Master’s Story Ch. 01

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i smiled as i heard Master calling to me,

“sophia! my friend John is calling in to meet you and have a beer, he will be here in an hour. Have a serve of savories ready for when he arrives.”

“Yes Master, my pleasure.” i smiled as i began preparations for the evening meal “If it pleases You Sir I can make enough dinner for three if John would like to stay.”

“Great idea sophia,” He grinned as He gazed over at my lovely nude body, “But please put a tee shirt and shorts on before he arrives, no undies and leave your collar on. W/we would like to impress my friend but let’s titillate him a little first, hmm?”

my eyes were twinkling with excitement, John was the first of Master’s friends that i would was meet during my visit to Australia and i wanted to make a good impression, after all “serving” Master and His friends was a life long fantasy.

Master walked out onto the patio in the warm summer sun leaving me alone and humming happily in the kitchen. i had noticed earlier that He had placed the table and chairs into position and ensured that the bamboo blinds would give U/us complete privacy.

As i worked in the kitchen preparing a tray with beautiful cut pieces of cheese, rolled cold cuts, crackers and pickles i looked out onto the patio and watched Master sitting contentedly in His chair. my mind wandered back to the time he and i first met in that chat room.

He had played hard to get and almost forced this girl to chase Him shamelessly for a couple of months, i blatantly served Him His favourite brewed tea and biscuits and fawned on His every word. That was the start of a wonderful time of online domination and submission. We chatted constantly and honestly via the computer and became intimate friends. Telephone calls drew us even closer together; he seemed to love the accent of my husky voice. At times we doubted if we would ever meet in real life but after two years a sudden and unexpected change of circumstances enabled me to travel and spend some time with Master at His home in Australia.

i closed my eyes as my mind went back three days to O/our nervous meeting at the airport. i grinned as recalling my excitement as He placed the red leather collar around my neck as W/we sat in His car in the airport car park. Our nervousness soon disappeared on the hour drive to His home where i immediately fell to my knees as He closed the front door. The next couple of days were spent exploring some of the aspects of Domination and submission that W/we had discussed so many times over the previous two years.

My thoughts were interrupted by the blare of the horn of John’s Porsche as he stopped in the driveway. After introductions the three of us went out to the patio. i gave it my best effort and served the men with the cold beer and snacks. The men sat on the same side of the table, John and Master facing each other with me curled up happily on the paving tiles at Master’s feet. We chatted easily and John told me about his times in Quebec for his business a few years ago. i grinned to myself as i watched John eyes nearly popping as he tried not to stare too obviously at my nipples which were straining against the tight white tee shirt that showed the shape of my lovely firm breasts leaving little for the imagination. The shorts were cut high on my slim thighs and the crotch of the material was pressing hard into my freshly smooth shaved pussy.

“How old do you reckon sophia is?” Master asked John.

John drank some more beer and guessed, “Um mid thirties?”

He was amazed and i beamed when Master replied,

“Miles out mate, add ten to your figure, isn’t she the sexiest Uzun porno little lady you’ve seen for a long while? What a great body, would you like to see her boobs?”

John gulped and just nodded, confused at the sudden to the change sexual nature of the subject.

“sophia my sweet, take you tee shirt off and show John your tits.” He ordered.

“Yes Sir,” i looked up at him, my eyes shining with excitement as Master was to about to make another of my fantasies come true.

Looking directly at John meeting his expectant but slightly nervous eyes, i slowly gathered the hem of my tight little tee shirt and lifted it even more slowly over my head. The hard nipples on my firm breasts showed the elation i felt in displaying my tits to His best friend. i cannot explain the elation in being ordered to show myself to a stranger simply to please Master’s wish. He passed me two clothespins that i took without question or hesitation and clipped one on each of my super-hardened nipples.

“Mmmmm that feels so good Master.” i moaned and thrust my bared and decorated breasts forward placing my hands behind my back in a submission posture i hoped would please Him.

Master grabbed the digital camera off the table and took a photo of my situation.

