May We Never be Too Old

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Over a year ago, I met a lovely visiting tourist on through the Traveller’s section of a Website for senior men and when he visited NZ I had great pleasure in meeting him and we had some very sexy times together. He recently returned for another visit and this is a description of our last encounter.

He arrived at my door, wearing T-shirt and shorts. I was dressed in just a robe. The moment the door was closed we were in each other’s arms. He is a superb kisser, lovely thick lips, a very long and very strong tongue which does delightful things all over my body.

As we kissed he stroked one of my nipples getting it very hard and then he leant forward and softly kissed and sucked it and licked it. My nipples are incredibly sensitive, which he knows full well and this just made me melt. After a while I reluctantly pushed him away and led him to the bedroom where I stripped off his t-shirt and played with his nipples and sucked and nibbled on them. After a short while he leaned forward and took my cock (which he had been fondling all the time) into bursa escort his very warm mouth. He has no problem taking me all the way down and I could feel his mouth pressed hard against my pubic bone as his lovely tongue stroked me.

It was lovely, so lovely but I was greedy so I brought him upright and I reached down and pulled his shorts off and he took off his shoes and eased off my robe so we were both naked.

I sat on the bed and pulled him towards me and took him into my mouth. He was very wet with very sweet precum.

His cock is not too large so I can take him right in without any problem. After a few minutes he pulled me to my feet and then told me to lie down on the bed. I knew what was coming so I tossed a pillow on the floor for him to kneel on.

He began by kissing me slowly and softly and then by softly licking my nipples. I find that so erotic and arousing and he did this for some few minutes and then he licked down my body, very slowly, very gently.

He licked all around my groin, my balls and eventually görükle escort this beautiful warm mouth took over my cock.

What more can I say, He sucked me and fingered me and wanted nothing in return.

Eventually I stopped him and showed him the toys and lube on the desk beside us.

I stood and leant over my desk and he lubed me and then stood behind me rubbing his cock up and down my crack. He could not get erect enough to enter me although he certainly gave me a lot of pleasure trying.

We both went to the bathroom to clean up and then it was back to bed. A lovely 69 position, I grabbed the lube from my desk just beside my head and one of the narrower vibrators and teased him with it and he in turn took another one and inserted it into me. Oh delicious. Then came the moment when he was hurting me with it and I asked him to remove it and he said he had lost it!!


He fiddled around and eventually managed to get the end and pull it out. Man that scared me but, I am pleased to say did not deter bursa escort bayan me from carrying on.

Back to the bathroom for another clean up and then, when we returned to the bedroom, he said he wanted me to fuck his throat as he lay on his back with his head hanging down over the end and I just slid my cock straight in up his throat and fucked him. It got to be too much after a short while and he choked so he got off the bed, got me to lie down and he knelt on the floor at the end of the bed, brought me down to where he could reach me comfortably and proceeded to give me the sucking of my life. Fingers up my bottom moving in time to the sucking of his mouth.

I have to say it was the best encounter I can ever recall and eventually he brought me off to an incredible orgasm into his warm throat.

He then stood beside the bed and masturbated onto my breast.

We were almost two hours together and it was indescribably sexy and delicious from start to finish.

He leaves to return home shortly so I can only wait for his next visit in a year’s time

I think it is important to say at this point that my friend celebrated his 70th Birthday on that day and I celebrate my 78th in two days so I guess this demonstrates that age does not get in the way of good sensuous pleasure. (Viagra helps too)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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