Maryann, Janice, Two Black Men

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MaryAnn had retreated to her haven, the computer room. She was a recent widow. The loneliness of widowhood is depressing, especially for a vibrant woman who, along with her late husband, always pushed the boundaries. She knew of all sorts of ways to banish the tedium, and she was sure she’d have the backing of her late husband if he were here. Their marriage wasn’t the traditional one defined by a religious society. Still she didn’t dare try anything outlandish to banish the tedium.

Online she had the cover of anonymity. Excitement, even if it was only about imaginary things, was a mouse click away. Sex of all sorts was available, usually imaginary, but sometimes imagination became reality. One of her most exciting real life adventures started by her chatting with a guy in a room devoted to dominance and submission. It ended in a realistic phone sex session followed by a trip to Chicago where she lived out a fantasy. And to judge by his enthusiasm in whacking her ass with a rolled up newspaper then fucking her hard, so did the guy she traveled 1700 miles to see.

Lately she had been frequenting a chat room devoted to MWF (married white female) in black bar room. No doubt what the fantasies were there, and they were exciting. Every now and then a fantasy came with a twist. One night her chatting was interrupted by an Immediate Message.

Janice: Hello. I’m Janice, age 36, a MWF in Phoenix. Have you actually been with a black man?

MaryAnn: Yes.

Janice: Was it as good as you expected? Was it different?

MaryAnn: I don’t know if it was “different.” He was a very nice man. I’d have been happy to date him under most any circumstance. But the sex? That night, with that man, it was wonderful. It wasn’t all his doing either. I contributed to the ambiance of it. He said I was wonderful too.

Janice:LOL I’m a bored housewife and really am tempted. Wish I had the nerve. I’ve never done it with anybody but my husband.

MaryAnn and Janice continued their chat over the next few days. Janice had been going to a health club for workouts. Usually a couple of younger, buff black guys were in there. Both flirted with her. She wasn’t sure if it was because she was white and pretty, or because they just teasing. In any case she loved the attention and wondered “what if.”

Then one day MaryAnn saw her online and sent her an IM.

MaryAnn: You know Phoenix is a relatively easy drive if you have a CD player with good music. Would you like me to come over to see if you and I can chase away that boredom? We might start our effort at that health club where you work out.

She didn’t really expect an answer. She wasn’t even sure she was talking with another woman let alone a redhead 5’5″ 134 lbs and size 36 D boobs. Anonymity does wonders for the imagination.

But, the answer wasn’t what she expected. “May I call you? I think we might have something going here.”

MaryAnn agreed to the call, and was pleasantly surprised that the voice on the other end was indeed that of a woman.

“Do you think my wanting to have an affair just for the thrill of it is crazy,” Janice asked?

“Sure is, but thousands of women, and practically all men, think about it. Many of them follow through. Some regret it but lots of others get away with it and cherish the adventure the rest of their lives. I guess you’ll have to decide how important it is.”

Janice continued with her worry. “But I want to do it with a black man. I don’t know what to think of that.”

MaryAnn giggled, “Stop thinking, love. It will befuddle your brain. But you should consider why you think that way. Remember for your entire life you’ve been told that interracial dating, let alone interracial sex, is something that just wasn’t done. You are now like a little girl who decides to pee standing up because she’s always been told to sit or squat. You might end up doing nothing more than pissing on your legs, but you might find that the audacity of your wild affair will be one of the most exciting things you ever did. And you won’t ever know unless you try.”

“Then you think I should do it.”

“If you’re asking for advice it’s oh hell no. The only sensible thing is skip it. Flirt with those guys but go home alone.”

“I thought you did it. And you said it was wonderful.”:

“It was indeed. Maybe I just got lucky. I don’t know. But it was a fantastic roll in the hay. And, frankly, I’d do it again if the opportunity arose.”

“There are two of them who come to the health spa. Would you like to come over.”

Now MaryAnn was on the spot. It would be an easy trip and she could use the break, but what then?

She asked, “Sounds interesting, but what are the chances of our actually . . . uh, actually dating the guys?

Janice giggled, “You mean fucking them?”

Now it was MaryAnn’s time to giggle, “Yeah, and I hope you don’t plan on doing it on the exercise bike.”

