Midge’s Story Ch. 08

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Chapter 8


The first cops were arriving as we got to the car.

“Thank god you’re here,” I said in my best damsel in distress voice, “Some guys from across town showed up and beat up Owen and a couple of other guys. I think I saw them head out the back. They looked dangerous.”

The first cop motioned to the other two and they went around back. That gave Jason and I enough time to slip into my car a get out of there. We passed a few more cops and two ambulances on the way out. I most people never got a clear picture of what happened. Some folks thought Owen and the other guys fought each other. My red herring to the cop spread too. Most thought that it was a cat fight just between me and Susan. That didn’t explain how three seniors ended up in the hospital, but, then again, neither did the idea that 120lb Susan Price beat the shit out of them.

Jason, though, had seen everything.

“What the hell got into Susan?” He asked from the passenger seat. “And how did she do that? Owen is like, 300lbs and its not fat,” he said adding, “She threw him halfway across the room like he didn’t weigh anything.”

“I don’t know,” I tried to deflect, “I think she’s been taking Aikido lessons.” I’d had that one in the hopper in case I needed it. Aikido involves a lot of using a person’s size and weight against them. I thought it might provide a plausible explanation for something like this.

“That’s bullshit, Midge,” Jason said flatly. “She punched Derrick into the middle of next week, and that other guy she took down with one-hand. At least, I think she did. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast,” He added. “And after she did all that,” he was coming to a spot I didn’t want him to land, “You took her down. The girl throws a 300lb man across the room, can beat the crap out of two other guys, moves faster than I can see, and you stop her. Are you going to explain to me what’s going on here?”

I stopped the car and ignored the question. “We’re here,” as all I said as I got out of the car.

I didn’t say anything as I checked us in, and Jason didn’t press his question. I booked us a top-floor suite. It had a lovely king-sized bed and a jacuzzi soaking tub well big enough for two. There was a sitting room with some high-backed chairs and a sofa. The big windows looked out over the city. It was a clear night, and we could see forever. Jason sat on the bed and bounced as if to test out the action in the springs.

He start to speak, “So how did you…”

I put my finger to his lips. Then I bent down and kiss him. “Wait here,” I ordered.

I took my bag and went into the bathroom. I pulled out some lipstick and a small vial of perfume. I kicked off my heels, unzipped my skirt and shimmied out of it. I reached down and unsnapped my bodysuit and peeled that off. From my bag, I retrieved a garter belt and a pair of silk stockings. I stretched them up my legs, donned garter belt and hooked up the stockings. I put my heels back on and touched up my lip stick in the mirror. I dabbed on a little perfume and gave myself a once-over. I had to say, objectively, I looked hot as fuck.

I opened the door expecting to find Jason sit sitting on the bed. He wasn’t. He’s poured us some whiskey and was standing by the sideboard. Regardless, my attire clearly had the desired effect. “You can pick your jaw up off the floor whenever,” I said. I walked over to him making sure my hips swayed as I did. I took the glass of whiskey he’d poured for me and drank it.

He was about to grab me and kiss me. I could tell. I don’t know how, but I could tell.

He did. He put one arm around my waist and the other behind my head. He pushed me up the wall. I bent to let him kiss me. He was such a good kisser. I was immediately wet down there.

He broke the kiss and said, “Tell me how you did what you did back there.”

I sighed. This wasn’t going to just go away.


I grabbed his arm that was around my waist and spun. He was now against the wall. “I’ll show you,” I said. I reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head. I threw it over my shoulder. My god, he had muscles on top of muscles. I slipped out of my heels to level things a little. I was still a solid five inches taller than him. I ran a hand over his muscled chest. I was getting even wetter. I reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He obliged by taking them off the rest of the way himself.

I clearly wasn’t the only one getting excited. He had a raging boner. I could tell even through his boxers that Jason must be huge. Bigger than that college guy and bigger than Jim — bigger than Milton and Brad combined. I put my hands on his shoulders, then ran them down his arms. His biceps, I thought must be as big as my head. I sure hope I’m right about this; it’s going to be embarrassing if I’m not.

“Let’s hold hands,” I suggested. I took his hands in mine and we laced our fingers together. He smiled. The game was obvious, and, judging from those guns, Jason İstanbul Escort had never lost. I started to push his hands toward the wall. He resisted with a smile.

