Memories of my Wife and My Firsts

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I don’t really remember how it happened, but this woman would someday be my wife; the mother of my children. This story is about the first time we slept together.

It was the fall of 2007 and I had been seeing the same girl for 4 years. It had gotten cold and we were living the long distance relationship nightmare. But even before that the intimacy and sex had fallen apart. She only wanted sex when she had been drinking or when we were in public which wasn’t my thing. She was inexperienced and was who I lost my virginity to, as awkward was it could have been. We broke up in the summer of 2007 so when heading back to university I was single and ready to start seeing people. What I didn’t realize was that when the university faculty went on strike things would change forever.

When the news of the strike broke, I was frustrated and looking to let off steam. We set up a house party to try and let everyone enjoy their time as we waited to hear if classes would resume. As I got ready to go out, we had some drinks and I put on a polo shirt and some jeans. I wasn’t particularly slim, but I I had broad shoulders and muscular arms and shoulders to fill them out. I had joined the party and had a few drinks. I was starting to feel a little buzzed when our guests started to arrive.

One of those guests was a tall woman with dark brown curly hair and a full ass. Covered by tight jeans and a black shirt that crossed her breasts. She had a neckless on and hoop earrings. As the party got going I made my way over and we started talking. I thought she was cute but didn’t think I had a chance. So I moved on to hang out with my roommates.

When the tome came, we all packed out of the house and went onto campus to the campus bar. The bar was long with a seating area and a large dance floor. It was packed. I moved to the busy bar and got a drink and after waiting I moved to the dance floor where I danced with a few people before the tall brown haired girl came over. As the music posed she danced with me, rubbing her round denim covered ass on my leg. She leaned back and took a large drink from my glass. I felt my cock move as I could smell the perfume she was wearing. We danced a bit longer, repeating the drinking and dancing until I needed another drink. Now I could tell she was interested. I kept looking at her lips, yearning to kiss them but I didn’t yet have the confidence. Was I being used for free drinks or was she actually in to me?

The night went on until it was time to leave. I was feeling no pain and she was laughing and followed me out of the bar. We walked back to my apartment with a group of others where we sat on the patio for a while sharing stories about old partners. As people peeled off to go home, I invited her down to my room so we didn’t keep people up. We stopped in the kitchen and got a glass of water and went down the basement stairs to my room. She walked şişli escort in and I followed. I had no idea what would happen.

I closed the door and she sat on the bed with me and we talked. It seemed like forever but we gradually slide down from sitting to laying. I reached over and started to rub her thigh. I wanted to test the waters. She didn’t stop me. We rolled to our sides so we were face to face. I was rock hard just inhaling her perfume. I closed my eyes and went for it. I leaned forward and kissed her lips. She immediately pushed back and started kissing back. She moved closer so her legs straddled one of my legs and she pressed herself onto my leg.

I could feel her intensity on my lips as she was pleasuring herself with my leg. I slid my hand to the small of her back. It was sweaty. I moved both my hands down onto her round ass and started to squeeze. My cock was pressing so hard into my jeans. She had to feel how turned on I was. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and the intensity of the kissing picked up. She then rolled onto her back and I immediately thought it was over. But she told her hand and rubbed up my thigh and felt my hard cock through my jeans. She started rubbing it through my jeans. I could have cum on demand as the smell of her and the taste of her lips had driven me crazy.

I moved my hand from her ass to the front of her jeans and felt the warmth between her legs, even through her jeans. She was still rubbing my cock. She said, “if I had known this was going to happen I would have come prepared..” to which I replied “well I have condoms. Do you want me to get one.?” She bit her lip and nodded.

I got up off the bed and undid my jeans as they were getting too tight. My cock sprung up in my boxers, which I decided to leave on for now as I was nervous. I went to the suitcase that I had last taken on a road trip with my now ex girlfriend and pulled out a grey lifestyles condom. I tore the wrapper to separate it from the others and looked back to the bed. She had pulled down her jeans and folded them into a pile beside the bed. She had her black shirt on and a pair of cotton emerald green panties on. I will never forget the feeling of utter desire as I looked at her. I can still see the eyes she made encouraging me to hurry up back to bed.

My boxers were completely tented and she was eying it up with desire. I laid down on the bed and found the edge of the condom and opened it. She slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties and lifter her ass to pull them down. I pulled my boxers down and released my cock from the cloth. I reached in and took out the lubricated condom and placed it on the tip of my wet cock. I pinched the end and rolled it downward onto the base. I ten reached my arm over and looked at her : she was naked from the waste down with a hairy, but trimmed, pussy. I could smell her excitement now that we both were bare. She didn’t waste any time. She lifted a leg and climbed i top of me. Without touching my cock she sat down on it and with her dripping wetness she slid down onto my full length.

