Memory Loss Ch. 03

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While I slept, I had the same dream as before, about the car accident. I remember seeing the car coming towards us, and before I turned to shield Kasidy’s body, I remember seeing more details than I had before.

First, the car that hit us had clearly turned left-of-center. Not drifted, like someone not paying attention. It turned, intentionally, towards our car. Like they wanted to hit us.

Also, I noted it was a black sedan, like a Lincoln. I couldn’t make out the driver’s face, it was blurry for me. But I could make out the California license plate, starting with BB.

I woke up, slightly startled from the dream’s crash. Kimmy was gone. So were any trace of her clothes. She must have awoken early to avoid getting caught in my room by her sisters. I was doubly thankful for that. I didn’t want us to get busted, and I didn’t want to startle her awake from my bad dream.

But something about the dream shook me. Was that car trying to hurt us? Kill us? We were probably lucky to have survived the crash.

But I remembered two strong emotional states from the dream: first, the immense excitement and love I felt for Kasidy, especially knowing she was carrying our first child; then second, the over-powering need to protect my then-pregnant wife from danger. The fact that I recalled those emotions felt like progress to me.

After a brief shower, I headed down to breakfast. The girls were already congregated around the table, chatting over cereal. When I entered, Kennedi was the first to greet me. “Hi Dad.” She was dressed in casual clothes, a comfortable sweater and slightly-worn blue jeans.

Katie chimed in, “Good morning sleepy-head.” She was already dressed for work, wearing black slacks and a nice green sweater.

Kimmy just smiled, and I smiled back. She was still in sleeping clothes, but not the ones she’d been wearing the previous night. I guessed we might have made a small mess on them, and she had to change.

Kennedi got up and went back towards the upstairs. “I have a little work to do this morning, Dad, but I’ll be ready for our date later, I promise.” I watched her nice rear as she headed for her room, then silently scolded myself.

I was still feeling guilty about my night with Kim. She seemed to have a permanent smile on her face, so I guessed she didn’t feel the same. I ate quickly and quietly, ready to get out of there and back to my room.

As Katie left for work, she kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll be back later to babysit Kimmy while you go out.” She shot a smirk across the table to her little sister, who gave her some mean eyes and stuck out her tongue.

After I ate, I eyed the pool outside. It was a sunny day, and already warm. “I’m going for a swim,” I announced.

Kim eyed me. “Really? You hardly ever swim.”

“That was me in my late 40’s,” I said, swaggering a bit as I headed for my room to change. “As of a few days ago, I’m feeling 23 again.”

It didn’t take me long to find my swim trunks, surprisingly. I had no memory of what clothes I had, but apparently my organizational system was similar to how I thought in my 20’s.

When I got out to the pool, no one was around. I dipped my toe in, and judged the water to be just barely on the chilly side. Good for exercise. I jumped in and started doing laps.

After I did a few, I took a pause on the edge, catching my breath a bit. I came to the realization, like I had said to Kim before, that I did feel 23 again. Maybe age really is just a number, I thought. I didn’t remember the last 25 years, so I didn’t feel like a 48 year old man. I wasn’t in the same shape I was in, but I did feel like I had the same stamina.

I resumed my laps, doing a few more. When I paused again, I looked towards the house and saw I wasn’t alone. Kim’s small teen body was laying on a deck chair, laying out in a flattering pink bikini and dark sunglasses. She heard me stop, and lifted her head just enough to smile at me, then laid back down.

I drifted over to her, quietly and slowly. Her chair was just a few feet from the pool’s edge. I was able to reach my arm out of the pool, and tickle her tiny foot, getting an immediate reaction. “Ah! Daddy, stop!” she squealed, pulling her feet back towards her body.

I looked around, making sure it was still just the two of us. “You didn’t say that last night.”

She sat up and looked around too, before answering, “Cuz I wanted that last night.”

I looked her in the eye. “I did too. But that doesn’t make it right.”

“It doesn’t make it wrong. We’re both consenting adults.”

“But you’re my daughter.”

“I don’t want you to feel bad or guilty about it. I don’t want to hurt our relationship.”

“Neither do I. Which is why I don’t think we should do that anymore.”

She took off her sunglasses, and looked sad. “You don’t want to sleep with me anymore?”

“Sleeping would be one thing. We crossed a line last night.”

“I know.” She moved closer and took my hand. “Please don’t be mad. But I had a great time.” She shook her head. “You probably don’t know this, with your memory block, but I’ve never been with Escort bayan a guy. You’re the first guy to make me feel that good.”

