Meeting In Spain For The First Time Ch. 02

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Continuation of the story Meeting in Spain for the First Time.

As before please feel free to leave me your feedback, would love to write the stories better.

Hope you enjoy.


You come out of the shower, towelling off your amazing body grabbing a quick kiss as I take your place. I quickly wash up and step out of the shower, heading naked into the bedroom just catching you spraying a little perfume on your wrists, neck and between your breasts wearing a light blue summer dress. From the movement underneath and the way your nipples are clearly standing out through the material I can guess you’re not wearing a bra.

You turn and watch as I dry off, the smile on your lips the way you keep sucking on your finger tip, eyes locked on mine and your comments telling me what you’d rather be doing instead of running out for dinner at the last minute. I get dressed in a pair of blue jeans, at your insistence wearing nothing underneath and a plain black shirt. We kiss lingeringly, our tongues exploring dancing battling over and over before we head out, pulling on light jackets against the slight chill in the air.

We walk down the road, my arm around your waist holding you close. Getting to the restaurant just in time we slip into the small private area out the back, the only two in there. We sit side by side, legs brushing against each other, turning slightly in our seats to face one another as we chat about nothing in particular but just enjoying each other’s company.

After placing the order our wine arrives and we start drinking slowly. My eyes drawn you how your fingers linger on the stem of the glass and the way your fingers run up and down along it as you seem me watching. We’ve ordered a basic meal; just some grilled meat and vegetables which will be quick to prepare and eat as we’re both already back at the flat in our minds.

The waiters arrive with the first course and we tuck in quickly, both of us ravenous after our flights and earlier exertions. Eyes constantly meeting and as we finish my hand slides down onto your thigh just at the hem of your dress under the table cloth. Slowly I slide it up, watching as you bite your bottom lip to keep from making too much noise. Feeling your legs moving apart as my hand slides higher until my fingers brush over your bare pussy lips slowly. Gently rubbing over the outer lips before easing a finger between them, sliding into you slowly easing right up to the knuckle inside you. Leaning over you gasp into my ear, moaning my name softly as I gently fuck you with one finger until izmir escort we hear the waiter coming with the sweet menu.

We sit up and looking through the menu find a large bowl of ice cream to share so we order that. Once the waiter heads off to take our order I move my finger to my lips eyes locked on your as I suck you juices from it. Grinning your hand slips into my lap, undoing my fly quickly to ease under my jeans. Your fingers closing firmly around my already hard cock, stroking with long slow movements as much as my jeans will allow as we lean to each other, our tongues then our lips meeting as we kiss passionately.

We break the kiss only at the waiters cough and your hand reluctantly slides away from me as he places the bowl of ice cream between us with two spoons. Looking into each other’s eyes we start to feed each other slowly, spoonful at a time. The growing need and desire so clear in our eyes, building and building rapidly until we eat quickly to get away. We finish the ice cream and after ordering some drinks to take away with us we pay the bill and stand up to head out. Leaning over you whisper that I’d better do my fly up as I might show more than I would like, so I quickly do, un-tucking my shirt at the same time to hide the very obvious bulge in my jeans as well.

We head back to the flat my arm around your neck, your arm around my waist, hand slipping down to brush over my ass and coming to rest in the back pocket of my jeans. When we get back I pour us both a glass of wine from a bottle we brought back with us as you slip out onto the balcony, leaning against the rail as you take in all the lights looking out towards the coast.

Kicking off my shoes I move out to join you, passing you your wine as I stand behind you, arms wrapped tight around your waist pushing my hips tight against your ass. You stand upright, turning your head to kiss me. I take your glass, setting it onto the patio table beside us before leaning you over the balcony railing again. Kneeling behind you I ease your dress up, moving your legs apart. I slowly run a finger tip firmly around your smooth pussy lips, seeing you turning to meet my eyes, biting your lip to try and keep the noise down. I slide two fingers into your wet, hot tight pussy. Fucking you slowly with them, getting deeper and deeper with each stroke, loving the gasps and moans from you that your trying to keep quiet. Taking my other hand I rub firmly around your clit, easing the hood away to let my finger work around your swollen clit, feeling you tremble and buck back kahramanmaraş escort into my fingers.

