Masseuse Ch. 03 – My Story Continues Again

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Masseuse Ch3

(Fanny is used in the British sense, fanny is pussy)

The story so far.

Ch1 My friend Carla reveals that she is a part time masseuse

Ch 2 I takeCarla’s advice. Some of my early encounters.

I got to wondering why men come here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful. A rub and a tug. They are happy, and I get enough extra money to keep studying, but most have a woman at home. So rather than have full blown sex with her, they come to me for a hand job. What’s going on? Is sex at home so boring that a hand job here is better. Finally I came to the conclusion that the wife must have stopped putting out.

That was the only answer that made any sense, and I know my views are old fashioned, but why? Even if sex wasn’t the big thrill of the week, maybe, just maybe, they could make it better, more interesting, more stimulating than an oily hand job from a student that he has to pay for.

The bottom line, I simplistically reasoned, was the big house, the fancy car, and the whole nine yards, was being risked for the sake of a bit of sex. Two enthusiastic shags a week, twenty minutes work at the outside, was that too much to ask for, to maintain the status quo?

Anyway the men came, and it provided me with a generous supplementary income. My skills were definitely improving. By now I could tell when my guy was about to cum. I could delay it for a while, edge him several times, and as my skill set improved, I got more and more repeat business. Chaps rang up to book Cori!

By this time The Tropicana was well known and the standard three extras were just that, standard. Clients were not nearly as reticent in asking for them as in the early days, even though the ‘business’ was still in its infancy.

One late afternoon, when it was very quiet, a bloke of about forty came in. He was a big chap, hefty, and oozed confidence. When he’d finished ‘getting in the mood’ reading the soft porn in the sauna, he came into the lounge and started chatting.

By this stage I was learning that it was all about advertising. My bra had long since been left at home because my pert little tits, or PLTs as I call them, don’t need one, and I have rather prominent nipples: advertise!

The lounge was furnished with a couple of easy chairs and a low settee. I had noticed that when Anna sat on the settee she got picked more often than when she didn’t and I was curious, until I came in one day just behind a client. As he entered, Anna crossed her legs slowly giving us both a view right up her skirt, she too was advertising! Good plan.

So whenever I could, I sat on the low settee, chatting to the customers, with my knees somewhat further apart than my mother would approve of. Men just can’t resist it, they stare at the crotch of my white cotton panties as I absentmindedly shuffle about, doubtless fantasising about the delights they conceal.

So it was with Mr Brimming with Confidence. He sat and chatted about nothing in particular, obviously enjoying the view up my skirt, before choosing me to massage him.

“Come on then Cori, let’s see if you can’t take some of the stress out of my old muscles.” And stood up. I did the same as I intoned the usual ‘cum with me’.

Mr Brimming with Confidence followed me into the room and immediately just sat on the end of the table.

“So Cori, what wonders of nature are concealed inside those nice white panties?”

“Sorry?” I said a little taken aback.

“Well, you’ve been flashing me your knickers from the settee, so I’ve been wondering just exactly what’s under that thin white material.”

I was just about to list my menu when he continued.

“You see, you have me at a bit of a disadvantage, Cori.”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Because I’m naked, or nearly so, and you’re fully dressed. You’ve got great tits and a very interesting crotch. I want to be equal. I want to see it all, while you give me the whole massage in the nude.”

Well at least he was up front and made no bones about it, unlike shy boy only a few weeks ago, so I listed my scale of tips, and he nodded agreement. I felt it time to take the initiative. I moved in close, took the corner of his towel and started pulling at it firmly as I said.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

He laughed as I pulled the towel free revealing a slight tummy and a completely hairless package, another first! He must have noticed my surprise but chose not to say anything.

“OK Cori, now I’m really at a disadvantage. Off with your kit.” By now the T shirt removal was one quick movement and my PLTs were free. The skirt buckle Düzce Escort was next and it dropped to the floor.

“Ah, those breasts certainly aren’t a disappointment: stunning, and so firm looking. But those beautiful white panties,” he smiled, “I am so looking forward to them coming off. May I help you?”

This certainly wasn’t in my script but, I reasoned, why not, so I nodded. He slid his hands into the back of my knickers, over my bum, and lowered them to the floor, a not unpleasant sensation at all.

“Nice,” he said, “very nice. Now we are definitely both on equal terms.” And I noticed he was getting hard.

I started the massage at the head end, as usual, somewhat aware that with his head on his forearms, my fanny was only inches from his nose.

“You have a very pretty cunt, Cori. You don’t mind if I call it your cunt, I hope. I find it’s such a lovely, expressive, word when not being misused a swear word.”

I was a little surprised, but not in the slightest upset.

“Not at all.” I replied in kind, “you, sir, can gaze upon my cunt for as long as you like.”

“Good girl!”

He took his arms off the table, reached forward and rested his hands on to my outer thighs, before sliding them up onto my bum.

“You have a delicious bum too, so nice and firm, quite delightful.”

“Well thank you sir.”

“You know what I’d really like?”

I had a feeling that I knew where this was going, and sex was not on my options list, but before I had a chance to cut him off he replied to his own question.

