Mate of a Desert Prince Ch. 04

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Badru paced the room, panic rising by the second. Oh Gods, he had killed his slave! He looked down at the possibly dead man on his bedroom floor. Was he dead though? He wondered, wringing his hands. He should certainly check since it wasn’t like he could ask someone else to do it.

Slowly, Badru tiptoed closer, almost as if expecting the body to jump up and grab him. He knelt down beside Aiden and hesitantly pressed a hand on his chest. He was still warm but that could quickly change. His heart racing but determined, Badru laid his head on Aiden’s chest and listened.

His heart was beating.

Badru let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. He relaxed and clung to Aiden’s chest. He thanked the gods his slave was still alive. How terrible would it be if he’d killed him before he got to properly play with him?

Looking forward to that, Badru sat up and started to rock Aiden back and forth. “Aiden? Wake up!” He demanded, waiting for Aiden to obey. He didn’t. Badru frowned and repeated himself, but the man stayed on his back. His hands twitched but that was all.

Badru touched Aiden’s face but pulled away at how hot he felt. Much hotter than before. He cursed. Aiden had a fever! Badru jumped up and looked around, trying to find something to cool the man down. Some distance away was a pool Badru used to bath with. The sun had long since drifted away from the waters, so it was surely cool enough to help Aiden.

Badru tried to drag Aiden from under his armpits but the larger man was much too heavy for someone his size to move. After some time, struggling to move the man, he dropped him, panting as he tried to think of a way to move him. He was getting much too hot.

Just then, an Idea popped into his mind. A brilliant plan! He ran over to his bed and pull a sheet off the bed and ran back to lay it down beside Aiden. He rolled Aiden onto the sheet but he was on his stomach so he had to do it again. As Badru struggled to roll Aiden over once more, his heart and mind raced, trying to figure out what was happening. What was wrong with Aiden? Was this his fault? Would Aiden die because of his impatience? He prayed he was just over thinking things but so far, the odds didn’t bode well.

Soon Aiden was lying down on the sheet, blood dripping out of his nose and onto his sheets. Badru wanted to be enraged by the fact that slave blood was staining his fine silk sheet but he supposed there was nothing that could be done about this. He was the one at fault. Tugging on the sheet, he found that he still couldn’t move the larger man. The bastard was too damn heavy! He gave up on that task and paced the floor, unsure what to do next. He was panicking too much to think clearly and the noise from outside wasn’t helping either! He was about to stomp out there and tell everyone to leave when he heard someone call for him.

“Your majesty?” A man called, not entering nor coming near his door. The man kept knocking and Badru nearly lost his temper, wanting so much to chew the man out for bothering him. Instead, he bit his thumb and let out a breath. Soon his heart was slowing down some.

“Yes, what is it?” He said in his most princely voice. “I am very busy right now.” He looked down at Aiden and grimaced as he tried to calm his nerves.

“I apologize, your majesty. ” He replied. “I would never dream of bothering you when you are … entertaining, but his majesty, Prince Manu is outside, looking for you. He wishes for you to come out.”

On the other side of the door, Badru was silently cursing. How stupid was he?! He should have known Manu would come back here. He should have gone somewhere else. But he had no time to dwell on ‘should have’s.

“Did you tell him I was here?” He asked, hoping he’d have some way to get away. Manu would freak out if he saw that Badru may have killed his slave within an hour of owning him.

“No, your majesty.” The man replied. “I thought you might want some more time with your new toy and did not want to interrupt unless you wished it.” Badru let out a breath of relief. This was perfect. Considering what Manu had seen this morning, there was no way he was going to come in again.

“Tell him I am not here.” He ordered, looking around. “Also, be sure to keep everyone away from my room. I do not wish to be disturbed again.” “Yes, your majesty.” Badru assumed he had left but he spoke again. “A-are you sure there is nothing else you wish of me? If you are…. willing to excuse my blunt way of speaking, I would kindly request…. to assist you with your slave.” He stammered, clearly

“Are you questioning me?” He pushed, annoyed by this man’s insistence. How dare he try to push himself onto Aiden? Aiden belonged to Badru and he’d be damned before he let some low level servant touch his Aiden. Truly, he was being too damn nice to theses ingrates.