This wasn’t news. I figured out that Kim hadn’t had any serious boyfriends. Katie had told me last night that Kimmy was a flirt at school, and went on dates, but never had brought a boy home. “You don’t think it was wrong that your father made you feel that way?”

“You’re my favorite man, Daddy. I love you and I feel comfortable with you. Why is that a bad thing?”

I relaxed a little. I’m glad she thought that way. It still bothered me a little, but I guess I was getting to be okay with it. It helped that with my large gap in memory, I couldn’t remember being her father until two days ago.

We heard the door open, and Kennedi walked out. She looked stunning in a teal blue bikini. “Hey Dad, you’re swimming.”

I laughed. “Why is this such a surprise to everyone? I used to swim all the time.”

Kennedi laughed too. “I guess you kinda stopped when you got busy at work. Then us girls took over the pool.”

“I assume you both actually can swim, not just lay out on the deck?” I teased them.

“Are you challenging us?”

I hadn’t intended it as a challenge, but her tone made me accept it. “Race you down and back, loser gives the winner a massage.”

Kennedi was stretched her arms and legs a bit, getting ready. “Come on, Kimmy, let’s take him.”

Kim was already standing up. “You’re on, old man,” she grinned.

Once we were all in the water, I counted down. “3, 2, 1, Go!” We launched from the side of the pool. I got a really good launch due to my size, but by the time we got to the other end, the girls had both caught up to me. I guessed they were pretty good swimmers after all. I got another good launch off the wall, but so did they, and I got left in their dust.

In the end, Kennedi took first, followed by Kim, and I brought up the rear. “You owe me a massage, Dad.”

“Yes I do. How about after our date tonight?” I said, pulling myself out of the water.

“It’s a deal.” She and Kim toweled off and laid back on the deck chairs.

Now winded, I headed inside instead. I passed the door to my office, and looked at the computer on my desk. I still couldn’t remember my password, so it wasn’t worth trying. I knew that as a professional IT guy, I had probably made it something ridiculously hard to break.

I intended to head for my room to change. Instead, I decided to be nosy, and peeked my head into Kim’s room. Some of her dirty clothes were in a hamper, but some were on the floor surrounding it. I spotted the shirt she’d worn the night before hanging on the edge of the basket.

The walls were painted a lavender color, covered by posters of celebrities I didn’t know. Her bed was covered by a pink comforter, topped with a couple of teddy bears. On her nightstand was a diary, secured with a tiny lock. I wondered if her sisters had tried to read her private thoughts. Next to that was a framed picture of our five-person family: father, mother, and three girls. Kimmy looked like she was ten in that photo, showing braces in her cute smile.

All in all, it was a typical teenage girl’s room, with the exception of one thing: a small stack of pornographic DVD’s on the desk, next to her computer. I took a closer look, and they were all starring Kassie Dee. Also known as my wife, her mom, Kasidy Carter. I silently chuckled. Why would Kim watch her mom’s adult movies?

I thought back to the first day I woke up, when I called Kasidy a ‘porn star’, and Kim got upset. I thought maybe she was upset about the negative-sounding label. But now I wondered if she had been a little ashamed. Did Kim want to follow in her mom’s footsteps? If so, hearing her father say ‘porn star’ probably embarrassed her.

I tried not to think about my youngest daughter doing porn. It was difficult, considering last night’s events.

I left the room and went back to the hallway, where I could see the pool and entire backyard from a window above. I looked down, and saw the girls, still laying on their deck chairs. But now they had removed their tops. Kennedi had told me they did that when I wasn’t around.

I had seen Kennedi’s breasts before, but it was only for a moment and we were both shocked. Now I had the time to look. They were large, probably D cups, and had dark nipples and areolas. They stood up well on her reclined body.

This was the first time I saw Kimmy’s chest. I had felt and tasted her tiny nipples last night, but I couldn’t see them in the dark. They were perfect B cups, and the nipples had only a small ring of areola around them. I recalled that her body was very similar to her mother’s. Kennedi and Katie were both taller, so I assumed their height was from me.

I decided to walk away from the window before getting caught ogling my daughters. I had only been their father for 48 hours (in my head), and getting caught wasn’t a situation I wanted to be in.

I was wracking my brain with Katie and Kim in my office, trying to guess my computer’s password. “Did we have any pets?”

Kim answered first, “No! Even Bayan escort though we all wanted a puppy real bad!”