Then I started actually pushing.

He resisted with increased strength. I could tell, but I could also tell it didn’t matter. I pressed harder. He pushed back, but the smile was gone from his face. It was now on mine. I pushed harder still. He was straining now; I was barely trying. I could feel his muscles starting to fail. One more hard push and his hands were against the wall.

He was wide-eyed in shock, but I wasn’t done. I brought his hands above his head. I released my grip but moved my hands to his wrists so fast he didn’t know what happened. I gripped them hard and smiled. “It would be nice to kiss you without having to bend my neck,” I said.

I stepped closer to him and lifted. I pulled him off his feet and up the wall until his lips were level with mine. I kissed him and pressed my body into him. I did this, in part, to take some of the weight off my arms. I might be crazy strong, but that was an awkward lift — it also couldn’t have been too comfy for Jason. I also did this because I wanted his body pressed to mine. I could feel his hardness pressing into me. He was definitely huge. I kissed him. I felt his cock twitch against me. I broke the kiss and he started to talk.

I didn’t want to talk.

I wanted to fuck.


I put one arm around his waist and the other behind his neck. I then spun us around and onto the bed. I landed on top of him and locked him in a kiss. I pressed my body into him. He was so incredibly muscled and in peak shape. It was a good thing because he was about to get a heck of a workout.

I straddled him and sat up. He was still pretty stunned by may having pinned his arms to the wall and lifted him off his feet. That I’d flung him onto the bed without noticeable effort and did so fast he could barely react were oddities his brain hadn’t processed yet. I shifted. From the hardness underneath me, I surmised that Jason’s brain’s inability to process could reasonably be attributed to a lack of blood supply.

I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra, then I dropped my arms to let my black satin bra fall away. Jason’s eyes went even wider, and I felt his dick twitch underneath me. I grinded on it a little in response and his eye rolled back in response. I bent back down and pressed my breasts against him and gave him a kiss. Then I slid down his body.

I took the waist band of his boxers in my hand and ripped them off of him. His dick sprang up almost comically. He really was huge. I wouldn’t speculate, but he looked as large as that giant dildo I had, uh, “left” with that thug in the alley last weekend. He was hard as a rock too. This time it was my eyes that went wide.

I put my hand around the base of it and gave it a squeeze. That brought another twitch. I slid myself down a little more and took it into my mouth. I started by working the tip with my mouth while using my hand to make up the difference. I stroked my hand in time with my bobbing head. Jason moaned with pleasure. I steadily brought more and more of him into my mouth. Once I got used to the size — as much the girth as the length — it got easier.

I sped up my bobbing and swirled my tongue each time I got to the tip. This was having an effect on Jason and things were building rapidly. “Oh god, Midge,” he said breathily, “I’m going to cum if you don’t… if you don’t stop.” Naturally, I sped up more. I could feel Jason tensing. “Midge stop,” he begged, “I don’t want to… to… in your… mouth.”

He didn’t want to cum in my mouth, but I had decided that I wanted him to. I kept on going. He put his hands on my head to try to pry me off, but he couldn’t. I was way too strong. I took hold of his hands and pinned them to the bed. He struggled helplessly to free them from my grip. Then it was just my mouth and his manhood. I kept up my rhythm. He was tensing more trying to hold out. Such the gentleman, I thought — as much the gentleman as I was the harlot, I thought. Jason arched his back, and I knew he was at his limit.

“M… Mid…,” he muttered then exploded into my mouth. I’d never let a boy cum in my mouth before and realized I didn’t quite have a plan for this. I did the only thing I could think of and swallowed. He kept on shooting more and more into my maw. I wondered if it would ever stop. Jason was moaning louder and louder. I kept swallowing and sucking. I felt like such a slut; it was the most amazing turn on. So much so that I didn’t want it to stop.

Jason’s pumping stopped, but mine went right on going. “Mid… Midge… oh god… oh god…” Jason muttered. He struggled more but it was fruitless. I had his arms locked down. His huge muscles strained incredibly. I could hardly believe it myself that I held him so easily. His cries grew more desperate as his dick became delicately sensitive. “Please, Midge,” he begged, Kadıköy Escort “I can’t… I can’t take it.”

