Matt and Lauren Pt. 04

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Big Tits

I have heard it said that a group of girls on a hen week are far worse than a gang of blokes on a stag trip. And judging by what some of our party got up to during our week there I could see they had a valid point.

Albufeira was great and I could see why Matt had such a good time there. But I was ready to come home by the time the week was up. I must be getting old because I didn’t feel like partying all day AND all night anymore. Married life had changed me, or so I was told as I was ribbed mercilessly by some of our group when one night I told them I was too tired to go out and just wanted my bed.

On our return Matt picked us up from the airport. It was another really late flight, or really early depending on your point of view. He looked absolutely knackered, which I put down to the lateness of the hour. Luckily he would have the weekend to recover although I was feeling extremely horny. I’d not had sex for a week. Well maybe that’s not quite true. My problem was, did I confess my little lapse of fidelity to Matt?

I finally confessed all after we’d had a good nights sleep and then had mind blowing sex the following morning that had lasted a good hour or more. We were cuddling together, arm in arm when Matt got around to asking THAT question.

“So … did you have a good time? Get up to anything? Anything you want to tell me?”

He knows me so well. I could feel myself getting hotter. I was sure I was blushing bright red.

“Come on Lauren, you can tell me. Something happened didn’t it? I promise I won’t be mad. Besides, I have something to tell you anyway.”

“What?” I said.

“You first,” he replied with a smile. We both sat up and turned to face one another, sitting cross legged on the bed.

“Okay. It was our next to last full day and the bride to be had control of the days events. So we hit the local beach, went paragliding, swimming and of course sunbathed. Then we hit the beach bar. It was somewhere we’d been before so the guys behind the bar already knew us.

“I was okay when I was drinking Sagres but then Sadie, decided we should go onto cocktails. Now you know I’m not keen to mix lager and spirits but she got the guy behind the bar to mix me up some gin based drinks.”

I could see Matt grimace as I revealed this nugget of information. Gin makes me incredibly horny.

“Anyway, you know how it is. We carried on drinking and the time passed and we had a few more drinks and then Sadie wanted to go back sunbathing again. So we all trooped off to find the sun loungers. I went to the loo first so by the time I got there every sun lounger had been taken. So I sat down on my beach towel on the sand, which was really uncomfortable and incredibly hot.

I put up with the discomfort for about five minutes before I said I couldn’t sit like that any longer. So Sadie told me to go get another sun lounger. The problem was, the place nearest to us that hired them out was closed for some reason. I went to the bar to ask if there was another one to be told, yes but it was some distance away. I almost didn’t go. ‘What am I going to say to the man when I get there’ I said. Sadie started laughing. ‘Just ask him for a sun lounger’ she said. So I said, ‘what if he doesn’t speak English?’ She said they all do. ‘But what if he doesn’t?’ I guess I was panicking for no reason. Sadie laughed again and then said, ‘just say this to him. Se você me der uma espreguiçadeira você pode me foder na bunda’.”

“I didn’t know Sadie knew Portuguese?” Matt said, interrupting me.

“No, neither did I. But I think she said her parents have a place somewhere in Portugal and she’s gone there a lot over the years so she must have picked the lingo up. Anyway she had to tell me the phrase a few times before I got the hang of it. Then off I went. It was actually a long way away from where we were sitting. I seemed to be walking for ages but as I went I kept mumbling the words over and over to myself. ‘Se você me der uma espreguiçadeira você pode me foder na bunda’.

“Anyway when I got to the place I realised it was more of a small warehouse just off the beach although they did have a hut in front of it on the sand. But I noticed there were no sun loungers outside, just a couple of beach umbrellas laying on the sand. I wasn’t sure if this was the right place but as I approached the hut a man came out to greet me. He smiled when he saw me and I realised that I was only wearing my bikini. I’d left my beach sarong behind. He was very scruffy looking and had about a weeks worth of stubble on his face. His clothes were dirty too. I suddenly felt naked as he ran his eyes over my body.”

“Well you were naked … almost. Your bikini couldn’t exactly be classed as am item of clothing, especially the bottoms,” Matt said before he paused briefly. He was right of course. When you’ve got an arse the size and shape mine is, small bikini briefs don’t cover an awful lot of flesh.