“Plus, you always told us not to use pet names in our passwords, Dad,” Katie pointed out. “Too easy to guess.”

That was true. But I was out of ideas of what the password could be. “This is maddening. I need my memories back, so I can remember my password and get in here.”

Katie put her hand on my shoulder. “It’s okay, Dad, I’m sure everything will come back to you. Just give it some more time. It’s only been 2 days.”

I put my face in my hands. “I know, it’s just irritating.”

I heard Kennedi’s voice as she entered the room. “So let’s go out and relax.”

I looked up and saw her standing in the doorway to the office. She had on a light blue dress, showing off her ample cleavage. It was cut below the knee, and it had a belt that showed her slim waist. She was stunning.

“Wow, Kenni, you look terrific,” I told her. I had already put on a white shirt and nice pants, but I now felt underdressed, and I told her so. “Let me put on a tie and we’ll head out.”

“Have a good night, you two!” Kim called after me as I left the office.

Kennedi took me to a fancy bistro-type place. Being only 20, she couldn’t drink, so I chose not to either. She told me how, after high school, she had started working for me as an intern while she got an associate’s degree. After that, she found a different tech company to work for full-time. Her new job had her working more for non-profit groups than large businesses. “They’re great, Dad. When I first left your company, you were a little bummed, but you got over it when you saw what work I was doing. I feel like I’m doing good for the world.” She beamed with pride, and I was proud of her.

Afterwards, we went to a park and walked around, listening to a few street musicians as we went. “So I want to know more about your personal life, you know, outside of work,” I said as we walked. “I talked with Katie about her relationships, but she gave me the implication you’ve done better than her, romantically-speaking.”

Kennedi blushed a bit. “Well, that depends on how you define success, I guess.”

“How do you mean?”

“Katie’s had a few boyfriends in her life. I’ve only really had one. But David was a really nice guy. We dated more than a year.”

“He was a nice guy? Like he’s not nice anymore?”

“I didn’t mean it like that. He’s still a nice guy, but moved to New York last year. We still talk every once in a while, but we’re not dating anymore.” She sat on a bench, and I joined her. “He’s still a friend.” She took out her cell phone and showed me a couple of pictures of herself with David.

“He looks like a respectable guy,” I said, and meant it. “Did I like him?”

She laughed out loud at that. “You were a typical dad, Dad. You hated him at first, because he was stealing your little girl. But you got to know him and you got over it.” She looked me in the eyes. “Plus, you knew I’d always be your little girl. No guy will change that.”

I smiled. “Glad to hear that. But I want to see you happy. I hope you find someone.”

She got misty-eyed, and replied, “I hope so too, but I’m not in a hurry. I’ve got plenty of time. And I’ve got you.” Then she stood up and took my hand again. “And you owe me a massage. Let’s go!”

When we got home, Kennedi went to her room to get out of her dress, so I gave her a minute to change. We saw Katie as she was heading for bed, and wished her a good night. She told us Kim had gone upstairs earlier, so I knew I wouldn’t have to carry her upstairs again.

I also took the opportunity to get out of my nicer clothes, and into a more comfortable T-shirt and shorts, before I tapped on Kennedi’s bedroom door. “Ready?”


I opened the door, and found her lying face down on her bed. She was wearing a pair of sleeping shorts, but no shirt.

“I’m ready for my massage, Daddy!”

I gulped. Here I was again, with my second daughter, topless in front of me. I closed the door behind me, and sat on the bed next to her. “You don’t have to be shirtless for this, you know.”

“I just felt wearing a bra would get in the way.” She wiggled her body, but stayed face down. “You can’t see anything this way anyway, all my parts are hidden.”

She was right, but I’d already seen her breasts, so I was still nervously aroused. I rubbed put my hands on the base of her neck, and started rubbing, working my way down. Every now and then, I’d hit a good spot and she’d give a little sigh. Or I’d hit a small tightness, and she’d let out an “Oh!”

When I got to her lower back, it was pretty tight. “Oh yes, I needed this,” she muttered into her mattress. “Dad, can you sit on my legs? You’ll get more pressure that way.”

I lifted my right leg up and straddled her over her thighs. I was able to apply more force to her tight back muscles. But now my crotch was just below her behind, and I was getting more aroused by the new position.

I pushed my weight into her back, loosening her muscles, and drawing more appreciative moans. My hands Escort continued going lower, until I got to the hem of her shorts. I was going to stop, and I started to lift my hands, but I heard from Kennedi, “Keep going, don’t stop.”

I dipped my thumbs just under her shorts. “How far down do you want me to go?”

