Messy | Gushing (Two Short Stories)

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Ariana Marie

These two short stories are recounted tales of real life events. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


Messy (Story 1)

You told me to lie down, facing you. Legs spread wide I squirmed under your gaze. You didn’t know it but I enjoyed the discomfort of being displayed. I spread wider.

Kissing me deeply, you began to trail you fingers along my wet pussy. I only need to think about you and I’m ready. My hips buck to meet you, desperately trying to get some satisfaction as your fingertips graze my clit.

I whimper into your mouth and feel you smile. Suddenly you plunge your thumb deep inside me. It fits perfectly. I immediately begin to moan. You slowly start to fuck me with your hand as I lose control.

Your thumb touches all the right places. Hurting just enough. The pressure in my arse blissful. I wish you would fill that too. You continue to fuck me. Alternating between kissing me and watching my face in amusement.

I’m unbelievably wet now, grinding into your hand at every possible moment. My moans have reached new heights. I can’t see straight anymore. You laugh and tell me I’ve lost control of my yozgat seks hikayeleri voice. I’m not surprised.

With pleading eyes I say “Please can I join in? Just for a minute? Please?”. I’m so far gone my natural submission has taken over. You agree and I greedily rush to my clit, rubbing with my fingertips as you continue to fuck my now sloppy pussy.

You whisper in my ear “make a single noise, and I will stop”. I could cry. Immediately I go silent. I’m biting your shoulder hard to contain myself. Within seconds my eyes are rolling back in my head, I can’t breathe. The pressure in my head is overwhelming.

Noisily my pussy gushes all over us both as I quickly orgasm, leaving your bed soaked. Your arm wet to the elbow. I’m seeing stars.

Whilst I recover you tell me my performance was wonderful. I blush and smile. As soon as I can see straight again I bound over to your waiting cock. Desperate to suck it. Enthusiastically I begin lapping at the head, running my tongue bar around the sensitive tip, whilst squeezing with my hands.

I’m too excited. I kiss and suck your balls and gooch. Delighting in your pleasure until you’re asking me to fuck you. Without hesitation I straddle you and guide your throbbing cock into my dripping pussy.

Instantly I’m moaning again. “Slowly” you chastise me, “gently”. I do my best, trembling with desire. Each stroke almost making me cum again. It’s not long before you are ready and you let me grind on your lap. I’m so close.

You cum violently. A few minutes later whilst I lay next you I ask you to pretty please do it again 🥺


Gushing (Story 2)

So, this is something that happened to me a couple of months ago.

I had already cum perhaps 5 or 6 times at this point, in the two hours since I arrived at your house. In the few days previously you had realised that you could make me squirt, and quite easily. After my last orgasm we crashed, laughing playfully, kissing and cuddling. “hmmm. That could be interesting on my face.” you remarked cheekily.

After a couple of minutes of rest I began to guide you between my legs. You asked me what I wanted, and with a smile I told you I was going to cum on your face. Your fingers slipped inside my already soaking wet pussy as your mouth came down, your tongue quickly finding my clitoris. My moans were almost instantaneous.

After a minute or so of being finger-fucked by you (why oh why do your hands always feel so incredible!?) and lightly humping your face alongside your licks I removed your hand. You began to lick me more deeply. My fingers greedily slid down to join you.

I began to tickle my clitoris as you lapped up my juices. The pressure was rapidly increasing. Your hands dug into my thighs, pulling me into you. Suddenly I felt a gushing release as I began to squirt. This orgasm even more intense than the previous. Seeming to never end as I continued gushing for a minute or more. I felt your previously open mouth pull away quickly as I continued to release.

Shock turned into peeling laughter. You re-joined me to kiss, your face covered in my cum, a large pool underneath me. “You almost drowned me!” you exclaimed. I couldn’t breathe for laughter. I reminded you that you had wanted me to cum on your face, you countered by telling me you had a full mouthful before you moved, but it just kept coming. I still couldn’t stop laughing.

Both soaking wet and giggling we curled up for cuddles and kisses before showering, and for the few days afterwards I couldn’t help but chuckle as I thought about your panic and near-drowning.

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