Mata Hairy Ch. 5

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Big Cock

I went back to the room and found that Ali and Leila were back there. Ahmed was whispering in Salim’s ears but Leila was naked and had her head between Salim’s legs sucking his huge member. It looked so large in her hands as she wrapped both her hands around his massive shaft. Ahmed was now interested in what she was doing and his cock was slowly getting larger by the second. Leila opened her mouth as he slid his cock into her throat. There as no way that she could stuff more than three inches of the thick shaft into in her mouth. It seemed so thick and long that Leila was content in licking the length of his massive dong. Her tongue darted out and licked the tip of his cock, he moaned and she took the head into her mouth as her mouth moved even faster up and down his cock. It didn’t take him long to cum, as Leila moaned and took his balls in her hand and began to massage them and he began to swell and then the first shot of sperm covered her tongue and she began to swallow while her head still moved back and forth on his cock, when she finished feeling his sperm flow into her mouth.

Ali now wanted to get sucked off and before I could do something about it Leila knelt before him and pushed his robe up exposing his cock and balls, then she began to suck his balls. She started licking the head, running her tongue over the shaft, and taking him in her mouth and working him, doing her best to make him last. She looked him in the eyes, and began moving her head quicker as she cradled his balls he moaned and his cock erupted in her mouth covering the insides of it with his cum.

Peter had now come back and had got Salim his drink. I knew that it was spiked with some sleeping tablets but I couldn’t see Saira anywhere. I told Peter not to give him his drink yet. I took Salim by his hand and lead him to the bedroom where Saira was cleaning herself. I carried their drinks. Salim stooped and picked up the all important brief case and went with me and looked surprised to see a freshly showered Saira in her bras and panties. Little did he know that she had just been fucked by Peter he asked her to leave the room but she wasn’t going anywhere and in any case I too wanted her there. She opened his fly and was fishing for his large cock. She wrapped her hand around it and pulled it free and she immediately put her mouth around it Kartal Escort and began to blow him. She looked at me and said “isn’t he big” I nodded as she carried on “Look at his huge cock I bet there are no cocks in the west as huge and thick like Salim my prince I love sucking his huge organ” Salim was being turned on as his cock rose to even bigger proportions in his wife’s wet and willing mouth.

I bent down and cradled his monster balls as she kept bobbing her head on his massive member. Finally, he rolled on top of her and put his cock against her pussy, and he pushed forward as he slid into her. She continued to milk his cock as he fucked her and she felt him expand and then empty his sperm into her body. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him as her body exploded with orgasm as she felt the warm feeling of his cum running out of her stuffed pussy. His cock was still soft but huge and I took it into my mouth and began to suck him. I was slowly sucking him and he began to expand in my mouth and I knew I could not keep sucking this monster dick from my previous experience if it swelled to its gigantic size, which I had tried sucking earlier. I spread my legs and he started thrusting his hips toward me as I began to ride him. I played with the matted hair on his chest as I rode his large cock like it was a mechanical bull as I shuddered as the juices ran over his cock and onto his balls.

“You white hairy bitch, I don’t know why but I have learned white sluts are used to cocksucking so show me what you know and can you take my entire penis till my balls. My wife can do that but that’s because she’s a local but you white women are useless you can hardly take half of my club in your mouth.” He shouted throwing me a challenge with racial undertones. He didn’t know that I loved to suck cocks and even if he choked me I will suck his cock till his massive bush. If his wife could do it so could I. Saira was smiling like a Cheshire cat. Lifting her arms and showing the jet-black hair in her unshaven pits she said “my armpits are much more hairy than yours; my husband’s cock is too big for you and you cant even suck it” move out of my way I will satisfy him.

