Mirror Image

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(Dedicated to my Mistress who freed this unhappy girl and made her well again.)

Day 1 – The first meeting.

It was the most extraordinary experience. A chance encounter to beat ALL chance encounters!

I was in a bar in Soho, the place was buzzing and the music was excellent. I wove my way through the crowds to the Ladies and headed for a cubicle. A quick wee and I was back out again to wash my hands and freshen my makeup.

I was searching for my lippie in my bag as I approached the mirror I looked up and there were TWO of me!

A girl was leaning forward to examine her face more closely and it could have been ME. Tall, slim, legs that went on for miles… AND hair a bit like mine!

She was concentrating on a non-existent spot on her chin and as she leaned closer her miniscule dress rode up and exposed a beautifully pert little bottom with TOTALLY sexy panties. My eyes took in as much as I could… a stripy sailor top and the obligatory black jeggings and OUTRAGEOUS heels. This is classic Soho-Slut costume at the moment, all very ironic.

My hormones leapt into action and I just stood there, mouth gaping.

Our eyes met in the mirror and something flashed between us. The ‘L word’ never came into my mind for this was something else, something seriously special.

Turning to look at each other directly neither of us could utter the first word.

I was about to say “Hi” or something lame like that but she headed for the door was gone. I thought I saw her with a group of men but she was nowhere to be found.

Later when I got home I stripped off and stood in front of my mirror. I felt dizzy and not from the drink. I was in shock and all I knew is that I to tell YOU all about her, all about how I felt… then and now.

I resolved to finder her and tell YOU everything that passed between us. A diary of love with someone IDENTICAL to myself it might fill the void when YOU and I are apart.

But before ANY of this could happen, I had to first find her and then seduce her or be seduced by her. Some task I had set myself!


Day 2 – The searching

I was determined to find the girl I met so spectacularly last night.

The bar where all this happened is usually full of people from the video facilities places. Soho has loads of them, all busy with post-production work for film and television.

It was lunchtime so I walked round the Soho back-streets to see if by any chance she was on her lunch break too.

I realised it was a crazy notion. One slim, beautiful needle in this huge heaving haystack. But her image was so firmly fixed in my mind that in my desperation I kept thinking that I’d glimpsed her but every time I was mistaken.

Finally common sense prevailed and I tried to put her out of my mind. I worked hard all afternoon, concentrating on my duties but when it came time to finish I was pounding the streets once again.

I returned to ‘our bar’ and sat for ages nursing a glass of very expensive Prosecco but with no success. (I imagined YOU smiling to yourself at your silly sub’s latest obsession.)

I got home shortly after 10:00, watched the news but my mind was elsewhere. I WAS obsessed and I knew it.

As usual, in such situations, my own body was eager for attention so I stripped off and went to have a shower and tried to comfort myself. An idea struck me and I quickly dried myself and went back to my bedroom. I unhooked the long mirror for the wall, the big heavy one with the wooden frame and l managed to lay it long-ways on my bed, propped against the wall. (One side of my bed is against the wall furthest from the neighbours.)

I lay down and turned to face my reflection, I was all stretched out and I felt very naked, totally exposed. But now I Cami Halısı could make believe the girl I’d been searching for was lying beside me, gazing into my eyes. Soon I became completely lost in my fantasy.

Ever since my Mistress told me she were happy about my ‘self-love’ sessions, I have felt so much better. The old feelings of guilt have gone and instead there’s a lovely comforting conviction that I’m sharing my skinny little bod with YOU.

I watched in fascination as the girl in the mirror slid both hands between her legs. Then she pulled her knees up towards her chest. This was the exact same position that I used to adopt before, when I needed to comfort myself… when the doubts and fears began to overwhelm me. Those prolonged masturbation sessions kept me safe and warm. But once the pleasure had drained away I was left with nothing but guilt and self-loathing. BUT thanks to YOU those days are gone!

I was feeling so close to YOU. Our eyes were locked on each other’s as the girl in the mirror squeezed and stroked herself.

I watched the whole thing! The moment of release, the final steps to the summit and then the climax. I knew YOUR eyes were watching ‘US’ as we came. A sudden spasm, a cry, and the warm rush of total pleasure.

I curled up into a ball and whispered you name. (I said VERY personal things to YOU that I have never told ANYONE.)

