Meetings with Mark Ch. 02

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Meeting Mark during my holiday at the west coast of Denmark had confirmed that I enjoyed male sex very much. Our first time together was wonderful, in spite of how much it hurt to take his huge cock up my still inexperienced ass. I also enjoyed the brief encounters we had in the subsequent week, but I count my last day with him in the summer house as our second intimate meeting. Maybe because I had several new and very revealing experiences which increased my understanding of what I preferred when being with a man.

We met Friday afternoon, another rainy day made for indoor activities, and Mark had the stove going. I had been the one to suggest that we could take turns deciding what to do. As I had no doubt what Mark would wish for (his monster dick fucking my poor asshole), I had other plans. After we had taken a shower together to get nice and clean, we cuddled up in the only double bed in the cottage. We kissed and caressed each other gently, slowly; both of us aware of the fact that we had plenty of time to enjoy the sex we wanted.

“I’m going to miss you, Anders,” Mark whispered with his face against my hair.

“Me or this?” I asked, running my hand up and down his already very enthusiastic erection, making him moan softly. “Fuck Mark, I’m going to miss your delicious body,” I went on, “and I’m really glad we met.” Mark actually blushed, he kissed me and tried to say that he was the one who should be grateful that I had introduced him to man sex.

Soon he was trying to have me reveal my plans for our time together. I stalled and teased him by running my hands over the soft skin of his slim body, pretending that I couldn’t make up my mind. I even got up and went into the kitchen to get two cans of coke from the fridge. I placed them on the bedside table, while Mark looked questioningly at me.

After a bit more kissing, playing with his nipples, and stroking his fascinating cock I sat up, smiled at him and finally admitted what I wanted. “Do you remember the first night, where you offered to let me cum in your mouth?” Mark nodded and the tip of his cheeky tongue appeared, tracing the luscious contours of his lips. “I want you to lick me and suck me until I come in your mouth.”

“Will you do the same for me?” he asked huskily and with a beseeching look on his cute face. He blushed and dropped his eyes. “When you made me come that night, it was the first time I tried oral sex — I mean altogether and not just with a man.” He glanced at me and looked relieved when I didn’t seem to find his admission strange or funny. “It was the most wonderful orgasm I had had until then. If you let me cum in your mouth, I have the feeling I might like it even better than fucking your ass.”

“Yes of course I’ll return the favor,” I said and kissed him, “and the cokes are in case we don’t like the taste.” I pulled him closer, and one hand returned to his thick rod, while I used the other to fondle his pert butt.

Mark reciprocated enthusiastically and whispered “Who goes first?” I couldn’t help laughing a bit about his eagerness and replied that we didn’t have to take turns, at least not in the beginning. I shifted to lie the other way, and Mark moaned when I ran my tongue around the engorged and exposed head of his manhood. He immediately enveloped my dick in his warm, wet mouth and began sucking and licking. As I had expected, having a huge and very hard cock in my mouth while being fellated myself was a major turn-on, and I knew I would want to do it as often as possible.

In fact, it was even better than just being sucked off, and I think Mark agreed with that. Both of us were still learning how to pleasure another man, and when one of us tried something new, which felt particularly good, he would immediately have it done back at him. Very effective and inspiring. Mark seemed to find particular pleasure in having his slit teased with the tip of my tongue, and soon rewarded me with drops of precum. Our hands played with balls, buttocks, and every sensitive spot in between.

Because Mark’s dick was so long and thick, I couldn’t fit very much of it into my mouth, when we were in the 69 position. After a while I alternated between sucking on the head and licking up and down the length of him. When I had him in my mouth, I would rub the wet shaft with my thumb and two fingers on either side of his cock. This treatment drove Mark wild, and he had to ask me to take a break. I went back to licking from the tip of his cock to the base, and at one point my tongue ended on his scrotum. Mark’s reaction showed his appreciation.

So while he was sucking me and working on taking my whole length, I explored new territory by nibbling and licking on his sack. When I sucked one of his balls into my mouth, Mark almost went through the roof. He groaned loudly, his dick jerked against me, and his whole body trembled. “Ah fuck, Anders, that feels awesome. More… ahhh” I repeated the fondling with lips and tongue on Escort Sakarya his other testicle, and he certainly gave every sign of liking my inventiveness. As I let go of him, I had to remove several pubic hairs from my mouth.

