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Sarah and I are out to dinner, nothing fancy, just two friends out for Mexican food. We’ve downed a couple cocktails too. We plan to go to a comedy club after.

“I have a bottle of wine back at mine if you wanna forget the club” she says. “We could just go and hang out” I like that idea so we split the check and leave the restaurant.

Hailing a cab is easy, and it takes ten minutes to get back to hers. We enter her apartment and she heads into the kitchen for the wine. It’s a Merlot, my favourite. She pours out two glasses and we head outside to the deck, it’s still light out so we just sit and talk, for what seems like hours.

“I love hanging out with you, I can talk to you about anything.” She mutters, “You never judge me”.

“Why would I judge you?” I respond. “You have nothing to be ashamed about!”

“And you’re not awkward about me being gay, some of my straight friends think I’m gonna jump them or something. I have to feel a connection to someone, and even then I wouldn’t act on it if I know they don’t feel the same.”

“But you don’t know they don’t feel the same unless you act or at least say something.”

Suddenly I have the urge to pee but sitting cross legged on the lounge chair has made my knees lock. I struggle to get up.

“Need some help?” She asks, stifling a giggle. I nod. She helps me move my legs out from under me, then tries to pull me up to stand. My legs shake and I fall back down, taking her with me. She lands on top of me, we both laugh. Suddenly her laughter has stopped and she’s looking me right in the eye.

“Acting…” She leans in and gives me a gentle kiss on the lips. I freeze, not knowing how to respond. I’ve never kissed a girl before. She jumps up, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that” and runs inside.

I still have to pee so I head to the bathroom. I think about what just happened, assessing how I feel about the situation. The kiss görükle escort bayan was so gentle, no aggression and her lips were so soft. I make a decision, one that may change everything I know.

I find her on her bed in her room, sobbing. I walk in and sit down on the bed next to her., not saying a word.

After a few moments she speaks, “I’ve just ruined everything!” I grab ahold of her hand and gently squeeze. She sits up and I pull her into a hug.

“You haven’t ruined anything.” I hold her for a minute. “Look at me” She turns to look at me, I take a mental deep breath before leaning in and planting a kiss on her lips. She looks at me shocked before realising what it means. She smiles and kisses me again, not as gentle as the last one. She has a hint of passion that is difficult to miss in her kiss. We break the kiss as she sits up and look me in the eye. “Take it slow Sarah. I’m not going to run. But this is my first time.”

I cup her face and watch her eyes as I pull her into another kiss. Soft, slow kisses. The kisses get deeper. My tongue meets hers with a lot of heat in them. Her and I make ourselves more comfortable on the bed. She sits up and reaching behind her back, unfastens her bra. In a single move she sweeps her top and bra off together. I mirror her move so we are both topless. We explore each other. She takes my hand, kisses my fingertips, and cups it around her right breast. Her skin is baby soft. Her nipple pebbles under the stroking of my thumb.

She bears me down to the bed and kisses her way down my neck and chest until she captures one of my nipples in her mouth. Kissing and sucking it so gently. I fully surrender to the sensations. Before I can collect my wits, we are nude and under to covers in her bed. She kisses me again deeply. Then starts kissing her way down my body. I know where she is going and I open my legs for her.

Her bursa otele gelen escort soft kisses on my mound and inner thighs light my fires. When she parts my pussy lips with her tongue, I cannot help almost ripping the sheets I grab them so hard. She knows what she’s doing better than any man has ever done to me. She licks me slowly, taking her time to explore my pussy. She wiggles her tongue side to side, my back arches off the bed as my breathing becomes faster. I feel that familiar tingle deep inside my pussy and know that my orgasm is approaching. I moan her name as her lips capture my clit and she sucks gently. My entire body begins vibrating with anticipation, my juices dripping out of me which she readily licks up. She opens her mouth and plants her entire mouth over me, sucking on my pussy as her tongue continues to wiggle around and around. She releases me and licks her lips catching my clit as she does. I crest on the edge of my orgasm as she moans and her lips latch on to my clit once more, I reward her efforts with my climax and a guttural “Fuck… Sarah!” She drinks up all the juices that spilled out of my pussy, cleaning me up. She kisses her way back up my body, slowly before she kisses my mouth and I taste myself on her lips. I look at her with a sweet smile and happy eyes. I pull her down and roll her over. Now I’m looking down a her. “My turn”

I kiss my way down her slim body. I stop and admire her tiny pert breasts. I suck each of her nipples in turn. She cups my head and watches me. Smiling all the while. I continue my journey down. I playfully lick her belly button. She giggles and jerks away. I kiss lower. Into a place I’ve never been. I lift up slightly and admire her lower region.

Her tightly sculpted landing strip arrows down to her beautiful mound. It stops perfectly at the top of her slit. I run my fingers through the fine bursa escort bayan hairs to her outer lips. She moans softly as I rub and explore her. I use my fingers to open her lips and see her beautiful flower. She’s watching me carefully. Keeping my eyes on her, I lower my mouth and kiss her pussy for the first time.

She stretches her head back but keeps her eyes on mine. She whispers “please Sam” I slip my tongue between her outer lips and find her clit. My first taste of another woman. The mixture is that of salty and sweet. Pretty close to my own taste she had just shared with me. But all Sarah. I begin to lick her more. Lick her deeper. I think to myself I can do this.

I bring my mouth down onto her fully. I use my lips to pull on hers. I capture her clit with my tongue and lips and bear down a little firmer and suck the tiny nub into my mouth. I feel her hand touch my head as she begins to hump into my mouth. I know what I want to do. I slip a finger into her and stroke her inner walls.

She arches up off the bed and moans loudly “oh fuck that feels good!” I slip my arm around her leg and hold her still so I can finish what I started. She is starting to buck harder but I hold on. Until she arches up once more, with a loud “Sam!!”

I feel her pussy spasm in my mouth as she orgasms. I hold still and just let her ride it out. When she finally collapses, I kiss her softly on her pussy once more and crawl up next to her. She rolls almost limply into my arms and I return her favour and kiss her and let her taste herself on my lips.

After we catch our collective breath, we just look into each other’s eyes. Kissing gently again. The slightly scared look returns to her eyes.

“What’s wrong Sarah?”

“I’m worried that this changes things and you’ll end up pulling away from me.”

I’m honest with her. “This does change how I see you yes. But I chose this Sarah. I chose you.” She lowers her head a bit. I lift her chin again. “Stop it Sarah. I’m your friend now and always. But I do like being with men as well.”

She relaxes a bit. I wrap her close in my arms again. I tell her “I’m staying here Sarah. Turn off the lights and let’s talk.”

She rolls over. “How do you like your eggs?”

And she smiles.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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