I turn out the light and in the glow from the window (London is never completely dark) I gave my mirror image a big hug and a kiss on the cold glass.

MISTRESS MINE, it was YOU who had the wisdom to release me from my cage. Now that I’m YOURS, the genie is out of her bottle and I will never ever return to that lonely and shameful confinement.


Day 3 – Close Encounters

Lunchtime. Everyone is out on the street — including me. I’m utterly determined to find this girl who seems to have taken up residence in my head.

I crossed Dean Street and was just passing Pizza Express when I SAW HER! She was talking to the waitress and was evidently just about to leave the restaurant. Everything happened so quickly… the door opened MY girl stepped out and we suddenly we were standing face to face.

“Oh My God…. it’s YOU.” She said.

“I’m SO sorry I ran out on you the other day … the Ladies toilet? … I SO wanted to see you again!”

It seemed like an eternity before I could reply.

“I’m Suzy.” I said awkwardly as I stuck out my hand. We shook hands. She was as nervous as I was and I even dared think that she had been fantasising too. The ice was breaking fast. She sounded breathless: “Hi I’m Soz.”

Then totally unexpectedly she linked arms with me and said: “Let’s go!”

This was a scene out of a movie surely. We walked, no, ran across the street and around a corner into a side street there a market was in full swing. Pulling open a door, Soz practically dragged me inside. I was in the reception area of a recording studio of some kind.

“This is where I work… this is Chris.” A young man at the desk looked up and smiled briefly before returning to his computer.

“Come on Suzy, let’s explore!”

I loved this girl’s impetuousness as we walked down a short flight of stairs and into a darkened room. I could vaguely see a desk covered in little lights and buttons and behind it a huge window. As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkness I could see our reflections clearly in the window.

Soz perched on the edge of the desk and looked at me intently.

“Wow Suzy we must be twins!”

The similarity was breath-taking and I was speechless. Soz rescued me in a way which I never expected. And with words which I shall NEVER forget.

Her eyes fell to the waistband of my jeans. Then she reached forward and to my astonishment Cami Halıları popped the button on my jeans.

“Show me your triangle.” She said.

The incredible thing is that I didn’t question this instruction (even though it didn’t come from YOU!). I pulled up my shirt and held the hem in my teeth as I unzipped and pulled my jeans and panties down low enough for her to see a patch of tummy and my mound.

Soz smiled wickedly and did the same, pulling down the front of her leggings. She had a neat little black triangle like me. Then she pulled up her flesh a bit so I could see all of her clit. It was SO neat and ‘well contained’. Her hair was trimmed like mine and her pussy looked so sweet and perfect,

I felt the floor moving under my feet, like that feeling you get when you get of a train after a very long journey. I was no less speechless as we sorted out our ‘costume issues’ and made it shakily make upstairs.

“I’d better be getting back.” I said.

At the door she took my hand and, pulling out a pen from her shirt she wrote something on my hand. As she replaced the pen her fingers brush upwards over my bra-less left breast.

“Bye!” was all I heard as I stepped out into the blinding sunlight. I fumbled for my Raybans and tried to look as inconspicuous as I could on as I passed the market stallholders. Turning back on to Wardour Street I finally plucked up the courage to look at my hand. There in ‘black on white’ was a PHONE NUMBER.

The afternoon was a write-off. I complained of an upset stomach and sat for ages in the loo just staring at the back of the cubicle door. I left early and fled home.

On the train I found myself pressing the back of my hand against my mouth. I thought I can catch a glimpse of her aroma. The train was fairly empty and I was able to secretly lick my hand and with my legs tightly crossed I made my plans for the rest of the day!

The mirror was put back in its place on the wall. The wardrobe was raided for just the right underwear and leggings.

A shower. Serious cleansing of the bottom parts. Then came the pampering with creams and gels and yes, the Baby Bot Butter was generously applied

A large glass of Chenin Blanc. And music … Erik Satie. I dressed with such loving care, wanting to look my very best for my new friend.

Another glass to steady my nerves (and some very nawty back and front fondling).

Showtime! And I’m already SO aroused. All I really do is re-enact that brief moment. That ‘triangle’ moment. Over and over again I watch as my Soz in my mirror shows me her tummy and mound. I shyly undress and Soz does the same. Her nipples touch mine, my mound on her mound as my breath clouds the mirror’s image.