“You know, Mark, this would be more fun if you were shaved down here.” He mumbled his assent around my dick, and a lubed finger wormed its way into my ass. His skilled tongue circled my glans, and then he slowly went down on me. His soft lips caressed my shaft all the way to the base and back up, and when the tip of my manhood met his throat, I could feel him swallow. A few repeats of this treatment, and I suddenly needed a time-out.

We moved apart, and Mark sat up and smiled at me. He pushed me flat on my back and kissed me. From my mouth he went on to kissing and licking my upper body, and I just relaxed and enjoyed the felling of his lips and tongue and fingers on my neck, chest, shoulders and arms. Mark returned to my mouth, then kissed my forehead, eyelids, nose, cheek. His tongue tickled my ear, travelled down my neck and played for a bit in the hollow at the base of my throat. He left a wet trail down my breastbone to my navel, while his hand played with my nipples.

When his mouth suddenly jumped to one nipple and sucked it hard, I couldn’t help crying out and pushing up against him. Mark carefully pinched the hardened nub on the other side with his fingers, and I realized that the slightly rough play fuelled my lust immensely. I was getting desperate as Mark painted wet circles on my stomach on his way to my aching, needy dick. His tongue teased me with small licks on the exposed head, moving down the shaft to my scrotum. When he reached it, he carefully sucked my balls into his mouth one at a time. I enjoyed the feeling, but I liked it better, when he moved back up and encircled the tip of my manhood with his sweet lips.

His knees nudged my thighs further apart, so that his fingers could play with my tight star. Fuck, I was turned on when I looked down and met his blue eyes, intent, happy, and filled with craving. Somehow the thought that Mark didn’t just do this to get me off, but that he enjoyed it too, was the last straw. I thought I would pass out from pleasure, when my blond lover finally slid his wet mouth all the way down and simultaneously rammed two fingers up my ass. I had no idea why, but it felt divine, and I think my incoherent cries and arched back revealed as much.

Mark almost went a bit crazy at my reaction. He fucked my butt with his fingers and my dick with his lips and tongue, sucking hard as his head moved up and down. I whimpered and writhed and begged and tried to suppress the orgasm which was approaching much too fast. But there was no stemming the tide, and all I had time for was a warning cry of “Stop or I’m gonna…” Mark ignored me, or maybe he was even encouraged, as he moaned excitedly, and I had no way of resisting the wave of ecstasy washing over me.

Afterwards Mark told me that he had felt my dick grow slightly bigger and stone hard, and as the first contractions started in my anus, he stopped moving and just sucked me rhythmically. I roared as I blew my load in an intense and prolonged orgasm, filling Mark’s virgin mouth with my cum. In fact, this was also a first for me, though I had been too embarrassed to admit it, even when Mark bravely proclaimed his lack of experience. No one had ever given me a full blow job before, and as Mark sucked and swallowed and milked me with his free hand, I reveled in the fantastic feeling.

Finally, he let go of me, after he had made sure to get every drop of my cum, gently licking as my manhood slowly went soft. Mark sat up and grabbed one of the coke cans, popping the lid and drinking, while looking at me with a slightly proud and possessive gaze. I just lay there, dazed and almost worn out from the intense experience. My first coherent thought was a worried ‘Fuck, hope I can live up to that.’ I had to work some saliva into my mouth, before I could say anything. Somehow I knew that I didn’t have to tell Mark how good it had been, so all I could come up with was: “What’s it like to get sperm in your mouth? Did it taste nasty?”

Mark shrugged: “No, not really, I sort of liked the taste. And it was actually a huge turn-on to feel you spurt. But afterwards it’s a bit greasy and strange, so it was a good idea to have a drink ready.” He was leaning back against the wall and still sipping from his coke, and I reached over and caressed his thighs. I was very much aware of his erect and throbbing manhood proclaiming his need for my attention. Strangely enough, I was still horny, even though I had just come, and of course I also felt I owed him a favor. Mark spread his legs, and I rolled over and got in between them.

