Max, the Bull Pt. 01

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Brother Sister

Max looked around his gym, recalling how he had got here. It hadn’t been easy, by no means. Playing high school football and baseball, he had been recruited by several in-state universities as well as a handful of out-of-state colleges.

Max was 6′ 2″ and 240 pounds of pure ripped muscle that comes from preparing for football since he was in 6th grade. People often remarked or asked about his ethnicity. He was half Native American; Comanche/Yaqui mix as well as half Scottish. Both heritages had contributed to his athletic nature. He had medium dark skin, and long hair that he sometimes braided in Comanche style. But his eyes were gray, and they popped with brightness. If he was wearing a green shirt, people saw green eyes, likewise if he wore blue.

His gym was named Warrior Gym and was located in the busy downtown area. Any number of office types came in before their day started, or lunch and even after work. So his clientele had a solid base, any new clients he could sign up added to his profit margin.

He thought back to when his friends had gone in together, each had taken a loan out to start up the gym, which at time they had set up in a derelict old space. Over the years, one friend had bowed out, not being able to deal with the stress of meeting profit margins. He begged the other three to buy him out, the other two balked, but Max saw an opportunity. He put up his car as collateral and borrowed enough money to buy him out with an agreement the other half of his initial investment would be paid out from the gym’s profit over the next several years.

He now had a controlling interest in the gym, 50% his, 25% the other two partners. As the other two became less involved in the day to day operation, he knew it was only a matter of time before they also decided to opt out. He started to squirrel away money as much as he could. When his grandmother passed away and left him her house, rather than live there, he spent the weekends renovating it and leased it out to a young married couple that just had twins.

He now had a passive income stream.

One of his partners came to him saying he was done with the gym, Max was able to buy him out with the profits he had nest egged. Over the next year, seeing his last partner use the gym as a personal workout spot and picking up on girls; he approached him about buying him out. His last partner hesitated; enjoying the benefits of monthly income adding to his day jobs salary while picking up on hot young chicks.

That was the problem, it was giving the gym a bad reputation.

“Tell you what, you can take this check, and sign here…” Max put the paper and check in front of him, “or you can take this check, sign the title and I send your wife a video of you constantly flirting with younger women.”

Deal closed.

Max’s chest swelled with pride. This was his domain, his kingdom come. He was the master of his destiny.

“Hey boss, I wanted to ask you something?” a petite redhead spoke to him, collapsing his memories.

“Sure, what’s up Cara?”

Would you be open to a corporate account? She smiled pleasantly.

“Tell me more,” he started walking slowly to his office on the 2nd floor, “I’m always open to new ideas.”

“Well my boyfriend works in one of the offices nearby and he heard they were looking for a gym to add to their wellness program.”

“By all means, send him over and we’ll talk it over.”

“Okay, thanks!” she smiled as she walked away.

Max was about to go into his office when two of his members stopped him.

“Max, my wife and I were wondering if you do any personal training. We are sure if you do, you probably charge more. We were just curious if you do.”

“I haven’t in at least 3 years, but you never know. Email me what your fitness goals are and I’ll send you a quote. Okay?”

Max stepped into his office, a glass box that overlooked his gym, he had made this gym happen. He had the vision and the determination.


It wasn’t Cara’s boyfriend that came to see him about a corporate account, it was the president of the company, Mr. Hugh Williamson. With him was a beautiful lady, very fit for her age, that Max assumed was his secretary or head of Human Resources.

Cara walked them up to his office and introduced them. Once the door shut, Max got to business.

“I’m surprised you are taking such a personal interest in your wellness program Mr. Williamson. Normally, I would expect a series of emails from your Human Resources” his smile at ease.

“I’m told you built this gym from the ground up. I like that, I admire that. I did the same with my company. My wife felt I should meet you personally since our stories are similar.” he nodded to his female counterpart.

“Oh, this is your wife? I’m sorry, let me shake your hand. I mistook you for a V.P. or from the legal department.”

“Enchanté Max…” she paused.

“Two Feathers, Max Two Feathers, pleased to meet you both.”

“Tim, Cara’s boyfriend works out here and raves Kurtköy Escort about it. Since we are trying out a wellness program for our company, we wanted to give your business a shot. I’ll be honest, we would have gone with a bigger name corporate gym, but Tim spoke highly about your place. Tell me, what separates you from your competition?”

