Midnight Ball

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All characters are assumed to be 18 and older.


Entering through the grand main hall, Akim stared in awe at the sheer splendor that surrounded him. There were giant arches carved into the marble walls and delicate gold gilt on the reclining chairs. There were plants and flowers climbing the walls that created the impression that the palace was being overtaken by the forest that surrounded it.

Those that were dressed were draped in the finest cloth and jewels. But most of the woman and men in varied degrees of undress milled about without a care for their indecency. In fact, this famed Midnight Ball held in honor of the god Dionysus encouraged such debauchery.

Akim himself was dressed simply. Loose pants in the style of his country and a black vest that covered very little of his bare chest. Sea grey eyes peered out from behind his black mask that obscured the upper half of his face, and thick dark brown hair fell onto his brow. His strong jaw and full lips as well as his lithe physique were attracting the attention of more than one person in attendance though he had yet to take up a single offer.

Until a man across the ballroom floor caught his gaze.

Where Akim was the embodiment of foreign temptation, this man was the perfect Greek beauty. Golden blonde hair, forest green eyes, and skin as pale and perfect as fresh cream. He wore only a gold mask and a matching skirt. Plates of beaten gold hugged his slim hips, and his pouty lips had a faint blush tint. Akim watched as those full pink lips pulled into a smirk. Inclining his head as if in invitation, he turned and disappeared behind a gilded door.

Akim waited a moment before making his way across the floor, ignoring the many eyes that appraised his strong body and caramel skin. When he finally made it to the garden he heaved a sigh of relief. Then he looked around for the beautiful boy that had tempted him here.

Looking past the rose bushes and small fountains that dotted the stone courtyard of the garden, Akim was close to giving up when a dainty hand touched his shoulder. His eyes followed the pale forearm to the narrow chest of the boy. It was adorned with pale pink nipples that, when he finally raised his eyes to look upon the face of the one before him, perfectly matched the lips that were smiling at him.

Akim had so many things to ask the small boy in front of him, who looked so much smaller now that they were close enough to touch. But first an introduction was in order, or so Akim thought.

“My name is-”

One pale finger rested against his lips, halting his words. Akim felt a slow burn of arousal building low in his belly as he thought of how those small hands would feel on other parts of his body.

The blonde boy shook his head and pressed his finger more firmly against Akim’s mouth. After a moment he raised a perfectly arched brow, as if to ask if Akim understood his silent command. Akim nodded his head, hoping his breach of an unknown etiquette would not ruin his chances with the boy.

Smiling now the boy stepped forward, effectively pressing his delicate frame against Akim. Slowly as not to frighten the beautiful creature in his arms, Akim let his hands wander over the pale exposed skin. The dainty waist that allowed a lover to pull bursa escort the boy close, slim hips to hold while impaling him, and sensitive nipples that elicited delicious mewls and whimpers from his succulent lips. Lowering his head Akin hovered inches away from the boys lips, silently asking permission. The boy buried his hands in Akim’s thick hair and attacked his lips hungrily.

Such a bold act of passion from such a innocent looking boy inflamed Akim’s lust, transforming a smoldering heat into a roaring inferno.

Akim devoured the boys offering, ravishing and reveling in the honeyed taste of his mouth. Delicate fingers danced across Akim’s skin. First gripping his shoulders when Akim turned his head to nip and suck at the vulnerable, pale expanse of the boys neck; then trailing down his firm chest when both their passions had come to a place kisses could no longer sate.

With little warning the boy slipped an agile hand into Akim’s trousers and gripped his hardened length. Only a quiet gasp escaped Akim’s lips before the boy sank slowly to his knees, pulling down Akim’s loose pants as he went. When the first flick of the boy’s soft, wet tongue met his flesh, Akim’s breath caught. When the slick warmth of his mouth engulfed the head of his arousal, his breath fled him altogether. But it was when Akim felt himself breach the tight ring in the boys throat that he lost all control.

All civility in him was now gone, leaving only a lustful animal in its wake.

Roughly taking hold of the boy’s feather soft locks, Akim took the boy’s mouth for his pleasure. Growls tore free from his throat as he thrust his hips violently in the chase for the most divine release.

He was so enthralled in his savage taking of the boys submissive offering that he didn’t notice a second man entering the garden. Pitch black shaggy hair lay strikingly against sun kissed skin. Ice blue eyes watched the fierce coupling with brazen appreciation. The man was tall, with strong wide shoulders and a well muscled stomach. He too was reminiscent of Greece, though in his case he gave off a more maturely handsome impression. A blood red mask covered the upper half of his face, the only coverage of his impressive body.

This meant his arousal was clearly visible.

As the man approached on silent feet, Akim roared in triumph. The boy greedily accepted the deluge of lustful seed that was forced down his throat. Akim staggered back, thankful to feel the solid cool stone of a bench behind his knees before he collapsed. The boy, who was still hungry for more of the handsome foreigner’s attention, crawled to Akim and took his softening member between his pouty lips once more. It was at this moment, when the boys pale, inviting bottom was lifted in offering and Akim’s caramel chest was heaving in the effort to resist the attempts of the boy between his legs that the man stepped into the moonlight.

Akim was first to take notice. His length hardening in the boys mouth from the lure of the forbidden thrill the stranger represented. The boy, too happy with the possibilities that the firm flesh in his mouth presented, only realized the man’s arrival when he felt a pair of large hands spread his pale cheeks.

