Memories of Harry Ch. 07

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The next day, Harry planned to do some work on a book he was writing, but our experiences with the new digital camera had distracted him.

Now, I was no stranger to being photographed. My folks had a camera. I had albums of the family while I was growing up. In college one night after some party, when I was living off-campus with four other girls we went a little crazy. I think it was Halloween. We were a tipsy—okay some of were smashed—when we got home and took a bunch of pictures of us fooling around, kissing, grab ass. Stuff like that. One of the girls from across the hall ran in and dropped her towel in front of the camera. We had some partly nude, mostly out of focus, badly framed shots of tits and asses and so forth. Just like a lot of the stuff you see on the Internet today from webcams.

I also had a few professional studio shots that showed a bit of cleavage or leg. Some swimsuit stuff. Nothing you couldn’t show to your ancient grandmother.

Harry had a big old film camera and he did tabletop and nature scenes, many of which were hanging on his walls. At breakfast I could see he was still thinking about last night. Besides, he said so.

“You’re not working today, right? Can we go down to the lake and try some outdoor pictures?”

Hey, I was up for it. “Of me? What shall I wear?”

“I dunno. It’s hot so just shorts and a tube top I guess.”

The lake in town used to be part of the river, until the river changed course so it, the lake, is a long fat curve. One end is real near the edge of town, the other is a couple of miles away.. There are parks and beaches in a couple of places. We drove to the far end where there are no real county parks, just clearings and some small natural beaches at the edge of the water. We had to thrash through bushes and tangles of high weeds to get to one that we found. But it was quiet when we got there about noon.

It was too quiet. There was no breeze and the sun was hot. In no time we were both sweating a lot. Plus Harry wasn’t too happy with the light. But we soldiered on. He took some full body shots of me in shorts and my top. Then I took my top off and then my bottom. I made Harry take his shorts off so I could get some pictures of his cute ass and his gonads. His cock was limp and hung down over his balls. I tried a couple of closeups but he caught me and covered up. We were quite relaxed and having a good time. Fortunately we’d brought some bottled water along.

I took a big mouthful or water and leaned over and spit it on Harry’s crotch. He jumped and I giggled. “I suppose now you want some pictures of us making love on the sand,” I said. “Too bad there’s no sand.”

“No picture taker, either,” he said. We’d already tried to make some pictures of our sex times, but it was too awkward what with framing the shot and then setting the timer and jumping into position. Too much to think about.

“We need a photographer,” I said after one unsuccessful session.

Harry looked at me. I knew from that look he’d already thought of that.

“I bet Leon would be up for it,” I said and started grinning. I just couldn’t help it.

“Leon,” said Harry. “Yeah, he’d do it in a heartbeat.” haramidere escort Then he looked at me and laughed too.

I was sprawled on the weeds at the edge of the lake, sitting on my butt with my hands on the ground behind me. Not very graceful. Harry was a few steps away, fooling with the camera bag.

“Oh!” said a stranger’s voice. “Excuse me. I didn’t realize anyone was here.” His voice kind of trailed off as he came closer and saw me, naked on the ground. He was young, one of the undergraduates who’d stayed in town for the summer, I figured. I squinted up at him. The sun was behind him so I couldn’t see him too well. But I could tell from the way his face was turned down, he was staring at my body.

I didn’t try to cover myself. Too late anyway. Harry stood up then, which startled the guy. I guess he hadn’t noticed Harry. I think Harry forgot he was naked because he turned and started toward the guy, casual as you please, saying, “Sorry, we’re using this beach now.”

The guy looked and Harry told me later his mouth fell open and he sort of gulped. He turned and started away and said, “Sorry, you guys. Have fun then.”

I giggled and tried to keep from laughing out loud. Harry looked at me and smiled. Then he had me go wade into the water up to my ass. We took a bunch of poses some in profile, some with my tits sort of outlined against the water. It was fun, and a hell of a lot cooler than before, but the mud felt icky.

On the way home Harry said, “I was a little surprised. That kid showing up didn’t seem to bother you.”

“You mean because I didn’t try to cover up?”

Harry nodded. “He’d seen me, all of me, so it didn’t seem important.”

“Maybe you’re turning into an exhibitionist,” Harry said.

Weeks passed. Summer came to an end and it got cooler, thank God. Harry worked on his book and took a lot of pictures. Not just of me, of birds and flowers and weeds and just stuff. He’d spend hours at the computer transferring them and changing them with some picture program he had. I’d ask him about it and he’d shrug and say he was practicing and experimenting. I worked my regular days and had lunch with Gloria.

We got the air conditioner installed in the bedroom. They put it in the wall, not the window. That was a good deal and it perked up our sex life. Now we had sex at different times whenever we felt like it. Harry was getting more flexible in his attitudes. As he got more experience he wanted to try more positions. He was a good lover, like I said before, just not very experienced. But he learned fast.

One day after school had started, he came home from somewhere and announced he’s sent off the draft of the book he was working on to his editor, so he had more time on his hands. Then he looked at me across the dining room table where we were having supper.

“I went by the art department today. They are looking for models for both the figure classes and for the photo club. Maybe you’d be interested in doing some modeling?”

I looked at Harry and saw that little gleam in his eye that said he wasn’t telling me everything. “What else, sport? içerenköy escort What’s the rest of it?”

He smirked. I’d caught him again. “Well, I was talking with Elena, the art teacher? And I remembered you weren’t freaked out when that guy showed up at the lake.”