No way was I going to be cowed down I pulled his massive dick and took his large mushroom like head of his large penis into my mouth. Yakacık Escort It felt hot and it throbbed as I readily took into her mouth and began to suck on. I had my mouth stretched even farther than it had ever been and even though I was being forced to do this, I still loved the taste of a hard cock in my mouth. I started salivating and the saliva was running out of my mouth. Salim was in a rage as he offered me that piece of meat dangling between his legs. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, but could only lick the head and his cock, because his cock was so big “White hairy bitch open your mouth and show me what a cocksucker you are” and with that he pushed his massive dick at my lips. I thought his cock would spear my mouth but the head slipped between my lips and then slid back down around his shaft. It seemed so large that I started to gag from having so much meat in my mouth. With that cock in my mouth I couldn’t really give much of a blowjob.

There was no holding back inch by inch I swallowed his prick. I didn’t know what was happening I was feeling faint. Mata Hairy would be laid to rest but I would suck this monster down till the back of my throat as I continued to inch my way to the base of his cock. It seemed never ending as it seemed still miles away as he humped my stretched mouth. Was I going to win or die. Suddenly I felt my nose being tickled by his pubic hair. I was nearing the end of his footlong as I greedily stuffed more of his monster cock into my mouth. I could not breathe but I carried forward for the sake of womanhood sucking and slurping on his large penis. I had to win as I looked up I could see Salim close his eyes and he started pumping cum into my mouth. There was no way to go as my cock was stuffed with is fuck meat as he pulled out his massive dick and spayed his cum erupting with spasms of cum as it hit my face hair and trailed down to my unshaven pits. He must have cum a half a gallon. Saira too looked on in amazement as I had just won the challenge.

Peter and Ali had entered the room just as Salim was spraying my mouth with his cum. Saira was obviously wet with excitement so she wasted no time in stripping Peter and taking his massive dong into her hands. She needed a hot throbbing cock in her mouth as she bent over for Ali to pierce her hairy ass. She had more Kadıköy Escort hair in her asshole than women have on their pubic mound. He slipped his cock into her ear as she wolfed down Peter’s pecker. Having blown Salim taking hold of Peter’s dick was easy as she swallowed the entire length of his shaft. She had seen me suck her husband’s prick and she seemed mad at me as she devoured poor Peter’s dong. She dug into his crotch as he slammed her prick into her mouth. It was not enough in her mouth as she looked at me her eyes all dark and her face flushed with anger or maybe even humiliation. Ali was ramming her ass as Peter fucked her willing mouth. Even Salim was looking anxiously at his raging wife as she stuffed Peter deep into the back of her mouth swallowing his cock and then even taking his balls into her mouth. It was quite a performance but nothing as going to take away from my success or was it suckcess at having blown the mighty member of Salim. Both Ali and Peter erupted like volcanoes as they spilled their cum all over the hairy Saira.

I sat next to Salim and told him that though Saira was impressive I had taken his monster horse cock deep into my mouth and swallowed his cum and therefore I was the winner. Child like though I seemed I was determined to prove a point. I told him since I had drunk all his cum he must raise a toast with the drink I had brought for him along with his wife.

I praised him and his hirsute wife as they took long sips from the spiked drink. Soon they passed out. I called both Peter and Ali into the room. They prised open the brief case and took out the papers. They were indeed valuable for our country and us. He had already done enough for my country now with the important classified documents he would do for my country more good as Peter rummaged through the sheaf of papers. They were obviously classified and he gasped in astonishment as he triumphantly lifted the most important of them. He quickly photographed it and put the documents back into Salim’s briefcase and left the room. My orders were to get into bed and pretend to be asleep when they awoke as if he we had spent the whole night fucking.

I snuggled upto Saira’s warm body and looked at the massive hair in her furry pits. It was truly amazing. How could a woman have so much hair in her unshaven pits? Salim’s cock was limp but still looked alarmingly large as I took hold of it my mouth still plastered in Saira’s bushy underarms. It stirred a little but I soon drifted to sleep having accomplished a great taste for both cunt and country. I was the uncrowned “MATA HAIRY”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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