All three men remained silent, either too nervous or too görükle escort absorbed in their passion to break the spell that seemed to bind them together.

The man inspected the tiny entrance of the boy’s passage, a lustful haze overtaking his vision as he imagined watching the tight ring of muscle stretch around him as he buried himself in the boy’s depths.

Placing his weeping arousal at the boy’s entrance only heightened the man’s desire. He was as long as the small boy’s forearm and as thick around as the boy’s fist. Making this feminine boy take his forceful sex would be a sight to behold.

Akim watched as the man pushed into the boy at a slow and steady pace. The boy was so distracted by his invasion he allowed Akim’s now throbbing sex to fall free of his mouth’s embrace. His golden head hung low, a high pitched whine escaping him as his channel was stretched as it never had been before. The man watched with a hooded gaze as his member disappeared into the small boy, using his large hands to prevent the boy from wiggling away.

Akim knew from stories told by boys of the harems that men of the stranger’s size were not easily sated. They usually went through multiple boys before filling their last lover to the brim. He knew when the man lifted his lustful gaze and grey met with blue that he would be the lover to accept his mark.

All the while, the boy’s squeals rung out through the garden.

The boy was convinced he was going to die if he had to take another inch, but take he did. Until the man was buried to the hilt of the boy’s passage and was pressed tightly against a spot that made the boy’s anguished squeals turn into breathy moans of pleasure.

The man could barely believe his eyes. This slight framed boy had taken his entire length. He reached around and could feel the outline of his member through the boy’s stomach. The man grasped the boy’s throat and hauled him up until his pale back was flush against the man’s firm torso. He latched on to the boy’s throat while he thrust up into the tight embrace of the boy’s hole.

Looking over to the foreign young man on the bench, the man left his hand drift meaningfully over the bulge in the smaller boy’s stomach. A filthy thought passed the man’s mind. If the boy could endure it his stomach would be full of both his seed and the foreigner’s.

Akim looked on with half disbelief and half shameful desire. He own hand grasped his arousal, only to be quickly snatched away when met with a disapproving look from the man. Left with only the arousing sight before him, Akim squirmed with the need for relief. It was too much for him, the erotic sight of the outline of the man’s well endowed manhood shown through the mewling boy’s stomach. Rough fingers twisted the pink nipples of the boy. The boy’s very hard sex left untouched, turning him effectively into nothing more than a receptacle for the man’s hard member.

Akim wondered what it would feel like to be so full.

The boy didn’t last. He spilt his seed with a low moan, almost a whimper. The constant abuse of the spot deep inside him was too much to bear for long after such a intense release, and before long he was shaking his head and scrambling away from the punishing thrusts of the man. He was released quickly bursa escort bayan as the man motioned for Akim to take the boy’s place. The boy was left on his back, panting. Ribbons of his seed marked his narrow chest.

Akim kneeled in front of the man and leaned down to lick the offering from the boy’s chest. Partly because he was consumed by an insatiable need to give the fey like boy in front of him as much pleasure as possible, partly because he wanted to distract himself from what was to come.

The man meanwhile was comparing the two. Where the first boy was pale and slight, looking easily breakable, the foreigner’s bottom was a light caramel colour and filled the man’s hands nicely. This one would last long enough to take his seed. He was sure of it.

His manhood was slick with the desire that had spilled forth as he impaled the boy, though it still took time to force himself into the foreigner’s hole. A wave of possessiveness rushed over him when he realized that he was the first to take the foreigner in such an intimate way. Ignoring the pained whimpers that came from the foreigner’s throat, he held the wide caramel hips tightly as he pushed himself deeper into the burning heat of his channel.

Akim felt every vein and ridge that was slowly but surely being buried within him. His teeth clamped down on the dusky nipples of the boy beneath him as he tried to cope with the pain. Suddenly, Akim felt the man reach a second barrier deep within him. There was barely a pause before the man snapped his hips forward and forced his way past Akim’s last defense of tensed muscle.

The foreigner’s heat was sucking him in, that was the only way the man could think to describe the sensation of being buried completely within the exotic boys arse. Slowly advancing and retreating in an effort to reduce the amount of pain the foreigner felt the man tried to fight of the desire to ravage him as violently as possible to see if he would squeal as the boy did.

A feeling of fullness and arousing submission washed over Akim. He never knew that submitting in such a way would make him feel so very close to exploding. The man’s hardened length sawed relentlessly over a spot inside him he’d never even known existed, making embarrassingly feminine moans and breathy mewls tumble out of him. Soon Akim felt everything in him tighten as it had when he had poured himself down the slim boys throat. Surely he wouldn’t find release from such an submissive act, would he?

The man also felt himself nearing release as the boys tight hole began to milk him, squeezing and shuddering over his manhood as if begging to be filled with seed.

Akim felt himself squeal as the man started to increase his pace until he was pounding away at Akim’s hole with a vengeance. The constant abuse of the mysterious spot made Akim spill his seed for the second time all over the pale body of the sated boy beneath him. He felt the man’s sex twitch before he was filled with hot seed deep in his belly.

Would it ever stop?

The man poured seed into the foreigner’s belly until he reach around him and found his stomach expanding from the sheer quantity of it. When the deluge finally ended, the man withdrew from the foreigner’s now stretched and well filled hole. Leaning back on his haunches to stare at the two boys – one with pale skin covered with his own and another’s seed and a gaping channel, the other collapsed on top of him with a an hole that was slowly leaking the copious amount of his seed.

The man decided he’d chosen the right God to worship.

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