got some work done on my laptop. After a few hours, it was dark outside and I woke her up with some soup and bread. Again, she ate furiously and looked at me gratefully. I yawned and stretched out. She asked me if I wanted to go to bed and I shrugged, thoughtlessly. Mary stood up and walked over to me, then pulled her dress over her head and threw it on the floor. I sat there, marveling at her incredible petite body with those perfect, tiny breasts. She only had panties on and she was the best thing I’d ever seen.

I was instantly aroused, but looked away. “What are you doing, Mary?” I asked her, then picked up her dress and handed it to her.

“Oh,” she said, surprised. “I had assumed you’d want…um…sex in exchange for helping me, I…” She broke off, looking vulnerable and sad. I didn’t know what to do or say. Of course I still wanted her, but I needed to do the right thing and I couldn’t take advantage of her again.

“Mary. You’ve had enough guys treat you like…like a…commodity. I’m not gonna do that to you again.” She looked at me with some confusion in her eyes.

“I don’t mind, Richard,” she said, rather tragically.

“This couch folds out into a bed. I’ll sleep here, OK? You can take the main bedroom,” I told her. I needed her to know that I wouldn’t hurt her, that I wasn’t like those other men. She put her dress back on and I caught one last precious glimpse of her beautiful body, before sitting down on the couch. I actually wasn’t tired, so I put a movie on and Mary sat next to me and watched it as well. I was into classic cinema and foreign films, but she didn’t seem to mind.

After a while, she cuddled up. I wasn’t sure how to react, but it seemed innocent enough. It didn’t feel like some come-on or a hustle and as long as I kept my hands to myself, it felt alright. I figured she was scared and alone and had found someone she thought she could trust. I grabbed a big blanket and wrapped it around her. She cuddled up even more and we relaxed and watched the film. She seemed to enjoy it and even laughed a few times.

A little while later, she looked at me and kissed me on the lips, softly. I felt electricity between us, but pulled away. Maybe this was how she expressed herself, or maybe she thought she needed to get me to like her. Maybe she was afraid I’d kick her out if she didn’t seduce me, even though I thought I’d made that clear. Maybe she liked me and wanted intimacy, but if that was the case, her judgement was impaired by recent trauma.

“You don’t need to do that, Mary,” I told her.

“Do you not want me to?” she said, and appeared genuinely confused.

“I want you to feel safe here and get back on a good path.”

“Well, I like this path so far,” she said and kissed me again, this time her lips lingered. I wasn’t going to fuck her again after she told me she had been abused and sold off, so I just held her tight and turned my face back to the television.

“You’re safe now,” I told her, trying to be of comfort. I wasn’t lying and I had to admit that I felt like a good man for the first time in a long time. After a little while, she fell asleep again, so I carried her to the bed and tucked her in. She looked angelic and my heart swelled for her, knowing all the things she’d been through. I went to leave, but she woke up.

“Stay with me, Richard, please,” she whispered. I was unsure what to do.

“I don’t think…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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