Meeting Nude People

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Carla had never been surrounded by so much naked flesh at one time.

Large breasts. Little titties. Thick cocks. Thin dicks. Heavy bushes. And sagging sacks. Everywhere she turned, there was something new to see.

No stranger to nudity herself, Carla had decided to try a weekend at Country Pines Adult Resort, the nudist colony just up Hwy. 52 from her home in the city. She had been in an experimental mood for a few months now, and after having her first experience with group sex in a laundry mat, she had realized there was so much of the sexual world she had never known.

It wasn’t that she was a prude – far from it. But she had never been this naked in the wide-open world before. Sure, she had “lost” her panties on trips to fine dining establishments and she had flashed a lot of flesh at Mardi Gras, but this was different.

It was a decidedly un-erotic experience most of the time, watching men and women in their 50s and 60s walk around unencumbered by clothes – various parts swinging low with gravity and age. Many of the men wore black socks and shoes, which protected their feet, but did little to forward the image of a nudist. And many of the women – who had been well endowed earlier in life – were now sagging heavily.

The brochure had said nothing about that. But Carla tried to be open-minded and accept nudity wasn’t about sex for the vast majority of the people at the camp. It was about freedom.

And it was freeing, allowing the sun to fall on her naked body and the wind to dance across skin that was usually well covered. Add to that the fact that she was turning her back (a bare back no less) on conventional society’s puritanical ideas about “modesty” – which at once discourages nudity, but is still obviously titillated by it – and she felt like a pioneer in a brave new world.

Sexual politics aside, though, the trip had not been what she had planned. She had thought, naively, that the piney woods would be filled with lots of younger wood of another kind.

A day into the weekend trip and she had not seen anyone under 50. Everyone was nice, and she had felt more than a few eyes on her young flesh (despite all of the talk about nudity being about freedom), but she had been looking forward to finding more young people without inhibitions.

The brochure had warned against public sex, and the camp administrator repeated the rule when she signed in.

“I know a lot of young people come out here planning to ‘hook up’ and bang each other’s brains out on our picnic tables, but people have to eat there and having sex in public is grounds for instant removal from the camp,” he said, even though Carla could see the thought of her fucking him on his desk wouldn’t have bothered him at all.

Unfortunately for Carla though, none of those young people had materialized and she had been forced to use her battery-operated boyfriend that night. She had brought it along in hopes of using it on a new friend, but instead had found it in familiar territory, between her own clean-shaven and moist folds.

As she awoke the next day, Carla despaired a little that she would find any new conquests at Country Pines. Looking out the window of the cabin, though, she saw something that quieted all of her misgivings.

Reclining by the pool, Carla saw the most attractive onyx-haired woman she had seen in years. With bronze skin, largish double-D breasts and a short landing strip bush, the woman had the body of a 1950’s bombshell. Lying back at poolside, she had her legs crossed at the ankles and was listening to her iTunes player as someone swam laps nearby.

This was the most promising development of the weekend. Carla had no way of knowing if the black-haired beauty was into women, but she decided it was definitely worth checking out. There was no way to know until you tried, right?

So, after quickly washing all the right spots and brushing her teeth, Carla bounded out the door, her wavy red hair flowing behind her. She had grabbed a beach towel and planned to set up camp right next to the woman and casually introduce herself.

As she approached, the woman’s head leaned forward, and Carla bursa anal yapan escort could sense her gaze from behind the dark sunglasses she wore. Carla wasn’t sure if the woman liked what she saw, but she did resettle herself on the lounge chair.

“Is anyone sitting here?” Carla asked as she walked up to the lounge chair next to the woman, noting a golf bag and man’s shoes on the far side of the woman’s lounge.

“No,” she said, waving her hand invitingly and removing the MP3 player’s earbuds. “Go right ahead.”

“Thanks,” Carla said, noting that the woman seemed to be in her mid to late 20s – about her own age. “I’m Carla.”

“Lauren,” the woman said, offering a flawless hand, which Carla felt linger after they shook. “Nice to meet you.”

“Tell me about it. I was beginning to think I wouldn’t see any more young people here. Everyone I’ve met so far has been my parents’ or grandparents’ age,” Carla said.

“Yeah,” Lauren said, although there was something odd in her expression. “I felt like that the first time I came out here with my husband. But I’ve me a few people since then and James likes it, so we try to make it up here a few times a year.”

A husband? Carla wasn’t sure what that meant for her plans, but she decided it didn’t matter. By hook or by crook, she was going to taste this woman’s sex before the weekend was through. And now, possibly, her husband’s.

“Is that James in the pool?” Carla asked.

“Yeah,” Lauren said. “He’s been a health nut since I met him in college. Well, when I was in college.”

