Me, My Slutwife , Dillon

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[AUTHOR’S NOTE: My stories are all about pushing limits. This one crosses a line. For those squeamish readers who are comfortable in their own little worlds, you can bash all you want but it’s falling on deaf ears. I would merely make this point to some of the will-be critics of this story. Perhaps the most masculine hero of horny males of all time, Hugh Hefner, has admitted to acts during some of his many orgies that might be deemed totally incompatible with the lifestyle of a virile woman’s man. Bet most of you didn’t know that? Sexuality takes a lot of turns when the hormones are flowing. It doesn’t mean that’s who you are; it just means, that’s what you did at that time. So, let’s cross some lines and see how it goes, shall we?]

The incredibly fit stud sitting underneath my petite Asian wife completely drew me attention away from the birthday cake sitting on the coffee table in front of the two of them.

“Happy birthday, David, honey,” my 29-year-old, slutty hotwife purred, her slender, sexy legs together as she sat sideways on her male friend’s lap, in the corner of our sofa in our living room. Kitty was wearing a frilly, black lingerie set unfamiliar to me — almost a tight, see-through black blouse, which was not buttoned but tied in a single knot between her sexy A-cup titties, and a French-cut bikini panty arching high over her slender hips. Her tiny 100-pound figure looked half the size of her sexy male friend, who also was unfamiliar to me. He was wearing only loose jogger’s shorts, revealing a chiseled, hairy chest that wasn’t ripped but didn’t have a drop of fat or loose skin. His temples were broad and his steely gray eyes were deep-set, with closely-trimmed dark hair that was graying appropriately for his late-40’s age.

As she sat sideways on the stud’s lap, with her small back leaning against not just the sofa’s armrest but the male long, strong arm, she had her smooth athletic legs stretched out onto the sofa. One of my wife’s arms was reaching behind her friend’s sturdy neck, while her other hand waived in the air, pointing to the small chocolate cake on the coffee table. She giggled playfully at the joke she was about to tell. “Told you I’d have a surprise for you — you like the cake?”

Dropping my work laptop’s black bag on the floor, I peeled my raincoat off and pulled up a chair to the opposite side of the coffee table, across from the two largely undressed adults. I felt my dick already demanding attention, throbbing in my underwear, seeing my wife perched on top of another man. As my eyes fell on his handsome face, I saw the stranger return a friendly, expectant gaze at me. He clearly had been fully appraised that Kitty’s husband was due home from work soon on this birthday, and I guess Kitty’s friend was going to be part of the celebration.

I noticed my wife’s long hair, which typically is its natural jet-black shade, but as of the past weekend had been colored a playful reddish shade. It was smooth, silky, brushed out to its full length, it didn’t look tangled or sweaty whatsoever. She had on ample amounts of makeup — eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, rouge, everything but lipstick. I immediately concluded that Kitty and the guy had not had sex already; or, if they had, she’d gotten showered and cleaned up, and re-applied her makeup.

Taking a seat on the chair, adjusting my legs so that my hardened cock could rest comfortably in my underwear, I nodded in the direction of our guest for the party. “Looks great,” I punned, ambiguously referring either to the cake or her friend — or both. “Are we going to have a little party now — even before I eat dinner?”

Kitty giggled again, her arm behind the male’s head bending so that her slender fingers could stroke his close-cut hair along his neck. She turned to look at the guy’s face for a moment, smiling at what she saw, before looking back at me. “Oh, would you mind having dinner later, are you really hungry?” she softly asked me, with a slight grin. “I thought, you know, Dillon, you and me could have some cake, have a little party now — so I can give you your present.”

I gave “Dillon” a friendly smile, something most men wouldn’t give a guy who was sitting with a nearly-naked wife. “Hey, Dillon — so what do you know of this ‘present’ she has for me?”

Now, some guys think I’m gay — or, worse, some type of wannabe homosexual — because I get horny from seeing my wife with really good-looking, well-built men. It’s true, I do; but I don’t ever wanna fuck them myself. So I don’t think I’m gay. But I will say: fuck, this man Dillon was handsome. Large, triangular chest with broad shoulders tapering down to a thin, fit waist; extremely flat, tight abdomen; arms that looked like concrete, chiseled with well-toned muscles; a well-groomed face that could have been in a corporate boardroom earlier in the day.

Dillon shrugged his mighty shoulders, tilting his charming face to the side for a moment. “Oh, I don’t know — your little wife bursa escort here, she is full of ideas, all sorts of fun ones.”