“So you thought I wouldn’t mind taking my clothes off for a bunch of horny people in a classroom, is that it?

“Not exactly. She just mentioned that it was hard to get models who were comfortable in front of strangers who had to stare at them to draw or paint the human body. So I offered. And I signed us both up.”

“I don’t know about this, Harry. You know I love being naked around you and I don’t have many inhibitions in private. But this makes me nervous.” I flashed back to when I was in college my freshman year. One of my roommates was an older girl who modeled for the art classes in that college. She was pretty plain with an ordinary figure, but she had great hands. So she modeled for several classes. Thing was, during her break times between classes she’d have an hour or two or for lunch. So we’d meet on campus or she’d just walk around dressed in a long tan raincoat and rubber boots. People who saw her thought she was weird. She was, a little. But I knew why she always wore the raincoat buttoned all the way up. That’s all she had on. Just the raincoat and the boots. The Dean would have freaked if he’d known. She went all over the campus during the day, naked except for that raincoat. Once I saw her stop and say something to the college president.

“Wait just a mo, here.” I got up and went and plunked down on his lap, hanging my feet on either side of his chair. I put my arms on his shoulders and squirmed my butt on his lap until I could just tell he was getting the point. Or I was starting to. Get his point.

“Wait a minute. You just said both of us. You signed up both of us. So tell, what’s the rest of the story?”

Finally Harry revealed all. And while he did I nodded, and bounced a little and squirmed a little until I started to feel a little damp in the crotch. And of course, Harry’s cock was responding.

“I asked her if they ever used more than one model. She said they had sometimes in the advanced classes, but that was rarely possible. So I said what about using us as a couple? Then we got to talking about the difference in our ages and all that meant. You know, how a body ages. The students would have a young woman’s body and an old guy. Could be interesting. So then I showed her one of the nudes I did of you.”

I groaned, but I knew I was interested. The idea of posing nude for art students was kind of intriguing. So was the thought of having Harry as part of the scene. Lots of possibilities. Right now, however, there were more immediate possibilities to interest us. One was Harry’s fingers unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing so he could get at my breasts. The other was the growing banana under my butt that could only mean Harry’s little fella was awake.

“So you signed us up. All right, I guess. When do we start?”

Next week,” he muttered, raising his head from where his delicious innovia escort mouth was doing exciting things to my nipple. Then he nipped me. I gasped and he flexed his butt under me. I raised up and reluctantly got off his lap. Now I could see the tent his cock was making in his pants. I thought we’d just go to bed but Harry had other ideas. He unzipped and whipped out his dong. I looked it in the eye. Eye was weeping just a bit. I bent over and sniffed it and was rewarded by more weeping. Now I could smell him. Yum yum!

While I was thus engaged, Harry’s nimble fingers had hooked into the waistband of my shorts and skinned them right down my legs so I was bare from the waist down. While I stepped out of my shorts and panties, Harry slid one finger in my cunt and pulled gently. Then he stuck that finger in my mouth so I could taste myself. He knew I loved that. His other hand patted and smoothed my naked hip until I moved closer. I widened my legs and straddled him. Harry slid forward on the chair to give us more maneuvering room.

Then I inhaled a big gulp and ever so slowly sank down on his rampant prick. It slid unerringly and smoothly into my slick tunnel. I could feel every inch of it filling me up as I sank ever lower until our pubic bones pressed together. I wiggled my ass. Harry sighed and licked my nose. I arched my back and offered up my boobies, my tits. Harry took them one at a time in his mouth, sucking in a wonderful rhythm until I cried out in pleasure. My toes just touched the floor so I pushed up and down just a little. We weren’t really fucking. He was all the way in me and the heat that rose from our joined bodies was incredible. My stomach rippled with the emotion I was experiencing.

Harry grunted again. When he flexed his butt and thigh muscles, it moved his prick in my vagina and I felt it as an extra thrill. After a few minutes he started alternating with the muscles of his butt from one side to the other. It imparted a sort of rolling motion. I started kegeling, clinching the muscles of my vagina and clasping his pecker in time to his rolls.

Our breath came in pants almost in unison. We kissed, long and gently, exploring the crevices of our mouths.

“Stop. Wait,” Harry moaned at me. “I don’t want to come yet.”

So I stopped and he stopped and it was marvelous. It’s hard to describe, but everybody who fucks should experience it. There’s probably a word for it. We’d discovered it by accident. We thought maybe we could do this for an hour before climaxing in a total mind-blowing frenzy. So we stopped and just panted at each other. I wound my fingers in Harry’s hair and pulled him against my breasts.

After a few minutes, I could feel him starting to soften inside me, so we commenced to gently rock and roll again. Soon he was hard and I had trouble slowing down and stopping. We were able to do that once more and then I couldn’t take it any more. As he began to quiver and try to hold back I threw my head back and let loose a long moaning cry of pure pleasure. Clenching, clenching, rocking, rocking, and then Harry came in a rush of semen that I felt in my whole being. And then I came and came again and the world went a little fuzzy for a time. If he hadn’t been holding me up, I would have fallen to the floor.

His come and my juices began to leak out around his softening cock. My thigh muscles were trembling and I felt tremors flashing through Harry.

“My God,” he murmured. “We just get better and better at this.”

I smiled a little. “Must be love, sweetheart, must be love.”

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