Missy’s Little Secrets

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Dan Knickerbocker shook his head as he heard the squeaking of the door, knowing full well who his visitor was even before the scent of the cheap perfume reached him as he puttered away at his workbench in the garage.

The garage was usually where he went when he needed to get away, and it always worked when it was just the two of them, but with their son and his family visiting this week, even this wasn’t a refuge for him.

“Wotcha doing Grandpa?” came the voice from over his shoulder, the voice belonging to Melissa, his one and only granddaughter, and while he liked Missy the way she was acting these days made Dan glad that their other two grand-kids were boys because Melissa was – something else.

She had always been such a sweet kid, and she still was when the rest of the family was around, but when it was just the two of them together – and that seemed to have happened a lot so far during the two days they had been here – Missy was a far different girl.

To her grandfather Missy had seemed to have grown up overnight, and not only physically either. It was like the girl was flirting with him, always touching him and making comments that usually contained a double entendre. Dan knew that things weren’t like they used to be in the world these days, but while he didn’t consider himself to be THAT old and square, this still wasn’t something he was used to.

Last night’s encounter went far beyond everything else though when the little tart had squeezed his butt in the kitchen, thankfully when nobody was looking. Now Missy was on the prowl once more, and this time there was nobody else around.

“Just puttering around, honey,” Dan sighed in response as he tried to fix a toaster that had seen better days.

“Ooh, can I have some?” Missy said as she reached to the back of the table and grabbed the bottle of bourbon Dan had stashed back there.

“No,” Dan said, taking the bottle from his granddaughter and putting it back. “You’re not old enough.”

“I’m 18,” Missy pouted as she put her hand on his back and kneaded.

“Drinking age is 21, isn’t it?”

“I drink at home with my friends.”

“You aren’t home and I’m not your friend, I’m your grandfather,” Dan reminded Melissa.

“I’m bored,” Missy declared.

“How come you didn’t go to Syracuse with your folks and Grandma? I thought you used to like going to the Carousel Mall.”

“Boring,” Missy said. “The boys around here are square anyway. I like older, more mature guys.”

“Is that so?” Dan said, excusing himself to grab a screwdriver and forcing Missy to move out of his way, but not far enough to avoid contact.

“Yeah,” Missy said as she moved to a new position, next to him, and Dan shook his head when he saw that Missy had her hands up on the support beam above their head.

“You used to have to climb up onto a chair to do that,” Dan declared as he looked at Missy, who at about 5’2″ could now reach the wood. “Still the little monkey.”

“Not so little anymore, am I Grandpa?” Missy said, giving him a lewd grin as she hung there. “You used to tickle me when I did this.”

“That was a long time ago,” Dan said as he forced his eyes away from Missy.

“You still can, if you want to, Grandpa,” Missy cooed.

Dan shook his head no because while he used to, that was a long time ago, back before there were breasts jutting out at him while Missy dangled there. There hadn’t been those little faint patches of peach fuzz under her arms back then either, Dan mused as he looked at his granddaughter’s armpits which were moist with perspiration, as were the armholes of her white and red striped sleeveless blouse.

“Still got these handcuffs, huh Grandpa?” Missy asked after dropping down when she noticed he wasn’t looking at her anymore, and as she picked up the old shackles and examined them she added, “Did you ever put anadolu yakası escort these on Grandma – you know – chain her to the bedposts so you could do what you wanted to her?”


“Well did you?” Missy asked. “And call me Missy. I like that better. You know that. So, did you just to tie down Grandma so you could bone her?”

“What? Of course not. Where do you come up with that stuff? Cine-max?” Dan snapped.

“I’m not a kid Grandpa. I remember hearing noises in your bedroom a long time ago,” Missy said while the played with the metal bracelets. “The key to these things still works too. So did you?”

“Those noises must have happened a long time ago, Melissa,” Dan snapped. “You won’t have to worry about hearing them any more.”

“What’s the matter. Grandma doesn’t give you pussy any more?”


“Bet you would like to put these on me,” Melissa suggested. “String me up and do stuff to me, huh Grandpa?”

“Maybe your mother should wash your mouth out with soap, or maybe your Dad should put you over his knee,” Dan said. “Straighten you out. You’re not too old for that you know!”

“Maybe you should do that,” Missy said as she bit her lower lip. “Spank me I mean. That sounds like fun. Betcha you would like that too. I think that might make your dick hard too.”

“You know, I’m an old man but I’m still a man,” Dan said sternly. “If you act like this with other men…”

“Maybe I do.”

“Well, keep it up with me and maybe you won’t think it’s so funny.”