“I would really like to massage you. Feel those firm young buttocks under my hands. Of course, it would double the tip.”

Hang on a moment! I’m being offered double the tip of a ‘full strip and hand relief’ just for letting him massage my bum, OK maybe not just my bum but…..

My business brain took over.

“You can only massage what you can see, no probing?”


“Any probing fingers and it’s game over?”


So this was where I added ‘Reverse Massage’ to my menu. He climbed off the table with his, not inconsiderable, erection preceding him. This seemed to concern him not a jot.

He took over the job of masseur and, I’m happy to say, he made a pretty good job of it. I lay on my stomach as he massaged my shoulders, back, and bum. OK, so he spent a lot of time on my bum, but it was not in the slightest unpleasant, actually it was more than a little agreeable.

My mind took off. I am being paid as a masseuse, being tipped for minor sexual services, and enjoying an erotic massage. How bad is that? I could tell he’d been to quite a few massage parlours as he did all the standard moves. I actually enjoyed the thigh massage as his hands drifted lightly over my pubes! Actually he was pretty good.

“Right, turn over.”

I did, and he massaged my boobs softly, my stomach tantalisingly, my legs and thighs erotically, and then? Fuck, and then. He placed his palms, one on top of the other, over what he called my ‘pretty little cunt’ and, with a light pressure, made slow, circular, movements. I don’t know where he learned this technique and, frankly, I don’t care! It certainly floated my boat and I had difficulty in concealing my pleasure. I really did not want to cum, but I so failed!

We resumed the normal roles. I oiled his cock and balls. Massaged his balls gently with one hand, while using my thumb and forefinger on the sensitive area under the bulb of his cock with the other. This was my first time I had had held a completely hairless man. It was unbelievably soft and silky, his balls that is, his cock was anything but soft!

I edged him, several times, as close to coming as I dared. Finally his balls gave him away, they retreated a little and I knew he was about to cum. For the piece de resistance I placed both thumbs on his frenulum, that ultimate pleasure zone, and, with my forefingers round his swollen glans, rubbed my thumbs up and down with short, positive, stroke.

No man can take that for long, particularly if he’s been edged, and so it was with Mr Brimming with Confidence. His legs tensed and I felt the surge of pressure in his cock as his reflexes went into action.

I usually like to count the spurts as a measure of my success, and I think he got to five or six, good and powerful too. I gave myself pretty high marks!

Kleenex time! And that aroma of pollen, nice. He paid me handsomely, as promised and even asked what days I worked because, as he said, he liked to massage my bum and ‘that pretty little cunt’.

The next unusual request was George, George from Bolton. Düzce Escort Bayan He was a bit into kink and his request for extras included the demand that I shouldn’t stop massaging his cock once he came.

I had learned by now that most men get hyper sensitive after they ejaculate. Once they shoot their load, all they want is for it to stop. Not so with George. It takes all sorts.

Bearing in mind that this was years before most of us became aware of BDsM, he wanted a full strip hand job, but insisted that I didn’t stop the stimulation until he said ‘Banana’. I know, why banana?

His point was that it was going to be painful and that he would complain like crazy, but that didn’t mean he wanted me to stop. He offered me another tenner if I would agree. Well I’m in business to make money so a full strip, plus a tenner, was pretty tempting. I agreed.

I thought I’d better give him value for money so I did the full massage starting with both of us naked. No towels, no pretending.

I edged him several times, oiling his cock as he lay there fondling my tits. He didn’t even seem that bothered about my fanny. After about four or five edges he tensed and said.

“Yes, go for it.”

I started the infinitely deep fanny strokes, and very soon after that he came. He fondled my PLTs and stroked my nipples, so I just continued rubbing the sensitive bulb, stroking his frenulum, and pulling his foreskin up and down. I didn’t hold back and used pretty well all the moves that I use when trying to get a difficult customer to cum.

“No no stop.” I didn’t, just as directed, in fact I just added some firmer pressure and longer strokes.

“Oh fuck stop. Please stop.” Again I continued, this time rubbing his frenulum vigorously with the palm of my hand,.

“Shit, shit that hurts!” Although I was getting concerned, a deal is a deal and he was obviously in considerable discomfort.

“Oh my fucking dick!” At this moment I realised that I was enjoying it, and set about causing him as much discomfort as I knew how. What a bitch, but it was exciting!

His language got worse and worse and his contortions more and more violent but his cock stayed stiff, so I kept going. The more he complained, the more vigorously I rubbed, and the more I realised I was getting slightly turned on!

His glans went bright red and swollen, and another few drops of cum leaked out as he had his second, agonising orgasm. I thought I might be permanently injuring him, but still I continued. He groaned and moaned calling out obscenities and finally, finally, he said banana!

I had never met this sort of behaviour before, and never realised I had that mean streak, as I mopped the end of his obviously sore and painful cock with a Kleenex, he smiled at me.

“You are the first person to take me all the way to where I really wanted to go. Fucking brilliant.”

I think I replied with something pretty lame, but when it came to getting his wallet out for the tip, he didn’t give me just the twice he had promised, but a bit more besides! As he left the room for his shower he put his hand on my still naked bum and said.