“Let me talk to them. I’ll drop some strong hints, tell them I’ll xnxx have a friend who might be coming over. Would it be too forward if I told them what you look like?”

“Well, it would seem fair. If they are interested you’ll find out. Emphasize I’m forty-three. I don’t want to be embarrassed by having them back out because of my age. Otherwise I’m fit. That ought to work well with our meeting in a health club. I’m five-three and weigh a hundred twenty-three. The exact numbers are important because really buff people are precise. And if it comes to that you can tell them that I’m a 32C.”

“Gee, you sound just like the pic you sent me. May I describe you in your negligee?”

“I’ll leave it up to you. You surely want to pique their interest.”

A week later MaryAnn was on her way across the mountains and into the miles of desert. When she got within range of a relay station, she called her friend from her cell phone. Janice answered, “Hi. You on your way.?”

“Yep, the fat is in the fire. You up to the big moment?”

“I hope so. My husband is gone for the week, but I can’t invite you to stay with me. If we bring a couple dudes home it’d make the neighbors too interested. You okay on the directions to the motel?”

“Yes and I’ll pick you up at your place at two thirty. We can go to the club from there. I suppose we can take along a change of clothes to wear after our workout, maybe a skirt and blouse. Oh and I won’t wear panties after I change.”

Janice was curious, “You said I should play the seduction game until we actually do it. Won’t the panties will be a give away.”

“Trust me, if you hold back until you can’t wait any longer he’ll just get more and more ardent. How did you think cunnilingus got started? Acting the coquette simply makes it better and better. Foreplay is the best part of sex. And if things turn sour you can find it out early. From your description of the guys it wont turn sour though. Somewhere before long into the game your guy will find an excuse to pat your ass and when he realizes you aren’t wearing skivvies, his interest level will go off the charts.”

“Oh god, MaryAnn, you make it so exciting.”

“It’s just like foreplay, Janice. Getting the warmies aren’t you?”

“Jesus yes.”

“Me too. I’ll call you when I’m on the way over. I’ll also tell the clerk at the motel we expect to have some folks over for a meeting. We don’t want to arouse any undue interest.”

That afternoon a petite middle-aged woman with size 32 C boobs, and her taller friend, a striking redhead with larger knockers walked into the Scottsdale branch of the “Forever Young Health Clubs of Central Arizona.” The place wasn’t crowded, but there were two young black men exercising nearby. Janice waved and said, “Hello there. I brought my friend.”

Janice said to MaryAnn, “So far so good. Why don’t you try out that treadmill? I bet you have company ere long. I’ll stick my ass on a bicycle, and see if I don’t also get some company.”

A treadmill was just what MaryAnn would have been looking for in any case. She was an exercise freak. She set it so she would be running slightly uphill and programmed in the speed at six miles per hour, a jogging pace she could keep up for twenty-six miles. . Even if the young guy chickened out she could use the exercise, and she loved it. Soon she was lost in her imaginary chat with her husband.

“Well, love of my life, look what I’m doing. I’m actually trolling for a good fucking, probably several of them. We have set the bait, and we are it. How do I look, darling, my tits bouncing jauntily?”

Another eighth of a mile on the odometer and she continued, “You always love to watch me Ron, and with a little luck I’ll be back in action this afternoon. If this turns out as exciting as it figures to be just remember I’ll be thinking of you standing there by the bed, your cock hard as a rock as you watch me go bonkers. And don’t try to compare sizes, I will be with one of the fabled African Americans and you know what they say about that?”

“What do they say,” came the response? But it didn’t come from the beyond.

She looked over at the adjacent treadmill and there was one of the guys Janice had told her about. Sure enough she had company, but was he a mind reader? “Oh my god! How did you know what I was thinking?” For all her savoir faire MaryAnn was disconcerted. The guy she had been thinking about was jogging along with her.

“You were moving your lips and I made out the last few words.”

MaryAnn appraised the guy. He was young, tall, and handsome just as advertised. Best of all he seemed to have a quick with. She loved smart people.

“Well, if you heard anything more, keep it to yourself. Say, you don’t work for NSA do you? With an uncanny ability like that they wouldn’t even need to wiretap. You’d be invaluable.”

“Nope, I’m just a poor college professor. I teach American Literature down the road at the big university.”

