Maybe One Day!

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She and I meet in a local motel, we only have a few hours before she has to pick her boys up at school.

I have been longing for this meeting for oh so long, I have wanted her every since she turned 18 and graduated from high school.

Now here we were, her , my wife’s second cousin, and I finally meeting to play out our six year love affair.

For the past six years we have been texting, and secretly talking on the phone to each other, telling each other what we wanted to do to each other.

The phone sex and sexting all started when she posted something on Facebook about her boyfriend, the Doctor, being an ass. I text her and asked if everything was alright? She answered me with; “Yea but he is an ASS!”

I asked what was going on and She told me he was messing around with someone from the hospital.

I told her then that he was crazy, that he had her, a 18 year old cutie, and he was messing with someone much older. I guess that is because, at 54, he is much older than she was.

I then, in text, told her how if she were my live in girlfriend/ Nanny for my kids, how well I would take care of her. Not only financially but in the bed as well.

She responded by telling me that she and he had not had sex in quite a while, that she suspected he was Fucking the other girl at work. She also told me that after she had her son that she felt like she looked fat and ugly.

Well one thing led to another and we started exchanging pictures via text. At first it was pictures of her in a nice dress, then in a bikini. Then I asked for one of her nude so I could compair to the one of her in the bikini. At first she said she was to embarrassed, but with some persuasion, I was able to get her to send me a self shot of her fully nude standing in front of her bathroom mirror.

I almost came in my pants when I opened the picture, pure beauty.

So in return I sent her a picture of myself, fully nude. Then she surprised me and asked me for a close up of my, in her words, “A picture of your beautiful Penis.”

So not wanting to disappoint a sweet young woman that just called my 41 year old dick beautiful! I sent her a picture of my Penis.

I was hard with excitement before I could get the phone camera app loaded. I sent her a picture of my fully erect 8″ cock standing proud!!

Her response, “Mmmmmmmmm! I want that!!”

Which leads us to this meeting at the local, out of the way motel! ( don’t want to have anyone see or recognise us!)

She is dressed in a thin, very short, pink sun dress that she loves to wear. She really likes to wear it to Sinop Escort family functions, so she can flash me with her ass or her naked pussy. Her long hair is pulled up into a ponytail, she knows that is how I like for her to wear it, because some of our fantasies require a ponytail. I know as soon as I see her dress and her hair, I am in for a treat today.

As soon as I get her in the room I have her back against the wall, and I have her skirt is bunched above her waist, her hands are on the back of my head pulling what little bit of hair I have, as she shoves my face into her very wet pussy.

I am tonguing her pussy and sucking her clit for all I’m worth. her pussy juices cover my face, run down my chin and throat, my god she taste so good!

I am squeezing her ass cheeks with each hand as I eat her sweet pussy. And every so often I snake a finger into her tight little rosebud asshole!

She is continually cumming on my face as I try to make her orgasm.

She is now fucking my face as she pant’s “eat me”! Over and over.

I suck hard on her clit as I bring my hand around to her pussy and stick two fingers into her wet little pussy.

I suck and tongue on her clit as I finger fuck her wet folds, and she continues to guide my mouth and fuck my face!

Then her orgasm rocks through her body!!

As I continue to lick up her juices, she pulls me to my feet and drops to her knees, pulling my pants to my ankles with her.

She looks up at me as she licks my ridged Cock, and she says,” I have wanted and waited so long for this moment.” And she engulfs my Cock with ease, never loosing eye contact with me. Oh how good her mouth feels on my Cock, as she fucks me with her face. Bobbing on my cock with such speed, I grab both sides of her head to slow her down, but with all the excitement of the moment, it is too late and I explode in her mouth. My Cock squirts the first big blast into her mouth, she pulls off my Cock and jacks me off so that the rest of my cream covers her face and breasts.

As the last few spurts land on her stomach, She pushes me over to the bed pulling my pants the rest of the way off in the process. She pushes me back onto the bed and climbs on top of me as she finishes removing her dress. She straddles me, starting at my knees, she sexily kisses her way up my body, stopping briefly at my semi hard Cock to lick it before continuing on her journey. She kisses her way up to my chest where she licks, sucks, and kisses each nipple in turn. She is driving me wild, as I lay there and let this beauty have her way with me.

She Sinop Escort Bayan then sits up on my chest, her wet slit only inches away from my face. I can smell her pussy, and my Cock starts to respond. My mouth and tongue respond as well. My mouth is watering, I can almost taste her just from her smell. My tongue is stretched as far as I can stretch it trying to lick her wet slit, as she teases me.

