Meeting the Neighbors Pt. 02 – BBQ

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This is the part 2 for my story “Meeting the Neighbors.” Please read the first part to fully enjoy.

It had been a couple of days since the incident at Frank and Bills. I tried to put it out of my head as much as possible. I did my best to avoid them by sneaking out to leave the apartment or ignoring their knocks on my door. No matter what I tried to do to block it out of my head it was all I could think about. I had betrayed Eileen that night and the worst part of it was how much I enjoyed it. Since that night I had came all over myself at least 10 times thinking of it.

Eileen had planned on staying the night tonight. We were going to bbq and have drinks on the deck to unwind and relax. Her mom was out of town for the week and she couldn’t wait to come over. She did all the shopping and got over to my place around noon. She threw the groceries down in the kitchen and immediately ran and hugged me. She planted a big passionate kiss on me.

“Let’s go to the bed.” She moaned into my ear. She was always ready to go and I loved it.

We stripped off our clothes as we continued to make out and hopped in the bed. She laid me on my back and began sucking my flaccid cock. Usually at this point I was rock hard for her but I just couldn’t get it up. She continued to suck and lick. My mind tried to focus but soon went back to the memories of the other night. I closed my eyes and began imagining how it was me sucking on Franks cock in the hot tub. I felt my cock finally start getting hard in her mouth. The thoughts of the two men pounding me out was what was turning me on, not my amazingly sexy girlfriend sucking my cock. I was ashamed, but did not want her to think something was wrong. She laid down and I put her legs on my shoulders just as the two men had did to me. I put my cock into her warm wet pussy and she moaned for me. (She moaned just like I moaned for Bill.) I continued to imitate how the two men had fucked me on her. I finally shot my load deep inside of her and screamed out in pleasure. She moaned back and kissed me deeply.

“I don’t know what got into you there, but I fucking loved it.” She said as he was breathing heavy. I pulled my softening cock out of her and flopped down next to her. I was ashamed that I had to resort to memories of me getting double teamed by two fat older men in order to have sex with her. After we showered up, we went to the kitchen to start getting the food ready.

“Oh crap I forgot my phone in the car.” Eileen said and quickly ran out to go grab it.

As I sat there putting away groceries my heart sunk. Out in the hallway I heard Eileen’s voice accompanied by two others. It was Frank and Bill. The door to the apartment opened up and sure enough there was Eileen followed by my neighbors. I felt my face go flush and nearly dropped the tray of burger meat on the floor.

“Look who I ran into in the parking lot.” Eileen happily stated.

“Good to see you Mathias been awhile.” Frank said through a large smile. Bill stood behind him with the same large grin.

“I hope you don’t mind I told them we were going to have some drinks and bbq and invited them to hang out.” Eileen said as she walked to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“No-no not at all.” I managed to sputter out. “The more the merrier, it’s good to see you both. I was just getting the food ready actually.”

“Come out to the deck and grab a beer.” Eileen said as she ushered our guests through the door. I followed closely behind.

As we all sat and hung out my nerves were on edge the entire time. I was worried they would let slip what happened the other night.

“Haven’t seen you in awhile Mathias? We heard you stumble in the other night but haven’t seen you since. Got worried about you.” Bill said as he took a drink from his beer.

“Yeah sorry about that. Had too much to drink the other night and blacked out. Don’t remember much.” I nervously said back.

“Yeah Matty was a mess! Poor guy had to take an Uber home alone, I hope he didn’t wake you up.” Eileen giggled.

“We were up anyways, but could to see you’re ok.” Frank chuckled. Both men sneaking smiles at me.

We sat hanging out and chatting for a little until it was time to get the food going. I finished my beer and got up.

“I’m going to get the meat ready and I’ll be right back out.” I said as I slid open the patio door. Frank got up and began to follow.

“Say why don’t I lend you a hand. After all you guys are having us over and I’d be a terrible guest not to offer some help.” Frank calmly said. I began getting nervous.

“You are so sweet thank you Frank.” Eileen said.

“Yeah it’ll give Eileen and I some time to gossip about you both.” Bill laughed as he gave Eileen a high five. With that Frank closed the door and walked behind me.

As I walked in to the kitchen with Frank following close behind, I was a nervous wreck. It would be my first time having to talk to one of them since they spit roasted me on their bed the other night. I didn’t know what to say and was hoping the incident Balıkesir Escort was behind us. I knew it was wishful thinking though as I turned around and saw Frank smiling ear to ear.

