Memories Ch. 03

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This is part of a multi-chapter story and not a stand alone story; you are recommended to start reading from the first chapter.

Author’s notes.

This story is quite light on the sex part and definitely not meant as stroker/written porn. Don’t expect many explicit sex scenes. It is about recollections of sexual activity rather than about having sex directly.


A young, pretty woman is found lying unconscious on the road, naked. She is taken to hospital, where a check-up reveals she’s had sex with no less than five different men.

Oswald Jones, detective, is in charge of the investigation in this strange case. Together with his colleague Julia, a police counsellor, and his friend Thelma, a news paper journalist, he tries to figure out what has happened to this lady.

During the investigation they find out that this lady is not alone in her ordeal. Oswald and his friends dig in deeper and deeper, to uncover it all.

* * * * * *

Chapter 3. An abandoned hotel

The next morning, Wednesday, the records from the phone company came in. It was the third day of the investigation, and with no solid evidence whatsoever I was really hoping to make some progress now. Phone records were usually invaluable sources of information.

The number was an anonymous prepaid number that had been in use for less than a month. No calls were made to that number other than the call Ms Locatelli made, and it had not been used at all for making any outgoing calls. This was unexpected, as there certainly had been more people at the party – at least five males based on the medical results, and many more based on Ms Locatelli’s recollection and what we learned from the car park’s CCTV footage. Furthermore, according to Thelma’s investigations, there probably have been more such parties. It seems that he bought this number exclusively for communication with Ms Locatelli.

The anonymous prepaid number was bought in cash from a local supermarket a few weeks before it was activated. Another dead end, no-one at the supermarket was likely to remember a routine purchase of some two months ago and their CCTV video recordings were kept for only three weeks. This person had really gone to great lengths to protect his anonymity. The only thing it indicated was that this Sonar was likely to be a local guy.

More interesting was the location data that came with the records. Phone companies always know where a phone is, using the radio signals sent between the towers and the handset. I checked the coordinates on Google Maps, and found out that the single incoming call had been received in the vicinity of an abandoned building, the former Hotel Aralla, about two kilometres from the car park at Canterbury Road. I happened to know the place. The hotel closed down several decades ago after which it had been used by some religious group for retreats, but for the past thirty-odd years it had been abandoned and had fallen into ruin. Could it be the location of these parties?

I quickly did some Internet searches on the old Hotel Aralla. All I found were stories about its history and photos and stories of curious people visiting the ruins. It was really not more than a ruin now, covered by vegetation. Part of the roof was gone, some walls had collapsed. It didn’t exactly look like a place where it would even be remotely possible to host a party like the one we were investigating.

Town records on ownership of the site were unclear, as the registered owner of the site was the company that originally operated the hotel. And that company was formally wound up more than two decades ago. With no-one in charge of the site, it was left idle.

Just when I was done with my preliminary investigations on Hotel Aralla, Cart called me about the CCTV footage he had analysed.

“We found her, finally,” he reported.

“Great job.”

“Almost at the end of our tapes of course – my people are so glad they’re done with it.”

“Of course, it’s always like that. So what’s the result?”

“About half an hour before she was found in the street, she left the car park building via a rarely used rear exit, leading via a staircase down to the street. She was naked.”

“That’s not what I would have suspected but very good to know. So now we know that the party was almost certainly somewhere in the car park or the adjacent mall, and we have an idea on when it ended. That’s also around the same time you saw all those cars leaving, right?”

“Exactly. And I’m about to set off to this mall, to have a discreet closer look at the situation there, to see if there are any rooms where such a party could be held. We only saw her that one time, so it must have been within the car park. We saw no other people pass through any of the exits around that time, just her leaving on foot and those thirty-three cars leaving in short succession around that time.”

“A car park is not the most likely venue for a party, but still better than Hotel Aralla.”

“What do you mean?”

I explained to Cart that phone records point at that location.

“No way all those people left the car park building for an outside party,” he said. “We did not see any large vehicles go in or out, just those thirty-three cars leaving early morning, none coming in. That suggests at least thirty-three people involved, maybe more if some shared a car.”

That was interesting, and contradictory. There must be something about this Hotel Aralla, maybe it’s Sonar’s hideout? His drug lab? Now that’d be a find. I really had to go and visit that place for a closer look.