“Keep going, I’ll tell you when.”

So I kept on, slowly massaging down her spine. Her shorts started to slide as I moved my hands, showing more skin, until I saw the very top of her crack.

“Oh, I’ve got an itch on my cheek, can you scratch it for me?”

I hesitated, and she noticed. “Dad, scratch it, it’s driving me crazy!”

She was driving me crazy too, in a different way. I slid one hand into her shorts, realizing she wasn’t wearing panties underneath. I scratched at the top of her butt cheek, hoping that’s where it was.

“Lower please, Dad.”

I moved my hand lower, still scratching lightly, and until I was basically cupping her right butt cheek in my palm, until she spoke again.

“Ah, that’s good, now the other side. Please Dad?”

It was awkward to twist my right hand to get her left cheek, so I put my left hand inside her shorts too, and stratched that side. Now with both hands in her shorts, almost all of my daughter’s ass was exposed to me, in addition to her whole back. It made my dick twitch in my shorts.

“Ahhh, thank you Dad.” I heard, and took that as my cue to be done. I pulled up her shorts, and somehow it felt right to give her a small pat on her now-covered butt. I guessed it wasn’t inappropriate, since it made her giggle. She sighed as I got up from her bed. “You’re the best.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie.” I said, heading for the door.

“Dad?” said Kennedi, and I turned around. She had sat up, but was covering her top half with her arms. “I know you’re trying to remember everything. I really hope your memory returns soon.”

“Me too, Kenni, me too.” I replied with a smile.

Then she surprised me by getting up and grabbing me into a big hug. This would be normal, but with her hands around my body, her breasts were now pressed into me. “Thanks for the date night, Dad.”

I hugged her back, trying not to appear uncomfortable. “I love you, Kenni.”

“I love you too, Daddy.” As she slipped out of the hug, her arms went back to her chest, each hand covering one breast from my view. “Well, good night.”

“Good night,” I replied, and left the room. My dick was hard as a rock, but she hadn’t said anything, so I hoped it wasn’t going to be awkward for us in the morning.

In the hall, all three girls’ doors were shut, and the house was quiet. I went to my room, and found that the door was also shut, which I hadn’t done. I opened it, and saw one of the small bedside lights was on. It illuminated a human-sized lump under the covers of my bed.

I walked over and put my hand on the lump’s shoulder, and it giggled. “Hi Daddy.”

“Kimmy,” I said, pulling back the sheets to reveal her face, “what are you doing here? Why aren’t you in your own room?”

“I wanted to sleep here again. And,” she added, while blushing, “I wanted to, you know, do more of what we did last night.” She pulled back more of the covers, showing that she was shirtless underneath.

I hadn’t been able to see her last night, and I only got a far-away glimpse this morning when she had been topless by the pool. So I now took in her image. She was a topless goddess, with the most perfect, pert breasts. Her nipples stood out, like they were craving attention.

“Kimmy, you’re really making it hard to say no to you.”

“That’s what I wanted. To make it hard,” she cooed, reaching her small hand to my crotch. I was still hard from leaving Kennedi’s room. “But I didn’t expect you to be this hard this fast. Have you been having fun with Kennedi?” She gave me a naughty look.

“I was giving her that massage I owed her,” I was suddenly on the defensive.

“Sure. Rubbing your hands on her body,” she said, taking my hands and placing them on her small tits. “Pressing and kneading.” The way she talked, the tone she was using, made me unconsciously knead her soft breasts. With that, she once again broke my resistance, and I had to have her.

I climbed into bed with her, and took one of her nipples into her mouth. “Oh Daddy, yes,” she exclaimed. I suckled on it, playing with it with my tongue. I let my hands roam her back, and one grabbed her little ass through her cotton panties, pulling her body close to mine.

Her hands were yanking at my shorts, trying to pull them down, like she was desperate to touch me again. I pulled away from her just long enough to let her pull them down, then pulled her close to me again, with one of her tiny hands trapped between our bodies, grabbing my erection and not letting go.

I knew she wanted to play with me again, but I had other thoughts. I pushed her down on the bed, and put her hands up by her head. Now sitting above her, I stripped off my shirt, and kissed her chest. She sighed, and I continued kissing and nibbling down her body. When I got to her navel, my hands clutched her hips, and grabbed the sides of her tiny pink panties. I looked up at her face as I slowly pulled them down her thighs, to her knees. Her wide eyes looked back, and her mouth was parted slightly to allow her shallow breathing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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