He frowned, staring at the man in question. He truly was magnificent but Badru was growing quite possessive of the slave. It was quite unbecoming of him. Light caught gaziantep bayan eskort the golden collar around Aiden’s neck and Badru got an idea.

“Wait!” He called, opening the door slightly. “I have a task for you.” The man rushed forward, kneeling before Badru. He unabashedly tried to peek around Badru to see Aiden but Badru was having none of that. He stomped his foot, effectively gaining the servants attention once more.

“Y-yes, your majesty?” He asked, staring at the ground. Badru wanted to punish the man, just for trying to peek at Aiden but held it in. He needed this guy and whipping him would not help.

“Go to the temple nearby and call on a man named Masud.” He ordered. “If he is not there, tell him that Prince Badru demands he comes to my chamber immediately. Also, give him this message. ‘The gates are closed to the moons light.’ You are not to let anyone see you or know where it is that you are going. Understood?” The man nodded. “Good. Now go and be fast about it.”

The servant ran off, not looking back. He probably expected a punishment later for his arrogance and he wouldn’t be wrong about it. But depending on how fast he was, the punishment might be light.


Badru spent another hour or so staring at Aiden on the sheet. He’d managed to get him some distance from his original spot but not by much. He wanted to take some of the now cold water to Aiden by hand but the water always slipped through his fingers before he could get to him. He sighed, wanting to scream. Where was Masud!? He thought impatiently. I swear, if he is not here soon, I will-

“You called for me, my prince?”

Badru jumped up at the sound of the smooth and arousing voice. As usual, Badru felt his heart race and his breath grow faint as he searched for the man. Interestingly, it was not even close to what he felt when Aiden was staring him down. This pleased the prince a little. He’d be less distracted now.

Scowling, Badru crossed his arms and relaxed on his bed. “Masud, do not try this silliness with me.” He scolded. “I have need of you and I do not wish to waste time with theatrics.”

From one of the shadowed corners of his room, a man in black appeared. He stepped into the room like he had just entered from a doorway none but he could see. It had bothered Badru before, when he was more curious about the man, but soon learned not to question it. Masud was arrogant enough as it was. There was no need to feed his ego y by gushing over such things.

Masud pulled back his hood, to reveal a face that was…. Strange. He was handsome, that was true, but in a very weird way. His features were very sharp and rigid, like his face was made of stone that was chiseled crudely. His hair was mostly black but had a long stripe of white hair right down the middle. His skin was as tanned as Badru’s but his eyes were the real oddity. They changed color every time he appeared. Today, his eyes were green, the same lovely shade as Aiden’s. Bastard. Masud knelt down in front of Badru, touching his forehead with Badru’s foot. “It has been a long time since you’ve called for me, my prince.” He stated, looking up at Badru. “What is it that you needed from me with such haste?”

“I want you to take Aiden, the man behind you, to my tub and put him in there.” He replied, his expression closed.

Masud stared at Badru for a minute, his expression unreadable. “Pardon?” he said, his tone rich with utter confusion.

“Did I stutter? I asked you to take this man to the tub.” He repeated, feeling impatient since Aiden had yet to cool down despite his efforts. Masud looked back at Aiden, raised an eyebrow and turned back to Badru. He blinked, definitely confused by the request. “I mean no offense, my prince but…. You are aware that I am not a servant, correct?” He countered, clearly annoyed but hiding it well.

“I know very well what you are.” He replied, lying. He had no clue what Masud was. He was certainly not normal and no one was even sure where he’d come from. “But we have an open ended agreement between us, so do it.”

Masud said nothing for a moment before sighing. “As you wish.” He replied, bowing his head until his forehead touched Badru’s foot. “But I would like to request my payment first.” Badru slumped his shoulders in exasperation. Masud continued. “Why am I doing this task?”

Badru watched him stroll over toward Aiden before answering. “I think he has a fever and…. I fear I may have hurt him to the point that he may die. I don’t want that to happen.” He replied, honestly, looking away embarrassed. He grimaced as he felt something in his chest being tugged.

I really hated paying Masud. He thought, rubbing his chest. He wasn’t one to take anything physical or of any real value as payment. All he ever asked for in return for his services were one of two things. Favors or secrets. Badru wasn’t sure what Masud’s other customers paid him with but Badru mostly paid him in secrets, his own. To date, Badru only owed Masud one favor and from the rumors he had heard about the mysterious man, he feared what that favor would eventually be.

