Miss Osaka Shows her Anus

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Miss Osaka was a visiting graduate from Tokyo, working at the university on a six months job experience to teach some basic Japanese to some not very interested students. Not very interested in what she had to teach anyway. George and Andrew were far more interested to learn what she would look like naked — to see what an oriental vagina looked like. They had talked and speculated about this on a number of occasions. The difficulty was how to go about finding out.

It was now 7pm and their regular, one hour conversation practice had just finished. The university buildings were all quiet and it was time to head for home. As they left Osaka’s office and walked down the corridor, she switched into English and asked “where you guys going now?” Her English was good, but slightly stilted.

“Home, I guess,” replied Andrew.

“Oh well, have nice evening anyway, I’m going in here,” she indicated to the door to the ‘Ladies’.

George was lost in a reverie of lustful thoughts and without really thinking, the images he was conjuring with in his mind suddenly formed into words: “Can we come in with you Osaka?” He blurted out.

“Pardon me please.”

George looked across at Andrew and smiled. He had all of sudden said what they were both thinking — it was too late to unsay it. He decided to press on with his fantasy. “We both want to see you naked.”

Osaka hurriedly opened the door and ran inside, closing it with a bang on the two lustful guys. “Go away you filthy men,” she shouted.

There was no lock on the outer door of the Ladies and she could not resist the pressure of them both pushing with their combined weight against her. She let go suddenly and the door few open. George and Andrew cautiously stepped inside and closed the door.

“We want you to show yourselves to us,” said George politely.

“We want to see what an Asian girl looks like down there,” added Andrew.

Osaka ran for an open cubicle.

“Does your Japanese cunt look different to white girls Osaka?”

Osaka backed into the cubicle and stood rigidly still, the backs of her knees pressed hard against the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl and the hard edge of the plastic seat. The lid was up. Andrew and George followed her in and quickly shut the door behind them. Osaka heard the bolt slide across. She was trapped.

“Pull your pants down Osaka,” taunted Andrew, “we want to see your little Asian cunt.”

“Is it all hairy?” said George.

“Hairy and smelly I bet,” said Andrew. “Show us your cunt Osaka. We want to have a good close up look between your legs.”

“No, you not see me,” she pleaded. “It is private place.”

“Look, we don’t want to hurt you Osaka, we just want to look at you.”

“No, leave me alone. Go away. I will shout and scream!” She warned.

“No-one can hear you Osaka.”

She knew that he was right. She was on her own. Maybe if she just held her skirt up for a few moments it would be enough.

“OK, stand back away from me and I will do it — but not to touch me. I let you see me.” She fumbled with the hem of her short skirt and lifted it up a fraction to reveal her pretty white cotton panties and the prominent bulge of her pubic mound. There was the faintest, tantalizing hint of something dark showing through the thin fabric.

“Oh my God,” exclaimed Andrew.

“Wow,” said George.

She dropped her skirt and tried to move forward. “Its OK for you. Let me go now and I not tell anyone I promise.”

Andrew started to back away. A wave of panic swept over him at the realization of what they were doing. But George stood his ground. “Pull them right down Osaka. We want to see properly between your legs.”

She tried to squeeze round past him but there was nowhere to go. “OK, OK. I show you quickly but then you promise let me go, yes.”

“Give as a nice good look at your oriental cunt Osaka and we promise.”

“OK. You stand away and I show you something.”

The two men leaned back against the cubicle door and watched in fascination. Osaka brought her hands under her skirt and shuffled uncomfortably. Then she bent down slightly and drew her panties down to her knees. The guys drew a deep breath as they glimpsed a view of her crumpled white underwear now appearing below the hem of her skirt. She stood back up again and clutched at the hem of her skirt, her private parts still hidden from view.

But her pants were on full display; and clear to see, the action of pulling them down had actually turned them inside out. Now in plain view, the gusset of her white underwear was protruding upwards. Escort Bayan In the very centre it was stained in very shades yellow.