Over lunch, I updated with Julia on this case. I told her what I discovered on Ms Locatelli’s Facebook account, that she had had contact with Sonar, the apparent organiser of these parties, and what Cart had found in the CCTV footage.

Julia told me Ms Locatelli was back home, as she had been discharged from hospital the previous afternoon, and that she had visited her at her home for another interview.

“New memories?” I asked

“Yes. Nothing much for us to work with I’m afraid, even though it is more information about the party. No names, no locations, nothing identifiable. However it seems she really wants someone to talk to, and I’ve apparently gained her trust.”

“She needs someone to share her story, you mean?”

“Indeed,” Julia replied, passing me a USB stick. “Here’s the recording. Please treat it with care, I’ve promised her confidentiality. It’s embarrassing, and not lunchtime chat material. In most companies it would be considered NSFW, not safe for work.”


“It is. First of all, her recollection was of what seems to be events of the later part of the party, but the link between that and her being on the street naked is missing, as is any information on what happened there earlier. Big gaps remain. Ms Locatelli apparently was involved in an all-out orgy. Something she couldn’t understand doing. Apparently there were some thirty people at the party. More men than women.”

“We saw thirty-three cars leave the building, plus hers, making thirty-four in all. The departures took nearly a half an hour so may very well have included some early commuters.” I took the stick, and put it in my pocket. I pondered for a moment, then asked, “Do you think she’s being truthful with you?”

“I think so. If we hadn’t found her like we did I’d have considered it pure fantasy, though. But we have the physical evidence. She estimated some thirty people at the party, you saw thirty-three cars leave. That is a rather close match. Her overall body language also makes me believe she’s not making it up. And she’s pretty consistent in her stories.

“The only alternative explanation I can think of is that she’s masking some embarrassing mistake of hers, where she knowingly joined an orgy and somehow managed to pass out on the street afterwards.”

“It is the stuff of fantasies, indeed,” I agreed. “She also wouldn’t have believed it happened for real, if she had made it back to her home.”

“Like the other victims, you mean?”

“Indeed. Do you think they may have been living out their fantasies, in a way?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, like in the Facebook chat, she shared fantasies about sex with multiple strangers. And that’s basically what happened at that party.”

“True. Though she said she’d never really do it. Never would allow it to happen.”

“They had this drug that helped to lower inhibitions. Also everyone was naked already, for whatever reason, and then maybe some people started to have sex and then she just went with the flow and allowed it all to happen. That’s my theory, at least.”

“You have a point there. It may indeed have helped. Inhibitions lower, she’s somewhat sedated, and then fantasy and reality may start to blur and become one. No control any more.” Julia looked thoughtful, her voice dropped. “Just having sex, pure and simple, giving in to her lust and desires.”

“Having fantasies of your own now?” I asked teasingly.

She immediately looked at me, and held her hands in front of her in a protective gesture, “No, no. Just thinking about the merits of your suggestion. Did you find any other clues?”

“Smart girl, quickly changing the direction of the conversation,” I said to myself, “It seems like you were having your own fantasies. Good for you.”

“I got a location of where we may find this Sonar,” I said, helping her out.

Julia immediately looked at me with big, curious eyes. She was obviously surprised. “Really, how? Where?”

“I got mobile phone records from the number called by Ms Locatelli, which included location data. That SIM card was activated, and was switched on and off a few times, all from near the same location. The old Hotel Aralla.”

“I’ve heard of it. That’s just a ruin, isn’t it? Closed long time ago?”

“Exactly. And that’s why it’s both a likely and an unlikely place. Likely because it’s an abandoned structure, great for such illicit activities. Unlikely, as it’s abandoned for so long that not much of it konya escort is still standing, and any significant activity there could rouse suspicion. Anyway, I want to have a look. And I want to ask you to join me.”

“Just the two of us?”

“Yes. I want to appear as just a regular curious passer-by, not a cop. Just in case they see us, I don’t want them to be alarmed. We can just pretend to be a couple, having a relaxed walk and exploring some old ruins. The newspaper reported the case of Ms Locatelli being found, and that we’re investigating, that’s more than enough. Also having a second pair of eyes is good when searching for something.”