“You’ve been avoiding us Mathias, not very nice of you.” Frank calmly said as he reached up and pinched my nipple. I tensed up and backed away.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to. Look I made a mistake the other night. I was drunk and don’t remember anything. Can we please just forget it happened? I am with Eileen and I can’t ruin that. Im sorry….” I pleaded with Frank hoping he would understand. His hand reaching back to my nipple suggested otherwise.

“No need to apologize. It’s our little secret, but we don’t appreciate being ignored boy. Eileen will never find out but to ghost us. Now that’s just rude.” Frank calmly said as his hand went up and down my chest.

“It won’t happen again ok. I can’t do it anymore. Im sorry. Please just forget it happened and let’s go back to being neighbors.” I stated as I turned to the fridge to get the hamburgers out.

As I was getting the trays out, a familiar sound began to play. I nearly dropped all the meat on to the floor. As I turned and sat the trays on the kitchen island, Frank was smiling as he was playing a video on his phone. The sounds of Bill grunting and his balls slapping my ass filled the kitchen. My moans were loud. I looked at the phone and saw me on my back with my mouth open and eyes rolled back in my head. Then I heard the words.

“I like daddy cocks better than Eileen’s pussy!”

My heart sank. Frank laughed as he put the phone back in his pocket. There was nothing I could do. These old fuckers had me on camera moaning as they made me their fuck toy.

“Please Frank delete that now. I’ll pay you money. I’ll give you anything just please get rid of that. That wasn’t me I was blacked out.” I begged Frank.

“I don’t want your money boy. You know what we want. I took that virgin hole and breeded you with my load,” Frank growled as he gripped his hardening cock in his shorts. “Eileen will never find out, as long as you don’t ignore us anymore. I’ll make a deal with you though. You drop to your knees and I’ll pull my cock out. If you can resist it while I prep these burgers, then we will leave you alone and forget it ever happened.”

“No, you’re crazy. Eileen is right outside with Bill. She can walk in at anytime.” I stated.

“Or I can walk out there and show her this beautiful video of you getting your ass filled with cum and loving every second of it if you’d like. Frank slyly said as he smiled. I knew I was fucked. I had no choice. What the fuck was I going to do?

“What if I come over later when she leaves?” I begged.

“Has to be now boy. Can’t you see how hard you make daddy?” Frank calmly said as he rubbed his thick cock through his shorts.

“Fuck. Ok fine. We are done after this.” I stated as I dropped down to my knees. My back was facing the island as Frank looked tall over me. My head was hidden under the island so Eileen wouldn’t be able to see if she looked through the deck door.

“Pull it out boy.” Frank moaned as he scooted closer to my face.

“That wasn’t part of the deal.” I argued back. Frank just stood there smiling at me.

My hands trembled as I pulled down the older man’s gym shorts. He wasn’t wearing any boxers so I was greeted by his hard thick cock springing up and pointing directly at my face. Frank let out a slight moan and have a slow stroke to his cock.

“You sure you don’t want to take it in your mouth right now boy?” He sneered as he teased his cock right in front of me.

“No let’s just get this over with.” I shamefully said.

So there I was on my knees in my kitchen, hiding behind the island, while my fat older neighbor had his cock centimeters from my face and my girlfriend out on the deck literally only 15 feet away. Frank began humming as he was prepping the burgers and moving back and forth. His huge cock swaying in front of me to taunt me. The huge tool almost grazing my face with every sway. His masculine smell filling my nostrils with each movement. Memories of the other night began filling my head as the cock hypnotized me. I felt my own cock hardening in my shorts. I had to resist though. I had to do this for Eileen.

Frank leaned forward all of a sudden and his cock head touched my lips. Precum smeared on my lips and cheek as he pulled himself back.

“Sorry about that, forgot you were down there for a second.” Frank chuckled. I shook my head and calmly stayed in place for fear of getting the precum in my mouth.

“You know you’re doing pretty good. I figured you’d be gagging on this thick cock right now. Don’t you miss that feeling of having a thick daddy dick in your little cock sucker mouth.” Frank teased me as he continued to sway his cock in front of me. My eyes never breaking its contact on it. My own cock was hard as a rock and leaking in my shorts. (What is happening to me?).

