Miracles Website 2: The First Shoot

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The station wagon was roomy to say the least. The back seats were removed and nothing replaced them in the back of the car. The back floor was empty and very well kept. The two front seats were big and very unusually comfortable. The station wagon was clean and smelled of pine and bubble gum. The dashboard clock said it four o’clock on the dot.

Kitty was a better driver than the renegading, rebellious look indicated. The assholes on the road cut her off and played games with her, but the middle aged beauty never lost her composure and at the same time obeyed all the driving laws.

Outside, unseen to either of them, the black Sedan kept pace, keeping shelter behind to bigger cars and a brown van.

“Where are we going?” Joseph asked.

“A small town called Gorman in Indiana about thirty minutes from here,” Kitty replied with a smile. “I know you must have a million questions going through your head, and by the way your cock is amazing, anyway, you can ask me anything you want. I’ll answer it as best as I can.”

Joseph was pretty much back to normal now and the flow of questions which had haunted him in the library began to overtake his mind once again. He felt slight pain his head already, but that wasn’t unusual for him. Since becoming depressed so long ago, many headaches have greeted Joseph.

“How long have you been following me?”

“Three months. I’ve had help though. Mickey, the guy who quit on me and wrote the note was the one who started the job. I always thought you’d be perfect for this job, for my site, and I was so damn right. I guess that means I’m ready for this. It was a hunch, you were a hunch, but a good one. I’ve been following you for a week, taking notes, your dislikes and hobbies, you know, the whole nine yards. At night I’d go home to my favorite vibrating dildo and think about you.” Kitty was laughing after she confessed that part. “You are almost as big as it, you know.”

Joseph blushed.

“Why did you take me to the bathroom back at the library?”

Kitty smiled with guilty pleasure. “To satisfy my curiosity. I wanted to find out if you could handle the job and meet the tastes of my clients if you came to work for the website.”

Now the million dollar question, Joseph thought to himself. “Why did you choose me though? All the research you did, you must’ve known I was…well, depressed.”

“I knew but it didn’t matter. I’m forty-two years old. If something feels right I go for it. When I was nineteen I fell in love with a sixty-year old man. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I loved him and I wanted him. So I snuck in his house, pulled down his pants and sucked his cock until he came in my mouth. It was the cum I ever tasted. You know what he said afterwards.”

“I don’t want to know,” Joseph admitted.

“I’ll tell you anyway. He said, “Kitty, you are an amazing girl and you suck cock a million times better than your gramma.”

Joseph almost gagged after the words came out of her mouth. But someplace deep in his mind, a place where sexual curiosity and desires grew, he was turned on in great ways.

“Interesting,” he said and it never came up again in their time together. “How did you find out I existed? It’s a big world out there.”

“A girl named Lucy Zadwell. I know you know her. She went to your house one afternoon on a Sunday and went inside your house when she found you door open. She walked up to the second floor of your house and caught you masturbating, standing next to a picture of Cindy Crawford. She watched you until the cum shot all over the picture. She told me she never seen one cock shoot so much cum in her life. Avrupalı porno I took her word and you became kind of an obsession of mine ever since.”

Joseph blushed in embarrassment just thinking of being caught in his private act. Especially by Lucy Zadwell. A pretty girl he actually liked.

“How do you know Lucy?”

“She hopes to be a client once we are under way.”

Now his heart was really racing. He was going to have a chance to actually have sex with most beautiful girl he’d ever laid eyes on. Maybe his run in with Kitty wasn’t the worst thing in the world after all.

“I just have one more question,” Joseph said. He was thinking of Lucy Zadwell and other woman he dreamed up and of over the years. “What is this site? I get the idea that people have sex and you take pictures and movies of it while it happens. But what else goes on?”

“My site ain’t all that much different from all the other sites in the business. It’s just that my site features girls who have real lives outside the world. Librarians, lawyers, teachers, any woman who just wanted to tear off their clothes and do something completely wild. I’d tell you more but I don’t have the whole concept completely worked out. I was hoping to get a couple shoots done, work everything perfectly and officially put up the site next month.”