“Were you turned on?” he then asked with a slight crack in his voice. My god … was my story getting to him? Ankara escort I glanced down and saw his cock was now semi erect. And visibly growing by the second.

“Not really … maybe. I don’t know. Anyway I was slightly unsettled by the way he was leering at me so instead of asking if he spoke English I just blurted out the phrase Sadie had taught me. ‘Se você me der uma espreguiçadeira você pode me foder na bunda’.

“The man looked at me strangely. I thought he hadn’t understood me so I said it again. ‘Se você me der uma espreguiçadeira você pode me foder na bunda’.

“‘Sim’, he replied, with a broad grin. I know ‘Sim’ means yes, so I smiled at him but then he grabbed hold of my hand and walked me off the beach and into the warehouse. I was okay with this, in fact I was feeling quite smug with myself thinking that I had conversed with a native and he understood me. Who says we Brits are lazy about speaking other languages.

“I wasn’t so certain though when he took me into a back office, locked the door and lowered the blinds. ‘What are you doing’ I asked him. He just grinned back at me and dropped his trousers.”

“Was he big?” Matt asked, his breathing now quite raspy.

“Oh yes, well mainly it was fat rather than long. But it sure was erect.”

“So what did you do? Did you leave?”

“I couldn’t, he’d locked the door remember. Besides he had his hands on my arse in a flash and was soon groping and pulling at my cheeks for all he was worth. And you know what that does to me. I was so turned on. And then he slid his hand down into the crack between my bum cheeks and prised my bikini bottoms out the way and stuck his fingers inside my pussy. I think I came when he did that. It was so wrong, so dirty but so arousing.”

“My god …” Matt exhaled loudly. I looked down at his cock. It was now stiff and engorged and I knew he was trying hard not to fuck me there and then because he wanted to hear the end of my confession.

“Then what …”

“Oh Matt, I’m so ashamed. I let him bend me over and slide my bikini bottoms down. I was holding onto my legs as I pushed my arse up for him. He slavered all over my bum and pussy as he licked me mercilessly, which just turned me on more. And then he stuck it in my bum. It hurt like hell because he wasn’t being gentle but after a few minutes it wasn’t so bad. He fucked me for about another five minutes or so before he came.”

“How many times did you cum?”

“I don’t know … maybe two or three?”

“Did you like it?”

“What do you think? Not at first but then … yes. Matt I’m so sorry. You married a slut. I don’t know what to say …”

I didn’t get to say anything else as he pushed me down onto my back, prised my legs apart and with one thrust buried his hard cock deep inside my pulsating pussy.

“Ohhhh Matt … I love you so much,” I moaned as he proceeded to fuck me hard. My legs coiled around his waist as I thrust my hips up to meet him as he hammered away. It wasn’t long before he spun me around and coaxed me up onto my hands and knees. I bent lower as I knew what he wanted. His cock came out my pussy with a slurping sound but was soon pressing up against my sphincter in a nano second. He pushed. I moaned and groaned and then he was in.

Ten minutes later and I was impressed. This was the longest he’d gone in my arse. Usually it was so tight that it brought him off within a minute or so. But not this morning. He was a stud as he reclaimed my arse as his own and gave me multiple orgasms. He eventually exploded and we collapsed simultaneously onto the bed.

After our panting had subsided Matt eventually spoke. “So what happened when you went back to the girls? Did you tell them what had happened?”

“No of course not. Sadie was laughing so hard when she asked me if I’d asked for my sun lounger using the phrase she’d given me. I smelled a rat so said no, I hadn’t used it. Just as well she said, it means if you give me a lounger you can fuck me in the arse. All the girls started screaming with laughter. I laughed too but I was a bit sore when I sat down.”

I paused to look into Matt’s eyes. “You’re not angry are you. You’re not going to divorce me, are you?”

He smiled and kissed me. “No, of course not. I love you, you know that.”

“My god we’re so totally fucked up, aren’t we,” I said, as I shook my head.

“Yes we are,” he replied, “more than you know.”

It wasn’t until later that I thought that was a strange thing to say. And then I also realised that he hadn’t revealed what he said he had to tell me.

* * * * *

“So, what do you think, should I take the job or not? ” Matt looked across at me. I was sitting opposite him with my mouth wide open. I wasn’t sure if he would think I was genuinely interested in what he’d just told me or if he thought I was taking the piss. But I was genuinely gob-smacked.