I felt his cock spasm again and he started to spew more into my mouth. I sucked it down and took it all in. I pulled my mouth off the end and let his hands go. I took the base with one hand and stroked the base then teased the tip. Jason moaned as I did — his head flopping on the bed. His struggle had left more than his balls spent, I thought.

I just wanted more — a lot more


Jason wasn’t going to get much of a break. Just long enough for me to stand up and remove my sheer black thong. I thought about taking off the garter belt and stockings, but I loved how they looked and how sexy they made me feel. I picked up the whiskey bottle. I looked at my empty glass and decide to just take a long pull from the bottle. I gestured with the bottle toward Jason; he just waved. I took another long pull and put the bottle back.

I climbed back on top of Jason. He was still breathing hard. I kissed him — a deep lingering kiss. My tongue danced around his mouth. He responded with his tongue moving along mine. I broke the kiss, “You’re a good kisser,” I told him, “I wonder what else you can do with that tongue”

I straddled his head and lowered my hairless pussy onto his mouth. He obliged immediately. He was good with his tongue. I worked my calves behind his shoulders and pulled his face into me. I started to grind my hips. It felt so amazing. I was in full bliss. Probably too much bliss. I was cumming in a couple of minutes. I ground on Jason’s face even harder as his tongue work its magic on my clit.

I was worried about crushing him, so I flipped us over. I was now propped up on the pillows with Jason’s head between my legs which draped over his shoulders. The flip surprised him, and he stopped. While it was fair that he was surprised — an all-state wrestler doesn’t expect to get flipped like a pancake by his girlfriend, but here we are. “Don’t stop,” I commanded. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed him into me.

Jason’s tongue went back to work. It was amazing. I just wanted more and more. I was cumming but didn’t want it to stop. I pressed him harder into my cleft and bucked my hips. I could feel him trying to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. My legs straightened and clenched as the waves of orgasm started to hit me. The result was Jason’s head being trapped in the blissfully unconscious vise. His hands went to my thighs in a futile effort to free himself. My legs had been strong before the change. After it, he would have needed need a car jack to push them apart. I started really cumming. I was no longer “grinding” my hips, I was thrusting them. Near the end, Jason was coming off the bed and being slammed back down with each thrust. When I finally finished, he was dizzy. I grabbed him under the arms and pulled him up to my lips and tasted myself as I kissed him.

As I lifted him, I could feel he again had a raging boner. As violent as my orgasm had been, I still wanted more. Jason was on top of me; his wood pressed against my abdomen. I shifted to see if he’d respond. His dick twitched and he look me in the eye. I held his gaze. He was wearing out fast, but I had to have him. I reached down between us and took his rigid dick in my hand. I kissed him again, then worked my way to his neck then to his ear. I gave his cock a squeeze, and whispered into his ear, “I need this inside me — now.”

Jason started to lift himself off of me. I realized it was to get a condom. I held him fast. “You don’t need that,” I said, “I’m on birth control.” In point of fact, I had an IUD, but didn’t think it was worth the explanation.

“Are you sure?” Jason asked. He was a good guy, I thought. His raging manhood was inches from my hairless, tight, wet pussy. Yet he was still the considerate little boy who had just had his first kiss and asked me politely if he could feel my budding breasts. The memory gave increased urgency to my desire for him.

I pulled him into hard. I think maybe a little too hard as he grunted a little as I squeezed some air out of him as I pressed him into my body. His solid member was pressed hard to my abdomen. The muscles of that same abdomen had the bones of a fist shattered against them less than a week before — Jason’s dick fared no better. He winced a bit at the crush, then looked into my eyes. “In me,” I said, “Now.”

I loosened my hold and he reared back on his haunches. He pulled me to him putting my shoulders flat to the bed and bring my hips up to his pelvis. I wrapped my legs around him for support. He put one hand on my pubis and thumbed my clit, I shuddered and felt slight gush in my vagina. I was a little embarrassed, but Jason either didn’t notice or was more turned on by it.

He took his cock in his hand and pushed it into me.

My god, I thought. Even just the tip felt huge as he pressed it into me. He didn’t press too deeply. I think he knew he was way on the Ataşehir Escort larger size, and I was pretty sure this wasn’t his first time. He’d learned to go slowly. Some poor girl, I thought, paid a blood price for that lesson. I also knew I had to be careful myself. My pussy had painfully squeezed poor Milton’s much smaller dick and crushed the life out of that asshole Jim’s. Susan had mentioned focusing some control, so I tried that. It seemed to work as I took more of Jason in.

