Mid Day Nooner

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I thought about you this weekend…

I dreamt you asked me to meet you at our hotel. I walked there in my suit and confidently went to the elevator, riding up to the penthouse as you had instructed, my heels clicking on the marble floor as I walk quickly to meet you.

I knock three times and you pull me inside, kissing me hotly, eagerly… I’m excited knowing what’s to come..

I feel your sweet wet tongue rubbing against mine, your warm wet shoulders against my hands and your hands firmly pulling me by my ass closer to your erection. You are just in a towel, straight from the shower, your skin warmed from the hot spray of the shower but hard as a rock.

We continue to kiss while I slip my hands down your chest, then down to your abs before I whip off your towel and run into the suite, challenging you to come get your towel.

The room is sunny and bright, while the white bed linens are unmade and smells like you. You growl playfully and charge at me, tackling me onto the bed with enough force that I can’t struggle, but with enough care to brace the impact with your own body…. I laugh as you blow a raspberry on my neck before running your hands down my body over my clothes.

You help me out of my jacket. I wrap my legs around your waist, happy to feel your weight on me… eager to feel this same weight, except with the extra fullness of your cock buried inside me, while your balls spank kartal escort my ass with each thrust. Soon enough, I think, as I feel my pussy juice seep down my crack in anticipation.

You kiss my jaw and neck while guiding my legs off your hips and spread for you. I watch you with hot eyes, malleable like a doll, your own personal fuck toy. You slide one hand under my skirt, which has already begun to bunch around my waist. Pushing the crotch of my lacy panty to the side you skim your fingertips across my pussy lips. I gasp… I had forgotten how good it felt. You grunt in pleasure… creamy shaved pussy… your favorite.

I unbutton my blouse and you kiss the skin as it is revealed.. my neck… my breasts, my stomach…. Your eyes growl in approval when you see my coral lace bra against my tanned skin. You love this color on me because it reminds you of the color of my pussy when it’s wet and eagerly spread for you to fuck. Part of me knows that this situation is hotter for you because you believe I’m your submissive asian slut. You help my arms out of the sleeves and remove my skirt, but you leave me in my lacey bra and panties.

You lick my nipples through the bra. I growl appreciatively and run my fingers through your hair while I squirm beneath your fingers. You hear me start to pant as you start to rub my clit into circles…. Your use your kaynarca escort teeth to pull my lacy bra down so you can slip a nipple into your mouth…. It feels so good. I feel myself getting wetter and wetter… I’m aching, but I know you will fuck me soon…

You slowly slide your fingers inside me whispering into my ear, how badly you want to fuck me… how hard your cock is for my pussy. You move your fingers inside, teasing my g spot.

I look into your eyes with a lusty haze… you know you have me completely under your control… you love knowing you can put a total ball buster like me under your spell. Making me your slut… your bitch.. your dirty fuck… Later you plan to dominate me, but for right now, it’s about making me beg. I’m excited knowing that this is likely what will transpire as well.

Your thumb presses against my clit while you continue to move your fingers inside of me. Your mouth alternates between licking my dark nipples, and nipping them lightly… You feel my pussy wet and tight around your fingers, and stiffen even more, if that’s even possible. It was going to feel so good to put your cock inside my tight asian pussy…

I whisper against your lips. I’m going to cum….

You flip me over, face down into the pillow and whip my panties down to my knees, almost binding me there. I’m quivering with kozyatağı escort anticipation.

You order me to rub my clit, and I do obediently…. my round ass in the air, you knee behind me and kiss the knob of your cock against my ridiculously wet pussy. You push inside, deliberately slow but deep. I’m so hot for you I’m practically vibrating as you penetrate me. I am gasping and you can feel the slow rhythmic pulsing of my impending orgasm… I’m getting close. I’m going to go off any second now. With your hands on my hips, you push to the hilt, pulling me close by my hips to push deep inside… unmoving. I cum loudly, hard, impaled by your big cock. You order me to say your name, and I obey, almost crying from the pleasure, at knowing I’m possessed.

You close your eyes and enjoy my vaginal contractions along the length of your dick. It feels so amazing having you inside while I cum. I can’t forget how that feels. You are so in control… I’m milking you. Your beautiful cock is mine and giving me pleasure.. Some pulses harder than others amid the wetness. It’s too much. It’s too good… so as I start to finish off my orgasm, you start to thrust, slowly initially, then vigorously.. almost violent…. I’m so wet… so hot…. my initial hunger is sated but this fucking awakens more..

You feel your balls fill with cum, You are tempted to cum deep inside me, except nothing gives you greater pleasure than watching your cum drip down the crack of my ass, as undeniable proof of your ownership. Slamming three rapid thrusts, you abruptly pull out and cum all over my ass, painting my pussy with the jizz.

I fall to my back and smile at you, throwing your towel back to you. Letting you know I’m pleased with how you chose to retrieve it by my satisfied smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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