“Cori, you are a very special young lady. I have friends who would pay for your services, and pay very well. Private parties and such like. This is my personal number, if you are interested, let me know.” And handed me a card.

Would I dare? For that sort of money it was very tempting.

The next guy to ask for something different, wanted me to talk dirty to him as I brought him off slowly. He too offered more money, but I had no idea really what to say. I’m sorry to report that it was not a great success, so I discussed it with Mikey. She being somewhat older, and much more sexually experienced, gave me enough hints and tips so that I was ready the next time.

I hadn’t realised how common a fetish dirty talk is, so now that it wasn’t such a surprise, I was ready. The massage had gone to exactly the same formula as usual and by the time I had finished he had quite a passable erection.

The request for extras came, as expected, and he wanted the full strip version but he wanted me to talk dirty throughout, and edge him until he told me to finish him off.

I did the usual manoeuvre to remove my top and present my PLTs to his gaze. He murmured his approval. I then unfastened my skirt and let it drop to the floor. I could tell he approved of my white cotton panties by the slight twitch of his cock. Then I went into acting mode, following Mikey’s advice, starting all prissy missy and getting progressively dirtier.

“So you want to see my pussy, Escort Düzce do you?” I hooked my thumbs into the sides of my panties and lowered them to just above the top of my slit and paused.

“I’m a bit shy so watch my panties as I show you my fanny?” As I smiled and, tantalisingly slowly, lowered my knickers to mid thigh and paused again. I then lowered them all the way, stepped out of them, and took the usual handful of oil and drizzled it on his cock.

“So there it is, Cori’s pussy.

“Do you like Cori’s pussy?

“It’s quite a pretty little pussy don’t you think?”

And I started to massage his cock by dragging his foreskin all the way back to reveal the sensitive tip. He complimented me on my tits and my fanny as I set to work.

“You have a nice veiny cock, nice and thick.” Taking his balls in one oily hand and fondling them gently.

“Can you imagine what it might feel like to slide that cock deep into my tight little cunt?” No more prissy missy.

“I bet it would feel fantastic as it plunged into me…..

“Stretching me wide….

“Opening me up…..

“Ready to take all your cum……

” Yea. Ready to take all your nice: hot: sticky: cum.”

He got me to pause for a short time, then signalled for me to continue. I thought that I must be on the right track if he needed to pause so soon.

“I can almost feel it driving into me…..



“Throbbing, cock…..

“Actually, you’ve got me going…..

“My fanny is juicing for it……

“Waiting for it to penetrate me…..

“Taking me……

“I’m getting wet just thinking about……

“About you giving me a good firm fucking…..

“How are you going to take me……

“Possess me?”

A little clear droplet appeared at the tip of his cock. Mikey had told me about this but I’d never seen it before: precum. According to Mikey this is a sure sign of a high state of arousal, so I continued.

“Would you like me to bend over the table…..

“Sticking my bum out……

“With my legs spread wide……

“So you can see my wet cunt…..

“Eager for you……

“Eager and wet for your cock…..

“To take me from behind?”

“Stop, stop for a second.”

OK so I’m definitely on the right track. When he signalled for me to continue I was much more confident, knowing I was doing it right, so I let one finger slowly circle his bum, just as Carla had done with me, as I knew the nerves there are super sensitive. I didn’t penetrate him as Carla had done with me, that was for lovers.

“I am imagining you holding my hips, as you slide your cock in and out….

“Then fondling my tits…..

“Feeling my prominent nipples…..

“Do you like the way they stick out…

“Stick out because of your stroking them….

“Stroking them gently at first…..

“But then…..

“Pinching them hard as I scream…..

“Because I really do scream when I cum.”

The precum was flowing! Not just a drop but actually flowing. I slowed a little and pinched the head of his cock between thumb and forefinger and rubbed it between them.

“Or do you want me on my back…..

“With my legs wide apart……

“So you can watch your cock…..

“Watch it slide into my little pink cunt…..

“So you can see my face…….

“As you empty your balls into me….

“Filling me with your hot cum…..

“I just love that feeling….

“That feeling of a throbbing cock…..

“Filling me with.”

I never did get the sentence finished. The combination of the attention to his bum, the friction on his frenulum and his fetish for dirty talk did the trick. Hop! Hop! Hop! He didn’t squirt it far but he did squirt a lot.

I tidied up in the usual fashion and he patted me on the bum as he handed me the very generous tip with a smile and simply said.

“Fantastic: bloody fantastic!”

But no matter how many men I took into rooms, no matter what they wanted, I was always left day dreaming of that night when Carla had showed me how to give a massage.

Massaging a bloke is a one way ticket to, what is now known as, ‘a happy ending’. The route may be different but the destination is always the same. Massaging a girl is different and being massaged by a girl, well….

Well, the very thought excited me, as I remembered the sensations of her hands flowed all over my body. The sensation of massaging her, ostensibly to show what I’d learned. Then that kiss, the caresses, the new feelings she provoked as she penetrated my bum with her finger, and much more, the sensation as she withdrew it. I was beginning to realise just how much I wanted Cala, sexually, the little damp line in my white cotton panties was proof enough, if proof were needed.

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