“Hey, we’re kindred. bakire porno I’m a journalist and my favorite subject at the big school up the road from San Diego was American Literature. I loved it and I loved by professor. She made American writers come to life just as they made America come to life. By the way, I’m MaryAnn from San Diego.”

“And I’m Jason. We do have something in common. We both can read, and you can write,” said Jason. “Who are your favorite American Authors?”

“Well Mark Twain of course, but he’s everybody’s favorite. I also liked to read the earlier ones, even relatively unknowns such as Cotton Mather. And Benjamin Franklin was a writer before he was a politician and a statesman. I liked Thomas Paine for showing the world that one does not have to have a god to be a thinker, even though the country he helped create has ignored him for just that reason.”

All this while both were running about six miles per hour. Their words were timed to come out between huffs and puffs, but both were running easily. MaryAnn noted she had just turned one mile. If all else failed she was getting in a pretty good workout. She also felt that if the running was cut short as she hoped the exercise wouldn’t be over.

Jason continued the conversation, “Who among the more modern writers? Have you read James Baldwin?”

“Yes, I think I read all of them. Another Country was my favorite. Baldwin got me early in the first chapter when Rufus Scott seduced Leona, the petite blond woman.” She looked at Jason and gave him a big smile.

“Did you think it was erotic? It happened so fast.”

“My god Jason we got right to sex, even though in an oblique way.” Then she continued. “Yes it was erotic. It happened fast, but you know a girl can read the good parts over and over.” She wondered what he might think of that. In fact she wondered what she wanted him to think about it.

He returned her smile and said, “If we’re going to talk about sex and modern writers surely we must include Erica Jong. Did you learn anything from her?

“My AmLit professor loved her. She recommended her to the women in class. She said it changed the way she looked at herself and at being single. Jong, along with James Jones, made the word “fuck” fashionable.”

She paused then added, “I don’t mean to make you blush. Sorry.” She hoped she wasn’t pushing it with the blush thing to a black man, but she knew she had demonstrated that she also had a quick wit. It seemed to work. Jason managed a good laugh in amongst his cadence. “Well I have got hold of a cracker jack. You can read, write, tell jokes, and you are so easy on the eyes. I think I’m supposed to invite you out for something to eat about now.”

MaryAnn looked over at Janice and they were also engaged in conversation. It looked as if their plan was working. She answered her new friend, “Yes I see little reason to exercise so vigorously and not follow it up with doing something bad, like eating pizza?”

“You think eating pizza is bad? Somehow I’m disappointed.”

“Well let’s hope I don’t disappoint a fellow aficionado of James Baldwin, Erica Jong, and their erotica. We’ll just have to keep trying until we find something bad enough for you, professor.”

They wiped the sweat off their brows, and headed to the refreshment stand for some healthy vegetable juice, unsweetened of course. Janice and her friend were already there. Only one introduction was needed, “MaryAnn, this is Henry, he’s a graduate student at the big university down the road. . . . Henry, this is my brand new friend, MaryAnn, a journalist from San Diego.”

Hellos all around and they all agreed they had earned a pizza. MaryAnn had an answer for that as well. Okay folks I’m in a motel about a mile from here. After Janice and I shower and change I’ll drive Jason and myself and Janice and Henry can follow. Then we’ll send out for a pizza. And let’s stop and get some wine to go along with it.”

Janice’s change didn’t include a bra. The outline of her nipples were easily visible against he thin cloth of her t-shirt. MaryAnn reflected that ought to keep the interest high.

Jason walked MaryAnn to the car and opened the door. Then he let his hand brush across her ass. She smiled at him and backed slightly against it. He kept his hand there and gently caressed her cheeks. Although she had counseled her friend to resist giving in too soon she was aroused at the gambit. She said, “Easy Rufus, we’ll get there soon enough.”

After a quick stop at a liquor store the four of them ended up in MaryAnn’s room. They had ordered the pizzas on the way and they arrived shortly after the people did. it was surely party time. But first the details. Janice was getting nervous. She took MaryAnn aside and said, “You only have one bedroom.”

“Of course, but it is a king sized bed, large enough for all sorts of exciting activity.” MaryAnn answered.

“I wonder if I can do it in front of others. It took bedava porno me a long time to even try it with my husband while the lights were on.”