A kiss and then to the bed. Sprawling naked and self-loving in a cocoon of lust. I came. I came again in the darkness. I could smell her on my fingers.

And above all this girlish glee, YOUR eyes. YOU are smiling at your sub as she ‘explores her sexuality’. After all there are only two of us, YOU and me. Mistress P and her adoring sub, but what a wonderful and many splendored world we have built together.

Later as the room grew light (I NEVER lower my blinds) I could see my mirror and that wonderful phone number hastily scrawled across it in Maybelline Blazing Red.


Day 4 — Lift off

We practically fell through the doorway together. Even before the door was shut Soz had spun me round and pushed me up against the wall, pinning my arms and biting my ear. I struggled round to face her and we kissed, the most wet and labial kiss.

We set about unzipping, unbuttoning, pulling down, pushing up…. An eternity of fumbling with Soz trying to bite me and me desperate to get her clothes off.

Little by little her bare skin was revealed and we stumbled naked into my bedroom and fell as one on to the bed. Kissing… laughing and kissing again, kissing WHILE laughing…

Our hands sought each other, a tangle of limbs and lithe bodies. We settled into an embrace breast against breast, tummy against tummy.

Suddenly inspired I pulled myself free and sat on the floor with my back against the bed, facing the full-length mirror. I spread my legs wide and Soz immediately understood. She sat between my legs and we both gazed at our pale nude bodies reflected in the mirror.

Soz leaned back against me as I reached round and cupped her breasts, rolling her hard little nipples between finger and thumb. Instinctively I kissed her shoulder and slid my lips up the side of her long neck and nibbled her earlobe.

Soz was murmuring and wriggling against me, rubbing MY nipples with the bare back. Sliding my hands down her lovely flanks I oh-so-gently moved her thighs wider and slide my hand up until they reached her outer lips.

Soz gasped and I felt her relax against me, suddenly passive as the feelings in her body gathered into a single purpose.

At one point Soz looped an arm around my neck and turning her head, gave me a quick peck on the cheek before turning back to watch as my fingers opened her.

The first two fingers of my left hand parted the lips and in the light of the desk lamp Soz was fully revealed. Pink wetness, the vestibule of her most secret temple. Glistening wetness as I drew jewelled threads of nectar from her.

I brought my fingers to her lips and Soz sucked hungrily before my fingers returned and slid into her. I felt Soz squeeze my fingers and we both giggled. Her grip was impressive, sustained and firm. Mr Kegel would be proud.

Opening the fingers of my left hand I slip them down each side of her clit, two slick and slippery furrows. A strange sound came from the back of Soz’s throat and I pumped my fingers in and out of that delicious spongy interior. I found her G-spot and let the sensations carry her upwards towards the inevitable climax.

I watch fascinated as the flush grew on her neck and chest. Her cheeks were on fire. So beautiful, so pliant under my touch. I looked down to my side to make sure the camera’s remote shutter release was near at hand.

Soz arched her back thrusting herself onto my fingers. I knew I was dribbling liquid but I kept focussed on the open wet cunt in the mirror. We found each other’s rhythm and settled into the wonderful journey towards ecstasy.

Soz plucked at her breasts, pressing the sides and squeezing her perfect little nipples. Her flawless skin so pale in this light. The shadows formed by her collar bones, the rise and fall of her chest as her breathing grew more rapid and irregular.

Our eyes were now lock on each other’s as I teased her clit and pressed deeper with my fingers. There was no resistance, just the wonderful sensations on my fingers of her inner space.

Bending my head I kissed her shoulder again and again until I felt her body melting. All the tension in her hips and the bottom of her tummy was gone we moved as one creature. Soz had reached the plateau and nothing could save her. It was so wonderful the way her sex simply dissolved as she approached the moment of orgasm.

Her mouth was open, here lips wet with saliva, eyelids closing as we looked into each eyes.

I whispered her name again and again and she came.

Shuddering in my arms, Soz made a high pitched cooing sound as the climax broke over her. Still sliding up and down her clit with one hand, I reach further down between her legs and simply rested the tip of my middle finger on her rosebud. I felt it pulse and spasm over and over again as Soz lift her hips up to drain the last moments from climax before sinking back into my enveloping arms.

Smiling at our reflections, our eyes bright with tears.


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