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I was a typical boy at college. I liked to be cool. There were nice girls in our class. But I liked a girl who was cute and mature. Her name was Miley. I had a crush on her since I first saw her. She was a good girl and definitely a virgin. We didn’t talk that much. But I wanted to love her. I lived just across the road from her house.

Our college term started and I became very busy with my studies. Miley was a genius girl. I needed help but no one helped me. Fortunately I was a lab partner with Miley. She helped me with my studies. I was very glad of it. Miley had two other friends- Danny & Amanda. They were cool too. I was good at music. Fortunately Miley liked music, too. I shared a couple of songs with Miley. She liked my songs and helped with it. I was going steady with her. But there was the cool boy of our college, Mike. He was darn handsome and tall. All of the girls in my class loved him. I was very jealous of him.

12th January was a holiday. I chatted with Miley on the Internet.

Freak (Me)> Wassup?????

Miley_Angel> Nothin 🙁

Freak> U sad???

Miley_Angel> no its just I’m bored.

Freak> let me cheer u up then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley Angel> ok lol

I started sending jokes to Miley. After that we returned to the conversation.

Freak> Miley, do u hav a webcam???

Miley_Angel> yeah u hav one too???

Freak> I hav one… can u start it????

Miley_Angel> yeah but u hav to start ur’s.

Freak> OK!!!!!!!!!!!

We started our webcams.

Freak> Miley?

Miley_Angel> what??????????????????????

Freak> huh???

Miley_Angel> what’s wrong??

Freak> its just………………………its just…………………….u still bored?

Miley_Angel> not much………….

Freak> check this……….

I sent her love quotes. She looked confused but with each quote she blushed and smiled.

Miley_Angel> thanks

Freak> its my pleasure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey miley can u send me some pics of u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????

Miley_Angel> oh …………well…………ok…I’ll send u some pics later. Ok?


Miley_Angel> bye!!!!

In the evening she sent me pictures and she looked beautiful in all of them. I looked the pictures and felt something inside me. I thought about how she felt about me. Did she like me? Don’t know………. Now I really liked Miley deeply. But was it the same with Miley? Did she know I had a crush on her?????? I wanted Miley to go with me on a date.
What can I do????????

In the next few weeks I got really busy with my studies. But Miley was on my side. I was much friendly with Miley now. We walked home with Danny and Amanda ever day of school. But I felt that she is really starting to like me.

January the 25th was Mike’s birthday. Like every year he threw his own party. Everyone was invited. Well the party came & I got started. I, Danny and Amanda gathered outside Miley’s house to pick her up. We went to the party together. Amanda and Danny were walking in front of us. Miley and I were behind them. I was going put my hand in my pocket but I accidentally touched Miley’s hand. I was going red of embarrassment. But when Miley touched my hand I felt much less embarrassed. And I took the risk. I slowly touched her hand, again. She responded by touching my hand. Then I gently grabbed her hand. She grabbed my hand too. It felt so good. I wanted it to last forever. But this didn’t last forever because we reached the party. Mike took Miley’s hand but he didn’t see me. Mike took her up to the stage. I entered and saw him. After talking for sometime Mike announced that this is the greatest party of the college and told everyone will enjoy this party. So the party was quite cool. But I didn’t like Miley talking to Mike or dancing with him. After the party was finished Mike kissed Miley’s hand and then the 4 of us left the building. I asked Miley if she has enjoyed the party. She said that the party wasn’t so Anadolu Yakası Escort bad. Reaching Miley’s house I said goodnight to her and returned to my house.

Next day at college I was chilling with my friends. When I was with Miley, Mike was bursting with anger. But I didn’t say anything. I continued to accompany Miley in college the next few weeks. Mike wasn’t happy with this but I didn’t care.

Mike and his friends wanted to celebrate a party because the local Basketball team won a match against a strong team (Mike’s brother was in the local team). The party was on the 10th February. Miley, Amanda, Danny and I started for the party. The party was held in the Auditorium of our college. When we reached the building Mike saw Miley and took her hand. I was going to enter but Mike stopped me.

“Stop here. Do you have an invitation?” he asked.

I really didn’t have an invitation. Everyone in our class got their invitation.

“I left it in my house, sorry.” I lied.

“Then you can’t get in.,” he said.

I wanted to get in but he didn’t let me. Miley couldn’t say anything. And then his friends of the team pulled me out of the building. I wanted to get in but his friends didn’t let me. When it was impossible for me to get in I started to walk to home. I thought I was a jerk but he didn’t give anyone invitation cards in his birthday party. I really didn’t know that he gave everyone invitation cards. When I was walking by the park, I felt someone’s hand on top of my shoulder suddenly. It was a girl’s hand. I looked back and a very pretty girl but I realized that it was MILEY!!!!