Matt had just sat me down to tell me he’d been head hunted for another job. He’d been doing really well recently for his current employers and that Ankara escort bayan success apparently had not gone unnoticed by their competitors.

“But you don’t like what you do,” I finally replied, “you don’t like the housing market. You’re always going on about getting out and doing something else.”

“Yes, I know but it’s a decent base salary plus a seriously large increase in commission. A few months of that and we’ll be on easy street, ” he ended with a pronounced flourish.

I puffed out my cheeks and exhaled. “Well if you put it like that then I don’t see how you can refuse. You’re going to have to take it.”

“But it means moving Lauren. We won’t be able to do the commute for long, it’s too far away.”

“But I like my job, I don’t want to give it up,” I pouted.

He grinned back. “Is that so … or is it maybe Mrs Armitage you don’t want to give up?”

“Ha ha very funny … I don’t think,” I snapped back, my eyes flashing dangerously, “you know I only did that for you.”

“Yes, I know,” he replied quickly, realising I wasn’t in the best of moods when it came to Sandra. Despite her now having a new male friend she’d become a little bit too possessive recently. It wasn’t going down so well with me, which made it all the more strange that I wouldn’t leap at the chance to leave. But I genuinely did like my job.

I pondered on our situation for a while mulling over what our options could be. I didn’t particularly like our current abode. It wasn’t a patch on our last home. I still cursed our landlord for selling it out from under us. So maybe a move would be okay. And rather than two of us commuting it would be cheaper for just one of us. And I wouldn’t mind that as long as it wasn’t too far.

“Okay Matt, I’ve got a proposition for you.” I noticed him perk up a little bit.

“If you take this job, we can move. I don’t like it here anyway and it would make more sense for you to be nearer your work. However I will continue to commute back to my job. I don’t mind doing that and if I can squeeze a small pay rise out of the firm that will cover the costs of commuting that’ll be even better. I’ll have a little chat with Sandra about that. It may be that she’ll agree as she knows she’s pissed me off recently. I’ll make it clear that this will be her way of getting back into my good books. But it might mean that I have to see her more than once a week though.”

And that was the crux of my current problem with Sandra. She wanted more of me than I was prepared to give her now that I was married.

“Okay, seems fair,” Matt replied, “I’m sure I can find something to do that will occupy my time whilst you’re engaged with Sandra.”

He was grinning at me but he did seem rather pleased with my revelation. But that feeling was short-lived as Matt pulled me over to look at his computer. He’d already been looking at properties.

We spent the next hour or so looking through a variety of websites and eventually made a short-list of our favourites. We even managed to set up some viewing appointments. It was full steam ahead.

Over the next few days we made steady progress. Matt hadn’t accepted the new job yet but the deadline day for that was getting closer. We’d viewed a number of houses that we liked but the ones we’d really wanted had already been let. Our choices were now limited, plus everything seemed so much more expensive. Prices seemed to be rising daily and we were close to getting priced out of the market.

On a positive note Sandra had bowed to my demands and had secured me a pay rise. It was more than sufficient to cover my commuting costs. To procure it she’d actually wanted me for two extra days a week but we eventually negotiated that I would go out with her on a Thursday night as well as the usual Friday night although I would have to sleep over every week, not just now and again as I did presently.

And then she said that she would give me a lift home every night if I agreed to giving her a quickie after work. The offer was a godsend but I wasn’t prepared to eat her out every night. I’m not a lesbian I told her. We finally settled that she would take me home every night in return for which I would give her what she wanted on a Monday night only.

It was more than I originally wanted to give because I was worried that Matt would get a bit irritated with the amount of time I was spending with someone else. But when I told him he seemed almost pleased. Again I was a little bit unsettled with his reaction but made no comment about it.

A few days later and we were down to our last viewing. Matt had managed to fit this in between his own appointments. I’d taken the afternoon off but I had to make it up to Sandra by going back to the office after closing time later. I already knew I wouldn’t be catching up on my typing. I’d nipped home first and got changed before Matt picked me up.

When we got there to meet with the agent he told us the property had already been let. I was seething. Why had he not had the common courtesy Escort Ankara to inform us of this before we’d trailed all this way out for nothing.

I was all for letting rip and telling him exactly what I thought of him but Matt was calmness personified.