Kissing and licking his soft inner thighs, I made my way up to his groin, where I sucked one of his balls into my mouth. Mark groaned and I looked up at him. He Side escort had placed the coke can on the bedside table, and he was panting with glazed eyes as I worked his large testicle with my tongue and stroked his leaking cock with one hand. Yep, no doubt about it, Mark had a thing about having his sack and balls fondled. I got up on my knees, and Mark slid further down, so he was on his back. I forced his legs up and apart, exposing his sweet spot.

Mark whimpered when my fingertip circled his puckered rose, as my mouth descended on his cock. I sucked his glans, which was wet with precum, and then I tried to take as much as possible of his huge manhood into my mouth. I did my best to suck him, but soon my jaw was aching from holding my mouth open enough to take his girth. During the necessary breaks I grabbed the lube and got to work on his enticing little hole. One finger, then two and after a while I managed to get a third finger into the game. I fucked him gently, but when he started begging, I rammed all three fingers up his ass, hard.

With my free hand I stroked his shaft, and my mouth feasted on his engorged head and as much of his impressive length as I could manage. Mark writhed under my assault, and within moments he cried out. “Yes, oh yes. I’m coming.” I took a deep breath, and just as well, because seconds later he filled my mouth with thick, sticky semen. I tried to swallow, but the taste was awful and made me gag. I managed to stay put, until his ejaculation was over, then I removed my head and spat his cum into the paper towels that we had luckily laid ready on the bed. I sent Mark a guilty look as I grabbed the half empty can of coke and got rid of the disgusting, fishy taste in my mouth.

But he just lay there with a sated smile, as I withdrew my fingers from his tight butt, and cleaned us up, squeezing the last bits of semen from his still half erect cock. After a trip to the bathroom for a quick wash, we got dressed and relaxed in front of the TV before fixing some food. I tried to apologize to Mark, but he just laughed and said he didn’t care that I couldn’t swallow his spunk, because coming in my mouth had been awesome anyway. “I liked your plan, Anders, and enjoyed both parts of it very much.”

Later in the evening we were both ready and eager to continue, and as expected Mark suggested that we took turns fucking each other. But he still managed to surprise me. “Anders, I’d like to fuck you without a condom, and I want to you to do the same, so that I can feel you come inside me.” I just sat there, speechless, and stared at him, because even though the thought had crossed my mind, I wasn’t sure he’d trust me enough for that. After all, Mark had been a virgin in relation to male sex and much less experienced with girls compared to me. And in any case there were other advantages to using rubbers, less mess and more hygienic.

Suddenly I realized that Mark was looking at me with a worried frown, waiting for an answer. I quickly collected my wits and nodded, and after a couple of tries I managed a hoarse. “Yes, I’d like that very much too.” He sent me a delighted smile and dragged me off to the shower. To my amused surprise Mark gave me a packet of disposable razors and asked me to shave him. I was a bit apprehensive, because I was afraid I’d cut him, especially on the loose skin of his scrotum. But he insisted, and so I spent quite a while carefully getting rid of every single hair in his groin.

Luckily his buttocks were already smooth, but he had me remove the sparse growth in his butt crack. I was reminded of the nice sight of Michael’s smooth anus, when I had prepared to fuck a man for the first time. “You’re gonna look even more delicious and sexy, when I’m done, Mark.” He turned his head and gave me a happy smile. When I had finished, we got into the shower, and Mark was delighted with his new look, but also a bit embarrassed. Especially when I pointed out an unexpected side effect: “Shit, your cock and balls look even larger now! You might want to reconsider, if you don’t want guys to run away screaming at the sight of the nude monster.”

Mark slapped my butt and told me to stop teasing, then he groaned as I stuck my tongue in his ear, while I fondled him. “Mmm, I can’t wait to suck your balls and fuck your smooth little ass hole.” This time Mark was the one to insist that we cleaned up really carefully, and I had no objections. I loved shoving my soapy fingers up his butt and hearing him moan, while I felt his tight anus squeeze my invading digits. Mark certainly seemed to like this game too, both ways, and when we had finished, we were so horny we barely managed to dry ourselves before rushing back to the bedroom.

Neither of us needed more foreplay, and I grinned appreciatively as Mark climbed on the bed, on hands and knees, and wriggled his cute butt at me. I grabbed the lube and sat behind him, but when I parted his buttocks to expose his izmir escort bayan beautiful pucker, my instinctive reaction came as the biggest surprise of the evening. For both of us, I believe. I leant forward and kissed the sweet, enticing star which had already given me so much pleasure. Mark’s gasp was loud, and all by itself the tip of my tongue slid out to tickle the entrance to paradise.

