Men’s Store

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You arrive at a unique store for men with the smell of rich colognes and leather furniture permeating the air. You are searching for a suit and need assistance. The salesclerk, me, is dressed in the uniform of the store, a white blouse, navy blue skirt and heels. I offer to help you find an appropriate suit.

We are looking at different suits and select several. Then I suggest that you might want to check out the shirts also. I take off your jacket and run my hands over your shoulders to get an idea on how you like your shirts to fit. I can feel your muscles flex as I move my hands over your back and down your arms. Not wanting to behave in a forward manner, I back away from you to give you more space and suggests several shirts that you might like.

You follow me to the far side of the store and when I reach for the shirt that you had indicated. You also move to get it and accidentally brushes your arm along my chest. I can feel my nipples harden, but don’t want to assume that it was intentional, but I really hope it was. I point to another shirt that I think you might like and then feel you step behind me, your hands on my waist, as you pull me back against you. I can feel your hard-on against my ass. And I make very small movements back and forth across your hardening cock, feeling the first tinge of wetness and heat between my legs.

Putting a little distance between us, I suggest that we take the suit and the shirts back to the dressing room for you to try on. The dressing room is quite large with a leather chaise lounge, full-length mirrors and most importantly, a lock on the door.

With the door closed and locked, the clothes are forgotten. You step toward me and turn me to face the mirrors. With my back to you, you reach around and cup my breasts through the blouse. Stroking the nipples with your thumbs until the points are obvious against the material. You gently kiss my neck and are opening the buttons, one with each nibble on my neck.

My head is thrown back against your shoulder with my eyes closed enjoying the sensations, but that isn’t good enough for you. “Open your eyes and watch me”, you say. I comply with heavy eyes and watches as you finish unbuttoning the rest of the buttons.

Once the blouse is open, you undo the front closure on the bra. Leaving my breasts inside the bra, you step around to face me and place your soft lips in the valley between my breasts feeling the rapid pounding of my heart, and nuzzle the soft undersides of my breasts.

Feeling my eyes following your every move, you wait. I pull you up by the front of your shirt, take your face in my hands and gently lick your top lip with a quick flick of my tongue. Then, I take your lower lip and gently suck on it, getting it slightly wet before I deepen the kiss. Imitating what I have wanted you to do to me from the first time I saw you walk into the store, I stroke the inside of your mouth with increasing passion. The front of your shirt is rubbing across the skin of my breasts making them increasingly sensitive to the slightest Trabzon Escort touch. My nipples abrading against the inside of my bra.

My fingers haven’t been idle either. Using the one hand, I have unbuttoned the front of your shirt, so that my other hand can explore the hard plane of muscles across your chest and stroke your back.

You quickly break off the kiss to work your way down to kiss my neck, especially with all the wonderful sounds that that simple caress produces. Lifting my hair out of the way, you work your way around to the back of my neck. Kissing and licking your way through the whimpers of delight that’s coming from my throat; you cup my breasts again in your hands and brushed the nipples with your thumbs. I can feel the heat intensify between my legs and the moisture is starting to roll down my thighs. Our eyes meet in the mirror and we smile.

I turn in your arms and pull the shirt down off of your shoulders. With the cuffs still buttoned, you are unable to get your hands free. Taking advantage of this restriction, I take your belt buckle in my hands and slowly start walking you back against the wall. With the shirt hanging off your wrists, you watch me take off the belt. When I unzip your slacks and find you without underwear, I slowly lick my lips. Lowering myself to my knees, pulling your pants down to your ankles and looking up at you give you a wicked little grin before I take you into my mouth.

My hot mouth engulfs the head of your cock sucking on it gently. Then I take it and gently stoke it against the sides of my face and against my neck, feeling the steely length pulse with blood. Your head is so soft to touch. I marvel at how wonderful it feels and enjoys the silky feel against my skin. Rubbing the head against my tongue, you let out a low moan. I caution you against making too much noise, saying, “You don’t want to stop now, do you?” Shaking your head no, you barely stifle another groan as I quickly lick the drops of pre-cum that appear from your cock.

Stroking my tongue down the front of your cock, tasting the salt from your skin. Smelling the essence of this particular male makes me very light-headed. But I swirl my tongue up and down your cock feeling the pulsing as it gets hotter, tighter and harder. Delighting in the temporary control, I cradle your balls in my hands wetting them with my tongue till they glisten. Softly I blow on them knowing that the cooling breath will be a small torment.

Reaching under my skirt, I slide my fingers between my slit, getting them wet. Then, with a firm but gentle touch takes my middle finger and massages the area directly behind your balls. My finger gliding back and forth, lightly touching your balls when I am close to them, stroking the skin more firmly, then I deposit the rest of my juices on your balls licking it off thoroughly. Hearing the sound that is stifled in the back of your throat, I savor it, feeling my skin flush hotter with need.

I slowly mouth my way back up your cock. Gripping it firmly in my hand, I push Trabzon Escort Bayan my tongue in and out of the eye of your cock, tongue fucking the eye like I want you to do to me, only just not yet.

