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This was written by a special friend of mine, I liked it so much I told her I would publish it here. She was overjoyed. I think some of you will be, too. She wants to know if you want to hear more.

Dr S Crow


Being a midgette means I get some of the best sex a woman can ever desire because, being so tiny, this always means I get the biggest, thickest cocks any wet, wanton, horny woman could crave for.

Think about it.

The average man’s six incher for me is like a ten incher for a normal sized, cock-craving woman. But the thing is, I really love big, big cocks, I am a cock-craving midgette and I can put a ten incher away in my pussy, down my throat or in my ass.

Don’t ask me how – I’m a freak of nature, baby.

I’m 28 and 38 inches small. I have pointy, little tits, a cute, pert butt and I am perfectly proportioned. I’m also a sex fiend.

I really revel in having sex with tall guys because I can give them a blowjob whilst we are both standing up. As I reach up, my little hands around their big cocks makes them seem even bigger. I can see their balls swaying and smell their warm sex aroma. I’m just standing there, licking at them. They love me. As I said, I’ve learnt to take a cock right down my throat without gagging – in fact I love doing that. I swear I must have a clitoris down there, like in that movie, Deep Throat.

When I was a teenager it wasn’t fun being so small until I started growing curves and lumps in all the right places. My face is very pretty, I’ve been told, and I have a little girl voice so when I dress up as a schoolgirl, gümüşhane escort complete with ponytails, it somehow excites older men like nothing on earth. You older guys have some very nasty fantasies about little, young schoolgirls, I have learnt, but you can act them out quite safely with me.

It is difficult getting dates in places like pubs but the Internet is a wonderful place for me to be myself and find men who secretly want to fuck a midgette. Not many men would admit to this and they would never want to be seen in public dating one but if they had the opportunity of fucking a horny, pretty, tiny little woman they would jump at it. In fact they do. I have a web cam and enjoy performing for guys, using… yes, I know, it’s a classic… cucumbers and huge black dildoes. The bigger the better. If they are interested I suggest meeting up next weekend at The Petit Grand Club for some fun. I usually try to arrange a number of rendezvous at the same time because you never know if one is going to chicken out – and the more the merrier, if they all do turn up. Oh, gangbangs… I’ll tell you later. Mmmmmm!

The Petite Grand Club (PGC) is where little people meet up with big people for sex. It used to be, in fact, a Victorian hotel and everyone meets in the plush foyer where there are bars, soft music and mellow lighting, big armchairs and sofas and an atmosphere of decadence. Nothing overtly sexual actually goes on there, in the foyer, but the air is ripe for fucking. The Petites, as we are called, have our own bar – our height – which is staffed by Petites. Of course, gumushaneescortiste.com there are not just midget women. There are some very good-looking, very well-hung midget men. Can you imagine the effect of a handsome three and a half foot naked man sporting a throbbing 8″ erection? It looks enormous. It IS enormous. I never say no to one of those but usually these Petits are only after tall women or big fat women with rolls of flesh that they can drown in. There is one regular small guy who is affectionately known as Dickhead by the big ladies and I’ll let you work out how he obtained that sobriquet.

During the summer I like to meet up with a guy or two outside. I know of a couple of open air places where we can fuck with little risk of being discovered. The chance that we may be heard and seen only adds to the excitement. You are starting to realise that I am a bit of an exhibitionist.

So, one hot August day I meet up with a guy I had been flirting with online for a couple of weeks. He had a web cam, too and we used to get into masturbating for each other and watching each other masturbate. I knew his cock intimately and I couldn’t wait to get my little hands, mouth and pussy on and around it. He also had big, heavy balls and my pussy was drooling for him.

About my pussy

I used to shave it but haven’t done so in quite a while as my thick, black hairy bush excites most guys as much as thick, white George Bush does Republicans! But I think even most male Republicans would prefer my bush.

My pussy is wild and overgrown and my white schoolgirl panties can’t hide all my pubic hair. But once you part my soft pubes you discover the most luscious cunt lips, the invitation to the tightest, smoothest sex passage a man will ever know. I am a self rejuvenating virgin. The number of times I have men exclaim that it feels like fucking a horny unfucked 16 year old.. And how would they know, I wonder. They must have good memories or…

Anyway, I was waiting for Pete to show up on the hill where we had arranged to meet. The top of a hill sounds like a strange place for a sexual encounter but this one was very difficult to get to due to the river and although it overlooked the town no one ever went there. When he arrived I was a sweet young schoolgirl doing gymnastics. He later called them ‘gymnasties’. I was doing the splits and cartwheels and generally showing off my panties as athletic, innocent young girls do. He sat and watched me and applauded as I performed. When I stopped and curtsied to him he asked,

“How old are you little girl?”

I replied, “Just turned fourteen, mister.” (I was 24 but sure looked like a tiny 14 year old)

“I’ve got something for you to suck on.”

“Oh, I love lollipops!” as I clapped my hands together.

“Well, this one is cock flavoured. Do you like cock flavoured lollipops, little girl?” His hands were deftly opening his fly and releasing his erection for me.

He was 6′ 5″ and standing, towering. I, only coming up to his hips, walked over to him, looking up into his eyes, mouth wide open and the head of his huge dick slipped straight into it, onto my tongue which pushed back his foreskin enabling me to massage the sensitive underside of his swelling cockhead…

Well, I suppose you are starting to see the sort of girl I am.

Thank you Dr S for letting me share here.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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