I knew he was as squeaky clean as could possibly be achieved, and indeed as I licked Mark’s anus and down the hairless butt crack towards his balls, all I could smell and taste was a faint trace of soap. As promised I nuzzled and licked his newly shaved scrotum and sucked on his balls, and of course it was much nicer to play this game now. Mark whimpered and spread his legs wider for me, I could see his huge cock jerk and feel his thighs tense with arousal, as I munched on his nuts. Much as I enjoyed his reaction, I wanted to get back to the fascinating spot between his cute cheeks.

Soon I was kissing and licking the tan rosebud and trying to figure out what was going on. ‘Three months ago I had never even considered the possibility of gay sex, and here I am with my tongue between the buttocks of a man. A guy I’m soon going to allow free access to fuck and fill my ass with cum. But first I’ll get to stick my naked dick into this tight little butt.’ The thought exited me even more, and I pressed my tongue harder against Mark’s pucker. Suddenly his sphincter gave way, and the tip of my tongue entered the promised land.

Mark was going wild; he was shaking and almost mewling with the need to come. As I worked his anus with my mouth and fondled his balls with my hand, he couldn’t stand it any longer. His right hand encircled the thick shaft, and before I could stop him, a few swift strokes of his impressive manhood sent Mark headlong into bliss. His cum went everywhere as he exploded, and all I could do was dive back in and kept teasing the sensitive ring of muscles as it contracted in time with his spurting. ‘Well, that was another successful first,’ I thought with a smirk.

When Mark finally collapsed on the cum stained sheet, I sat up and looked at the shaking, sobbing, sated little sex kitten, he somehow resembled. The shapely legs were still spread, and the hole I was eager to fuck was almost as wet and glistening as a woman’s pussy. Maybe this silly flash thought was what inspired me to turn Mark over on his back and get between the soft thighs. I grabbed the forgotten tube of lubricant and slicked my aching manhood, before adding more lube and pressing two fingers into the pliable, accepting entrance to my lover’s body.

Suddenly Mark seemed to realize what was going on. His blue eyes flew open and met my gaze as I leaned over him. He didn’t object, but lifted his head and followed my dick with wide eyes, as I grabbed it and positioned the head of my manhood against his slick hole. It was harder to gain entry in this position, but he helped me by spreading his legs and holding his buttocks apart. We both noticed how his still half erect cock pulsed against the suntanned sweat covered stomach and began to regain awareness. When Mark looked back up at me with his cute, innocently pleased smile, I just had to kiss those luscious lips.

At the end of another long, passionate kiss (damn, he was getting good at that) I straightened back up and began pushing my hips forward. We both moaned as I slid into him, fuck that felt absolutely amazing. I had to remind myself to breathe, so I wouldn’t black out from the pleasure of having his tight tunnel slide over the exposed glans and down my shaft as I buried myself inside Mark. When I was fully entrenched, I lowered myself down on top of him. The hard pole of his manhood rubbed against my abs as I made small movements with my hips, while we French kissed.

Mark wrapped his arms and legs around me and pressed my body against his. He moaned and moved his hips impatiently, clearly asking me to take him. “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want. I’m gonna fuck you hard and come inside you,” I murmured and slid my hands underneath him, so I could grab his buttocks. I started out slow, reveling in the close contact between our bodies and especially the sensation of Mark’s thick shaft between our sweat slick stomachs. Most of all I enjoyed the hot sheath of his asshole enveloping my naked dick as I possessed him.

There was absolutely no doubt that Mark liked the new position I had managed to come up with, and I regretted not thinking about doing him this way before now. But I suppose we did fairly well in spite of being both inexperienced, and in any case it was also quite fun to explore the fascinating possibilities together. Thinking back I have no doubt that Mark’s personality played a major part in the immense pleasure I got from being with him. As I pushed up and placed my hands above his shoulders, in order to pin him and go at him, his enthusiastic expression and the innocent trust in his blue eyes made me very appreciative.

“Well Mark, seems you enjoy spreading your pretty legs for a man and get fucked like a girl.” My whispered teasing made him blush, but he returned my grin with a grateful smile of his own.

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