“We specialize in our clients, our team builds a fitness goal for our customer’s and follows up with them from time to time. For example, let’s say you and your wife got a membership. I ask you what your goal is and you tell me you want to bench press 300 pounds. I put you in touch with our powerlifter coach. Now let’s say your wife wants to try out yoga or pilates, we put her in touch with our instructors. When you meet with them, they’ll ask what your ceiling and floor is. What is the max time you want to work out, what is the least time. If you stop checking in or fall below your average, they will call or text to ask if you need some motivation.”

The couple looked at each other, nodding.

“What if I wanted to bench press 300 pounds? Asked Mrs. Williamson

“Then I would take you on as a personal client, because that would take a special mentorship.”

“Can you bench press 300 pounds?” Interjected the CEO.


“Prove it,” she said, with a devilish smirk.

Max stood up, and raised his hand to the door. They headed out to the gym floor. “I’ll meet you at the bench press.

When he arrived, the couple were waiting for him. Max was now in his workout clothes that included a muscle shirt. His body was a specimen of fitness and bodybuilding. They both were reminded of Dwayne Johnson. Both nodded at him as he warmed up. He did some quick jumping jacks to get his heart rate up, and did some crunches to warm up his core. Setting the weights on the bar, he got into position.

He started breathing in a controlled manner, his eyes focusing far away. Then he pulled the bar off the rack and bench pressed the 300 pounds ten times. He placed the bar on the rack and sat up.

The couple clapped and smiled, they had a child-like look of wonder in their eyes.

“That was very impressive, impressive indeed.”

“Let’s talk details; membership here is how much a month?” Mrs. Williamson asked.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t get your first name?

“Betty, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Betty, a walk-in is $110 a month. We offer a AAA and Veterans discount. Seeing as this could be a lot of new clients, I’ll offer $50 for the first month, and we can negotiate the monthly price beyond that.”

“I’m going to buy all of my employee’s a 3 month membership. But I don’t want it to go to waste. Your explanation upstairs was music to my ears. If they choose to stay with your gym, you can decide how much to charge them then.” said Rob.

“I’ll follow up with Mildred, our head of H.R. to gauge interest as the 3 months come to a close. We would like a group discount, but we understand you have a business to run.” said Betty.

Max smiled wide, he was looking at a potential windfall. “I’m so glad you decided to give me a chance, I won’t let you down.” he shook both their hands, their hands disappearing in his large mitts.


In the days to come, the details were settled and Warrior gym’s partnership gained them 175 new clients out of 300 employees. The Williamson’s also joined and Max made sure he was available to be their trainer. He definitely wanted to stay on their good side. Over the initial month, another 50 employees came in from his new account.

Communicating with H.R., he had devised a series of team specific challenges for RPO Co. This way sales teams could compete with accounting and so on. He provided metrics that H.R. published in a wellness newsletter.

“You’ve done a great job,” Hugh said weeks later.

He was sweaty from his workout, Max had joined him this time. They both took a swig of water.

“Thanks, I knew your contract deserved special attention.”

“I can see the difference in my employee’s. They are more upbeat in the office and I hear the occasional spirited conversations of the team competitions. That was very smart indeed. Oh, by the way, Betty asked me to invite you to our company parties. We have the first one coming up for Halloween. We would love to see you there.” Hugh smiled.

“Please say thank you to Betty, and ask her when I’m going to see her again in spin class, I think she’s missed four days now.”

“Ha! I’ll tell her you said that. She’s actually been busy with something, so take it easy on her when she returns.”

“Will do!”


As the three months of the trial phase came to a close, Max was happy to see many stayed. Those that didn’t, he had his sales team sweet talk them into coming back. They had succeeded in retaining 78% of those that initially quit.

“You’re going to the party tonight, aren’t you? Cara asked Max.

“Of course, I’ll be seeing you there. Pendik Escort I wouldn’t miss it!”

The party was held in the banquet hall of the 1st floor of RPO’s building. When Max arrived, he realized he was on a first name basis with many of the employee’s already. He was happy to hear how much they liked the gym and working out.

