Meeting the Master Ch. 02

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© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me — the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidence.

This part can stand alone – but it would be so much more enjoyable if the reader checks out the first part. In the first part – a Dom and sub relationship is developed from online to meeting for real. This is both guys first time with another male, but the roll play made it easier to swallow. No pun intended! I purposely kept the additional sex involving women to a minimum in this part because I chose to post it to the Gay Male category. But if this story continues – it may move to BDSM or non-consent.

I hope you enjoy the story:



You wake early and visit the room you left me in – cuffed to the bedpost late the night before – finding me still asleep. As you climb onto the bed and straddle my chest I immediately wake up. Helpless to get away, I gaze at your waterdog jutting from your crotch. This is not the way I imagined being woken up – but hey – accepting that I am your slave is just part of the bargain. In fact you take this moment to remind me just who I am – and what purpose I serve. “You are Susan, My Pet. Your job while we are together is to please me. I like my dick sucked first thing in the morning. But since you were tied up last night – you couldn’t come to the Master and beg like a good little slut girl for his huge meat.”

Whacking me with your hardening shaft back and forth across my face only seems to stimulate you – and be that one thing that acknowledges me being your little cock sucking pet. The back of my head presses further into the pillow – but then I have no where to run, and no where to get away from your throbbing manhood. You lift your shaft up and order me to kiss and lick your ball sack. As I obey this command, you let you thick cock lay down against the bridge of my nose, thus blocking sight out of one eye.

My Master tells me to open my mouth — and stuffs his hard mushroom shaped head into it.

I run my tongue over the end — I suck on it — I lick the soft underside of your throbbing shaft. Something deep in my mind is allowing me to forget anything that I felt before – and only recognize that I like being submissive and serving a Mistress has always been an erotic thrill – if she were sitting on my face expecting oral satisfaction. Now instead, I find myself a submissive pet of a MASTER. While I am trying to please you through my worship of your cock – I look upward past your chest to your eyes – and they are not mean – or cruel – but they are enjoying the new power that I have bestowed. The power to be satisfied by a helpless male. You squirt your load — and I am forced to take it all in.

Releasing me, you order me to wear the cock harness and a pair of girly panties under my shorts. “It will do you some good to spend the day as my slave, yet can’t service my immense cock, or stroke your little clit for pleasure.”

We both showered and dressed for golf (t-time at 1pm) but when standing in the kitchen munching on a sandwich, you notice that there isn’t a large bulge in Ankara bayan escort my shorts. Surely if I had the cock strap on – it would cause my meager dick to fill with blood and extend from my body. You require that I show you the collar around my small dick and balls. I hesitantly open my shorts and drop them to my ankles – where you realize that I don’t have panties on either. “Where is your clit collar?” You ask.

I answer that I couldn’t wear it under my shorts since it makes my clit stick straight out from my crotch. I weakly complain that the satin panties are rubbing against my clit and teasing it unmercifully. Besides, I whine – it makes my clit poke out like I am walking around with an erection. Getting a bit upset that I would challenge your command, you order me to go get the strap for my clit, and some girl panties to cover my clit. I return wearing a pair of white satin panties, and hand the strap to you. This strap was nothing more than a 10″ kitten collar that they sell in any pet store, but knowing that I am your pussy – made it just that much funnier to you to tighten this strap around my limp dick and cum filled balls. Knowing this is a chance to exert your authority and demonstrate your control over me – you command me to beg you to lock the strap around my clit.

Dejected and realizing I am not getting my way – I begin to softly beg for you to put the strap on my tiny clit. I keep my hands behind my back, while you tighten the strap around my balls and clit. I yipe a little as a small bit of my tender skin gets trapped by the strap. Then attaching a leash to the my bound clit, you start leading me around the room — this way — and that way — stopping and starting all the time. The entire time I am expected to keep my hands behind my back. Meanwhile, my shorts and panties which were at my ankles slip off my feet and I am naked from the waist down. Then you escorted me to the garage where you have rigged up my cuffs dangling from the rafters. I wonder to myself when you had time to get this ready?

You cuff my hands behind my back, and raise them up a bit until I am bent over – my naked butt exposed to your control. My balls and Clit – locked in the strap – still has a leash dangling between my legs. Taking the ping pong paddle in your hands, you begin to smack my exposed ass. It jiggles — it bounces — but I am helpless to clinch it tight – and keep you from getting your best shots. The whole time — you tell me that I am your little girl — that my mouth is nothing but a pussy for your big cock. You remind me that you are being a benevolent Master – that you could easily take advantage of my willingness to submit and make me do all sorts of things — and punish me all sorts of ways. You explain that you ordered me to put the clit strap on – and I purposely disobeyed you. Each statement is punctuated by a smack to my ripe butt cheeks. Sometimes you yank on the leash — pulling my clit — knowing that I am bound – and helpless to follow.

Finally you explain that while we are out on the golf course, that you want my butt nice and warm – to remind me that I disobeyed and that my position is that of a Slave – more precisely – your pet girl.

Your dick hardens – as you put me through my paces. Rubbing it against my bent over face, you tell me “Your master is excited by spanking you — and you like it Susan – don’t you?”

When I deny that I enjoy your punishment of me — you politely explain that my own clit is excited. Escort bayan Ankara This is irrefutable proof that I enjoy it. This excites you tremendously to know that you can manipulate my body to obey you – not me.