“Osaka, your pants are dirty.”

“Don’t you clean your bottom Osaka?”

She looked down at the mess in her pants. “Oh so embarrassing!” She started to sob. It was the most degrading and humiliating experience of her life.

“Show us the rest. We want to see how hairy you are.”

“I not very hairy.”

“Lift up your dress Osaka.”

“Show us what you’ve got under there.”

“Alright, OK,” she moaned and with trembling hands started dragging her skirt upwards. The two men gasped and their mouths dropped as she exposed herself to them. Her pubic hairs were very dark and wiry, but not very dense. They formed a wispy triangle of black starting just below where the waistband of her pants had been. The hairs were coarse, wavy and quite long — quite different to the short curly stubble they had seen between Susie Cartwright’s legs the day they had asked her to show them what her Afro-Caribbean cunt looked like.

Beneath Osaka’s light covering of hairs, the guys had a clear view of her bulging pubic mound and vagina. In contrast to the lightness of the rest of her skin, the area around the entrance to her vagina was quite dark, an exotic mixture of yellows and browns. Protruding clearly from the hairs, the crinkly skin of her cunt lips dangled between her legs. The edges were tinged in a deep inky purple, almost black in places.


“You see me, now you go. Let me get out,” she pleaded.

“Open them up a bit Osaka.”

“Yes spread your legs open — we want to see all of your cunt.”

“I cannot. I will fall down.” She wriggled her legs to indicate that her knees were being held firmly together by the broad elastic waist band of her pants.”

“Sit back on the toilet seat Osaka and we can take your pants off.”

As they advanced on her she staggered backwards and collapsed onto the seat.

George lifted Osaka’s legs and Andrew grabbed each side of her pants. He then drew them down to her ankles as George pulled off her dainty back shoes and white ankle socks. Together they fumbled to drag her pants over her feet. In his haste, Andrew’s hands slipped into the soiled gusset. “Err; it’s all slimy in here.”

“Let me see,” said George. With a final pull the garment came free and he opened up the crotch. “This looks like your cunt juice Osaka all mixed in with your piss.” As he unfurled the material he held it up to his face for closer inspection. A smudge of dark brown appeared just behind the yellow stain. He put it to his nose. “This smells of your arsehole Osaka.”

“You disgusting guys,” she sobbed.

“I want to see her dirty arsehole,” exclaimed Andrew.

“Open your legs Osaka and show Andrew your arsehole.”


The guys each took one of her feet and started to lift her legs. She tried to kick out, all the time keeping the tops of her legs clamped tightly shut – but she knew she could not keep up this resistance for very long.

“OK,” she said resignedly. “Let go and I will open legs for you.” The guys looked at each other and then gently placed her feet back on the floor. They knelt down in front of her, as if praying at an altar, and waited expectantly.

She stared right at them as she slowly lifted her legs, bending her knees as she did so. Her thighs started to part and the guys peered forward. The full glory of her Japanese vagina was finally revealed to them.

They could now see that her pubic hairs grew very sparsely in the deeper recesses of her crotch. They were wiry, about an inch or so long and did little to conceal the entrance to her cunt. As she raised her legs higher, her dark colourful cunt lips, which up until now had been compressed tightly between her thighs, came free and dangled into the hole in the toilet seat.

“My legs are hurting,” cried Osaka, “you will have to hold them up”.

George and Andrew dutifully grabbed one ankle each and experimented with various means of supporting her, with her legs splayed wide apart, it order that they might begin their examination of her genitals.

George lifted Osaka’s right foot onto his left shoulder whilst Andrew found that the adjacent toilet roll holder was just about the right height. It would mean that he would have both hands free to inspect Osaka’s vagina. As he positioned her, he looked closely at the soles of her tiny feet. They were yellowish in colour except for the harder, rough white skin round the backs of her heels. Her feet were also Bayan Escort a little dirty from having rubbed on the toilet floor whilst they had been struggling to remove her pants. He ran his hand over the whole sole of her foot to feel the coarse texture of the skin and then sniffed at it.