He was reluctant, but I wasn’t scared. I used my leg grip on his torso to pull myself on to him and to bring his manhood deeper inside of me. I could feel every inch — ever centimeter — as I allowed my soaking pussy to stretch around it. “Oh my god,” Jason moaned, “You’re so…” He grunted as he started to thrust, “So tight.”

His thrusting picked up and he worked his thumb over my clit. I owed a thanks to the girl who taught him that trick too and hoped, for sake of fairness, it was the same one who taught him to go slowly when pushing that battering ram into her. It felt amazing. The wave of pleasure built with each of his thrusts. I let myself go a little and my pussy started to pulse on his throbbing cock. I started to buck my hips in time with Jason’s thrusts adding my own force to his thrusting.

I tightened my legs around him. He gave a look of pain and tensed his rock-hard abs against the pressure. Solid as he was, it wasn’t much use as I could feel his middle yielding to the pressure of my thighs. I was losing myself in the bliss of a building orgasm.

“You’re… crushing… me…” Jason grunted as his thrusting slowed. I pulled him tighter with my legs and did the thrusting myself. “Midge…” Jason said weakly, “I… can’t… can’t breathe.”

It broke through my haze. I pulled myself up and was now straddling him as he knelt. With my knees on the bed, I started riding him. The pressure of my thighs relieved, he started to thrust again. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed his face to my left breast. He took the nipple into his mouth and sucked on it — flicking it with his tongue.

That made me lose control.

I felt myself tighten around his shaft and my up and down hammering picked up. He moaned, “I’m gonna… gonna…”

My orgasm preceded his by a second. I was screaming, “OH GOD! OH GOD! I’M… I’M… CUH…CUMMING!” I bucked and thrusted and clenched my arms around Jason — pressing him into my tits as I rode the waves. If I’d been a little less overcome, I would have noticed how he struggled to free himself or get any air he could. I was so much stronger, that it was hard to notice the difference between orgasmic twitching and desperation for life. I let him go as I leaned back to change the angle of my thrusting.

“Midge… Midge…” He was begging as I continued to thrust against him at a 45-degree angle. “I’m cumming but,” He strained, “It’s too… too… too tight.” He was struggling to make words. I was still in the throes of orgasm, but, somehow, I understood. I held my breath and tried to loosen my involuntarily contracting pussy.

I did just a bit. Jason let out a primal scream and I felt his dick pulse inside me. I could feel stream after stream of his essence shoot into me. I slowed my rocking a bit to take it in. He pulsed and pulse. It felt like he kept cumming forever. I pulled myself up on top of him.

As good as it had been, I still wanted — needed — more. I knew he was in no shape for it but couldn’t make myself care. I pulsed my vaginal muscles and his whole body shook. He was still pretty hard but waning. I knew I had to act.

I twisted and flung him flat on the bed with is cock still inside me. He tried to sit up, but I pushed him back down. He brought his hands up, but I took them by each wrist and pressed them to the bed. I moved to squatting position to give myself as much range of motion as possible and start thrusting up and down on him.

“Oh god, Midge, please,” he begged, “It’s so sensitive right now.”

I ignored him, this time, willfully. I felt bad about that, but I needed this so much, it overwhelmed any sense of right and wrong. Besides, I could feel him getting harder inside me even as he struggled weakly to free himself. I was turned on just by that. Watching his huge muscles strain and flex futilely against my hold. Watching his greatest effort bear no fruit at all against my overwhelming power. And watching him realize, eventually, that he was absolutely helpless against me. It was all so erotically pleasing to me.

The moment again began to overwhelm me as I thrusted harder and faster on his cock. Each down thrust came with a grunt from Jason as he tried to steel himself for each blow. I thought I might break him in half. I could feel every bit of him as it slid in and out of me.

I started to cum again. I clenched my pussy and Jason screamed in sudden agony. It was enough to get my attention and I willed my supreme vagina to relent in her assault on his fragile penis — even the thought of that turned me on. I could feel him begin to spasm again. I was amazed he had anything left to shoot, but I did feel a couple of meek spurts. I let go of his hands and bought my body down to his and pressed into him through the last few of my thrusts. I went to kiss him.

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