“So we’re going on a date,” she said, looking happy, as if she was indeed intent on going out on a date with me.

“Don’t tell your husband.”

“I’m single, you should know that much about me, Mr Investigator,” she said accusingly. “And so are you. So it’s a date. Let’s go!”

I was a bit confused, as I was sure she was married. At least she was when she started to work here. I’d have to figure that one out later.

“I know I shouldn’t let a girl wait for her date, but first I’d like to watch your latest interview, if you don’t mind. We’ll go there later this afternoon.”

“Of course, no problem, enjoy the video.”

We finished our lunch, and I returned to my laptop for more video. I was quite curious as to what more she had to tell. It was a bit hard to keep it professional, as I must admit that Ms Locatelli’s revelations did not leave me cold. The fact that she seemingly enjoyed recalling the memories herself was really the icing on the cake. It made me wonder, was she really a victim, other than in the strictly legal sense?

She was sitting in a comfortable looking armchair, dressed simply in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants. She looked relaxed.

“How are you doing now, Ms Locatelli?”

“Better. I’m improving. Memories are coming back, slowly. I can’t believe what happened to me.”

“Really. What do you remember?”

“There’s been an orgy. I’ve been at an orgy. Many people all having sex with one another, me included. Men and women. More men I think. I don’t recall any faces, it is all a bit of a blur.”

“Go on.”

“I was naked, everyone was naked. Moans and screams and smells of sperm and sweat. Disgusting.” She crossed her arms, looked down a bit, shoulders forward, and shivered, as if she was cold.

“You felt disgusted?”

“I do now. It’s disgusting to think of what I did.”

“Were you disgusted when it happened? How do you feel in your memories?”

She now looked straight at Julia, and I could hear some anger in her voice. “Excitement I feel, that’s what’s so disgusting about it, it can’t be real, I’m no slut. Yet I felt excited, happy. I recall giving blow jobs. I recall men entering me, and me allowing it to happen. I recall sucking them off. People sucking my boobs, yesterday when I just woke up I realised my nipples were actually quite sensitive. As if they’ve been sucked hard and long.”

“In your memory, you enjoyed it?”

“Yes I did. I generally love my boobs being sucked, my pussy being licked, that always turns me on. I’m normally not so much into giving blow jobs but remember doing that a lot too.”

“Were you forced into doing anything, in any way?”

“No, not at all. I don’t recall anyone forcing me. They just asked, and I allowed it. Strangers, all strangers, I don’t know anyone. How can I have sex with strangers? What would other people think, that I’m some cheap slut or so?” She sounded quite angry now, her voice was loud.

“I understand, it’s against your normal being. I don’t think you’re anything like that, they did something to you that night to make this happen. I don’t believe it was your free will.”

“Yet I enjoyed it so much at the time, it is pure lust. I was so full of lust. That’s what makes me angry. All those people wanting me, and me wanting them.”

“You were actively participating?”

“It seems so. No-one forced me, at least not that I can remember. On the contrary even. When presented with a cock, I’d suck it. Feeling someone touch my boobs, I’d present them to him. If they wanted to fuck, I opened my legs. I have memories of sex in many ways. On top, bottom, doggy, you name it.” Resting her head against the back of the chair, her voice went soft and she looked away from the camera, as if she was ashamed of her memories, ashamed of what she was telling. “So much sex, that can’t be real. I remember being very aroused.”

“You really sound like you enjoyed it when it happened, right?”

“Very much so. When I saw a free cock, I sucked it. Just like that. Moved over to the guy, and sucked him until he came, or until he’d move away from me. I wanted to do this. I sucked several of them. I have memories of cum in my mouth, on my chest. While sucking sometimes I was being fucked, too.

I saw Ms Locatelli lay back in her chair, looking at the ceiling, her hands on her breasts. A faint smile on her face, she looked like she was enjoying the conversation now. It was as if the physical arousal of the orgy came back, and was overriding her mind which probably was telling her it was bad what she did.

She let out a deep sigh, and continued, “Oh, God, the memories, it turns me on again. I feel it tingling in my body. Being fucked from behind, hands massaging my boobs, another cock in my mouth, I was feeling so good, I can’t believe it was me. The whole memory makes me feel dirty, but it also arouses me. I don’t understand.”