“Mmm,” agreed Kitty, nodding at him, turning to face him, “you know it!” She leaned her body into his, resting the side of her torso against his hairy chest and her head against his neck, as she kept her eyes on me a few feet away across the room. “David, I thought I’d get you something for your birthday that I know you’d really, really, REALLY like.” Then her free hand waived towards the lonesome cake on the short table between herself and me. “But, you first want some cake, are you hungry?”

Actually I was, but my aching erection in my pants — seeing my sexy wife sitting on the hot stud’s lap — dictated my priorities at the moment. “Oh, I’m kinda hungry, but — well you tell me — are you hungry too, I can wait if you’re not?”

My wife let out a low approving groan, while the male sporting the gold wedding band on his ring finger underneath her chuckled at my question. “Mmm, yeah,” Kitty snickered, turning her gorgeous, flattened face to gaze her slanted Asian eyes up at her friend’s face, “I’m hungry all right — just, not for cake.” (You know, I kind of expected that answer.) Still leaning her small frame into Dillon’s larger body, my petite wife turned once again in my direction. “So you wanna go get into something comfortable, David, or you wanna, I dunno, go to the bathroom or get a bite or anything — or, you wanna see your present?”

She knew what my answer would be, but she was just being sweet and not trying to dictate my birthday to me. “Ah, I’m good — so, um, you have my curiosity piqued, what’s this present you keep talking about?” As I asked, my dick was really hurting in my pants, I could feel it leaking precum against my skin inside my tight briefs.

Kitty cleared her throat, swallowing, catching a breath before saying something she must have planned ahead of time. “Well, I know you’d like this — your present is, you get to see something that — well, that Dillon and I have been talking about for, what, now, three weeks?” She momentarily looked up at him over her shoulder, as he shrugged and nodded, muttering in agreement. “We’ve been — we’ve traded emails and been chatting for, I dunno, three weeks — and I told him, well, this would make the perfect birthday present for my husband — so, he agreed, he was really sweet and waited, and now, you get your present!”

I thought I might have a clue what she meant, but if I was wrong, then I had no fucking idea where she was going. “Oh, uh — that’s, um, nice of him — so, I’m — you have me really curious now, baby — what, exactly, is the present?”

Her brown eyes were riveted on mine, making sure I had my full attention on her and her male friend. “This is,” she groaned at me in a throaty, husky voice. Then, with her arm behind his head, she reached her hand up to the back of his skull and pulled his face down, while simultaneously she leaned back into his arm a bit and turned her own face upwards at him. Right in front of me, the stranger whom she met online within the last month planted his married mouth on my wife’s lips, and I watched them groan at each other in a deep, powerful kiss. Kitty’s slender jaw immediately opened to allow Dillon to thrust his tongue into her mouth, and my wife accepted it, sucking his tongue, craving that male kiss as she sank more into his arms.

“Oh, gawwd,” I panted, kicking my shoes off to watch the erotic kiss in front of me, loving how the male was adoring my gorgeous Asian wife. “That’s so hot,” I added needlessly, knowing Kitty knew that would be my reaction.

It had been a couple of months, I bet, since I’d watched her fuck anyone in front of me. She’d been on plenty of fuckdates, but we had sort of fallen out of the practice of inviting men to our house to fuck her while I was home. She’d get her cock while I was at work, or she’d go on overnight date with men while I stayed home. When we were at home together, she was loving and devoted, fucking me relentlessly numerous times during the weekend, every night, just about every morning. So this was an unexpected and very pleasant development.

As the two kissed in front of me, I saw Kitty’s small body squirming, feeling the man’s crotch against the side of her hip and thigh while she sat sideways on him. He took one of his big manly paws and started to stroke her thighs and legs, back and forth feeling her smooth skin, but Kitty grabbed his hand with her free hand and drew his palm up to her chest. While their lips were locked together, she brought Dillon’s big hand onto her bosom, and right in front of me the guy began groping my wife’s tit through her tied blouse, groping and kneading it with his powerful fingers. It made her groan more, their kiss became more energetic, their mouths and tongues moving together rapidly as they smashed their faces together.

Gasping for air, Kitty broke altıparmak escort the kiss, looking back at me with someone’s saliva drooling out of her half-opened mouth, feeling the stud still groping her breast. She moaned in a curious voice to me, “We never did that before — any of this — do you like your present, David, seeing him and me together for the first time?”