“Well that’s disappointing,” he said, “it looked really good on the website. We really liked it, didn’t we Lauren?”

“Yes,” I said, glowering at the letting agent. I was pissed with him. And not only for letting us down on the property. I didn’t like the way he’d been ogling my legs and arse since we’d got there. I know they get looked at a lot and usually I don’t mind but it was the manner in which he did it. Pervert! Even though he’d tried to be discreet, it was creepy.

“Do you have anything similar?” Matt asked hopefully, “we really like the area and would take something smaller if the price was right.”

The agent hesitated for a brief moment.”Well we do have a property that’s just come back on the market. It’s not far from here and I’m pretty sure the landlord will let me show you around now. Do you want me to give him a call to see?”

“What do you think Lauren?” Matt said, turning to me, “do you want to go have a look?”

“I suppose so,” I replied tersely. I was still annoyed about missing out on this property. I’d really quite liked it.

“Okay but you’ll have to go without me. I’ve got a pressing appointment that I can’t get out of.”

“Matt,” I whinged.

“It’s a big commission,” he said as by way of his response to my glowering look.

I noticed the agent swallow hard as he listened in on our conversation. And then he licked his lips as his piggy eyes roamed over my body and in particular my legs and arse. I was wearing a pair of skin tight jeans with a really stupid high heel shoe. My bum looked big in these jeans even to me but it sure was shapely. However I was now regretting my choice of clothes.

The agent licked his lips again. He was dressed well but was a bit on the pudgy side and he’d slicked back his thinning hair, which didn’t help his appearance one little bit. He was smarmy and it was creeping me out the way he looked at me when he talked.

The agent saw my indecision and was on the phone in a flash making a call. He turned away from us to talk as Matt avoided my look of disgust.

“I can take you now,” the agent said as he turned back to face us. He gave me a leering look, “I have to warn you that the property does need some work but the landlord says he will fix the place up before you move in.”

“Matt …?”

“I have to warn you that any delay will cost you,” the agent interrupted me, “once it becomes known that the property is back on the market, demand will be high. It’s in a really nice location.”

“Okay,” Matt replied, “so what’s the deal? When we looked on your website a few days ago there was a property on Western Close that was showing as recently let. Is that the one and if so why has it come back onto the market so soon?”

The agent again looked uncomfortable and coughed nervously before he answered. “Yes indeed it is and the tenants changed their minds just after they moved in.”

“Oh, our good fortune then,” Matt said with a grin. I saw the look on the agents face. He obviously didn’t think so.

“Babe, you have to go and look at it,” Matt said. He saw my reluctance and gave me that sad puppy-dog eyes look. “I really have to go and you know we can’t afford to miss this opportunity.”

I looked at him, knowing he was right. Out the corner of my eye I could see the agent looking smug.

“Are you ready to go Mrs Stephens?” he said as he walked over to us. “My car’s parked over there.” He waved his hand in the general direction of where he was parked. We’d parked some distance away in the other direction.

“See you later babe,” Matt said as he kissed me, “and make sure if you like the house that we get first refusal on it.” And then he winked at me. Bastard! He knew the agent was into me.

Matt left and the agent, Mr Dempsey, ushered me off towards his car. He let me walk in front of him, which I knew just gave him the opportunity to ogle my arse. Dirty sod!

But I couldn’t help myself. Mindful of Matt’s words I decided to give Mr Dempsey a show and started to put on an extra sway to my hips as I strutted along. And I knew my high heels would further enhance the jiggle of my bum cheeks.

We got to his car. He seemed a bit flushed as he opened the door for me. I was wearing one of those tight, clingy tops with loads of little buttons down the front and I’d left quite a few of them undone so he got an eyeful of my cleavage as I bent down to get in. As I’ve mentioned previously, my breasts aren’t massive, they’re just a regulation C cup but still perky enough. Mr Dempsey seemed to like them though judging by how red his face had become.

We drove to the property, Mr Dempsey shooting looks at my tits and legs from time to time. I confess I didn’t help matters as I kept crossing and uncrossing my slender legs. I also managed to hold my arms in such a way as to squeeze my boobs together, which gave me an incredible cleavage. I shot Mr Dempsey a quick look. He seemed to have beads of sweat on his forehead. I allowed myself a malicious grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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