“Miley? What the hell are you doing here???” I asked.

“Mike is a total jerk!!” cried Miley, tears coming down her cheeks.

“But you like him don’t you?”.


“Listen Miley come down,” I said and removed the tears from her cheeks.

“Miley, Mike is not a jerk, he is a good guy and you can’t find a guy like him in your life anymore, He is a…”


“LISTEN!!! STOP CRYING!!!” I yelled and finally she stopped.

“If he is a jerk then why are you here?”

“He is a jerk because he was jealous of you. And if you hadn’t accompanied me at college I would be only girl without a boyfriend. He doesn’t understand that. He only thinks about himself!” Her eyes were twinkling with tears.

“I know that but that wasn’t the answer.”

“I came to you because I broke up with him,”

“What? Are you nuts? Look stop crying please!” I said, shocked.

“I am a jerk now! I wasted my time with that shit!!!” she was on fire with anger.


Miley stopped and looked at me. I looked at her eyes and removed the tears from her face. She wanted to say something but I stopped her.

“Miley look we can talk about this tomorrow, ok? I should get you home. It’s getting late” I said gently.

But when I was going to take her hand she did something she had never done. She hugged me intimately. I was going red but Miley backed off.

All the way to Miley’s house we held our hands together. When we reached her home, she said goodnight and kissed my cheek. I was going red because no girl had ever kissed me on the cheek. I said goodnight and she smiled. I returned to my house.

The next day I was free. My school was closed. I really wanted to talk with Miley. So I went to Miley’s house. I remembered to take my songbook because we hadn’t done music so lately. Miley welcomed me and I entered. I sat on the sofa and Miley sat beside me.

“So how are you feeling today?” I asked.

“Much better, thanks. About that thing happened last night…”

“Don’t worry, did you cry last night?”

“No I didn’t.”

“So what happened? Why did you come back? Why do you think he is a jerk? Oh please don’t cry!”

“No I am not going to cry now, I think I got over It.” she smiled. “I told Kartal Escort you why he is a jerk! I was talking with him right after you disappeared. I asked what was wrong with you. He just said you were a freak. He was jealous of you. So I broke up with him.”

“Think you’re ok?” I asked.

“Yeah why not?” she replied.



“Never mind.”



“Don’t be embarrassed. Just say it I’ll understand.”

“It’s just…it’s just… I wanted…”


“I wanted…I wanted you…I wanted you to be my VALENTINE!” I said and thought that I would surely be rejected.


I thought I was dreaming. “Miley you will?” I asked, confused.

“Yeah why not?” she said smiling and blushing.


I stood up and smiled back. Then saying bye I gave my songbook to her for checking it. I waved back returned to my house. I thought I was in heaven. I was Miley’s valentine!

The next weeks were tough for me. I did quite well in the exams. After that I was thinking about Valentines Day. I improved my music with Miley. Miley was looking quite anxious about Valentines Day. I wanted to feel special for Miley.

At last Valentines Day came. I felt nervous but I was ready because I had a plan. I reached Miley’s house and called her. I was glad that she told her father about being my valentine. She came out and her father said, “Take care of my little girl, OK?”

“Yes sir I will” I replied.

We walked with our hands together. I liked her deeply. I said to her that we should go to the gift shop first. So we reached there and walked in. “Miley stay here for a minute ok?” I asked. She nodded. I went to the corner to buy some red roses and a box of chocolates. I also bought a valentines day card and a little teddy. She didn’t see me buying these. I walked outside with Miley and asked her to close her eyes. She closed her eyes and I said, “Happy Valentines Day!” she opened her eyes and looked at her presents. She looked quite happy. She smiled and said, “THANK YOU!” She liked her gifts. Then we went to the Pizza Hut. I ordered the special pizza. Miley was smiling at me and I smiled back.

“Where do you want to go from here Miley?”

“Lets see… Its 5:00 pm… You can take me to the park.”


After eating the pizza we went to the park. We walked with our hands together. It was a beautiful day. And we went behind a tree to see the sunset.

“Do you like the sunset Miley?”

“Yeah its nice.”

“Miley, Its been really great with you,”.




“Miley…Miley… I really…I don’t know how to say this but… I really… I REALLY LOVE YOU!” I said with a fear of rejection.

“OH! Um….” said Miley with a confusing voice. “I…I…. I LOVE YOU TOO!”