Leaning way back on the chair, my smallish under-six-inch dick making a distinct bulge on my slacks, I answered her question with another question. “I dunno — you tell me, do you like Dillon?”

“Ohhh, fuckkk!” Her breath exhaled from her small body with a loud gasp. “Ohh, do I — he’s sooo sexy!” Her brown eyes found his again, and they pressed their lips together for another hot kiss, his hand still squeezing her titty through her blouse. She pulled her mouth back from his, muttering to me, “David, he turns me on so much — he’s so handsome, his body is so hot!” She wasn’t insulting me or trying to make me feel bad, she knew what I liked. Her smile began devilishly evil, as she peered at me from the slanted corner of her eye. “And you know how I get hot and wet for hot men — you like that, don’t you, baby, your little wife being a slut for hot men and big cocks?”

I was hardly breathing, staring at the male’s face, as he looked over my wife’s petite body, his big hand covering her A-cup booby while massaging it through her thin clothing, making her body slowly wiggle on his lap. “Mmm — Dillon, tell me, you don’t mind me being here? I can leave, if you prefer — I can see how much Kitty is, uh, wanting to spend some quality time with you!”

My wife intercepted the question, snapping at me with a scowl, “Don’t you move, David — stay right fucking there.”

Her male friend gave me a more politic answer. “It’s up to you, and her — she said you would prefer being here.”

Kitty answered for the both of us. “Oh, he prefers,” she said, climbing up for a second. I watched my wife sit upright then turn a bit, straddling his lap now, her slender back and little round butt facing me. Now stretching her small legs around his meaty lap, my wife leaned forward and thrust her pelvis upwards, grinding the crotch of her bikini panties on his crotch. Dillon moaned, instinctively laying a bit more flat on our sofa, both feet on the floor pointing in my direction, and I could see the bulge in his shorts made by his balls and meaty dick. Kitty’s crotch was right over that bulge, and she rose her body up on his for a moment, sliding the soft mound of her pussy inside her black panties against Dillon’s erection. Both of his hands dropped to her almost-naked hips, then sliding around and cupping my wife’s mostly-bare, soft asscheeks, groping them while she began grinding her pussy on his dick through their clothing.

I couldn’t stop it, I put my hand on my crotch and rubbed my desperate erection, just pushing the base of my palm against my penis to relieve the aching inside my pants and underwear. My eyes watched Kitty’s little butt gyrate on Dillon’s lap, while her mouth was moving over his face. I heard them both moan again, her head moving down, and I could tell they were making out once more, sucking each other’s tongues and lips, exchanging breaths lung to lung, while her petite body undulated back and forth on his hard erection in front of me. She was so fucking little, he was so manly and fit, they made a delicious pair.

“Oh, gawwd!” Kitty gasped, breaking the kiss, straining her body upwards more and bending her head to the side. Dillon was licking down her neck now, suckling her soft sensitive skin, planting wet kisses down to her nape, then back up her apple to her jaw. Kitty’s head fell entirely to the side, rotating around so she could look back at me, her reddish-dark hair cascading down her petite back. “Mmm, David — don’t you love seeing us together?”

She was trying to arouse me, not confirm if I approved. She didn’t need my approval, but she knew she had it anyway. “Fuck, yes, baby — you two are sooo hot together — he’s so fucking handsome, I can tell how horny you must be for him — and his big cock!”

Her pussy was teasing that big dick I was sure he had, rubbing up and down its length as it lay inside his shorts, while he was nibbling at her neck and ear. With a moan, she reached her hands to his head and held his face, then my horny wife planted her lips squarely on his mouth and thrust her tongue inside, making love to his mouth with hers. They both let out loud groans of approval, while the two masturbated together with genitals pressing through thin clothing.

Kitty broke the kiss again, so she could look back at her adoring husband watching the two of them making out and engaging in foreplay. Seeing my eyes fixated on the sight of Dillon’s big hands on her almost-naked asscheeks, with his engorged cock rubbing her cunt through their clothing, Kitty wrinkled her nose at me and giggled. görükle escort “I knew you’d love it — do you like my present — you love seeing me with a guy with a big, huge cock — don’t you, honey?”

“Uh huh!” I was still rubbing my dick through my pants, slowly though, not wanting to cum too quickly. “But — how big is his cock — does he have a big, big one?”