A splash brought him out of his thoughts. Badru stood up to see Masud standing by the pool, staring at the surface. At first, Badru wasn’t sure what the man was waiting for but soon he heard bubbles and ran forward. Badru pushed Masud out of the way and jumped into the waist high water. The water was frigid from the night air but Badru ignored it as he pulled Aiden to the surface. The man coughed out some water but still remained unconscious. Badru gently patted him on the back before glaring at Masud.

“You asked that I place him in the water. You never asked that I make sure his head stayed above the water. You should know that you must be specific when asking anything of me.” He explained, kneeling beside the pool. “My prince.” He added, almost an after thought.

Badru glowered, but said nothing. He was right. He always forgot that Masud, despite being an amazing…. Whatever he was, the man was clever. No wonder he asked for payment upfront.

Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, Badru pulled Aiden’s body, which was now lighter in the water, to the side, where the two could sit and Badru could clean him. Even in the frigid water, Aiden’s skin was still hot. He took a rag from the bowl beside the water and rubbed some clean soap into lather. He started with Aiden’s face, wanting to see the man’s handsome face without all the grime and dirt in the way. It wasn’t easy since Badru had no clue whether or not he was actually cleaning Aiden at all. His skin was deeply tanned by the sun. When he was done, he had to just assume the slave was clean.

He stroked Aiden’s clean face. Gods, he was handsome. He really was lucky to have such a good looking slave. He couldn’t wait to play with Aiden. He ran the rag over the expanse of Aiden’s chest and bit his lip. He really wished Aiden was awake so he could gaze into his deliciously beautiful eyes and share another kiss.

“What has made you so happy, my prince?” Masud asked, regaining Badru’s attention. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a content smile from you.”

“Huh?” Badru frowned, staring at Masud like he was crazy. “Whatever do you mean? Anyone would smile when gazing at such a handsome man such as this.” He insisted, resuming his task of removing the dirt from Aiden’s body.

“I suppose so but for you do be so happy bathing someone beneath you,” He said, watching Badru. “I must say, I am quite surprised.” Badru flinched, realizing the error in his ways but finding it hard to stop. Again, Badru wondered if this is what slave owners did. He’d never heard of others bathing their slaves themselves but he also hated the thought of letting others do it instead and see his slave naked. Of running their hands all over his well toned body. No! Even if it wasn’t right or appropriate, he wasn’t letting anyone else touch this man. Aiden was his slave.

“P-perhaps but that is none of your concern!” He scolded, glowering at Masud, who gazed back impassively. “What is your concern is my next task for you.”

“I am to do more, then?” He asked, looking a bit impatient, though it really didn’t show externally. Considering how often Badru called upon him, he’d learned what feelings Masud had sometimes.

“Yes. Your next task is to help me awaken him.” He stated, hiding his frustration at not being able to do this himself. “I seem to have done something to cause Ai- this slave to fall into a deep sleep in which it seems impossible to wake him up from. I would have feared him dead if not for his heart still beating.”

Masud said nothing for a moment. He moved closer and hooked his finger into Aiden’s collar. “What is this and where did you get it from? What did you do?” He demanded. When Badru glowered at his demand, Masud responded. “How do you expect me to fix him if I know nothing of what has happened?” With a grimace and a long silence, Badru reluctantly retold the story from when Badru bought Aiden to their current predicament. He excluded the parts about them nearly having sex and his bout with the guards. He knew that would have to be his payment for a later date. At the end of the tale, Masud had his hand to his face and was shaking his head.

“Well!?” He demanded, holding Aiden cooling body to him. “Can you fix him or not?!”

“Yes and no.” He replied. “What I mean is that, yes, I could cure him, but there is no reason to. To be honest, he is just suffering from a migraine from your previous order.” Badru thought about this and recalled his order. He grimaced as he thought about the implication. He, who understood little about magic, probably should have thought better than to demand someone learn an entire language that fast.

“I see that you realize your mistake.” Masud continued. “Anyway, I can awaken him now but it would be much less painful for him to just stay asleep. He will wake up on his own soon enough.” Badru nodded, relived. After some silence, Masud spoke again. “If that was all you need from me, my prince, I will be going now.” He said, turning to leave.