“Great tits don’t you think?” He asked John. “And don’t worry mate, I won’t get your face in any photos, sophia wants pics to take home with her, and I want them too.”

“Just beautiful.” John replied as he nodded about the camera without taking his gaze off my tits. “Don’t the clothes pins hurt like hell?”

“I love the feeling of the pins on my tits.” i almost hissed in my excitement. “i think nerves connect my nipples straight to my cunt, it’s such a turn on for me. Master can get me to cum just by tying me up and playing with my breasts.”

“Speaking of your cunt my subbie, take your shorts off and show John.” He instructed me to present myself further to His friend. “I shaved her this morning mate, I bet you will love her hairless cunt, as much as W/we both do.”

“Yes Sir, my pleasure.” i replied quickly and eagerly, wincing as He reached out and snapped the clothespins off my nipples.

i rose immediately to my feet and sensually undid the button at the front of my short tight denim shorts. Slowly like a stripper i slipped the shorts down over my ample womanly hips and pushed them to the ground. With a quick flip of a foot the shorts were flicked in the air and John reached out and caught them. I thought his eyes were going to pop out as he gazed at my shaven pussy lips.

i tried to look sexy as i sat back on the ground and spread my legs wide apart as He clicked away with the camera. Beads of sweat were forming on John’s forehead and i could see a hard lump in the front of his jeans. He quickly drank the last of his beer and without asking i rose and fetched another small bottle from the fridge.

“Thanks sophia.” John managed to gasp as he took the bottle and another large swig of beer.

“Before you sit sophia, show John your arse.”

“Of course Sir.”

i stood with my back to His friend, spread my legs and leaned forward with my hands on my knees.

“Further sophia, hands on your ankles.”

my only reply was to bend further forward until i could hold her ankles, presenting John with a close-up view of my arse and my now visibly glistening cunt. He just sat there, mouth open in awe of the obedience and sexiness of my Master’s subbie. What a delight that thought gave to me.

“Come here sophia, sit beside me and spread your legs wide apart.”

i straightened and Öğrenci porno followed His instructions, spreading my legs wide apart so John could clearly see almost into my shaven pussy.

“Put a finger in your cunt and play with yourself.” He ordered. “Don’t dare cum.”

“Mmmmm oh yes Sir.”

John took another long swig of beer as he watched me push a slender red tipped middle finger deep into my tight pussy. my eyes closed involuntarily, i was on fire sexually, my head fell back and a long muffled moan escaped my open mouth as my practiced finger moved in and out.

“Stop, show us your finger.”

With a disappointed moan i pulled the finger from my pussy and held the glistening moist digit up for them to see.

“Suck it.”

i placed the finger between my lips and looking directly at John i sucked my own juices into my open mouth. i was moaning in pleasure as i sucked my finger like it was a small cock.

John was looking quite uncomfortable as the lump in his shorts threatened to break open the zip.

He struggles to his feet and said, “You’ll have to excuse me for a sec, that beer has gone straight through me, I need a piss.”

“No need to go inside mate, you can piss right here.” I replied with a grin. “I need to go too.”

“Eh? Right here? What do you mean?” John looked perplexed.

“sophia give me your collar and lay down between me and John.” I ordered. “We don’t want the collar to get wet do we?”

i looked up at Him as a tremor of excitement shook my body. Master knew this had been a fantasy of mine for years and now His planning looked like bringing my dreams to fruition. Quickly i unbuckled the collar and handed it to Him before lying down on my back on the patio.

As He stood and unzipped His shorts i spread my legs and arms wide apart, offering myself to Master and His friend John.

“Ok John, piss on sophia from her breasts down. We don’t any to splash on her face, particularly her eyes.”

“You want to be pissed on sophia?” John looked incredulous. “Really?”

Unable to speak I simply nodded in reply to John and looked at Master with adoration.

“Mate, if sophia doesn’t want to do anything like this all she has to do is say the safe word, which in her case is banana.” He explained as He pulled his cock out of His shorts.

“Banana?” John laughed.

“Yes, many use mercy or something like that, but sophia chose banana, a word that would rarely, if ever, be used when W/we play.” He answered as he aimed His cock down at me now squirming in anticipation. “Come on, whack it out and relieve the pressure.”