She stopped talking. After a few seconds of silence, she looked at Julia again. Her face changed, and I saw her quickly move her hands down, as if she was ashamed when realising where she had put them. The recollection was really affecting her, that was obvious. I could see her nipples standing out from under her t-shirt.

“Any idea how long it lasted? Anything else happening?”

“Absolutely no idea how long it all lasted. It’s a blur. An orgasmic blur, I was having orgasms all the time. It’s not normally that easy for me to reach orgasm, if at all. Usually the only way is for me to be on top, to be in charge of the movement. Then I can get myself off. And even then I have to be really into it.”

“Do you think it is real, that it did happen to you like you remember?”

“It’s like remembering a dream. An erotic dream, and a very real dream. You told me I had sex with at least five men, just unbelievable that I did that, sex with strangers, and a lot of them. The memory has no clear end nor a beginning. Without your evidence I wouldn’t have believed it to be real. Dreams can appear to be very real you know. Had I made it back home, back to my bed, I would have wondered for the rest of my life what happened to the clothes that I lost there.”

“You’d have considered it all to be a totally absurd dream.”

“It’s all a blur, it’s so unbelievable, it can’t have happened. It’s like a dream. My memories, it’s like remembering a dream. I’d never do such a thing, it just goes against my normal ways. And thinking of it, it somehow turns me on. It’s just disgusting, but I can’t help it. I mean I’m also a healthy woman, I have my sexual urges, but I wouldn’t normally walk into a bar to hook up with some guy just for sex, let alone doing it with a whole room full of them.”

She sounded and looked a bit angry, frustrated maybe. As if her mind was fighting the feelings that came out of her body.

“That wasn’t the real you there. They certainly did something to you.”

“I guess so, I’d never do it with that many strangers. Never. Not even in my wildest fantasies. I don’t even know how I got there, why I got myself to join that party. It’s just an Internet contact that invited me.”

“Where was this party?”

“No idea. It was a rather big room, mattresses on the floor. Just mattresses. That’s where the whole orgy took place, on those mattresses.”

“That’s all you remember of the place?”

Ms Locatelli paused for a moment before answering.

“Yes, I don’t remember much of it. Dim light, no windows I think, concrete walls. No idea what colour the walls were. Mattresses on the floor, comfortable mattresses. I don’t remember any decorations, or doors, or windows. There must have been a door at least of course, to get in and out. I don’t remember it. It wasn’t very big, it was quite crowded.”

“How many people were there?”

“I don’t know exactly. Thirty maybe, something like that. A good bunch.”

“Anyone you know?”

“No. Unfamiliar faces. I don’t think I’d met any of them before.” She shuddered a bit, her anger had gone, she was slowly starting to relax and lean back in her chair.

“The other people, were they all men, or also women?”

“Both. More men I guess, not sure, there were quite a few women though, all having sex with one another. Memories are quite vague in that respect. I don’t recall having sex with another woman, only men.” Ms Locatelli faintly smiled again as she recalled the memory. “Lots of men.”

“You sound like you really enjoyed it, at least in your memories.”

Ms Locatelli really smiled now. Had she given up the moral fight, and given in to her body’s reaction? At least her nipples were still hard.

“Yes I do. Unbelievable isn’t it? Strangers giving me orgasms. I’ve been fantasising about that sometimes, but never thought I would be able to do it for real. Having sex with a guy I just met, having him share me with another guy, it’s supposed to be just a naughty fantasy. Now it happened, and all the time I was so aroused. How can I have done this, how can I have enjoyed it, it’s just unreal. It’s like, it’s a primordial urge that surfaced. It wasn’t me that was doing that. I remember the excitement, the arousal, the orgasms. The desire for more. My primitive body was in charge, my brain just shut down or so.”

“You still feel this desire?”

“Argh, yes, it’s disgusting. I hate it, it’s disgusting.” Her face and voice suddenly turned from bliss to anger. “And being found naked in the street, I’m so ashamed of myself, just lying there, for everyone to see me naked, but indeed just talking about the memories made me feel turned on. Is that an after effect of the drug they gave me? They drugged me, didn’t they?” She buried her face in her hands.

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