“What you doing?” asked Osaka.

“I want to smell all your private dirty places Osaka. Next I’m going to smell your cunt and then I’m going to sniff your dirty little arsehole. I know it’s dirty because I’ve seen the evidence in your panties Osaka.”

He rested her foot back on the toilet roll holder and turned his attention to studying her vagina. Her whole pubic area was light brown in colour, starting as a slight discolouration at the top of her smooth, pale inner thighs. A series of creases separated the tops of her legs from her crotch and here the light brown turned much darker as the skin texture changed. It became altogether coarser and displayed the first indications of hair growth — sporadic stubble of wiry black pubes. They gradually increased in length and density until they formed up in a ragged ridge, like long black grass, along the twin swellings of her outer cunt lips.

Osaka leant back against the toilet seat and relaxed her body. She felt so degraded; but she could no longer fight what was happening to her. All of a sudden, there was a releasation that she might almost be enjoying it. There she lay, fully exposed, her legs stretched wide apart with her genitals on show to two students who were desperate to see her body. In that moment she decided she would let them see everything they wanted. They could even smell her if they wanted!

“You see I not have many hairs on vagina — you can feel them and pull on them if you want to.”

Her inner lips were exotically dark, very wrinkled and tinged an inky black at very edges. She slowly unfurled them and then dragged them to one side to reveal all the straggly hairs growing in the secret, purple coloured recesses behind. Andrew reached out and started to pull on individual hairs growing around her labia. The texture was very coarse.

“You like me to pull lips open and show you pink hole?”

“Yes Osaka. We would like that very much” The two men said respectfully, surprised at her sudden compliance.

Osaka braced her knees hard against the cubicle walls and adjusted her bottom on the toilet seat.

She reached down to her vagina and gently prized apart the crinkly dark skin of her labia. The sticky residue which held them together finally let go and as she peeled back her purple lips, the guys peered in at the ragged pink hole which appeared before them. “This is hole where I pee from,” she pointed at her urethra. “And here is my anus.” She pulled her legs right into her chest and rolled her bottom forwards to expose her puckered little shit hole.

They gazed down from the inside her cunt, across the smooth bald area of her perineum and on towards her anus. It was a neatly formed balloon-knot of bulging purple, smeared with something slimy, lying in the centre lovely neat circle of yellow brown skin. A series of light creases radiated out from her anus to the outer edges of this areola like halo. Her entire anal region was randomly dotted with more wiry black hairs.

“You smell me now if you still want to — push nose into dirty hole please.”

Andrew leaned forward as instructed and breathed in the pungent odour of Osaka’s exposed anus. It was glorious!

“I want to feel the hairs round your hole Osaka.” George placed his index figure on the rim of Osaka’s anus and traced a circle. The little black hairs bent to his touch. They were quite stiff with the dried-on secretions from her anus.

Osaka moaned and then grunted with pleasure. In a sudden reflex, the whole area under his finger started to bulge outwards. He watched in amazement as her sphincter twitched open slightly, in an involuntary action, to reveal the tiny tip of a dark brown turd. It oozed out about quarter of an inch or so and then as she contracted her muscles it slid back into her hole. The purple opening closed tight up behind it leaving a slight residue of yellowy-white slime coating the hairy rim. Andrew leaned forward and stirred the slime with his finger.

“Oh so sorry. You see my shit!”

“Don’t be sorry Osaka, it was amazing! Show us again. We want to see your anus opening!”

“You cannot see proper like this. If you like, I turn round on toilet so my bottom in face.”

The guys stood back while Osaka dropped her legs and stood up off the toilet. Without pause, she Escort turned her back and climbed up on the toilet seat with her feet planted as far forward as she could get them, on either side of the hole. Then, leaning forward in a slightly raised squat position, she braced her hands firmly on the wall just above the cistern and thrust her wide open buttocks into the faces of the two incredulous guys. Her hairy little arse crack and pouting anus fully displayed to them.