Then Miley hugged me intimately. She backed her head but she kept holding me. I was holding her in my hands. I was so close that there was only 2 inches from my nose to hers. We looked at each other’s eyes. Miley closed towards me and I did the same. I closed my eyes and closed towards her more. We were so close that I felt her breathing. Then we kissed. My lips touched hers gently. I gently kissed her. I think she liked my way of kissing. After sometime I felt her tongue in my lower lip. I opened my mouth and welcomed her tongue. Her tongue explored my mouth and touched my tongue. Then I entered my tongue into her warm mouth. I felt a climax run through my body. I wanted to break off but she didn’t let me. Finally we broke off. I opened my eyes and saw Miley smiling. I wasn’t red. The sun had set and we were walking out of the park. We held each other’s hands and Miley put her head on my shoulder. We went to a nearby diner to get dinner. She enjoyed her dinner very much. Then we walked out and started to return to our houses. We reached her house and she kissed me again. Fortunately her father wasn’t there. I said goodnight Maltepe Escort and I returned to my house. My relation with Miley was great. I thought to myself that no one could make Miley so happy like the way I did.


In the next few weeks my relationship with Miley was getting better and better. One day Miley’s father went out of the town for his office work or something like that. Miley said that she would sleep at Amanda’s house. I took a chance and got a date with Miley.
First I took her to the park. We enjoyed ourselves. After that I said that I would take her to my house to watch some new movies. She agreed and we went to my house. I started a new movie in the DVD player. I sat with Miley at the sofa. We ate popcorn and some cold drinks. In the middle of the movie I put my hand over her shoulder and she put her head on my shoulder.

“Miley, your hair is beautiful.”


“And you are beautiful, too!”


She looked at my eyes and I looked at hers. We didn’t only kiss, we made out on the sofa. “Your beautiful” I said again. I kissed her again. She was wearing a top and jeans. There was a sexual feeling in my mind. So I took a chance and pulled down the zipper of her top and pulled it of revealing a black bra. She had small but nice tits. She closed her eyes and I kissed her. Then I stripped of my clothes but I kept wearing my underpants. I pulled out her jeans and saw a black panty. My dick was 7 inches long and straight. I kissed Miley on the lips and gently laid kisses in neck and shoulder. I kissed the soft skin of the tits. I then laid kisses on her belly and navel. I kissed her on her abdomen to the material of the panty. I kissed her thighs and legs. I knew her pussy was wet. I gently kissed her lips and she opened her eyes. I pulled the strap of her bra free and pulled her bra out revealing her cute tities. Her nipples were hard because of the excitement. I kissed the soft skin of her right tit. Then I laid kisses lower and lower and found her areola. I laid kisses round her areola and kissed her nipple. I felt a shiver run through her body. I returned to the left nipple and did the same. I gently sucked her nipples. I cupped her boobs and squeezed them gently.
Then Miley sat up and pulled my underpants off. My cock was fully erected. I closed my eyes. Miley gently touched the base and my balls. She was playing with my cock. She slowly touched the sides of my tool and the corners of the mushroom top. Her feather touch ran a shiver through my body. I opened my eyes and saw her touching the tip and watching the pre-cum. She gently encompassed my tool and kissed the top and the sides. She was puling the skin up and down my cock. I felt a climax run through my body. Then she put my cock in her warm and moist mouth. Miley was blowing me. She started sucking it and I felt my cock become hot. At last I cummed. She sucked till the last drop of my semen. I got up and kissed Miley on the lips. I sucked nipples and cupped her boobs. Then I pulled her panty out and saw her pussy. She had trimmed the pubic hair. Then I kissed her pussy and pussy lips. I could smell her sex juices. I slowly kissed the inside and I found her love hole. I sucked and licked and nibbled her love hole. She cummed and I sucked her juice. She was burying my head in pussy. At last I backed off. She was lying on the sofa. I knew she was collapsed and I took her in my arms. My big bro lived with me in my house. Fortunately he was out with his girlfriend. I laid Miley on my bed and washed my cock in the bathroom. I got in my room and kissed Miley on her lips. Then I positioned my cock and put it in her warm hole. Her pussy was tight but I got my cock inside. Miley opened her eyes and saw me fucking her in missionary position. Her warm pussy gripped my cock tightly. “Oh fuck…. oh…fuck me…. AHHHH!!!” she said. “MILEY!!! Don’t WORRY AHHHH!!!!” I thrust my cock in her pussy hard and fast. “AHHHHH…I’M GONNA CUM!!!!!!!!!!” she said and she cummed. I felt her juice on my cock. “MILEY!!!! I’M CUMMING!!! AHHHHHHH!!!” I cummed. I felt my seeds in her pussy. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I collapsed by her side. She gently kissed me and hugged me. We drifted off in a sleep…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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