Me and Penny

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I had had a restless night, maybe it was the cold weather maybe it was horniness. It was still dark, my wife was away, it was Friday and I had the day off. I decided to text a co-worker. I was pleasantly surprised when her response came back immediately. We flirted a lot; we had started greeting each other with a kiss on the lips. It turned out that she’d be working from home today and I immediately asked if I could come over. I’d always found Penny attractive, she was a little chubby but had the most beautiful face ever. She said yes.

I was out in a flash, there was no traffic on the roads as it was still early and I was in her neighbourhood in 10 minutes. As I parked my car behind hers, I hesitated before dialing her number and a little part of me wished she’d not pick up but she did. I told her I was outside she came to her window and tossed down the keys. She lived above a main house it was a little two bedroom loft apartment. As I opened her door and locked it behind me I saw her disappear into her bedroom. I had been here once before, spending a whole day adapazarı escort bumming on the sofa and watching movies. I had hesitated and not made a move, but it had been a great day.

I followed her into the bedroom and stripped down to my boxers and crawled into bed with her, I gently spooned her and kissed her neck and whispered good morning. She snuggled her ass back towards me, my right hand came over the top to cup her breast. I could feel her bare nipple under the thin material of her nightdress and I was quickly erect, I adjusted myself so my cock nestled into the crack of her ass. I began to tease her nipple. Her moan was perfect, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. She turned around to face me and a peck of the lips soon developed into a passionate make-out session. My hands where all over her body pulling her night dress up to expose her thighs and ass, I was sucking on her tongue, my fingers soon slipped into her pussy and she gasped. She grabbed my head tightly and kissed me violently.

With beylikdüzü escort a finger in her pussy and one in her ass, she was now on top of me and grinding down hard on my fingers. The kissing lasted for a very long time; I was loving it, didn’t want it to end but I needed to get down on her pussy. I was hungry to eat her out; I was craving its smell, its taste. I needed her to cum; I flipped us over so I was now on top and started kissing down her body, stopping to make sure I sucked, nibbled and kissed on her nipples, she tasted fresh and clean, she smelt so good. I was soon at my goal, licking and kissing her pussy, tugging at her clit gently between my lips. I tongue fucked her, and licked up its length, kissed every inch. It tasted wonderful and smelt even better I was in heaven. She was grinding into my face. She was moaning, I could barely hear her telling me she was cumming. I didn’t stop licking at the first organism, and she was pull me up just as the second one rocked her body.

I crawled back up her gebze escort body, I slipped my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself, my hard cock was now rubbing up and down on the outside of her pussy, teasing the entrance, playing with clit. She reached down between us and stroked my cock as we kissed. Penny then guided me in, it was and amazing feeling, I thought of a condom, but I was in heaven, the feel of our raw sex was amazing. I hesitated and asked if she had condoms, she said yes, but asked me not to stop, she wanted me to cum inside her.

We soon built up a great rhythm, me thrusting forward and her lifting her hips to meet me. I loved every stroke, every sensation, we kissed and I pushed myself to the hilt. She put her legs together with me still inside, I could feel her erect clit rubbing against my cock, with my legs straddling her I buried myself as deep inside her as I could. I have never had such amazing sex, I was almost dizzy, she fucked her hips up towards my hard cock and I came. I came inside her, and we both collapsed, I felt great filling her with my seed. I held her close and kissed her deep. We cuddled and drifted off to sleep.

The next two days were amazing, I didn’t leave her house, and didn’t get dressed. For the next two days we couldn’t stay off each other’s naked bodies and barely managed to finish watching two movies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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