Now they drove in silence. They passed a sign that read Gorman- Three miles. During the drive Joseph thought of Lucy, his family and then Kitty. How had all this happened to him? Why was he so lucky? He noticed that his cock was aching in his pants.

Kitty seemed to notice his aching penis. “We’ll there pretty soon,” Kitty promised. The gold spiders were hanging from her ears like they were in the library. Her green hair looked bright from the sun making its way though the side window.

Who was this mysterious Kitty? he wondered to himself. Was she just a horny old lady? Was she crazy?

She fucked you in the library, a new voice told him. In all his life he’d never heard this voice. This shady part of his conscious. Who cares of reasons? She wants to fuck you. She wants you to fuck other women. Let it be. Your cock is lonely. It’s tired of your hand. It’s too big to go to waste along with your mind. This depression shit is tiring me and cocko out. Stop asking all these questions.

His thoughts did shut down after that. While he was thinking they had entered the town of Gorman. The town was actually beautiful. Tall, muscular home, with green lawns and flowers stood at all the fronts of each home. There were trees in the back of every house, dogs at every window and kids playing games on the sidewalks. There was even a lemonade stand. Joseph had never seen one up close in his life coming from Chicago.

“Almost heaven,” Kitty said. Beautiful children, big smelly dog, beautifully sexually frustrated women and business men who can cum in buckets. I love it here where the green grass grows like my hair. God I’m horny for you, dear.” She reached out and felt his hard erection sticking from his gray Dockers.

“When we get to my house we’re going to have the first shoot. I’m the founder of the company, I want to be the first to get fucked for the benefit of the site.”

The station wagon came to a stop. It backed up and professionally Kitty parked her station wagon at an open spot. She shut off the car, leaned over and kissed Joseph, running her tongue in his mouth and feeling his cock with her hands.

“I hope ready for it again,” she said. “At the library I was just goofing around. Now you’re in for some trouble.”

Kitty led Joseph Video porno to her home. It was the smallest house he’d seen so far. It was nice though. The grass was green, sun flowers grew. The house had a recently painted look to it.

They walked inside the house together. The first room they came upon was the front room. There a man was there to greet them. He had a black beard and nice green eyes. He was holding a camcorder and smiling at Kitty’s arrival. He was darkly tanned and spoke with a Mexican accent.

“Hello, Kitty cat,” he said.

“We’re finally back, Pedro,” she told the man. “I think we’re just about ready.” She turned to Joseph. “Stay out of the shoot for now,” she told him. “When I am ready for you I’ll motion for you. In the mean time, strip dear.”

Joseph awkwardly pulled off his clothes, feeling weird about this situation. Here he was, taking off his clothes, preparing to fuck the weirdest woman he’d ever met for the second time today, while a Mexican guy named Pedro watched it all through unblinking eyes of the camcorder. Some day this was. When he was naked he folded his clothes and put them on the floor. He was still rock hard. Kitty winked at him and rolled her tongue around her lips. She was still wearing the leather top and the short, tight leather shorts.

“Action time,” she told Pedro.

Pedro only shook his head. Quite the professional the man was. Joseph’s cock was getting harder by the minute.

“My name is Kitty and I am the founder of the Miracles Website, where girls from all walks of life and come and get banged and receive the best facials of their lifetimes. I love watching girls receive facials. I love watching the cum cover their faces. I even love watching them get fucked. I’m not a sexist pig, I am a woman with needs. I also like to experience a good fucking and a drowning facial. This is why I started this site.”

Kitty began teasing the camera. She danced. Very seductive the way she moved her hip and her legs. Her tongue also seemed to be dancing with her. The gold spiders that hung from ears were gone now, and that was too bad, Joseph thought. They would have made a nice touch.

Kitty removed the leather top revealing her nice circle breasts. She played with them, even managed to suck on her own nipples before she removed her leather pants. She wore no panties. The green pubic hairs from the library were there to greet Joseph once again. Kitty’s danced naked for the camera. She looked amazing. Pedro must be getting on hard on too, Joseph thought wickedly. She was fingering herself and tasting the fingers she used to do it moments later.