“Stop!” He said, stilling the retreating man. He looked away from Masud and instead gazed at Aiden, pushing his wet hair out of his face. “I still have need of you. I cannot carry Aiden to my bed by myself so I need you to do it.”

Masud turned. “As payment, I ask why you truly want me to stay.” He replied, staring down at Badru. “I know there is more to this request than you are saying.”

Badru scowled at the man. Damn him for being able to see through him. “Fine, I also need you here to keep from accosting him in this state.” He explained, his face burning with embarrassment. He wasn’t lying. He really was tempted to play with Aiden now, despite being out cold. It didn’t help that Aiden seemed to realize he was being touch and his body reacted to said touch. The cold water did nothing to ease the rigidity of Aiden’s cock. It was very firm in his hands and he feared if he spent too much time on that one part, the two would never leave and it’d be Badru who got sick. “I do not see why you should care, my prince.” Masud retorted, annoying Badru. “As a prince and descendant of gods, nothing you do can be put under scrutiny. Why hold back at all?”

“What kind of cretin do you think I am?!” He cried, jumping up to glare up at Masud. “I may be of divine blood but I know it is not right to touch someone when they cannot refuse. I am not so low as to think that. Do not insult me!”

Masud, instead of cowering in the wake of Badru’s rant, smiled and bowed to him. “I am glad then.” He replied, smoothly. “I would hate to have to help such a horrid person had you answered differently.”

Badru crossed his arms and glared at Masud. “Were you testing me?” He demanded, (Annoyed)by the mans audacity. “I do not think that is a wise action for someone in your line of work, do you not agree?”

Masud shrugged, walking forward and lifting Aiden from under his arms out of the bath. “I suppose so but seeing as I am armed with your deepest darkest secrets, I fear little for my well being.” He answered, smiling knowingly.

“You are quite the arrogant one, Masud.” He stated, shaking his head. “What happened to the man who used to kiss my feet?”

“That man washed the sand out of his mouth and used his brain to gain a reputation.” He replied, making Badru chuckle as he followed after him.


Badru stared at Aiden as he lay on the bed. He had been waiting quite some time and the slave still remained asleep. He was no longer hot to the touch but Badru was getting impatient. And bored. He looked over at Masud, whom was looking over some scroll with great concentration.

“What is that you are reading?” Badru asked, willing for some kind of entertainment. At first, Masud said nothing. In fact, he didn’t even react to Badru’s question. He was going to complain, but was stopped when Masud turned to him.

“I am making notes of our transaction.” He replied, turning back to writing something onto the papyrus. “This is quite the record for me. Four tasks form the same person. I must take note of this.” Badru frowned at this, thinking back to his requests.

“I am pretty sure you are mistaken, Masud.” Badru stated, raising an eyebrow. “I’ve only asked three things of you. Are you going mad from old age?” He teased. Masud didn’t smile back and instead stared past Badru.

“I am not mistaken, my prince.” He said, turning away. Just then, a knock sounded. Badru turned to the door just in time to see a man walk in. Badru recognized him. He was his father’s aid. Delightful.

Badru stood up as the man entered. He was glad he’d decided to change into his night clothes before. Nights in the palace were cold enough as it was. “What do you want?” He demanded, folding his arm across his chest. “You know better than to burst into my bedroom. What would you have done if I were otherwise occupied?” He joked, knowing the man disliked his loose appetite.

The older man barely hid his disgust as his gaze fell onto Aiden. Badru felt some degree of anger at that look. How dare he look down on Aiden? Yes, he was of a lower status but Aiden beat this man on every other point. Handsome, strong and huge where it counted. Badru knew that this old badger wasn’t even close to Aiden in size, though he’d never seen it.

As if sensing Badru’s glare, the man turned back to him and bowed. “I apologize, Prince.” He retorted, sounding like he was spitting his title at him. Why his father kept this man was a mystery. Badru had tried to have the man, at the very least, removed but his father had always stopped him. “But who were you talking to before?” “Pardon?” Badru replied, confused.

“I am sure I heard someone else talking before I entered. But I only that man over there.” He said. He continued but Badru had stopped listening. He instead looked behind him to find Masud gone. That made sense. The man, quite the professional, made sure he stayed out of the sight of regular folk. Only his clients knew him.

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