Then in one quick motion she is on my face,my nose is rubbing her clit as my tongue slips deep into her pussy. She screams in ecstasy, as I eat her tight wet pussy. I can feel her pussy muscles squeezing at my tongue trying to capture it as my tongue darts around, in and out, trying not to be caught. She is riding my face and grinding her clit on my nose, I would swear I’m going to suffocate in pussy or drowned pussy juice.

Just as I thought I would get a breath of air, her Orgasm hit. She began to shake and grind her pussy onto my face and I kept eating and sucking for all I was worth. Trying to make her Orgasm last but at the same time hopeing I would not pass out from lack of oxygen. Then as quickly as it started it was over and she fell off to the side of me, still convulsing in the aftermath of orgasmic bliss. Her pulsing pussy leaking her girl juice.

I rolled her onto her back as I kissed my way up her body to her mouth. As I kissed her with the passion of six years built up sexual tension, I sank my rock hard Cock deep into her very wet pussy. I wanted to revive her still lingering Orgasm and try my best to Fuck her Silly!! I bent down and started to suck on her erect nipples and felt her pussy squeeze my cock.

I pulled out and flipped her over, pulled her up to her hands and knees, then slammed my Cock back into her doggy style. With one hand, I reached around and pinched the nipple of one of her dangling breasts. I reached up with my other hand and grabbed her ponytail. I pulled her ponytail as hard as I could, she screamed, telling me to “FUCK” her. So I fucked her with force, all she could do then was grunt and moan, as I rammed my rock hard Cock into her pulsating pussy.

I slowed down , I was coming to close to blowing my load, I’m not ready for this to end. Then I feel something on my balls, she is reaching between her legs playing with my balls, This sends me over the edge and I fill her pussy with my cum, which triggers another of her orgasms.

As I finish cumming in her wet pussy, I let go of her hair, I pull my Cock out of her pussy and bend down and lick her cute little asshole. I finger her wet gaping pussy, and smear some Escort Sinop of our combined juices over her little asshole, in preparation for my still hard Cock. She now is rubbing her clit as she looks back over her shoulder and wiggles her ass in anticipation of what is about to happen. She is as anxious as I am, and Tells me to spit on it!

So I lick and spit on her rosebud ass before lining my Cock head up with it and pushing. Man her ass is tight and doesn’t want me inside. But I persist and push harder past her ass muscle, and it squeezes my Cock as I enter her cute little poop chute.

As I grab her by the hips and I am Fucking her ass, she has laid her face and shoulders on the bed, and has her perfect ass in the air so I can penetrate her deeper than before. I can feel the head of my Cock hitting her Cervix with each stroke. I am in heaven, balls deep in a 24 year old ass and she is telling me she loves it! Screaming she love it!!

She is still playing with her clit and pussy, as I continue to fuck her ass. Then she pulls her hand from between her legs, and I can see the girl goo on her fingers. It is shiny and slimy looking and she holds it up to my mouth for me to taste. I suck her fingers into my mouth and taste her juices again. Then she returns her hand down between her legs to her pussy. This time when she pulls her hand out all four fingers are wet and shining. She plays with the slime on her fingers as I fuck her ass, then she takes her own hand to her own mouth and taste’s herself.

That did it! The sight of her sucking her own juice from her own fingers sent me over the edge and I filled her ass with my sperm. As I started cumming she returned her hand to rubbing her clit and she came with me.

After what seemed like 10 minutes of filling her ass with my cum, my deflating cock slid from her ass and I collapsed onto her and the bed. We embraced and kissed one of those soul reaching kisses, and we both fell asleep.

I was awaken a little while later when her phone rang, seems the school wanted to know why she was late picking her boys up.

She hurried and dressed and kissed me goodbye on her way out the door.

I sure hope this will come true one day!

I am 47 years old, and my wife does have a second cousin, that is younger than I, but we only flirt with each other! I have hinted that I would if she would but nothing has come of all the hints nor the flirting.

She has flashed me her cute little ass and pussy from under a sun dress, she doesn’t wear panties, at least not that day. Was that for me or does she always go pantyless?

Usually after a family function I go home blue balled from our flirting and have to take care of myself in the shower, my wife rarely wants to have sex.

Maybe one day I will get the Balls to text her and maybe my fantasy will come true.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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