They now took their time to study her intimately. “Just stay like that a while Osaka whilst we have a good close look at you.” Each took his turn to probe and examine her. George was fascinated by the shape of her tight round bottom and the intensity and variety of colors displayed in the deep crevice between her buttocks. He lifted the hem of her blouse high over her hips to reveal the top of her arse crack. The colour of her back and buttocks was surprisingly white, considering that most people usually consider orientals to have yellow skin. The cleft in her buttocks, however, told a different story. As George followed his gaze downwards from the slight depression at the base of her spine, he saw the white slowly turn to deep yellow and the appearance of a few stray hairs growing in odd places. He pulled on one of the hairs and Osaka gasped. “Yes do more please. Play with all little hairs.” George did as he was told searching out every little hair and piece of stubble in her crack.

“Tell me what you see,” instructed Osaka, “just like in class where I ask you for detail description of subject. But this time you can tell me in Engulish!”

“Let me look,” said Andrew. George pulled back and Andrew gently placed the fingers of each hand on the inner edges of Osaka’s buttocks and spread them apart as far as he could. The great halo of yellowy brown skin surrounding her anus was now stretched out before them. It was dotted with wiry hairs, more shiny and curled this time as they glistening from the sticky combination of sweat and other secretions developing around her hole.

“I can see a great circle of yellow Osaka round your arsehole. It’s like a big shit-coloured stain. Towards the middle it gets more purple. I can count about twelve little hairs growing in the dimple at the start of your arse crack. They are all ragged and broken. There are more black crinkly hairs, in two little semi-circles, to the left and right of your hole.”

“Tell me about my hole Andrew. Describe to me.”

“It’s all smelly and dirty Osaka.”

“Look at closely please.”

“It’s like a ring of bulging purple skin, all puckered up and there are lots of little creases.”

“What’s in the creases Andrew?”

“Tiny bits of shit Osaka. And bits of whitish stuff. I think its flakes of toilet paper from when you wipe your bum. And you have a dark brown beauty spot just to the side. It’s got a long black hair growing out the middle.”

“Tell me more.”

“Underneath your arsehole it gets very smooth; there are no hairs at all and the skin colour goes a very light yellow. Right up to the entrance to your cunt Osaka. Your cunt lips start from here. They are very thin at the beginning and then they get huge and wrinkly and black along the edges. And lots and lot of lovely black pubic hairs hanging down on either side.”

“Let me see in there,” cried George. Andrew withdrew and George bent down under Osaka’s buttocks to look through at her cunt. Her lovely dark lips were dangling beneath her invitingly.He reached forward to feel them and pull on the few sparse pubic hairs which grew at the edges.

“Smell my bottom George. See if you like smell of Japanese girl’s anus. You can lick it too if you dare to.”

George thrust his face into deep into her bottom and let his nose sink into the slimy purple entrance. The musky odour of her bottom was overpowering. Andrew meanwhile had unbuttoned his fly and was starting to masturbate as George obediently tasted the hairy rim of Osaka Osaka’s dirty anus.

“I can feel shit coming out — so sorry.” Osaka moaned again and once again the guys watched as her puckered hole started to open again. The firm brown turd they had briefly glimpsed earlier started to ooze out again only this time it did not stop. With another grunt she pushed harder and her purple ring expanded to accommodate the full girth of her shit. Somewhat the size of a fat cigar, Osaka’s perfectly formed turd slid smoothly from her hole and dropped with a splash into the bowl below. The guys peered into the gapping black opening of her anus as it started to close up.

“Now you see what Japanese girl asshole look like on inside” she said. “You let me go now and maybe next week I let you watch me on toilet again. But only if you make harder work in Japanese class!”

“Yes Miss Osaka,” they replied obediently.

“Now wipe bottom please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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