Frank stopped his swaying and began Balıkesir Escort Bayan throbbing his cock in front of me. With each throb the cock head swelled up and then relaxed. (Fuck I want it.) I snuck a lick of the precum that laid on my lips. The salty taste bringing back memories of when Bill was fucking my mouth. I moaned slightly in my mouth at the taste. Frank stood smiling looking at me as he continued to taunt me.

“Almost done with these burgers boy. Can’t believe you’ve lasted this long. I figured you’d have welcomed this cock into your boy mouth by now after the other day. Guess that means you didn’t like being our faggot,” he continued to taunt me as his cock slowly began to precum even more. “It’s a shame you’ll never get to see these cocks again after this. Back to being neighbors instead of being our secret little slut. Sounds so boring.”

The realization that this would be all over soon gave me mixed emotions. On one hand I would be done and back to my happy life with Eileen. On the other hand it meant I would never be able to feel the way I felt the other night. The creeping thoughts of wanting to be his cocksucker were slowly starting to win. My own body was betraying me again. I wanted to launch myself on to his cock and have him take me right here and now. My own cock swollen in my shorts, pulsing harder and harder. (No one would ever find out they promised.)

I had resisted as much as I could. I was biting my lip holding back when Frank again leaned forward to press his cock on my lips. I braced myself to resist but instead though this time his cock went to my hair and now full balls rested on my face. The smell intoxicating as his hairy large man nuts lay on my nose and lips.

“Sorry just need to move this tray out of the way so I can work on the others.” Frank exclaimed.

I knew he was lying. I didn’t care though. It was too much for me. I felt I was about to explode. His huge cock on my forehead and his large balls covering my face, I finally caved in. I opened my mouth and began licking his beautiful sack. I popped one of his balls into my mouth and began sucking. The curly hairs tickling my tongue.

“I knew you couldn’t resist boy. You’re our cocksucker and you’ll always be our cocksucker.” Frank laughed as he squatted down more and grinded my face. (Fuck what am I doing?)

He pulled his ball from my mouth and pointed his beautiful cock at me. I didn’t resist at all and quickly got it into my mouth. The taste of his precum filling my throat as I greedily took more and more of him in my mouth. Frank grunted and moaned as he picked up the pace.

“Such a good little faggot. Sucking this old man cock like a little slut while that bitch of a girlfriend is outside.” Frank grunted as he continued to go deeper into my throat.

I didn’t care. I only wanted him to cum. I didn’t care that I was on my knees in my kitchen while Eileen stood 15 feet away. I didn’t care that only a glass door and a kitchen island hid her from seeing me on my knees sucking and pleasing this old man. All I could think about was being a good cock sucker. (What the fuck is happening to me?!?).

I continued sucking as best I could. I stroked Franks shaft and deep throated him until I couldn’t take it. I sucked and licked his balls and stroked his wet cock. My moans humming through the kitchen. Frank then told me to get down and put his cock deep into my mouth. As he did this I heard the deck door slide open.

“Hey Frank how’s it going in here?” Eileen said from the patio.

“It’s good almost finished getting this meat ready to go. Should be out soon.” Frank said.

I panicked. I tried to get away but his cock held me in place. The back of my head was against the island and I was orally impaled. He never stopped pumping in and out though. He slowly kept humping my face even though Eileen was right there.

“Ok sounds good! Where did Matty go?” She questioned.

“Oh he just went to the bathroom, figured I’d give him a break since he was handling the meat the whole time.” Frank lied.

“Haha well when he gets out tell him we are running low on beer!” Eileen said as she closed the door.

Frank picked up the pace once she was gone. Pure terror took over my body for a moment, but it also turned me on more than anything. I felt the sticky liquid in my shorts. My cock had erupted when Eileen was talking. The thought of being caught had made me cum all over myself.

“That was close Matty boy,” Frank teased through his moans. “Guess I better give you this nut soon huh?”

I shook my head yes and went back to pleasing his cock. After a couple of minutes I felt his balls begin to tense up and I knew it was about to happen. Frank never slowed down from fucking my mouth when he erupted. My eyes shot open wide as his huge load filled my throat. It was different having it in my ass because now I had to manage to not choke on it. It felt like swallowing from a garden hose. The warm saltiness sliding down my throat as Franks moans filled the Escort Balıkesir room. He bottomed his cock out in my throat and I felt the last of his load shoot down my throat.

“God damn boy you really are a cocksucker.” Frank chuckled as he slipped his softening cock out of my mouth. He pulled up his shorts and left me to sit there on the ground.