And with that, a sly smile crossed her lips and she uncrossed her legs. She placed a foot on either side of the lounge chair and leaned forward so that she could adjust the chair and lie on her stomach. Lauren’s breasts swung in front of her with her dark nipples hardening because of the breeze as she clicked the chair into motion.

When she was done, she stood straddling the chair, then stepped over to Carla’s side to finish putting the chair in position. As she bent over, Carla got a good look at Lauren’s ass and between her thighs.

The plastic straps of the lounge chair had imprinted stripes on Lauren’s back and butt. But that didn’t detract from the shape of her ample backside. As firm as her tits, her ass looked as delicious as the rest of her body. And her pussy lips were freshly shaven.

Lauren smiled back at Carla, who was unabashedly staring into her pink. Well, unabashedly until she realized Lauren had caught her. But Lauren didn’t seem to mind at all.

Carla was surprised and pleased. Not shy, this one. Carla wondered if Lauren had noticed that she had been squirming a little in her seat. She was well-lubed, but would have to do something about that in private – per resort rules.

“So, how long are you staying?” Lauren asked as she lied down.

“Oh, through tomorrow,” she replied. “I just wanted to see what this place was all about.”

“Great,” Lauren said. “We’ll have time to get to know each other. James will probably want to play golf later today. Maybe we can get a drink or go for a hike.”

“Sure,” Carla said, thrown off a little bit by the idea of naked golf. “Sounds good.”

The two talked for about 10 minutes about shared histories. They had both gone to college in the Northeast, pledging sororities and graduating near the top of their classes. In fact, Lauren had been a sorority sister of Carla’s cousin Alexa’s.

In fact, it was at a sorority function “of sorts” with Alexa that Lauren had met her husband James. It was just physical at first, but Lauren realized she loved him and the two were married a year later.

Carla was a little jealous, but she was not looking for love this weekend, so it soon passed.

Then a shadow appeared at their feet and Carla looked up to see a well-built man standing by the pool. He was wiping the water from his face and head, so she had an unobstructed view of his toned biceps, which connected to rock-hard pecks and a six-pack of abs. But what really got her juices flowing was the meat the man was packing.

It was limp karacabey escort and there was some shrinkage because of the cold water. But even with that, it was big and swung like a grandfather clock’s pendulum. Carla guessed it was easily 10 inches when erect. She could barely keep her eyes in her head.

Then she heard Lauren call, “Honey, come over here and meet Carla.”

The man dropped the towel to his chest and Carla was shocked to see an old man above the neck. It wasn’t that he was unattractive. He had a sort of Harrison Ford or Sean Connery ruggedness about him, with wrinkles in all the right places. She was just surprised to see that face attached to that body – although she noticed a wrinkle or two on his body when she got over the sight of his cock.

He reached out a hand, saying, “How’s it going?”

“It’s going well,” Carla said. “I just met your wife. She’s great.”

“Yeah,” he said, leaning down to kiss Lauren. “I think I’ll keep her.”

“Damn right,” she said, slapping him on the ass and making him – and his cock – jump.

“Watch it now,” he said mock angrily.

“You know you like it,” she said and smiled broadly at him.

“Well, maybe a little,” he said, then scanning both of them said, “What’s the plan for today?”

“I dunno,” Lauren said. “I figured we might go get a drink back at the cabin or something.”

“Sounds good,” he said, gathering his equipment and kissing Lauren before heading out the pool’s gate. “You girls have fun.”

“Oh, we will,” Lauren said. “Don’t lose your balls on the links.”

James smirked at the joke he had surely heard before. “Ha ha ha,” he said as he continued toward the golf course.

Turning toward Carla now, Lauren said. “I know it’s not quite lunchtime, but how about that drink and then maybe we can get something to eat?”

“Sure,” Carla said, trying not to sound over-eager.

The two gathered their towels and gear, before setting off for Lauren’s cabin. Carla followed closely along the path, watching the switch in Lauren’s hips as she walked up the hill leading to her cabin.

Closing the door behind them, Lauren asked, “So what would you like to drink? I’ve got red wine, beer or whiskey. We’re always entertaining people when we come out he…”

Her sentence was cut short when Carla grabbed her head and planted a hard kiss on her still-moving lips. She had enjoyed the little dance they had been doing, but now was the time to get down to it.

Lauren kissed back as hard as she got, dropping her towel and MP3 player to the floor and wrapping the smaller woman in her arms, their breasts meeting, nipples rubbing slightly. Carla reached down and grabbed hold of Lauren’s backside, digging her nails into her flesh playfully.

“No offense,” Carla breathed, breaking the kiss, “but I’d rather have something to eat first.”

“Glad to hear it,” Lauren breathed back. “I’ve wanted to get between your legs since I saw you coming to the pool.”

Carla pushed the woman’s bronzed body against the door and began to kiss her neck, slowly working her way to the valley of her chest. Peppering her with kisses and tongue plants, she licked the space between Lauren’s enormous fleshy globes, kneading one with her right hand as she lightly playfully ran her nails down the woman’s back with the other.