“Want me to suck on your dick, Grandpa?” Melissa asked. “You got a big one? You got big hands and feet so…”

“Enough!” Dan yelled as his granddaughter’s hand reached toward his crotch, and as he squeezed her wrist Missy giggled.

“Must have a little one or else you would let me see it,” Missy said while giggling at seeing how flustered she had made him. “Poor Grandpa.”

“Not so funny now, is it?” Dan Knickerbocker snapped as he looked at his granddaughter, but while she wasn’t laughing she hadn’t lost any of her sassy mouth.

“You ain’t gonna do anything,” Melissa said as she looked up at the beam when her grandfather had hung the chain between the handcuffs on a protruding nail.

“That’s horrible English. How did you graduate from high school using words like ain’t?”

“Okay, then you aren’t going to do anything.”

“That’s better. No I’m not, but at least now I don’t have to worry about being groped while I work here,” Dan said as he looked at his granddaughter on her toes with her arms stretched upwards to the limit.

“My wrists are getting sore,” Melissa complained.

“Here,” Dan said, pushing a short squat toolbox from under the worktable. “Stand on that.”

“That’s better,” Melissa said as she hopped up on the box. “Now I’m as tall as you. You ever do this to Grandma?

“Do I have to stick a gag in your mouth too in order to shut you up?” Dan said as he poured some more bourbon into his glass.

“Oooh! That would be fun too. Wouldn’t it be funny if everybody came home early and saw me like this?” Melissa suggested.

“You’re right,” Dan said, but when he started to get up to unshackle his granddaughter she said no.

“This is kinda neat like this,” Missy said. “I could use a drink though.”


“It’s hot in here,” Melissa complained. “I’m getting all sweaty. You are too Grandpa. With me like this you can just look at me without taking those little sneaky peeks like you’ve been doing since I got here.”

“That’s crazy.”

“I wasn’t complaining, Grandpa. I like it when guys look at me,” Melissa said. “With me like this you could take my shorts and panties off and I couldn’t do anything about it. Ever see a pussy with no hair on it? I mean I never had much to begin ataşehir escort with but I shave it now – shaved everything just before we came up here. Want to see it?”

“That’s all I can take!”


“I’m sorry, Grandpa,” Missy whimpered as she looked at her grandfather, red-faced and beyond angry. “I was just kidding.”

“How much of this do you think a man can stand, you little pig!” Dan Knickerbocker snarled in his granddaughter’s face. “You’ve been asking for it, little lady, and now you’re going to get it.”

“No Grandpa, please!” Melissa pleaded. “I’m sorry. I was just joking around.”

“And I’m being tired of being the butt of the joke,” he retorted as his long weathered fingers, visibly shaking went up to the top button of Melissa’s blouse, and with each button that came loose, Missy’s voice became more and more begging.

“Don’t! Not my top! Please don’t, Grandpa. I swear I’ll never tease you like that again. Don’t please,” Melissa pleaded as the last button came loose and her furious grandfather yanked the blouse open.

“Where does this contraption unhook?” he demanded as he reached around behind her.

“Omigod please don’t – don’t take off my bra. Take off my panties and look at my pussy. Please! I’ll suck your dick – anything – please don’t!” Missy sobbed as he got more and more frustrated before he finally saw the little hooks in the front of the bra.

“You’ve been rubbing these things against me since you got here,” Dan said curtly, but after he undid the hooks his voice trailed off.


“What the…?” Dan said as he first looked down to the floor of the garage where the two foam cones were rolling around, and then up to his sobbing granddaughter.

“I’m sorry honey,” Dan said as he watched the tears rolling down Missy’s cheeks while she hung there with her blouse and bra hanging open, and then his eyes went to her breasts, which were fully exposed.

“Sorry,” Dan kept mumbling as he bent down to pick up the falsies while continuing to stare at Melissa’s tiny breasts, the kiwi-sized orbs jutting straight out. “Don’t cry.”

Dan held the foam cones which had filled up the cups of the bra and shook his head before asking Missy why she bothered with them.

“Boys don’t look at me like I am,” Missy sniffed.

“That’s silly honey. You’re very pretty just as you are,” Dan said. “What happens when – you know – a boy does what I just did.”

“They don’t. I don’t let them see my titties. I wasn’t going to let you see how flat I am either. All I wanted to do was show you my pussy. I swear.”

Missy’s grandfather’s face was still flushed from the combination of heat and shame as he found himself at almost eye level with her breasts, and as if he was unaware of what he was doing he dropped Missy’s falsies back onto the ground and leaned forward.

“Oooh” came the voice from the girl still suspended by the cuffs.