Fingers moving faster and harder into you, I pinch two fingers firmly around your swollen clit from the way you’re moving back against me knowing that I’m already getting you close. Easing my fingers from you I take hold of your hips, pulling you into my face. My lips closing around your swollen clit, sucking on it hard. Alternating sucking with quick flicks of my tongue around it hearing your moans getting louder as you can’t hold them back. You push me back, turning to face me and I take your right leg over my shoulder, lips and tongue working harder and faster over your clit as I ease two fingers back into you. Moving them hard and fast up against the front wall of your pussy, rubbing constantly over that little rough spot as I look up, seeing your hands moving over your breasts, your head tilted back as my name escapes your lips, your entire body trembling as you cum over my fingers and mouth.

As you get your breath back I ease your leg down, standing to kiss you hard before turning and heading inside towards the bedroom. Coming? I ask as I undo my shirt, dropping it to the floor. I turn to watch you follow, closing the door and curtains to the veranda before slipping the straps of your dress off your shoulders, letting it slide off your naked body below.

Grinning you catch up to me before I can lose my jeans. Kneeling you start licking and kissing the bulge in them, looking up to meet my eyes, hearing me gasping your name as you do. Slowly you undo my jeans, fingers reaching inside to wrap around my cock, drawing it out. Leaning back you stroke along the full length eyes always on mine. Drawing back the foreskin fully before swirling the tip of your tongue around the glistening wet tip, making my knees buckle slightly crying out your name.

Grinning you hold the shaft up, gliding your tongue up and down along the underside of my cock slowly before easing the shaft into your mouth, lips closing around it tightly as you slide down to cover the tip. Sucking on me firmly as your hand strokes quickly along the shaft, my moans getting louder and louder, fingers moving through your soft hair.

I reach down moving you back. Kicking off my jeans before drawing you up into a long deep kiss and pulling you into the bedroom, leaving all our clothes scattered in the lounge. I guide us to the bed as we kiss over and over. I lay you back on the bed, sliding down to suck hard on your hard nipples, biting over them manavgat escort gently, pulling them into my mouth as I suck on each one. Licking across your breasts slowly, covering every inch, savouring the sweet scent of your perfume mixed with your own intoxicating scent between your breasts as I move from one to the other.

My fingers moving down to ease into you once more, one finger then two slowly sliding between your outer lips before sliding into you. Your hips bucking up into me as you tell me just to fuck you, that you need me inside you…

I turn you over, and kneel behind you at the foot of the bed, rubbing the tip of my cock against your pussy lips. Looking over your shoulder you press back into me until I slide slowly inch by inch into you, crying out at how wonderful it feels, hearing your cries mix with mine so perfectly.

I move hard and fast into you from behind, reaching round to rub firmly across your clit as I do. Feeling us moving as one, bodies fitting together so perfectly, your body and mine working as one together. After a few hard deep strokes I move back, sliding from you and you turn around, hands guiding me back into you as we both move further up onto the bed. Taking you slowly like that, your hands pulling on my ass driving me deeper into you each time, kissing and nuzzling against your neck.

Tiring of my slow movements you roll over on top of me. Sitting up you roll your hips firmly from side to side, pulling my hands to those amazing breasts. Leaning back you fill my hands totally with them, my fingers rolling your nipples gently, pinching them, squeezing gently over your full firm breasts as you start to ride me so hard.

Both of us already right on the edge, crying out over and over. Cries of fuck me, yes our names echoing round the room. You lean forward pushing your breasts into my face, letting me suck on your nipples as you arch your back, crying out my name, crying out that your cumming……..feeling your pussy tightening so much around my cock, squeezing me so tightly. Still moving hard and fast over my cock, sitting up to let me watch you fully, telling me to cum inside you, cum for you…….my hips bucking hard up into you over and over screaming out your name as I start to cum so hard, feeling you slide down onto me fully, hips grinding in a slow circle as I explode over and over into you.

You collapse down onto my chest, letting me hold you so close, staying so deep inside you as we both catch our breath. Hands gently caressing your back, my chest just loving each other so totally at that moment wishing it could carry on forever. Gently we kiss, lips and tongues softly brushing against each other over and over.

Staying entwined until my cock slowly goes soft, sliding from you itself, then I curl up around your back, pressed tightly against you as we both drift off to sleep meeting up in our dreams to carry this on and on…

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