I remember the tightness and the warmth of the first penetration. I looked up at her face and her mouth was slightly open and her face long with the please of being filled. She sat down all the way onto my cock and just enjoyed being used. She put her hands on my shoulders and started to rock her pussy back and forth letting small gasps out. I remember feeling the wetness run down my shaft onto me. She raised herself up and let herself down in a slow constant pattern. My nerves were the only thing keeping me from cumming. I reached up onto her shirt and felt her small but perky breasts. I slid my hands down to her hips and pulled her down into me. Starting to use her body so I could get deeper and deeper into her. She moaned and gasped every stroke. I was close to cumming, wishing I could feel her wetness without the condom.

She leaned over while grinding on my cock and kissed my lips. She then raised herself up slowly until I felt her tightness leave me. She climbed onto her side and spread her legs. I looked down and now below her dark mound of hair was red, swollen lips that were soaked with our excitement. I positioned my cock at her entrance which wasn’t hard to do since the heat from her hole was easily felt through the latex. I pushed down and entered her. Sitting on my legs I pushed forward until the base of my cock was against her pelvis. For the first time I could see her swollen clit so I reached down with my thumb and rubbed slowly while pushing deep into her. Her eyes were closed and her head off the the side.

She reached up and grabbed the soles of her feet to put her legs in the air. I could feel her intensity increasing as I rubbed her clit with my thumb and pushed my cock in and out of her. As she moaned, I got harder and and grew deeper into her. For the first time in my life I feel the growing sensation of a woman as she locked her legs around me and pulled me deep into her as I felt her pussy throb and pulse around my cock. Her mouth was open and no sound was coming out until a large gasp and she clenched down on my shoulders. I immediately started to pulse and could feel my cock throb and shoot cum into the condom.

She stopped clenching and I opened my eyes to see her resting with her eyes closed, a smile and a red blush filling out her cheeks. I pulled myself out of her and moved to my knees, then laid next to her. I looked at the condom and saw it was absolutely filled with cum. It was the first time I felt like someone had drained my balls. I pulled the condom off and placed it beside my bed in the trash. I laid on the pillow and reached down to hold her hand and give it a squeeze. I could feel her body quiver and shake after her orgasm. We both laid there and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and she was no longer next to me. I could hear the shower running so I got up and pulled my boxers back on. I sat on the edge of my bed and replayed the events of the night before. It was almost surreal that it had happened.

On the floor of my room was a backpack that was open. It was hers. I could see the green panties she took off on the top of it. I could hear the shower running so I reached down and picked them up. I unfolded them and could see a white mark on the crotch. I brought them to my nose to smell them. The smell made me instantly hard but when I heard the shower stop I refolded them and put them down. I sat back in the edge of my bed and the door opened. She was there with a red cotton skirt on and a red tank top. Without stopping she came in and kissed me on the lips. There was no messing around as she put her tongue directly into my mouth. With one leg on the floor, she lifted her other leg so her right knee was on the bed straddling me. I was hard and my boxers were barely keeping me contained. I reached up her skirt and felt her bare ass, still wet from the shower. She said, “I’m on the pill so I’m ok not using a condom if you are..”

I didn’t respond except I pulled down my boxers and my red, wet ripped cock slipped out. She it her other knee on my side and lifted her ass to make sure I could get the cock out for her. She reached for the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up revealing her naked breasts. They were small but had perky nipples. One breast had a birthmark right around the nipple. My balls still felt drained form last night but my swollen cock was wet with precum. She grabbed my shoulders and lowered herself onto my cock. The tip of my cock felt her wetness and warmth. And without waiting she sat down and the right pushy grabbed my cock. The wetness. The warmth. The tightness. Her face looked relieved, like she was getting what she finally wanted. The feeling was so amazing I could feel my balls starting to twitch. Her breath as she rode my cock was shortening and my hands moved from her ass to her waste as I helped her find the rhythm that was going to make me cum.

As my body got tight with the climbing orgasm, she sat down hard and the contact of her clit on the base of my cock caused a wave contractions that shot cum into her wetness, making it feel even wetter around my throbbing cock. She was quiet but her face was red. She got up and pulled her skirt down. She pulled a bra on and put her shirt on. She put the pair of green panties back on. I was already getting hard knowing that the cream pie I just gave her would slowly soak them. She once again kissed me, and said, “so do you want to get breakfast?”

Our relationship had many sexual firsts to come, but that first night is one of the most vivid sexual memories for me. As we have been together for 15 years now, we have told each other many fantasies and tried many things. I hope to share more of my firsts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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