Massage with Elizabeth

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After many years, my sensual massage therapist retired and moved out of state. I have been searching the website and kept seeing a person named Elizabeth. She’s a licensed massage therapist (10 years’ experience) and I decided to give her a try. Gave her a call and scheduled an appointment for a Friday morning. She agreed and we’re set!

Friday comes and I drove about one hour from home to an office complex. Her directions were wonderful and she told me to meet her on the 7th floor at 9:30 AM. Five minutes after, she comes off the elevator, says HI and then directs me down the hall to her place. She has a very small office, but enough room for her massage table. She reminds me of the prices and I agree for the 90-minute with prostate massage. She lets me know she’ll be massaging my prostate three times during the session. She then excuses herself to go down the hall to use the bathroom and instructs me to get undressed and lie down on my stomach. I make this happen and get comfortable on her table. Prior to leaving, Elizabeth reminds me we’re Akbatı escort bayan in an office-setting and to keep the noise down.

About five minutes later, Elizabeth comes back into the room and begins the massage. She starts on my upper back and then continues to my arms, lower back and then get down to the gluts (my butt). This is taking a good long time and I’m enjoying it. I express myself and nicely slaps my butt, reminding me of the noise. I agree and she continues on my legs. She takes my left leg and bends it at the knee. It opens up my butt and she begins to massage my right leg. She gets up to my butt and begins to get in-between my butt-cheeks. It’s wonderful, but then she penetrates my butt and begins to massage my prostate. It’s just out of this world! She would massage my prostate with one hand and my penis with the other. I’m keeping my noise-level down, but it’s not easy! This is just so sensual!

After a time, she leaves my prostate alone and then continues to massage my right leg down Escort Aksaray to my toes. She then returns up to my neck and back and continues back down to my legs. Once back down on my feet, she takes my right leg and bends it at the knee. She then works on my right leg and repeats the same process as she did on my left leg. She then gets in-between my butt checks and repeats the prostate massage again. I’m breathing very deeply and keeping the noise level down (very hard to do). She finishes with my prostate and straightens out my leg. She finishes with sensual butterfly strokes on my backside and announces it time to move onto my back.

I slowly get up off my stomach and move onto my back. Elizabeth has a pillow for head and I get comfortable. She begins to massage my head and then my face. She then proceeds to lightly stoke my chest and then circle my nipples with her fingers. I begin quietly moaning and she reminds me to keep it quiet. She then moves down onto my stomach and then she starts to encircle my Ankara escort penis with her hands. I’m really enjoying this, when she goes down my right leg to my toes and then moves over to my left leg and begins to come back up to my penis with both of her hands. She stops and then bends my left leg at the knee. She asks if that’s OK, and I answer yes. She moves over to my right side and pours a generous amount of oil onto my penis and begins stroking with her right hand, while her left hand has entered my butt to begin the final massage of my prostrate. She continues both movements, and after five minutes (it did seem longer) I cum into her hands and she continues to massage my penis and prostrate together. I finally come down from an erotic high and slump down onto the massage table. Elizabeth removes her left hand from my butt and gets a warm washcloth to clean up my penis.

Once she finishes, she leans down and tells me to rest up. After five minutes, she tells me she will wait for me outside the office and to slowly get up and dress. I follow her instructions and do slowly get up and get dressed. I didn’t notice before, but there’s a full-length mirror and I quickly admire myself in it!

I get dressed and go outside to be greeted by Elizabeth with a hug and a bottle of water. I thank her and let her know I’ll see her soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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