After having dinner with Cara and Tim, he hit the dance floor and his dance card was immediately filled with the ladies of the office pool. Each of them asking for a selfie. As he walked around, he realized he didn’t see Hugh or Betty.

That’s when they walked in. The DJ took up the mic, announcing their entrance and started playing “Beautiful Day” by U2. The crowd clapped and conversations started to die down.

Stepping to the mic, Hugh spoke to the audience. Betty stood next to him.

“One of the perks of being the CEO is I can hijack the mic any time I want!” the crowd chuckled. “We are closing the year in the next several months and I’m delighted to say our profit margins are in line for bonuses this year.”

This time the applause was noticeably louder.

“Now let’s get to the party!”

Max walked over to them, to give his thanks. Hugh was dressed in a tuxedo with tails and spats on his shoes, complete with a top hat. Betty was dressed in a gold flapper dress that really accentuated her figure.

“He-Man?” Hugh pointed to Max with a questioning look.

“Nope, guess again.” Max smiled. He was dressed in a leather tunic, leather strapped sandals, he had a club and a lion’s pelt over his shoulder.

“Hercules!” Betty guessed.

He gave her a high five her as they tipped glasses.

“Will you join us in the garden for a cigar?” Hugh asked.

“I’ll join you, but I don’t smoke.”

“Well said, let’s refill our drinks and take a walk,” Betty said, hanging onto Hugh’s arm.

As they strolled into a quiet corner of the gardens, Betty asked…

“We are wondering if we could entice you into a more personal arrangement.”

“I would be happy to personally tailor your workouts; what did you have in mind?

Hugh cleared his throat, “No, we mean something more… ‘personal’.

Max was silent, he thought he knew what was coming. “Can you clarify ‘personal’?”

“I want you to fuck me, while Hugh watches.” Betty said point blank, placing her hand on his six pack.

Max smiled, just as he suspected. “Was this one big set up? How long have you been planning this?”

“My wife got the idea when she saw you bench press 300 pounds, but she didn’t tell me till just before the party,” admitted Hugh.

“And this doesn’t bother you?” Max asked Hugh.

“Bother me? I love it! Betty and I have been Stag and Vixen for close to a decade. It has super charged our marriage. We are very selective about our ‘choices’, which we decide together. And you have made the cut. Please say yes, Betty is really looking forward to it.”

Max nodded, smiling an awkward grin, “I guess that’s a yes,” his smile suddenly turned boyish.

“We’ll head out around 11pm, we suggest you leave at 11:10ish. There will be a driver for you in front of the building. Then we can rendezvous at our beach front home.”

They mingled with the crowd. Max was getting a lot of attention from the ladies, while Hugh and Betty split to cover more ground and glad handed their workers. At 11, right on cue, Hugh and Betty waved goodbye to the crowd excusing themselves. The party would go on for several more hours, they knew this from previous years. Max slowly started creeping towards the front and at 11:15 quietly left. A man standing by a BMW M760i nodded to him. Max climbed in the back seat.

“How did you know it was me,”

“Not many people fit your body description.”

A short drive later, he was deposited at the front door of a large beautiful house. Before he knocked, Hugh opened the door in a robe reminiscent of Hugh Hefner. Max, still in costume, walked in. The opulent home was wide and spacious, the living room opening to a deck overlooking a moonlit beach. Betty walked over in a long silk camisole, and pressed herself into Max’s chest.

“I can’t wait to have you over me!” as she grabbed his gorilla chest, then moving to his biceps, giving them a squeeze as well.

Max pulled apart the strings holding up her camisole and it dropped to the floor. He had seen her body in tight fitting workout clothes, but to see her in her radiant skin took his breath away.

She started taking off his costume, enjoying running her hands over his body. It was obvious how much she wanted him, the way she removed each piece. Once he was nude, Max picked her up…

“What makes you think I’ll be on top of you? He lifted her with ease and inched her towards his now rigid monster.

She grabbed it and placed it at her longing vulva…

“Jesus, how big is it?” her eyes wide open.

“11 inches when fully hard,” Max knew she was in for a shock.

Hugh was smiling from ear to ear, his wife Mutlukent Escort was about to have the night of her life.


They began on the patio, Max standing with his giant hands around her waist, her legs wrapped around the small of his back, her arms over his shoulders. His hands could almost wrap around her fit torso, and his hands lifted and dropped her on his cock like a human masturbation sleeve. She cried out, as he penetrated her but took him nonetheless. As her body was pistoned against her body her wetness increased, lubricating her hungry vagina.