Trying to touch me but you can only reach my head with one hand, the shirt still impeding your movement. Your hand is stroking my hair and as I suck the head of your cock into my mouth. Arching into me, I release the grip I have had on your cock to hold your hips still, to control the rhythm for a while longer.

With my tongue cradling your length inside of my mouth, I suck my way slowly up and then back down. Increasing the suction a little more each time, increasing the speed a little more each time. I want to make this last but I also want to taste you so badly, that I can’t wait. Following the urging of your hips to take as much of you into my mouth, I slide you as deeply into my mouth as I can.

To have you cum, to swallow you whole, to hear your release and know that I am totally responsible for that wonderful feeling. Then, that wonderful sound, the sound of your release is heard and you arch hard into my mouth one last time. I swallow your load as it fills my mouth. The mixture of the salty taste from your skin and the creamy sweetness of your cum are truly nectar.

While savoring the taste and the moment, I suddenly feel you move. You have pulled me to my feet and lightly tosses me on to the chaise. The skirt flips up revealing the thigh high hose and the lack of panties, which explains the easy access to my juices. Bracing your hands on either side of my waist, forcing me to lean my head back so I can see your face. You lightly kiss my mouth tasting yourself on my tongue moving your way down to the side of my neck, where you whisper, “its your turn now”.

That’s when I realize that your cock is still very hard and lying on top of my mound. Your hands undo the zipper of my skirt and with very little effort, you have removed the skirt leaving me open for your long and thorough perusal. I didn’t think it was possible but I could feel myself becoming even wetter in anticipation of what was to come.

Shifting your weight to my side, I miss the feel of you on top of me until I can feel you nuzzling my neck and your hand move toward my hot center. Fingers skim my slit barely grazing the wetness that is there, but you manage to make your presence felt. You gently rub my clit smearing the wetness around and around creating the most delicious friction. Then, placing small kisses on my breasts, ribs, and stomach, you work your way down between my legs. Watching you look at me makes my whole body clench in need for your touch.

Placing both hands under my legs, you reach up and take my wrists in your hands and pull them down toward you. Keeping a grip on my wrists you tells me to open myself to you and places my hands on top of my pussy. I spread my lips willingly, eagerly. Watching your head lower between my legs, I feel your moist tongue stroking up my slit, feels the firmness of it and the Escort Trabzon pressure you’re exerting on the most sensitive part of me. My clit is throbbing and needing attention, flicking your tongue around the little knob and you can feel it harden. Almost sobbing from the exquisite pain, I pull myself closer to you. And you seem to know where I need to feel your touch and anticipate my needs before I even realize I needed it. I want to touch you, stroke your face but I don’t want the sweet torment to end.

You stroke your tongue downward and place it against the opening of my pussy. Straining to feel you inside me but the control is yours now, and you lightly lick the juices just outside my pussy. I plead to have you stop the ache, arching into you, wanting to tighten my legs to ease the throbbing, but not wanting you to move. And just when I fear I will go out of my mind, that talented tongue plunges into me. Your firm tongue moves in and out of my pussy while your nose continues to stimulate my clit. The sound your tongue makes when you are stroking me is so wet and I can’t stop myself from moaning out loud. You caution me about the noise, “You don’t want to stop now, do you?”

I smile as I recognize my own words coming back to haunt me but, don’t have time to think about it for too long. My body is twisted tight inside and the feeling is building. Your tongue is playing me like a master violinist until the string breaks. My pussy contracts around your tongue as my muscle’s spasm and I cum.

But, I realize that you have the same devilish grin on your face that I had on mine earlier. You pull me up from the chaise where I momentarily teeter on my high heels locking your arms around my body; you kiss me with an intensity that makes me want to weep. Then you turns me around and place my hands on the mirror, I see myself as you do with clothes half on and half off, my eyes heavy from the after math of coming, my thighs slick from my juices.

With my hands braced against the mirrors, you position yourself behind me and slide your cock back and forth along my slit to ease your way in. I want to move with you but you hold firmly onto my hips making this almost impossible. Your cock slides into me gently at first and then gradually starts building up to stronger and stronger strokes. My eyes are locked on to your face, watching the intensity and the passion transform you. Becoming more focused and the strokes become stronger and stronger until I can feel your balls slapping against my skin, and see the multiple reflections of your cock pumping in and out of me.

Your face is totally intent on the sensations that you’re feeling but you don’t forget me. Reaching around me, you rub my clit in rhythm with your strokes, in and out, back and forth. Until I think I’ll go mad. Then, with your arms suddenly locked around my hips you plunge into me one last time. And whispers into my ear, “Let yourself go and cream on me. I need to have you cum with me.” And I do. Loudly moaning, writhing with the intense feeling, you can feel me clamp tightly around the cock that is still buried deep inside me, my muscles spasm repeatedly.

Our eyes meet in the mirror and both of us smile. While continuing to hold me and remaining deep inside, you sit with me on the chaise enjoying the best day of shopping you have ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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