MaryAnn had the answer, “Hey two or three glasses of wine will fix you right up. Then be seduced, keep holding off until you are really hot. After all that it won’t matter how many are watching.”

But there was yet another question. “Suppose he’s really, really big down there,” she whispered.

“In that case consider yourself lucky, and let me fuck him too.”

“Oh god do you think they’ll want to trade off?”

“You can be sure they will want to. It’s a man thing. They all do. If we want to swap, all we have to do is let them know we’re interested. Come on girl. Drink lots of wine, then let’s make it a real adventure, one you’ll remember.”

Janice gave with a brave smile and sat beside Henry on the couch. Then she polished off an entire glass of wine and poured another. A big slug of that and she looked a bit more relaxed. MaryAnn noticed that her skirt had slid up to her thighs and she didn’t try to pull it down. MaryAnn wasn’t religious but she wanted to send up a supplication to the god Eros to make get her friend turned on, really turned on.

Something seemed to be working. Another glass of wine and Janice moved closer to Henry. He seemed to find her more interesting than the pizza he was eating. He laid it down on the table and put his arm around her. She looked up at him and smiled, briefly. Her lips were soon occupied in returning his kiss. The party was underway.

As MaryAnn bent over to pour herself another glass of wine she felt Jason’s arms slip around her. She stood up and backed against him, turned her head and said, “Hello professor.”

He responded, “Hello disciple of Erica Jong. Like to show me what you learned from reading her filthy books?

Without taking her eyes off the other couple she murmured, “If you’ll show me how Rufus Scott seduced the petite blond?”

He turned her around, lifted her chin, and kissed her. It was a sweet kiss at first. Then she felt his tongue on her lips and opened her mouth. In the midst of a hot Frenchie she felt his hands on her ass. Then he pulled her skirt up and felt the bare skin.

“Like what you see professor?”

“I like what I can feel. God you excite me.”

“And you, me. but you know what I’d like to do?”

“Fuck like crazy?”

“MaryAnn looked up at him, gave him a quick kiss and replied, “Yes but not yet. I get really excited watching, and Janice is going to make Henry seduce her. I think it’ll be worth watching them. Then we can get it on ourselves.”

“Jesus, you have lots of imagination. You ever think of writing fiction.”

“Yes, and let’s call this research.”

She turned back to Janice and Henry who were by now really getting it on. In the middle of a kiss his hand went to her titty. Janice moved it away, then put her arm around his head, just like she had been told. Another kiss and his hand went back. This time she put her hand on it again but, this time, rather than moving it she held it tight against her. And Jason, standing behind her and also watching the action. He soon had her undressed. When he next hugged her she felt his bare skin against hers and his erect cock pressing against her ass. MaryAnn, who loved watching as well as fucking, was in her glory. Jason fondled one titty as he lightly rubbed her labia. She spread her legs and he moved inside onto her clit. She reflected that this about as erotic as it gets. She gyrated her hips as she watched Janice and Henry proceed through the paces of seduction.

And what a seduction it was! Henry was sure the lovely redhead wasn’t going to say no, and the foreplay was as exciting as it got. He was living his dream, that of seducing an older white woman. Janice was also living her dream, one she’d invited MaryAnn to help her realize. Soon Henry’s hand moved under her blouse onto her titty. MaryAnn could almost feel it as Janice held her lover tight and whispered in his ear. Whatever she said he took heart. Soon her t-shirt was over head and her titties poured out. They were big ones, about 36 C. He took her hand and led her the few short steps to the bed. then unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Like MaryAnn she didn’t wear panties. She was naked.

Meanwhile Jason’s fingers had moved inside MaryAnn’s vagina. He kept pressure on her clit with the heel of his hand as he worked inside her. MaryAnn stimulated by him and by the seduction she was watching backed tight against him and moved with his rhythm. She hoped she wouldn’t get him off by rubbing her ass on his cock but he seemed to keep control, even better than she was doing. But she had no reticence about getting off herself. She gasped and moved faster as her first orgasm came over her. There would be many more.

Henry pushed Janice don’t on the bed then slipped off his own clothes. The seduction was about over and the finale was about to commence. Janice’s eyes were on one thing as he dropped his shorts. When his cock sprung loose MaryAnn was sure her friend was wondering if she could handle all that. According to her chats she’d only fucked one man, her husband, and he wasn’t very big.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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