Finally she motioned for Joseph to make his appearance. His nine inches of hardness led the way to its prize. Kitty took his cock in her small hand and stroked while they stood eye to eye. She kissed his lips softly. Then she was licking his face and working her way down his body. As her tongue moved so did her body. Soon she was down to her knees, face to face with his mighty erection.

The feeling of being inside her mouth again was more overwhelming than the last time. She cuffed his balls with her right hand, stroked his cock hard with the left, while she sucked him fast in and out of her mouth. When she decided to take his entire length down her throat, she wrapped her hands around his legs and worked the whole cock down her throat. When Joseph heard the gagging sound come from her mouth, he slid out of her throat.

Kitty looked up at him and said, “Fuck my mouth like it was my asshole.”

Joseph took the back of her head with his hands. She was still sucking his cock like the master she was, but when she felt he was ready she tightened her lips around the massive cock. Joseph slowly began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Her lips were squeezed so tight that he trouble forcing it in her mouth. When Joseph got aggravated he began to slam the cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying the pleasure like only a depressed soul can. He never felt so good, fucking the tight lips of a beautiful stranger.

When the adventures of mouth fucking were set and done, Kitty sat on top of Joseph and let his cock enter her demanding pussy. She had an orgasm just one minute after she start riding the hard flesh. She looked deep into the camera Pedro held while she moaned from hardest orgasm she ever had. She held his hands to the floor and bounced on his cock, moving at speeds she’d never done before. Tiring herself out in the process.

Kitty fell back and lay on the floor. She let Joseph pull her legs back high in the air. Her feet were so close to her face she could almost lick them. Joseph slammed his cock inside her warn vagina. Joseph imagine Lucy Zadwell on the floor and then Cindy Crawford and then Pamela Anderson. Kitty screamed and screamed. He could feel her cum all over his cock. Her titties were shaking like crazy and her mouth opened so wide he could see her tonsils. Pedro, Joseph could see when he faced him, had a perverted glare in his eyes.

Joseph put Kitty on her stomach and laid on her back softly. He slowly let his cock find her ass. Once he had his cock four inches he began to fuck her ass like he did in dreams. He thrust so deep so fast that his own moans became as loud as the one’s Kitty produced. He helped Kitty to her knees and fucked her doggy style cause he’d always wanted to fuck a woman like that.

“Man you’re fucking the life out of me,” she said in a worn out of voice.

Joseph responded by thrusting into her deeper and even faster. Kitty was shaken down by a body shaking orgasm. She was having a hard time finding her breath and Joseph just wasn’t stopping. She fell to the floor, unable to keep her balance any longer. He was there when she fell and continued and slam his way home.



Kitty was going out of the control. Nobody had ever fucked her this good. Never in her life.

Joseph turned Kitty around and placed himself around her chest. He placed his cock between her breasts and start tit-fucking Kitty’s circle tits. She squeezed her titties nice and tit and pleasure was building up in his balls. It seemed that for the second time today, Joseph was going to cum.

“Cum all over my face,” Kitty begged.

“I’m gonna cum,” Joseph was moaned.

He fucked her breasts a little faster. Working the cum out of his cock. He could feel himself ready to burst.

“Oh God, oh shit, oh fuck.”

Joseph quickly moved his cock to Kitty’s face just as the first gush of cum shot across her eye. The shot went from eye to eye. The cum shot faster then it did in the bathroom library. It assaulted Kitty’s cheeks and nose most of all. Some leaked down to her breasts and neck. Some shot so far it ended up in her hair.

When Joseph was done cumming Kitty was everything she wanted to be. A cummy mess. Globs of cum covered her cheeks. Her left eyes was closed shut with cum. And she loved every second of it.

“We’re in business,” she told Joseph and Pedro.

Joseph’s cock hovered over Kitty’s face. The camera still rolled. Kitty got up and began to pose with her cum face for the camera. Joseph was no longer needed. He went to the bathroom and got washed up.

Outside a man walked away from the window that gave a perfect view of the happenings of Kitty’s window. The man walk fast and elegantly to his black Sedan. He got in the car, started it up and drove away with a sadistic smile on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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