She felt him bottom out several times as she rode this stud, her cries echoing the pleasure pain of such a huge cock filling her. As he pumped her up and down on him, her moans grew louder. In no time they were sweaty and the cool night air and occasional breeze added to their sensual experience.

Hugh stood to the side, watching his own personal porn, knowing that their morning sex, when he would reclaim her, was going to be epic.

Wet sounds wafted across the patio as Max kept sliding Betty up and down on his shaft. She was coming again, having orgasmed as soon as he entered her, her breathing was labored as she was tossed around like a rag doll. Her hair was sticking to her face as she kissed him, sucking in his tongue.

“Ooh ooh ooh ooh, …more …please” she meowed.

Max brought her to a wide outdoor sofa, and took her off his cock. She immediately groaned at not being filled. He laid down sideways, and had her lay the same, her back to his chest. He shoved himself into her from behind and lifted her upper leg. He hooked the inside of her knee with the inside of his elbow, his hand reaching and choking her neck. He preceded to fuck her harder than when they were standing. His mast sailed up her channel. Her body ratcheted back and forth as he drubbed her body. The choking made her cum on him, her body shaking, but she never told him to stop.

Hugh took a seat, and watched in awe. He wanted to jack off, but denied himself, keeping it in store for Betty. Watching as Max ravaged his wife, how hard he was fucking her, he took in the sight. Her eyes were nowhere, vacant yet present in the throes of her passion. Lips trembling, as she struggled for air, her tits bouncing around as her body took the abuse. Her pussy was squirting from time to time. Her lower leg shaking uncontrollably, her upper leg still pinned.

Max was kissing her shoulders as he manhandled her. She would have moaned and groaned, but her neck was in a vice.

Max released her throat as he pumped her full of cum. Gasping for air, she screamed into the night like a cat in heat taken by a stray tomcat.

“Aaaahhhh, god… holy shit… ohmygawd…!”

She climbed off him with shaky legs, sitting at the edge of the sofa. As his cum dripped out of her, she took it in her hand and licked it up. Hugh was beside himself, he felt his body shake in a sympathetic emotional orgasm.

She was still licking up his cum from her ravaged pussy, when she felt Max stand up. His cock was right at eye level, and she took it in her mouth without hesitation. Making love to her bull’s cock, she worshiped it like a holy relic. Her tongue sucking him clean of their mixed ejaculate.

But she needed to breathe, so holding his cock in her hand she took several breaths.

“Ready for round three?” his gravelly voice asked. Her eyes were begging him.

“Yes! Please keeping fucking my wife,” said Hugh. “Keep punishing her pussy.”

Max smiled, and Betty gasped for more air. Before she knew it, Max picked her up with one arm, and walked her down to the private beach. He placed her on his dick standing up, but facing away from him. Her legs wrapped around his thighs so the pads of her feet stood on his massive calves. His hands took her waist, and she placed her hands on his forearms.

Once again she was being pistoned on his weapon of mass orgasms. Her body pulsed with hidden reserves as she was ravaged again. Her pussy wept and continued to lubricate his cock pounding her from this new angle. Orgasms racked her body as she barely got a break from being choked.

Her cries could be heard over the water as she was fucked to oblivion. He continued fucking her long past her climax until he pulled her off and shoved his cock into her mouth and in swept a tide of sticky white milk.

Hugh watched from the deck as Max finally was sated. His face muscles hurt from smiling so much.

“Max, I’m going to offer you something I’ve never allowed another man to do with my wife. We have a ritual of showering together as I wash her body down after any ‘interlude’. I want you to shower and wash her off this time. But I’ll be joining in, we are both going to wash her off.”

Betty reached out to Hugh, hugging him, knowing how much this meant to him.

“I’d be delighted!” Max said as they headed inside. Hugh and Max scrubbed her body with body wash and wash clothes. The shower was huge and easily fit the three of them, and could fit more. It had wrap around shower heads so their bodies were being blasted from all angles.

“Hugh, we need to invite Max to the Thanksgiving and Christmas party,” Betty pleaded to Hugh, as they walked him to the door.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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