Mature Couple’s Adventure Pt. 02

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At breakfast Luisa and I discussed what happened last night and where we would go from there.

Luisa said she was glad they decided to swap. She said that Jim was a good lay and she surprised herself when she played with Dawn but that it felt right.

I told her she looked gorgeous fucking Jim and was glad she enjoyed the whole evening.

We did decide to do more but we also promised that we would do it together.

After a couple of days, Dawn called Luisa and asked her if we would like to come over for a small BBQ on Saturday, just the four of us.

Luisa quickly accepted the invitation even before she asked me.

When she did tell me, I was glad she said yes.

Saturday couldn’t get here quick enough for us and we were up for a good time with our new friends.

Now, Jim and Dawn had a nice house in the community. They had a high fence around for complete privacy, even though there property backed up to woods and nobody was near them. They had a hot tub that could fit six people and an in ground pool.

When the time came, we drove over to their house and brought a couple of bottles of gaziantep escort bayan ilanları wine for our hosts.

To say we were nervous, was putting it mildly.

We rang the bell and Dawn answered and let us in.

Dawn looked stunning in a short set with no bra on.

We gave her the wine and she gave us a Cook’s tour of their house.

After the tour, we all went outside to the patio where Jim was grilling.

We exchanged pleasantries while Dawn poured some wine.

Jim offered a toast, “To our new friends, with whom we have a lot in common and who we wish to share ourselves with.”

We all drank and thanked Jim for such a lovely sentiment.

Over dinner, we talked about what happened last week.

Jim and Dawn said they had a great time as we said the same thing.

As the wine flowed, out of the blue, I just spurted out, “Has anyone thought about swapping for a weekend?”

The three of us looked at John and he got a kick under the table.

After a brief moment of silence, Jim said that he gaziantep eskort bayan always fantasized about it but that was all.

Dawn sat there with a smile and said that she wouldn’t object to it if it was with the right person.

Jim asked Luisa how she felt and Luisa said that last week was a first with us and she wasn’t sure, but she would try it if everyone was in agreement.

However, Luisa said that her and John promised never to do anything alone, but with each other present.

After dinner and dessert, Jim invited us to join them in the hot tub and we accepted.

I was the first to get naked followed by Luisa then Dawn and Jim.

As we sat in the hot tub, Jim nestled next to Luisa. His hands all very my wife’s body.

I could see her nipples getting hard and erect and her hand on Jim’s cock.

I heard Jim whisper to her if she would like to be with him for a weekend. I saw Luisa nod her head yes.

Dawn leaned over to me, while her hand was on my hard cock, and said that she would love to be fucked by me for a weekend.

The gaziantep bayan escort four of us were making out as I saw my wife raise her body and then lower it into Jim, figuring he got his cock in her cunt.

I lifted my body out of the water and sat on the rim. I pulled Dawn to me and she engulfed my hard cock with her mouth.

I watched Luisa ride Jim’s cock and she started moaning that she was going to cum. In an instant her body shook as Jim held her tight, filling my wife’s cunt with his cum.

As I watched my wife, Dawn gave me some good sucks and I shot my load all over her face and in her mouth.

Luisa got up and licked my cum off of Dawn.

I thought to myself that we had a dilemma. Then I just said to everyone, “Look, we all want the same thing, right? I am ok with Luisa spending the weekend with Jim if she is ok with doing him alone for the weekend.”

Luisa looked at me and said, “Well, even though John and I promised to never do it without the other, I can make an exception in this case.”

So, it was settled. We would swap partners next week for the weekend.

The rest of the evening was spent with the four of us continuing our fucking and playing with each other.

Dawn and Luisa looked marvelous having sex together.

Jim must have cum in Luisa at least three more times before it all ended in the early morning hour.

I came in Dawn twice and a third time as Luisa watched us up close and personal and shot my cum all over Dawn.

Look for Part 3

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