John shook his head in amazement as Master squeezed the end of His own cock to hold in the piss. With difficulty John managed to get his hard cock out of his shorts and aim it in the direction of my shaved cunt.

i initially shut my eyes and mouth as He let go of the head of his cock and relaxed his bladder, allowing his warm piss to splash down over my breasts. John soon followed suit and his yellow stream fell down onto my tummy. He soon directed the flow onto my cunt and thighs as Master turned His hips to allow His stream to move lower down over my tummy and cunt. He held the camera with His free hand and took photos as John turned so his piss moved up my body to splash over my breasts

Just before His bladder emptied completely He once again squeezed the head of head of His cock to keep the last few drops inside and soon John was shaking off his last drips.

John fell back into his chair as i opened my lust glazed eyes and grinned widely at both of them. my hands moved and rubbed the piss into my smooth skin as i looked at Him squeezing the end of His cock. i needed no instructions and i moved to kneel in front of Him and take the end of His cock in my mouth. He released the last of His piss into my mouth and I heard John say “fucking hell” as i sucked and swallowed.

I glanced at John flopped in his chair with his still hard cock poking out of his pants. i sat back on my heels, ‘thank you’ i mouthed silently as i licked my lips and grinned up at Him with the piss still glistening on my body

“sophia, as you know John and I have been mates for over thirty years.” He said as He leaned forward and reattached my precious collar. “I want you to reward him for his support and friendship to me, come show him your oral skills.”

He stood and grasped the collar, leading me to turn around and crawl the short distance over to John. He was in complete control as He guided my head into position just above his friend’s hard cock. He let go the collar and grasping a handful of my hair He pushed my face down. my mouth opened automatically as i took John’s cock between my willing lips and my cheeks sucked in as i commenced to show John my cock sucking expertise. Never so excited in my life i sucked and licked and took John’s cock far down my throat. i was in cock sucking heaven, naked , collared, outdoors and sucking my Master’s best friend’s cock while covered in fresh piss! This was the dirty nasty sex i had always wanted.

Master let go of my hair and stepped back, grabbing the camera to take some more photos. my head bobbed up and down as John’s cock slid in and out of my mouth as a hand played with his balls. He seemed to find it thrilling to watch His friend’s cock sliding in and out of my mouth as we both were moaning with growing excitement. He knew from His experiences with me that John would not be able to last long and sure enough he was soon shaking all over as he blew his load into my mouth. Sweat was dripping off his brow and John looked over at Master in wonderment as i slurped and swallowed every drop of his thick semen. Finally, sure that i had sucked in every last drop, i sat back on my heels licking my lips and smiling at John and Master.

“Thank you sophia, go clean the piss off and get dinner ready.” He instructed.

“Thank you Sir, and thank you John, it was my pleasure.” i said as i rose to my feet. “Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes.”

John and Master talked as i showered and then tended to dinner. He later told me that He attempted to explain to John how much i loved to take orders, how much i loved all kinds of kinky sex and that i did not find golden showers at all demeaning but rather liberating in their own way. Time soon passed, i called the men in for dinner and i served at the dining room table. Not bragging but i had once again cooked a delicious meal and i sat nude between John and Master, blushing at the compliments of my cooking. W/we told John of how W/we met and how close W/we had become over the Internet, of O/our dreams that were finally coming true.

After dinner Master quietly explained to John that he should go as He and i needed to pack as W/we were going away early the next morning for a few days. He wanted to show me, His very own subbie, some of the lovely state, particularly the west-coast surf beaches. One of O/our dreams had always been to photograph me nude on a deserted beach plus some open-air bondage and discipline in the rain forest. John thanked me profusely for all her services and drove away with a bemused grin on his face.

As He closed the front door He turned to me and hugged me tightly, saying, “You were wonderful today, I think you deserve a reward, go get the flogger my love.”

“Yes Sir!” i kissed Him and scooted off to get the flogger.

It was going to be a brilliant ending to a remarkable day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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