Carla removed her mouth and began to suck Lauren’s hardened left nipple, while still massaging the right with her left hand and pulling her in closer for a better position.

Lauren arched her back and gave into the moment, becoming weak in the knees for a second before regaining her composure. Her breasts were sensitive and she almost seemed like she was going to cum on the spot. Carla worked the nipple feverishly, but the moment had passed.

Realizing this, Carla decided to finally taste the folds she had seen when Lauren had bent over earlier. So she traced her tongue down through the valley of the black-haired beauty’s chest, along the contours of her toned stomach, flicking lightly at her belly button, before coming to Lauren’s landing strip and the prize that lay beneath. mudanya escort

Carla buried her face deep into Lauren’s pussy, lifting one leg over her shoulder for better access. Carla could feel Lauren’s fingers working along her scalp, as much for balance as for the sensation.

Carla attacked the woman’s clit with her mouth, sucking the mini-erection, nibbling it softly and flicking it with her tongue, while intermittently bathing her whole honey pot in saliva. Carla worked back and forth on the woman’s pussy, shaking her and holding on tight to her ass cheeks as she went.

Soon, Carla’s face was awash with Lauren’s cum, the standing woman again almost buckling with the force of her orgasm. As she came, she shoved Carla’s face deeper into her sweet spot, not that Carla minded. She was busy trying to take in every drop.

Lauren released the back of Carla’s head and grabbed the sides of her face instead, drawing her to a standing position and kissing her deeply.

“Mmmmmm, that was good,” she said. “Now it’s your turn, and I’ve got just the thing.”

Lauren grabbed Carla by the hand and led her to the king size bed and asked her to sit down, before producing a duffel bag from beneath it. When Lauren opened the duffel bag, Carla’s eyes got wide. It was filled with sex toys of all shapes, sizes and colors. There were vibrators, dildos, plugs, clamps, cuffs and a couple of bottles of lube.

“I told you we entertained,” Lauren said, smiling wickedly.

Carla began rubbing her pussy in anticipation as Lauren rummaged through the case. She didn’t have to wait long though, before Lauren pulled an eight-inch candy apple red rubber dildo and some mint-flavored lube from the bag.

“Do me a favor and get this all ready to go, would you?” Lauren said, handing Carla the rubber cock before gently pushing her into a reclining position with her butt hanging slightly off of the bed.

Lauren spread Carla’s legs wide and began to lick up and down, covering the shaven pussy with her mouth and darting in and out with her tongue. Lauren probed Carla’s sugar walls as her tongue nuzzled her clit. Backing up for a moment, she began the side-to-side motion that had brought her to climax earlier.

Carla, who was fumbling with the dildo and lube almost came the instant Lauren’s hot mouth touched her nether-regions, and now she was on the verge again, when Lauren stuck an index finger into her pussy, curving it in an attempt to find Carla’s g-spot.

“Oh fuck that feels so good,” Carla moaned.

“Mmmm hmmmm,” Lauren said, still buried in Carla’s slit.

Reaching up, Lauren tweaked Carla’s nipples and slid her hand from one breast to another, flicking the nipples as she went. Finally, she asked for the red rubber cock, which Carla had been licking in an attempt to keep the lube fresh.

Spreading Carla’s lips with her left index and middle fingers, Lauren teased the completely exposed clit with the veiny surrogate man. As Lauren slid it in, Carla gasped. She had not expected it to feel so big.

“Oh fuck,” she said. “Oh God. Oh fuck. Fuck me with that cock.”

Lauren willingly obliged, speeding up the dildo’s see-saw action as she rammed most it in her up to the big rubber balls, while rolling Carla’s clit between her thumb and forefinger.

It was like watching a piston at work, Lauren pumping away at Carla’s wide-open pussy, from time to time using all four fingertips of her left hand to rub the redhead’s clit feverishly.

Carla pinched her nipples as she neared orgasm. It had been building since she first saw Lauren by the pool, and now she arched her back and grunted with delight, bringing her legs down and together instinctively.

The dildo was covered to the balls in her juices and Lauren licked her fingers clean, offering the dildo to Carla for cleaning. Carla licked up and down the shaft.

“Mmmmm, I taste good,” she said, scooting back further onto the bed, then curling a finger toward Lauren in the universal “come over here” sign.

“I’ll say you do,” Lauren said, crawling up the bed to kiss the fiery newcomer to her bed.

As she reached Carla’s mouth, their nipples grazed each other again, sending shivers traveling between their legs again.

“I’m glad we got something to eat,” Carla said, smiling. “But I still don’t feel full.”

“That’s OK,” Lauren said. “We’ve got all day today and tomorrow to fill you up. And we’re not even started on my bag of tricks.”

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