Dan knew how wrong this was but he seemed unable to resist his animal-like urges. His mouth took Missy’s left breast in his mouth completely, the boyish nipple popping out as Missy wiggled from the sensation.

“Don’t stop, Grandpa,” Missy gasped as his Grandpa suckled her breasts, going from one to the other as he got even more frenzied.

“Do your wrists hurt, honey?”

“It’s okay. I like it like this. You can do anything to me and I can’t stop you.”

“You’re right,” Dan sighed as he leaned over and let his tongue slide under Missy’s arm, the light fuzz feeling much like a peach as she squirmed in response.

“Grandpa – that tickles,” Missy giggled. “I’m all sweaty.”

“You taste nice,” Dan said. “Did you say you didn’t have any hair down here yet?”

“I did have some but I shaved it. You can take my shorts and panties off and look if you want. Guys say it’s pretty neat aydınlı escort looking.”

“Oh honey, that’s so nice,” Dan said as his hand slid over the smooth mound.

“Grandma’s has a lot of hair on it, doesn’t it? I remember seeing her naked one day,” Melissa reported. “Do you like that better if it’s hairy?”

“No, this is so nice like this,” Dan said. “Tell me honey, has any boy ever put his dick in you?”

“Are you going to tell on me?”

“Of course not.”

“After the Senior Prom last month,” Missy said. “A bunch of us rented a motel room and we took turns using it. I went with Billy Preston and we got to go in first.”

“You were a virgin?”

“Yes, I swear. I only saw 2 other dicks before Billy’s,” Melissa said. “Anyway we messed around for a while and then he put a rubber on and stuck it in me.”

“Did it hurt?” Dan asked and Missy nodded.

“Did he have a big one?”

“I guess, Missy said. “About as big as the handle of that screwdriver on the counter. Why?”

“Just curious,” Dan said as as dipped the tip of his finger into the tight pussy, making his granddaughter.

“Do you have a big one, Grandpa?”

“I dunno.”

“Bigger that that handle?”


“Oh. Do you want to put your dick in me?”

“Yes. It’s wrong but I do.”

“Do you have a rubber?” Missy asked. “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I can’t get anybody pregnant honey. I had a vasectomy after your Mom was born.”

“Can I see it?” Missy asked, and Dan found himself undoing his belt and letting his pants drop.

“Holy shit,” Missy gasped after her grandfather took off his boxers and she saw his manhood and then realized she swore. “Sorry. It’s not even hard yet, is it Grandpa?”

“It will be in a second,” Dan sad as he pulled on his cock with her right hand while fingering Missy’s pussy with his left. “Lord, you’re tight. Wet too.”

“Do it now Grandpa – before I chicken out,” Missy said and then yelped when she strained to release her wrists. “Put it in me like I am.”

Dan stood there with his arching cock in his fist and Melissa hanging there helpless with her eyes pleading while he fought a fight inside his head, a battle where the outcome was never in doubt. Dan moved up next to Melissa, rubbing the plump head of his cock into the moist fold and then thrusting upwards.

“OMIGOD!” Missy squealed as her grandfather’s cock pushed into her a bit, and then he was grabbing her butt cheeks and thrusting hard while sending his cock deep into her vice-like pussy.

Dan’s back and hips would complain for quite a few days afterward, but now he was driving his manhood into her hard and deep, practically bouncing his granddaughter on his lap even though he was standing up.

Her cuffed hands got free of the nail above her head and she threw them around his neck and kept screaming at him to keep fucking her harder and harder. He did, and the both of them came while he was pile-driving her torso into the wall of the garage, knocking off some things that had been hanging on hooks around them.

“Honey I’m sorry,” Dan said while his cock flopped out of her dripping pussy, and then he was taking the cuffs off and rubbing her raw wrists, wondering how those red marks could ever be explained.

“It’s okay Grandpa. I liked it lots. You got crazy but I did too though. It was way better than my first time,” she declared and then said. “Ooh look. You’re dripping out of me.”

Missy was standing there bow-legged and there were gobs of his seed already on the floor of the garage with another wad ready to ooze out of her pussy as well.

“Wanna do it again?” Missy asked, and Dan shook his head.

“Honey, I’m an old guy and besides, that was a mistake,” Dan complained.

“Tonight then,” Missy said. “After everybody goes to bed, we can come out here and you can eat me out and I’ll suck your dick. You’ll get hard!”

Dan watched the little dynamo throw her clothes on and give him a kiss before going in to watch TV, leaving him to clean the mess while trying to figure out how he could handle what was going to be a far from a relaxing visit from the family.


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