My question elicited a low, gutter moan from my horny wife, sort of mixed with a hearty chuckle, as she felt her ass fondled by her friend and her cunt pressed by his aching dick. “Mmm — yeah, oooh yeah, sooo big!” She dropped her head to his ear, whispering loud enough that I could hear it. “Mmm, will you let my husband see how big your cock is, baby?”

In my pants, my dick twitched at the thought of seeing Kitty playing with a massive male erection, but my visualization of that approaching moment was interrupted when Dillon muttered something to her, making her cackle for a second, then look back at me. She spied me rubbing my dick through my pants, before whispering an answer back to him, engulfing their little conversation in secrecy. Finally, she let me in on the secret, looking back at me again. “David — well, first, Dillon wants to see YOUR cock — can you, you know, take it out, show it?”

This was a first, I’ll admit, none of her boyfriends in the past who let me watch her get fucked had ever, not once, expressed an interest in my being naked too. But I shrugged, it was no big deal, I’d done threesomes with her and other men, so being nude in front of another man — particularly one who was going to fuck Kitty — made no difference to me. Besides, my boner really wanted to come out and play. So I unzipped my slacks, unbuttoned them, and pushed them and my underwear off together. As I leaned back onto my chair, my knit shirt riding up on my rotund belly, I exposed my five and a half inches of throbbing hard married meat to the guy with my wife on his lap. Letting my knees part and the flab of my inner thighs separate, the guy could easily see my shaved balls and rigid short shaft with pointy round cockhead, smeared with precum, laying on my belly.

He didn’t say anything, just checking out my tool for a moment, before returning to my wife. He kissed her hard in front of me, wrapping his big hand behind the back of her head and pressing their mouths together, drawing a wincing wail from Kitty and the pressure of the kiss. I couldn’t help it, I grabbed my naked boner in a hand and very slowly tugged my dick, watching the hot kissing. Surprisingly, pulling her mouth off his as fast as he’d planted her there, Dillon spoke to me from behind my wife. “So, David — you want to see what your wife will be getting tonight, her present?”

I couldn’t wait. “Definitely, let’s see what you got, dude.”

“Mmm, yeah,” panted my horny slutwife, crawling off his lap and kneeling on the sofa now, her little knees together, bending over his waist. With me watching and not moving a muscle, Dillon and Kitty peeled off his jogging shorts from around his fit waist and down his legs. My eyes popped out of their sockets, seeing the rocket he was sporting. Fucking I swear, he was 10 inches, and at fat at the base as a cock can, maybe thicker. Kitty normally doesn’t like to fuck grossly-oversized cocks, but this guy’s erection was at the top of her list I was sure. Not inhumanly big, just, like, twice as long as mine, twice as thick too.

Her eyes were glowing as she examined his prick right in front of her. Kitty’s small hand shot out, taking hold of his shaft near his big hairy balls, feeling the size and girth of his monster. “Mmm, fuck, baby, oooh yeah.” Looking at me gazing at Dillon’s erection, she laughed. “He’s huge, isn’t he, David? Mmm, David you know how I love big cocks — don’t you want to see me fuck Dillon’s awesome cock?”

I moaned and nodded, hardly able to talk, amazed at how big he was. My dick felt so little in my hand as I stroked it, but what could I do about it, I don’t let that sort of thing bother me. What I did find a bit surprising, however, was how much Kitty was talking to me. Usually when she was with a boyfriend, she hardly said a word to me — except maybe, “I love you, David” — and concentrated entirely on the man between her thighs or in her mouth. Oddly, tonight, she was almost giving my play-by-play. Actually, it was really hot, I was thoroughly aroused at her talkativeness.

Kitty stroked his huge boner up and down, making it throb at its full peak, leaking out precum from the massive mushroom-shaped head. Her eyes stared at its size, the ridges, the bulging purple veins, the thickness in her small hand that couldn’t wrap all the way around it. “Oooh, Dillon, it’s soooo fucking big,” my lusty wife panted, “David is going to love seeing you fuck me with that huge, big cock.” Looking at me, she giggled playfully. “And, David — do you like your present — I know you’d love to see me get fucked by Dillon’s awesome, huge cock — you know how I love big cocks!”

Her lover glanced at my half-sized cock in my hand, and he joined the conversation. “Don’t you wish your cock was as big as mine, David,” the guy said to me, seeing my wife’s total lust for his dick, “so you could fuck your hot little wife every day like I’m gonna fuck her tonight?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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