Soon, you are finished with my punishment — I am released and instructed to give you a blowjob out on the deck – without putting my panties or shorts on. Kneeling on the deck is hard on my knees — and I squirm uncomfortably. Keeping my hands behind my back — I look into your eyes and say “Master — Thank you for punishing your Pet. May Susan satisfy you huge cock by licking and sucking on it? May Susan please be allowed to kiss and lick your balls?” You agree by pointing to your crotch and I begin to reverently adore your manhood, all the while rubbing my sore pink butt with my hands.

Your huge mushroom shaped head goes in and out of my stretched lips while you occasionally stoke the thick shaft – helping to jerk yourself off even sooner. What seems like the 10th time this weekend – you erupt on my face, mouth, and now down my clean golf shirt. Whacking me with your slowly deflating cock you admonish your pet for not swallowing your whole load. This is especially humiliating for me because my poor dick, blood filled and jutting out from my body is not as big and thick as yours even after you squirted all over the place. My balls ache behind the pussy strap. Remaining on my knees while a virile man sits before me and whips my face with his sticky wet cock is the ultimate in man upon man humiliation.

I am allowed to clean up, change my shirt – but this time, I have to leave the clit collar tightly around my balls, and full shaft. It can’t slip off, not without my erection decreasing, and I don’t believe there is any chance of that happening anytime soon.

It looks obscene the way my dick pokes out into the panties and shorts. The shorts are just loose enough to leave some expansion room, but the soft panties stroke the end of my dick and tease me to the extreme. Your constant harassment of me – in my current condition is a masochistic wet dream. Exposed this way to the public, yet trying to act natural was nearly impossible. I am embarrassed by my jutting clit — I try to sit in the cart and not stand around the tee box or green. After only one hole, 2 women ask if they can play through – or with us. You glance at me – and I am shaking my head emphatically no. Thus noting my hesitation to having them around, you gleefully invite them to play along.

One is a redhead (more aggressive kind of tomboy) with small tits, and the other a blonde is rather well put together with some big breasts and nice curves. We have some conversations – learning that they are staying nearby, and that they are Simi-pro golfers (Nike circuit) They learn that we are both married, and here on vacation too. We share all sorts of innocent conversation, but it is obvious that the redhead (her name is Rhonda) is fascinated by my crotch and the tent that won’t go down. She even made a remark about Viagra – assuming that I had taken some just prior to teeing off. I blush and instinctively try to avoid her glances.

Then after 6 holes, I am riding in the cart with the Rhonda because our golf balls have landed next to one another while yours and her friends are across the fairway, she bluntly asks me if I am your slave. Shocked, I gaze at her smirking face, and then to her tight low cut golf shirt. Her nipples are poking out. She is excited by teasing Bayan escort Ankara me.

I try to say no – and deny our new relationship – wondering how she could have come up with that. “Don’t deny it — I have heard you two quietly talk when you both get in the cart — he calls you PET, Slave, girl or Susan. You call him Master or sir. So tell me the truth.” Rhonda snaps back.

I look into her cold steel green eyes – I assume that her tomboy testosterone gives her the confidence to ‘tell it like it is’ I reply – that after being married 18 1/2 years, we met online through email – and this is the first time we have met.

That didn’t quite answer the question to her satisfaction – so when we made it to the green for that hole – she starts making more comments.

She shocks my Master when we get to the green by openly making a smart ass comment about ‘your pet’. Upset in someone finding out – you tell me that I will certainly get my ass spanked now!

Her friend says – “HEY – we knew we were right!” This leads us to both assume that they had been discussing us in their cart several of the previous holes.

Throughout the next 9 holes of the golf match – every chance for one of them to ask more questions or demand proof of our mutual arrangement got more extraordinary. Increasing my discomfort – it becomes open season on me — with everyone taking pot shots at my current position. It gets so graphic – that I am ordered by you to flash them both my panties. I am flustered, but obedient.

I try to play along — admitting to the redhead that I would love nothing better than to use some Altoids on a delicious pussy. Her blonde haired, large busted friend (Jenny) is apparently is a bit on the submissive side too. Rhonda offers you Jenny to use – once we are done playing golf — if she can have some fun alone with me. You agree. They knew we had a 4 bedroom house to ourselves, and we could have some fun there. Even in the golf game, I felt like a loser with the two of them shooting in the mid 70’s while you had an 81 and I shot 105.

We depart for our 4 bedroom house, while they return to their place for changing and gathering some “toys”. We are having them over for dinner — and you tell me that I will most certainly be the desert! I am instructed to strip down to only my girl panties – and collar around my neck.

Dinner is short – but soon the games begin – and I am the one being led around by my clit leash, while the two of them slap at my defenseless ass. One thing leads to another until I am borrowed by Rhonda – the Dom-female in return for a magnificent blow job by Jenny for you.

I told Rhonda that I wanted to use Altoids – and sure enough I am on the bed face up with her snatch right over my face. Her fair red hair just accents her labia and clit, and I lick and suck her delicious pussy till she cums several times. She is amazed at how eager I am to lick her to another orgasm, after the first one has passed, but if she only knew just how excited I was to be licking her pussy instead of choking on my Master’s huge prick. Pleased with my efforts she lets you know that I am a great oral slave! Likewise, you say that her friend is better at giving you blow job. It was obvious – the blonde and I were more suited to the opposite sex than we were to the same sex.

The rest of the evening, sexual games were played by us all. I had to stroke your big prick, while you were kissing Jenny, and Rhonda was yanking on my clit leash. Lots of pussy licking, and cock sucking was done by me – while you and Rhonda enjoyed the efforts of your new playthings. Surely it seemed that we would all become friends – or at least playmates for many vacations in the future.

The End?

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