“Can you hand me a paper towel?” I asked. Frank handed me one as I wiped my face. I then opened my shorts to wipe the cum off my cock.

“A true sissy always cums when sucking a real man’s cock,” Frank said as he bent over to see my mess. “Don’t let that cum go to waste boy.”

I knew what he wanted me to do. So I did it, I scooped the cum I could and put it into my mouth. My cum was sweeter than Franks and I lapped it up to please him.

“Good boy.” Frank said as he picked up the burger trays and walked outside to join Bill and Eileen.

I slowly got up, I felt my face flushed. I can’t believe what just happened, and I can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I nervously walked outside to join the group on the patio. Once outside Eileen walked up and planted a big kiss on me.

“Took you guys long enough!” She joked as she pulled away. She handed me a beer and sat back down. I quickly opened it and took a huge drink.

“Yeah Mathias over there is a master at meat preparation.” Frank said as he began putting the burgers on to the grill.

” That’s a good skill to have!” Bill chuckled.

I slumped into my chair next to Eileen. We talked and hung out for about 30 while Frank served the burgers. Everything was normal. No one would have ever guessed what just happened in the kitchen. Frank played it very cool which relaxed me. We all just kind of joked around and hung out like normal.

“Uh oh,” Eileen said as she opened the cooler. “We are only down to 3 more beers!”

“I can run to the store real quick and grab some.” I said as I didn’t want the night to end.

“Nonsense! We got a bunch over at our place. Say why don’t you come help me fill up a cooler Matt that way it saves you a trip to the store?” Bill stated as he smiled at me.

“Uh sure..I feel bad taking your beer though.” I nervously replied back. I knew he just wanted me alone like Frank did.

“Oh it’s no big deal. I’m sure you’ll find away to return the favor.” Bill chuckled as he stood up.

“You two are both so sweet. Best neighbors ever!” Eileen exclaimed and put her beer bottle into the air. She was definitely getting drunk. We all chuckled and Frank gave her a cheers.

“Well let’s get to it Matt.” Bill said as he opened the patio door.

I followed him through and he led me across the hall to their apartment. Once we were inside he shut and locked the door. I knew something was going to happen but I felt oddly calm about it. At this point I was buzzed and Eileen was having a good time. Frank and her were getting along great. I could totally say yes to sucking Bill off now. I calmly walked though the apartment and stopped in the living room.

“Beer and cooler are out on the deck, I think you know the way there.” Bill said to me. I turned and walked through the bedroom where I had been dominated the other night and on to the large deck.

My boxers hung over a patio chair to dry. It was their trophy of me from the other night. Bill began to stock the cooler from the mini fridge outside. I offered to help but he turned me away.

” No worries I’ll take care of the stocking, you just have to take the load back over there” he chuckled.

(Maybe he didn’t want me) I thought to myself. Hell even though I wanted to suck him off too, I was kind of relieved that it might not happen. I wouldn’t have to worry about being caught. (Im a terrible liar, I want to suck this man’s cock!)

As he finished packing the cooler, it was my turn. I picked up the heavy cooler and began walking inside. As I got barely outside of the bedroom door, I heard the springs of the bed make a noise.

“Where the hell are you going boy?” Bill growled.

I set the cooler down and turned my head to see Bill laying naked on the bed. His large cock laying on his thigh. I instinctively walked toward him. My body on fire at the sight of him. I knew he wanted me, and I wanted to suck his cock so bad.

“That’s right you little faggot, you’re all mine for now. Frank had his fun with you now it’s my turn.” Bill said as I walked to the edge of the bed. I tried climbing into the bed and Bill shook his head no.

“Clothes aren’t allowed in the bed boy, take it all off.”

Bill never took his eyes off me as I stripped down for him. My cock already hard from excitement. I was their secret fuck toy and it turned me on. I swore to myself I wasn’t gay, this was just fun between guys. I loved Eileen, but Frank and Bill had me hypnotized by their cocks. I flung my boxers to the side and climbed in bed. Bill took me in his arms and I laid there buzzed and aroused by the situation. Bill kissed and licked my ear and my neck and made his way down to my nipple. My body was on fire and my cock throbbing into his body. He reached down and squeezed my swollen member and brought it to touch his. There he continued to kiss my neck and stroke both our cocks with his large hand. My pathetic cock pulsating next to his beautiful man cock that had stiffened up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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